Laurie’s Adventures Ch. 05

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After a good night’s sleep I was off for my next venture as a callgirl for women. I had stopped in a “friendly neighborhood sex store” to purchase the “little bag of tricks” that Shirley carried with her. Since I was now prepared it turned out I didn’t need them at least with my next customer.

I proceeded to another motel just a bit down the street from the first. I went to a penthouse suite on the top floor to meet a couple where a man was having his “fantasy night.” He was wearing what was obviously his best suit and his companion was wearing a long evening gown that was cut so low she was almost illegal. Come to think of it, if she had not been sitting up very straight and holding her shoulders back she WOULD have been illegal. The long sexy side slit in the dress also exposed her legs almost their entire length when she was seated with her legs crossed. All in all, a somewhat obvious but very sexy outfit.

We had a glass of wine while they explained what they had in mind. The couple, Jim and Candy, had been married for over ten years and now on his birthday Candy his wife had decided to give her man an evening of absolutely anything he could think of. He had selected and purchased the evening gown she was wearing.

They had gone out to a couple of clubs earlier in the evening with Candy wearing her revealing outfit. Her husband was very proud of her daring and Candy was also pretty proud that she had had the nerve to do it. Jim said a couple of waiters and even one waitress had almost caused a traffic jam trying to wait on customers and simultaneously to try to look down Candy’s dress. Jim described their adventure in the first club where they walked in across the dance floor.

Most of the traffic had stopped to view Candy in her sexy gown. The side slit was so high that as she walked you could see an occasional glimpse of Candy’s black panties. Jim decided that this would never do so had instructed his wife to walk back across the dance floor, go to the ladies room and remove the panties. Walking back across the room to their table, with her prominent nipples showing through her dress and with her side-slit dress showing bare skin up to her waist she was sure absolutely everyone could tell she was bare under her dress. Whether they could or not was debateable but it had excited them both very much.

What his request turned out to be had her obviously very nervous and perhaps a little bit excited. She was also determined to fulfill his fantasy even if she didn’t really think she would enjoy it. After all that build-up it was pretty obvious that he wanted her to try sex with a woman and, sure enough, that was what they had in mind. He would be an absolute non-participant with me but would be a voyeur for all our activities. He paid my fee of $300 and I mentally zeroed in on Candy, casino siteleri my “conquest” for the evening.

I found out that Candy worked in an insurance office downtown during the week mostly with other women doing primarily clerical type tasks. I asked if any of those other women were bi or lesbian. She said a couple of them were rumored to be lesbian as it was great verbal sport to gossip at the office but no one she knew of had had the nerve to really ask anyone involved. I asked if I had turned out to be as she had expected and she answered quite honestly that I was not. She was expecting some really slutty girl with a lot of makeup and really tacky and garish clothing who swore a lot.

As we were talking Jim had been pretty much fading into the background of a darker part of the suite sitting in an easy chair. I asked Candy how she would describe me now that we had met. She used phrases as tall, a really terrific figure that she was envious of, cultured and a beautiful smile. I pointed out to her that I was only about 2 inches taller that her, that while my breasts were somewhat bigger, that her waist and hips were better than mine and that her smile too, was absolutely beautiful.

I asked her to do me a favor and she agreed. I asked her to come over and to very slowly kiss me. She was very nervous but came over to me while I held very still. Very tentative at first we then slowly kissed for what was probably two minutes. I was cooperative but absolutely non-aggressive. As our lips slowly massaged the others’ she very slightly responded to the pleasant sensations. My lips were slightly parted and her tongue slowly began to slip into my mouth to explore. Her hands began to slowly pull me towards her. In an almost coquetteish fashion I stopped the kiss, even though I didn’t want to, and very softly whispered that we were going to have a great evening together.

Jim had turned down the lights and had some soft music on the radio. To turn the tables somewhat on him and to excite Candy I suggested that he remove all his cloths and then sit down in the easy chair that was near the bed. His being the center of attention for a few minutes while he removed his cloths in front of two women, one of them a complete stranger, also allowed Candy a time to mentally relax a bit. He was already somewhat excited as was apparent once he removed more and more of his clothing. He was wearing a leopard print loincloth type of undershort and was quite embarrassed about his rising tumescence. We both applauded his hard-on when he finally let us talk him into revealing it. It embarrassed him but not so much that he wanted us to stop complimenting his endowment.

I whispered another suggestion to Candy and she said it was a great idea. As I removed my clothing while standing beside the canlı casino bed Candy got on her knees and took her man’s cock into her mouth. He became more and more erect as she stroked her lips up and down his shaft and as I removed the last of my cloths. I then told Candy it was time and asked her to remove her clothing, not for Jim but for me. Jim by this time was rockhard having the fantasy time of his life. Candy stood directly in front of me and, as she looked into my eyes, undid the neckstrap to let her dress fall to the floor. As my eyes drank in her figure I knew I would never know if her blond hair was real or from Lady Clairol as she had shaved herself absolutely bare.

