Late Night Hookup Ch. 04: Brenda, Charlotte , Melissa

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“You wanted to see me?”

Brenda Addison looked up from behind her desk. The young woman who had spoken — Charlotte — stood in the office doorway, eyebrows raised.

“Yes, please. Come in. And shut the door.”

“Of course.” The blonde woman complied, closing the door behind her.

“So. Take a seat.”

“Thanks.” Charlotte sat down, brushing a stray lock of blonde hair from her face.

Ms. Addison tiled her head, watching closely. It was odd. She hadn’t really noticed before just how beautiful the young accountant was. Not that she was sexually attracted to her, or anything. Of course not. But, with what she now knew…

“So?” Charlotte looked across the desk at the older woman. “Ms. Addison? What can I do for you?”

Ms. Addison cleared her throat and refocused. “You’ve been with the firm for what, six years now?”

“Six and a half,” Charlotte answered proudly. “Ever since I received my professional designation.”

“Yes, of course. I had forgotten, you were hired right out of college.”

The older woman looked across the desk at the young accountant. She had, of course, not forgotten the circumstances under which Charlotte had been hired. After all, it had been her decision to hire her. At the time, it had been a real catch. Diversity was the new watchword in the hiring committee and landing a young woman… an extremely competent and qualified young woman… had been a notable coup. At the time. For many years, under Ms. Addison’s mentoring eye, Charlotte had been on the fast track to partner. Ms. Addison considered the young, almost, to be a protégé.

But then, several months ago, something had changed.

Ms. Addison had never been able to put her finger on it, exactly, but Charlotte’s work had somehow become less… competent. Less focussed. The young woman often seemed distracted on the job, leaving early… failing to attend weekend meetings… even turning in sloppy work, something she would never have done previously and something the older woman could not abide. While nothing official had occurred, Ms. Addison had mentally removed Charlotte from the partnership track and was considering changing her to a contract hire.

If that.

It had been a mystery to Ms. Addison, what exactly had happened to the promising young accountant she had been trying to mentor.

Until yesterday.

“I receive a report from our IT department yesterday.” The older woman gave a small frown. “Apparently, a site you were visiting on the work server raised a flag. They brought the matter to me.”

Charlotte’s eyes went wide. They were, Ms. Addison noted for the first time, the most amazing shade of blue. “What? I never… I never used my work computer for… uhm… …”

She trailed off.

Ms. Addison just shook her head. The older woman picked up her phone and opened an app. “Not your work computer. Just the work server. I assume you were using the firm’s wireless network.” She leaned forward, turning the phone outward. “Look…”


Charlotte looked down at her boss’s phone. She felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as the familiar pink and white “F4F” flashed across the screen and then faded onto a personals site.

Her site.

And there it was. On her boss’s phone. The original pictures she had taken all those months ago in her bathroom… the overdone, sexy outfit and the caption that had been oh so exciting to write at the time: “”Hey hey, submissive 25F here, blonde, blue eyes, 5’7, 121lb, 38B, looking for kinky stuff, if you’re the type who doesn’t ask but demands… hit me up. 🙂 Xx”

Afterward, she had desperately wanted to change the site… to hide her face in the pictures, but Angela wouldn’t hear of it. “If it ain’t broke,” she had quipped, with that awful smirk of hers. And it wasn’t… wasn’t broke.


With Angela’s unwanted assistance and encouragement — the domineering woman had insisted on adding a calendar for booking “erotic encounters” and a public comments page – Charlotte’s F4F site was extremely popular. In addition to the 9.5 / 10 rating, her site now featured one humiliating review after another:

“… best tongue ever…”

“… really is a submissive little dyke…”

“… loves to be abused…”

Charlotte felt her face turn red as her boss scrolled slowly through her embarrassing site. This was it, an absolute low point in her life. She was going to be fired for sure. She wished she had never posted on that damn site all those months ago. If only she had known…

“My policy,” Ms. Addison said, looking up, “is that what my employees do on their own time is their own business.”

Charlotte held her breath, waiting for the “but…”.

“I confess,” the older woman continued, “I’m a bit… surprised to learn about your er… extracurricular activities, but, as I said, what you do on your own time is your own business, as long as it does not affect your work here.”

Charlotte exhaled. Was it possible her career going to survive this?

“I ask two things. canlı bahis Firstly, do not access this site while at work. I do not what this… business of your spilling over into your professional life.”

