Large BLACK Firehose

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Editor’s Note: story contains raceplay elements and language.

Summary: Straight white fire captain becomes obsessed by black cock.

Note 1: This is dedicated to Will for requesting the story.

Thanks to: Tex Beethoven Robert, and Wayne for editing this story.


“Oh God yes, fuck me with that big black dick,” I moaned, my own smaller six inch white dick hard as a rock but still flailing all over the place as he pounded my ass like a jackhammer ripping apart cement.

“You love nigger dick, don’t you Captain?” Joe, one of the new firefighters placed under my command just six months ago, gloated, as he pulled out of me.

Ever since he first turned me into a cock sucking, ass taking cum bucket I couldn’t get enough, and the moment he pulled out I begged, like a college bimbo or a bottom twink, “Oh God yes, I love your cock, please shove it back in my ass. I need it so bad.”

And I did.

I couldn’t explain it then and I can’t explain it now, but a cock in my ass is the most sexually pleasurable sensation I’ve ever experienced.

If I went a week without a dick reaming my asshole, I literally started craving it, as in I couldn’t think of anything else, although going without for an entire week was rare; Joe loved frequently using me as his own personal ‘Captain Cumbucket’, which was his name for me.

“What about your wife?” he asked, slamming back into all 200 pounds of my 6’3″ frame. I was tall, I was fit and no one would think I was anything but the manly man I’d been until six months ago… when I became a cock sucking, ass taking cum depository for a man twenty years younger than me.

I always felt guilty when he mentioned my wife, which he often did; he loved to rub it in, so to speak, humiliate me, make me his complete bitch, and remind me I’d rather be the one taking dick than giving it. I answered him frankly, “She’d probably divorce me.”

My wife, my kids, my friends, nobody knew of my new role as cum bucket other than my fellow firefighters, all of whom had also succumbed to Joe’s big black firehose… when he showed up with his hose fully loaded and ready to erupt, sometimes we almost came to blows as we competed for the privilege of being the house on fire that needed to be doused.

But my wife hated cheaters, having been cheated on in high school. So much so that she had refused to vote for Hillary Clinton for one reason only: she had been so spineless by supporting and staying with a cheating bastard like Bill, there was no conceivable way she would have the guts to run a country… her words. When I pointed out that in that case she would have to vote for Trump she told me to shut up. Women!

“Maybe I should show her what real cock is,” he said, slamming all ten inches up my well gaped ass.

This was new. For the past six months he had loved to ridicule me. He loved to remind me I was his nigger loving faggot. He loved to cum in my ass and make me go back to my wife with ‘the nigger juice that demonstrates a claim well staked’ leaking from my gaped asshole. But he had never before mentioned fucking my wife.

I didn’t say anything, seeing this as a no win question.

He asked, “Think your wife would take my big nigger dick up that white pussy of hers?”

I didn’t think so. Like I said, she didn’t believe in cheating.

I answered, “No, she would never cheat on me.”

He laughed, as he kept drilling my asshole, “Didn’t you think you would never cheat on your wife?”

“No… yes… but this is different,” I responded, even though it wasn’t. I knew she would see sex as cheating regardless of whether it was with a girl or a guy. Although, I had attempted to ease my conscience the entire time with the simple theory that I wasn’t cheating… I was just doing something it was physically impossible to do with her… It was thin… but it was the solace I used that kept my guilt at bay most of the time.

“So if she munched on nigger pussy that wouldn’t be cheating?” he asked.

The visual was instantly hot… all guys want to see their girlfriend or wife with another woman… but she would never. “She would never sleep with another person, not even a woman.”

“Like you would never be a cock sucking faggot for big nigger prick?” He asked.

“I couldn’t control that,” I defended, recalling how I’d ended up in the position I was now in. “You’re a fucking force of nature.”


And he was. So how did I end up being this guy’s man-slut?

First I need to tell you how the fire station works. We work a three day 24 hour shift (which is what it’s called, but in reality it’s a single 72 hour shift), and then we’re off for the next 72 hours while the other engine company in our fire station is on duty (weird, but you get used to it…my wife and kids less so).

We do get to sleep at night if we’re not out making calls… or during the day if we need to, depending on when we have fires to put out.

I’m casino siteleri the captain for my company, which means I’m in charge of four to six men every shift. Since I’m the boss, I get my own room… an office doubling as a bedroom. The rest of the guys have one big dormitory room with several cots in it where they sleep.

Anyway, our newest recruit was a young black man named Joe. He was an incredibly friendly young man. He was also hard working and well built… he had been on a full ride scholarship as first-string quarterback of an Ivy League school before blowing out his throwing elbow.

