Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

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Jon gradually woke up. His head was woozy and the room was dark, so he couldn’t tell where he was. The only thing he could tell was that he was tied down with his arms above him and his feet spread wide apart, and that he was naked. As his head cleared, he tried to remember how he got into this predicament. He remembered talking to some guy at a bar. They talked about football, the weather, their jobs, their families. He had thought at the time that the man was unusually curious about his personal life, but Jon just chalked it up to this guy being lonely on a Saturday night in Chicago.

When their drinks were empty, the stranger bought another round. While the bartender was mixing the drinks, Jon went to the men’s room to relieve himself. “That’s when it happened!” Jon realized. “That bastard must have put something into my drink!”

He didn’t remember anything after returning to the bar and downing the contents of his glass. There had been nothing in their conversation that would have led Jon to suspect that his new friend would tie him up naked and leave him alone in a cold, dark room. He struggled against the ropes a few times but soon realized that whoever had done this was very good at restraining his or her prey!

That’s what he felt like-prey! Jon was 6’2″ and 185 pounds. He had never felt threatened or vulnerable in his life. He had always been good with the ladies, and popular in school. How in the hell did he get here? Right now, Jon was tied up, legs spread, and prepared for something unpleasant. For the first time, Jon knew real fear. As the reality of his situation settled in, the absolute fear began to rise within him.

He expected someone to walk into the room any second, but Jon laid there for hours. The longer he was alone, the more confusion and disorientation set in. He figured that his captors were subjecting him to the torture of sensory depravation. There was very little light and absolutely no sound except for his own breathing. He tried crying out a few times, but there had been no response.

Finally, Jon fell asleep. Apparently, that was what his captors were waiting for because no sooner had he dropped off when the door opened. Two men walked in. He strained to get a good look at them, but they quickly blindfolded him. The only thing he casino oyna could tell is that they were very large and that they were naked. “What’s going on? Who the hell are you?” The only answer he got was a slap across the face.

His captors checked the ropes. Jon had so many questions but was afraid to say anything. He felt hands touching him now. The touching soon turned into caressing. They caressed his legs, his arms, his stomach, and his chest. Suddenly, without warning Jon felt the excruciating pain of someone pinching and twisting his nipples. He cried out and was slapped for his reaction. Whoever this was, cruelty was on the menu. As they pinched and twisted his nipples again, all Jon could do was bite his lip and moan as silently as possible.

Finally one of the men spoke. “Jon?”


“Welcome to our little version of hell.”

“What? What do you mean? Why are you doing this?”



“Gay men don’t like being called fags.”


“You shouldn’t call gay men names Jon. They don’t like it very much.”

Jon’s mind began swirling. He racked his brain trying to remember such an infraction. Suddenly the light dawned. It had been at least a year ago when he found out that a coworker, Alex, was gay. He simply had commented to his informer that he was surprised to find out that Alex was a fag. He and his informer had a few laughs, but Jon hadn’t really thought about it since. When he remembered, he let out a slight gasp.

“Yes, Jon. You remember now don’t you?”

Jon tried to sound confident and strong, but his voice betrayed his sense of fear and desperation. “Yes, I remember. But I didn’t mean anything by it! I don’t give a shit if Alex is gay. To each his own, right?”

“If only you felt that way Jon, none of this would be necessary. However, our group has decided that your attitude must be adjusted, so to speak. Now, you have two choices. We ARE going to have some fun with you Jon. Your choices are as follows, however. One, you can resist and feel the wrath of offended gay men. Or two, you can cooperate and enjoy the pleasures of a good old fashioned gang bang. We’re going to leave you alone for while and let you think about it Jon. We and our friends will be back and extract your answer.”

Jon canlı casino heard them leave. He was breathing hard. His heart was pounding. But-his cock was hard! What the hell? When did that happen? What was he going to do?

His nipples were still aching from their brief torture. He couldn’t imagine what they were going to do if he resisted. But the thought of cocks in his mouth or ass scared him to death. He wouldn’t even look at other guys in the locker room at the gym. How was he going to participate willingly?

“God, all of this because of one stupid comment!”

About that time, he heard the door open. He heard several men walk into the room. Without saying a word he felt something being hooked into the table on both sides of his legs. Then someone began untying his feet. They lifted them into the air and Jon realized that he was being strapped into stirrups. Then, he felt the part of the table where his head was lying suddenly drop away and his head fell back, hanging down off the edge of the table. Jon was now completely vulnerable.

“Jon. I’m going to give you an offering. Your response will determine how our time together will go.”

Suddenly, Jon felt a cock at his mouth. The captor was rubbing the tip across his closed lips. What was he going to do?

“Open your mouth Jon,” was all he heard.

He felt someone else grab his sore nipples again and begin to squeeze. As he gasped in pain, the captor quickly shoved the dick all the way down his throat. He gagged, but that didn’t stop his new lover. The captor grabbed the back of his head and begin fucking his mouth. His first thought was to bite this bastard’s pecker off. Instead, he tried his best to relax his mouth and throat to accommodate this intruder.

Apparently satisfied that Jon was done resisting, someone else began stroking his cock. In spite of himself, Jon’s shaft began to grow. Then another set of fingers began rubbing across his ass and legs. Another set was caressing his chest and stomach. Then the fingers on his ass began tickling his asshole itself. They left for a minute and returned with an oily substance. The captor began wiping the lube on his asshole and then pushed it deep inside. Jon was being prepared!

The guy that had been stroking him suddenly took Jon’s member kaçak casino into his mouth. He had never been sucked off by a guy before. Damn was this man good! Jon had things done to his cock that no woman had ever done to it before. This guy’s tongue was talented! He licked, and kissed, and sucked, and deep throated. Then, without warning, the guy working on his ass slid his finger deep inside Jon’s asshole.

The combination of a cock fucking his mouth, a pro sucking his cock, and finger’s invading his asshole proved too much for this gay virgin. Jon shot a load deep into the hungry mouth of his cocksucker. His captor gladly drank every drop of Jon’s present.

The man fucking his mouth said, “We have you now, don’t we Jon?”

His lover pulled his cock out of Jon’s mouth long enough for Jon to say, “Yes.”

With that answer, his hands were untied and he was given two cocks to stroke. Immediately his main captor began fucking his mouth again and with just a few strokes blew his load deep into Jon’s now willing mouth. Then the man fingering his ass replaced his fingers with his cock, and Jon was finally taking his first cock up his man pussy. Before long, a load was being delivered inside Jon’s no longer virgin ass.

Jon lost count of how many men were in that room. He knows that he took at least 30 loads in and on various parts of his body, but he wasn’t sure if some had come back for seconds or not. When it was all over, Jon was a sticky mess. Sperm was in his hair, on his face, in his mouth, on his chest, in his ass.

When the last load was blown, the captors one by one left the room. Finally, the main captor said, “Jon, I’m going to untie you. However, before I do I need to tell you a few things. First, if you ever say anything about this to anyone, you will disappear forever. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Second, if you enjoyed tonight, you may return to us again by leaving a message at a number that we will leave in your wallet. If you did not enjoy it, simply ignore the number and you will never hear from us again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“I’m going to untie you. Leave the blindfold on until you hear the door shut before taking it off. There is a shower in the corner. Clean up and get dressed. When you are dressed, put on the blindfold. Someone will come to get you and drive you home. And Jon, one more thing.”


“Watch what you say about gay men from now on, ok?”

“Uh . . . absolutely!”

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