“Yes, of course. I…”

“Secondly, you must remove any pictures which show your face. We cannot have you named in any scandal or identified by a client of the firm.” She gave her next words some bite. “Am I clear?”

“Yes, Ms. Addison.” Charlotte fought to keep the look of relief from her face. She wasn’t going to be fired! “I understand.”

“Good.” The older woman placed her phone back on her desk. “I consider this matter closed. Now, back to work.”

“Yes, Ms. Addison.”


She shook her head as the young blonde woman scurried out of her office and closed the door. Perhaps she should have fired her on the spot, but Charlotte had shown so much promise, once. She had expected great things of her. It was such a shame that…

The buzzer on her intercom sounded. “Ms. Addison.” It was her assistant. “I have Ms. Parker on the phone for you.”

Ms. Addison grimaced. Her immediate instinct was to say that she was not available. Melissa Parker was swiftly becoming her most difficult, and time consuming, client. There was no financial or accounting problem so small that the obnoxious woman wouldn’t insist on the managing partner’s immediate and undivided attention! The file really was more trouble than it was worth, particularly given the nature of the client’s business. She should really…

Then she remembered, all those rumors she’d heard at the time she picked up the Parker contract… that the CEO’s interest in the company business was something more than professional. Maybe…

She reached forward and his the transmit button on her intercom. “I’ll take the call, Vanessa. Put her through.”

Would it work?


“… and, if you review the projections over the next three fiscal years, you’ll see that the cumulative effect of our recommended tax planning will increase, year to year. Of course, the interim balance sheets will have to be revised and updated on an ongoing basis, to ensure that…”

Melissa Parker leaned back in the boardroom chair and sighed, running a bored hand through her short, brown hair, as the accountant-speak washed over her. The blonde girl… Charlotte… she really did have the most amazing blue eyes. That old bitch Brenda hadn’t been lying about that. Or about the woman’s appearance generally. Melissa would give her that. The girl was stunning.

“… ongoing regulatory compliance, of course, is mandated for all tax planning of this nature, so we would have to file…”

She had wondered whether Brenda had been lying about that… that other stuff. But, when Melissa had seen the online personal for herself, well…

“… the appropriate forms, in triplicate, with the applicable government agencies, together with…”

… she had been convinced. Hence, this meeting.

The brunette spoke up. “That’s all very interesting, but do you know what we do here, Charlotte? At Parker Publishing?”

The blonde girl looked up from the laptop, where she had been reading from a colorful list of government forms and Powerpoint pie charts.

“I’m sorry? What you do?”

“The company.” Melissa shifted forward in her seat and rested her elbows on the boardroom table. “What our business is.” She brought a hand up to her chin. “Brenda must have told you something about the company.”

“Uhm… not in any detail,” the blonde woman answered, frowning. “I mean, I read the file and I know the company is involved in some kind of subscription based online publishing. I assumed that meant web services.” She turned back to the computer screen. “That’s why I was recommending that…”



Melissa grinned. That got the accountant’s attention, sure enough. “Nudes. Porn. Erotica. Whatever you want to call it. We host networks for online erotica and produce our own material as well.”

“Oh.” The blonde woman appeared at a loss for words. “I uh… I didn’t…”

“Does that change your recommendations?” Melissa gestured at the laptop screen, sitting open on the boardroom table. “Tax planning and all that? The fact that we sell and produce porn?”

Melissa was amused to see the young woman’s face turning red. For such a kinky little thing — if her online profile was to be believed — she was awfully prudish. Maybe it was time to cut to the chase.

“I… I don’t think so,” the blonde stammered, looking down. “I’d have to uh… check and see if…”

“You shouldn’t act so surprised,” Melissa interrupted. “I’ve heard that you have your own little online erotica venture going.”‘

The young accountant’s eyes went wide. “What?!?”

The businesswoman put her phone on the table, screen open, and slid it towards the blonde woman. “F4F,” she said, drawing out each syllable, as if it was a separate word. “Not one of our sites, but I’m familiar with it.”

The blonde woman fell silent, staring at the picture on the bahis siteleri screen… the image of her, wearing that slinky dress… smiling for the camera… “I uhm…”

Melissa had to bite her tongue to stop from laughing out loud at the “deer in the headlights” look on the blonde woman’s face. The poor woman had no idea that her boss had called ahead to tell her all about the young blonde’s private activities… and to point out an opportunity.