Shortly after he’d first joined our company, we had just completed a crazy day with three fires, two of which really had us going full throttle, and we were all exhausted. I decided to make sure the guys were sleeping… the danger and adrenaline of firefighting sometimes made it difficult to sleep afterwards… but tired men in a burning building was obviously very dangerous, so just like exhausted soldiers in a combat zone, we had to condition ourselves to sleep when we could. I had already checked once, but these young guys were often on their phones or iPads all night… and as I mentioned, lack of rest could prove fatal during a fire, and not necessarily just to the one who was drowsy.

So as I was walking towards the dorm room, I heard noises from the bathroom. I stopped in front of the door, surprised by what I was hearing.

“Oh yeah, suck my dick,” a voice groaned, a voice that I recognized as Joe’s.

Had he snuck a girl in here? That was completely off limits during working hours, but I’d be lying if I said it never happened. The guys were all firefighters, and most women had a thing for firefighters… I had turned down some very beautiful women over the years who had offered me very enticing offers including threesomes… but I was loyal to my wife.

Although Joe was new, he knew the rules; I had made them very clear during his initiation.

I considered letting him finish getting his hose hydrated, the term the young guys used for blow jobs. They seemed to receive them often, as they were single and enjoying the fringe benefits of the uniform.

But I was also curious. I hadn’t got laid in a while, and was kind of horny.

So I walked into the washroom, expecting to catch sight of some naked titties on the girl bobbing on Joe’s cock, but instead I found that Gary, another firefighter, was the one bobbing on Joe’s cock.

I was stunned.

Gary was the only other married person in the company… married this past summer to a beautiful blonde model.

As I watched in awe at both Gary sucking cock and at how big Joe was, my own cock rose in my sweats.

Joe groaned, “Oh yeah, you’re a natural cock sucker.”

I knew I should say something, yet I stared in utter disbelief as I watched my best work friend bobbing on a cock like he was a porn slut. Oddly, I realized that in our written code of conduct there was no rule about having sex with each other, which suddenly looked like a pretty big oversight.

I’d never thought about gay sex before other than in terms of ‘It’s their choice, but I’m a hundred percent straight’ sort of way. Yet, my cock was iron stiff as I continued to watch mesmerized by the gay sex scene I was witnessing as well as the massive cock that Joe carried around.

I was equally in awe at the way Gary seemed to be easily taking the thick, long dick that stretched his mouth unnaturally… although oddly it seemed rather natural at the moment.

I also was drawn in by the contrast of a black cock in a white mouth. Back in my twenties I’d fucked Char for a few months, a black basketball player who was great in bed. Every time I fucked her, especially from behind (God she had a great ass), I really enjoyed the contrast of watching my white dick disappearing in that black booty. Now I was equally taken by the opposite contrast of a black cock disappearing in a white mouth.

“I bet you’re already a better cock sucker than your hot wife,” Joe said, as he watched Gary go to town on his cock. He then added, “And to think, two weeks ago you were just another straight white guy, oblivious to the inner hidden slave lurking inside you waiting to discover what you could do with a big black cock.”

Hearing such a ridiculous race theory almost made me laugh. During my years of being a fireman I’d seen a lot of cocks in passing…large and small, black, white and brown, circumcised and uncut, and I had definitely seen no proof of the magical black dick size theory the Internet raved about.

I’d seen huge white dicks and small black dicks, the opposite, and everything in between.

That all said, I’d never seen a cock as big as the one attached to Joe except in porn. It was like watching a porn film, except this was live.

To compound the shock and awe I was experiencing, Gary was now rubbing his cock through his jeans, obviously horny from committing this submissive act.

And my own cock was rock hard too! WTF?!

I canlı casino couldn’t take my eyes off the cock fucking Gary’s mouth.

I couldn’t move, completely paralyzed by shock and intrigue… and although I had never been curious about sucking cock before… suddenly I was.

Joe warned a minute later, “Here comes my load, cock sucker.”

Gary rubbed his cock through his pants faster and faster as Joe pumped his cock in and out of Gary’s mouth a few more times and grunted, “Swallow your treat, cock sucker.”

And unlike my wife, who never swallowed, fuck, she barely ever even sucked my cock, and never for as long as Gary was being face fucked, he swallowed it all while simultaneously rubbing his pants as furiously as he was being face fucked.

“Are you going to come in your pants, cock sucker?” Joe questioned a few strokes later as he pulled out and I finally got to see the massive cock in its entirety.

My mouth dropped open as I saw the monster that had been violating Gary’s mouth. It had to be nine inches!

“Oh God, yes,” Gary groaned, frantically rubbing his dick through his pants.

Realizing they were almost done, I quietly snuck out and returned to my office, my cock dying for attention as I desperately needed to bust a nut… even as I tried to process the reality of everything I’d just witnessed… both the shocking act as well as the equally shocking size of Joe’s cock.