While still standing beside the bed we again kissed each other in a slow lingering kiss. This time however, as the sexual tension continued to mount between us, we both became more agressive. As our tongues became more and more active I slowly reached up with my fingertips to tease Candy’s nipples. Her little sigh told me she loved the slow seduction. As we both became more aroused she finally brought her arms around me to pull her body against mine. As her tongue came deeply into my mouth her hips ground into me in full and total surrender to her desires.

I led her to the bed and lay her down with her pretty legs wide open. I stepped back beside Jim to see that he had a great view. I asked him if he didn’t think Candy was a lovely sight and he was so excited all he could do was nod in agreement. His hand was slowly working up and down his cock as he watched his wife’s mounting excitement.

As I knealt down to lay between Candy’s legs she began, to my surprise, an ever more enthusiastic and sexy “play-by-play” of what was happening to her. “Oh Jimmy, honey you knew I always wanted to do it with another woman but I just couldn’t even admit it to myself… Look, her tongue is just licking around my pussy lips and it feels absolutely wonderful… She is pulling back the lips of my pussy and her tongue, oh, its going all the way in. . Now she’s fucking me with her tongue, in and out, in and out, and I just love it… She’s working her tongue on my clit now … oh so slow.. it feels so good .. God, its sexy…Baby play with your cock I want to watch you jack-off…She keeps working her tongue on my clit til I’m about to cum… Then she changes the rhythm. That keeps me excited but stops me from cuming… Oh, now she’s working her fingers into my cunt…I know I don’t talk dirty but tonight Jimmy, I’m just a slut.. a cheap whore of a slut for you while she eats my pussy and jams her fingers deeper and deeper into my wet cunt…Oh Jesus, now she’s putting a finger back by my asshole… now she’s working it in.. Oh yea, finger my asshole..I love it…that’s how I want to come for you Jimmy with her wonderful tongue on kaçak casino my clit just driving me more and more to be your cheap, fuckin slut with her fingers in my pussy and up my ass…give me more.. push them in farther…give me another finger in my pussy…oh yea..jam those fingers all the way into my cunt… that’s it.. I am really hot now…and my ass, stick it in. Put it all the way up my ass…more… faster…I’m almost there…don’t stop…oh,please don’t stop oh, yea baby tongue that hot clit…oh Jimmy baby, here I go, jack yourself off, let it go, shoot it all over…oh fuck, it’s so Go-o-o-d.

Her entire body recoiled over and over with her cumming while I kept my tongue on her clit but didn’t move it at all as she was much too sensitive during her orgasm. Her husband had also come as his groans were almost as loud and enthusiastic as those of his wife. I rolled over to the side of the bed so that Jim could come over and hold his wife. She continued to shake from the release that she had had. Candy finally seemed to recover and her smile was so big it looked like she would keep it forever.

Thinking our evening was over I went into the bathroom to wash my face and comb my hair. As I came out, still naked to put my cloths on, Candy, in her best imitation of a red-neck cop’s voice said “hold on there, little lady. Just where do you think you’re going?” She then led me by the hand into the adjoining bedroom and this time lay me down. Jim, temporarily tired but proud of his wife followed us into the new room. “This here’s my night to be one hell of a fucking slut. I’m gonna eat me some pussy,” she said as she giggled and came to me on the bed. She then completely turned the tables on me. This time her mouth was “full” so no play-by-play. Since it was her first time she might have been an amateur but she had observed beautifully her first time on the receiving end from a woman. She kept things very slow as she used her tongue and fingers to work me to a beautiful cum even though my gasps and moans were not as loud as hers.

By the time I had regained my composure Candy and Jim were again excited and ready to cap off his night of fantasy. Candy had me up on my knees straddling her face and tongue while again she ate my willing pussy. Jim simultaneously came up behind me to his wife on his knees and lifted his wife’s legs up around his shoulders while he drove his cock into her willing pussy. His thrusts shook Candy’s body moving her tongue back and forth on me. My juices flooded onto her face. Her husbands thrusting became more and more violent as his climax aproached. With her face now covered with my wetness I lifted off and moved aside for her husband to pull out his dick and shoot his cum onto his wife’s lustful face. She hastily gulped his cock into her hot mouth to drink the last of his jism.

As I softly left their suite Jim’s night of fantasy finally came to a close. But not before Candy had taken me aside and asked if my “madam” needed any part time help. I gave her the number to call.

To be continued?…

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