“You seem to have a busy little online escort business going,” the brunette observed. “I particularly like the tag line, you know… don’t ask… demand… Very clever. Very,” Melissa drew the word out, looking the blonde woman in the eyes “…enticing. Your clients must love that.”

Charlotte’s face turned a bright shade of red. “Please…” She looked away. “I don’t uhm…”

“I wonder what would happen,” Melissa mused, pushing her chair back from the table, leaning back and spreading her legs, “if I demanded that you crawl over here… right now… and service me.” She pulled her skirt up, exposing herself. Charlotte stared. No panties. “What do you think would happen?”

“I…” the blonde woman got out of her chair, looking at the boardroom door. “I don’t think…”

“Oh, it’s quite private in here, if that’s what you’re worried about,” the businesswoman told her. “It’s my company. No one will come in unless I invite them.” Melissa smirked. “Probably.”

“Please, Ms. Parker. My job…”

“Your job will be more secure if you obey, Charlotte.” Melissa let a hint of steel slip into her voice. “Right now, no one knows about your little side hustle. I haven’t told anyone. Even your Ms. Addison.”

The blonde girl started at the name.

“If you want to keep it that way, I suggest you do as your told.”


The brunette’s patience ran out. “I’m demanding slut. Behave as advertised…crawl over here right now and show me what a good little pussy licker you are… or I’ll make sure that Brenda and everyone else at your firm knows exactly what you are.”

Charlotte’s eyes shimmered wet, but she slowly dropped to her knees and began to crawl under the table… towards her latest client…


“… or I’ll make sure that Brenda and everyone else at your firm knows exactly what you are.”

Charlotte felt as if she was about to burst in tears. Brenda… Ms. Addison knew about the F4F site, but no one else at the firm did. Her career would be over if word got out about it. She had no choice.

Swallowing, she began to walk around the table, towards the smirking brunette.

“No,” Melissa barked. “Crawl. Under the table.”



Resigned, Charlotte sunk to her knees and began to crawl. She could see the businesswoman’s open legs… her open pussy… waiting for her under the table as she began to crawl along the floor.

“Good girl… keep crawling…”

Charlotte felt a now familiar surge of sick pleasure run through her body at the humiliating words. It was happening. Again. As it always seemed to do when she was in these awful… situations. Those feelings… those urges… essentially the same self-destructive impulse that had caused her to post that stupid advertisement on the F4F site all those months ago.

She paused, her face a foot from the businesswoman’s pussy.

If only she had resisted…

“Hey. Charlotte.” Melissa Parker’s cruel voice came from above the table. “Focus.”

With a half sob, Charlotte leaned forward to start licking the other woman’s pussy. It was, by now, a familiar taste and one which never failed to stimulate a feeling of excitement and arousal in her. The young accountant ran her tongue up and down along the outside of her tormentor’s pussy, sucking gently at the clit… putting to use the expertise she had developed over the last several months. She squeezed her own thighs together, subconsciously trying to build upon her own feelings of pleasure, however unwanted they might be.

Oh god… she hated this…

… and loved it…

“Mmmm… that’s nice.” Melissa opened her legs wider, leaning back in her chair. “Just like that.”

Almost involuntarily, Charlotte’s left hand was drawn downward by the sick sense of humiliated pleasure between her own legs… spread, knees on carpet, in a dog-like crawling position under the table… and started rubbing. She cursed herself inwardly for wearing a pant suit rather than a skirt, as her fingers slid up and down over her pussy, seeking just… the right sort of friction… “Ahhh…” There is was…

“Nuh uh…” Melissa squeezed her legs briefly and then opened them again. “I can tell what you’re doing. Focus on me, Charlotte… my pussy is all that matters right now… I want to see both hands on my chair. NOW!”

Moaning, Charlotte reluctantly pulled her hand away from her now aching pussy. Obediently, the blonde woman gripped the sides of Melissa’s office chair as she continued to lick… suck… nuzzle… the brunette’s now sopping pussy.

“Ohhh… that’s nice… just like that…” The bahis şirketleri businesswoman leaned back into her seat. “Mmm… you keep that up, we’re going to get along just fine.”

As Charlotte obeyed, she felt Melissa shift above her. She raised her eyes to see the businesswoman bringing a phone to her ear. Alarmed, she stopped licking and raised her face. “Hey, what are…”

Melissa grabbed the back of her head and pushed the blonde’s face back into her pussy, glaring down. “Keep licking,” she hissed. “Or you’ll regret it.”

Charlotte moaned but did what she was gold, her eyes turned upward.

“Oh.” The brunette’s voice changed as she spoke on the phone. “Hi Tammy. Yes… uh huh… very busy.” She smirked, looking down at the blonde woman. “The reason I’m calling is that I need a set for HR documents sent to my office… no, send them to boardroom 1… Right… forms L4 and L5… that’s right… the talent forms… good. That’s perfect. Thanks.”

Charlotte tried to shake her head as the brunette disconnected the phone and put it away.

“Ohh, don’t you worry your pretty little head,” Melissa grinned down at her. “You focus on what’s important, right?” She shifted in her seat and pulled the blonde woman’s face more tightly into her pussy. “Just be a good girl, Charlotte, and no one… including your boss… will have to know what kind of a lesbian slut you really are.”

Charlotte fought to keep her hand from drifting down to her own pussy at the cruel words. She was so close… just a few seconds of rubbing and she would…

“Just keep doing what you’re told, and everything will be fine.”



She could feel the orgasm approaching as she looked down at the woman’s wet, blue eyes staring up at her from between her legs. The feeling of the blonde’s reluctant tongue… licking… sliding in and out… The was going… better… “ohhh…” than expected…

Brenda really hadn’t been lying…

“Ohh… yes… just like… uhhh…”

A knock on the door. “The forms, Ms. Parker.”

Shit. Timing sucked!

“Uhh… just leave them… I’ll grab them in a moment.”

“Yes, Ms. Parker.”


“OHHH…” Melissa closed her eyes and exhaled sharply as the orgasm rippled through her body. “Ohhhh… ohhh… ohhhh…”

That was…

She opened her eyes. Charlotte’s face, shining wet with tears and pussy juice, was still between her legs, the young blonde’s mouth on her pussy… still sucking… but one hand was missing from the chair. Melissa couldn’t help but smirk. The woman… the girl was such a slut.

She was perfect!

“Hands on the chair,” she ordered, smiling as the girl swiftly obeyed, her blue eyes wide.

Oh yes… this was going to be perfect.


“… can be a difficult client, but you really impressed her.” Ms. Addison almost smiled. “Apparently, she thought your tax planning ideas were brilliant and will save her company a good deal of money going forward.”

Charlotte tried to smile back, but it was a lie. A necessary lie, unfortunately, but still a lie. She wished very much that it was true. But it wasn’t.

Ms. Addison continued speaking. “Ms. Parker has asked that you be assigned to work for her company on a full-time basis, and I’ve agreed.”

Charlotte tried not to frown. She had known this was coming… but she had hoped that Ms. Addison would refuse the contract offer.

“Effectively immediately, I’m seconding you to Parker Publishing,” Ms. Addison said, again with an almost smile. “You’ll be working out of their offices on a full-time basis. It’s a one-year contract, with an option for renewal at the end of the term.”

“But, Ms. Addison, I’m not sure I…”

“Of course, you can refuse the position,” Ms. Addison frowned. “If you choose.”

Charlotte looked down. Ms. Addison was wrong about that. She couldn’t refuse. If she did, that awful woman would let everyone know about… about her… about her site… about everything. She couldn’t let that happen… couldn’t let her friends… her family… her co-workers find out. It would be one thing if Ms. Addison had said no to the contract offer… Ms. Parker had made it clear she would accept that refusal and not pursue the matter… but it was different if Charlotte refused the offer. If that occurred…

“No,” Charlotte answered, fighting back tears. “Of course, I’ll accept. It’s… a good opportunity.”

“It is.” Ms. Addison nodded. “So… go clear out your office. I’ll let Melissa know that you’ve accepted and we can deal with the paperwork. Your base salary will be reduced, I’m afraid, but I understand that Parker Publishing has a robust bonus program for good performance, so I’m certain it will work out.”

“Yes, Ms. Addison.”


“Goodbye, Charlotte.” Brenda nodded as the blonde woman left her office. It really was goodbye. The young woman would not be back.

It was, all in all, a very satisfying resolution to a delicate situation. Not only had she managed to dispose of an underperforming employee… one with a potentially compromising private life… but she had done so in such as way that no one would be critical of her or of her initial hiring decision. Further, she had succeeded in dealing with a difficult client.

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