In my office, I closed my door, I couldn’t lock it because, well, it didn’t have a lock. But no one ever walked in without knocking, so I ended up doing what I often did before bed at the fire station… I pulled out my iPad, clicked on one of my favourite porn scenes and fished out my cock. Already rock hard from watching the taboo gay act, I came in a couple of minutes, shaking my head at how watching Gary suck off Joe had somehow turned me on so intensely.

I definitely wasn’t gay… but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the image of Joe’s huge cock out of my head.

A fire three hours later woke me up from a surreal dream where I was the one on my knees in the washroom sucking Joe’s big juicy black cock.

I shook my head, embarrassed by my own thoughts: I had just used the word ‘juicy’ to describe a cock.

I pushed the strange thoughts out of my head as I quickly got dressed.

As I did, my office door opened and Joe walked in and joked, noticing the hard cock poking out of my boxers, “Did the alarm interrupt something?”

I laughed, acting casual, “I guess I was just having a good dream.”

Joe nodded, his response odd, “I bet it was a delicious dream.”

I thought the tone and statement were weird, but I just shrugged, finished getting dressed quickly, although I wasn’t able to keep myself from glancing at his crotch area, the sight of his big cock embedded in my brain and replied simply, “I guess.”

It wasn’t until after this newest fire, a minor one, was extinguished and I was back in my office that I replayed Joe’s words.

Did he know I’d seen him using Gary’s mouth?

Did he know that I was in awe of his cock?

Was he implying that I would find his cock delicious, and I’d already dreamed about it?

And over the next three days, my days off, I dreamt of black cock.

It led me to going online and discovering a whole culture out there of subservient white men submissive to black cock.

There were dozens of Tumblr accounts of white guys sucking black cock; there were gay stories of white guys submitting. There were even humorous signs of white guys sucking cock.

There were even black cock hypno sissy videos that I spent way too much time watching when I returned to work and had some private time in my office.

I really had no gay feelings… I loved my wife… I loved my kids… but I was suddenly obsessed by black cock… and only black cock… I had no interest in white cock, even though there were pics and videos of many impressive ones online.

No, it was black cock only… partly because of the colour contrast, partly because of the historic taboo of it, partly because they seemed physically dominant and partly because I couldn’t get Joe’s cock out of my subconscious.

I was at work watching a black cock hypnosis video, when I had to piss.

I closed my laptop and headed to the washroom. Joe wasn’t on duty today so there was no risk of walking in on him and Gary.

Oddly, when I walked into the empty bathroom I was slightly disappointed.

I just wanted to see that cock again. I took a piss and headed back to my office. I stopped when I saw a light on in the fire hall. A light I knew I’d shut off when I did my last rounds.

I went to check on it, we had twice stopped drunken fools trying to steal fire trucks; we were just two blocks from a popular bar.

I opened the door and was surprised for the second time in a week. Gary was bent over sucking on some black stranger’s cock while Joe was fucking his ass.

The stranger asked Joe, seeing me, “So you really kaçak casino think you can get your captain to bend over and take your cock?”

Joe, his back to me, oblivious to the reality I was behind him, nodded, “Oh yeah, he’s a closet faggot. Even if he doesn’t know it yet.”

Even though I hadn’t stopped thinking about his cock since I’d first seen it, I still couldn’t believe the confident words coming out of his mouth. I mean sure I was intrigued by his black cock, but I was no faggot.

“Think he’ll just bend over and take it in both holes like this other married faggot?” The stranger asked, the entire time looking at me with a smug look on his face.

I should have spoken before he could respond to that question. I should have behaved like the captain. Yet, I remained outwardly stoic, but inwardly all pins and needles wanting to hear the answer even as my cock made a tent in my sweats… making me regret not wearing underwear.

“Oh yeah, he’s ripe and ready to be blackened. I could see it on his face the other day when he quietly watched me face fucking this faggot here,” Joe explained, revealing he’d noticed me watching. He then added, “I actually thought he might come over, drop to his knees and beg to suck me there and then.”

I still couldn’t believe his words or how hard my cock was from hearing them.

I also couldn’t explain it, but my mouth was watering.

Yet, I couldn’t find the ability to speak or walk, neither towards them nor away.

“So you’re going to give your captain your fire hose soon?” The smug stranger asked, clearly enjoying what he was doing.

“I think I’ll quench his fire tomorrow night,” Joe answered with a chuckle.

I couldn’t believe his confidence and the way he was talking about me. I was offended, yet my hard cock poking against my sweats was betraying me.

Joe continued, “I really was surprised he didn’t come and join faggot here the other day; the look of hunger in his eyes was obvious.”

The stranger chuckled, looking again directly at me, “I can envision that look very clearly.”

I knew the stranger saw my lust and confusion and was thoroughly enjoying himself. Pushing it even further the stranger added. “Maybe you should go and give him some black cock right now.”

Joe laughed, “Maybe I should.”

Deciding I had to end this… I couldn’t let this continue. I couldn’t allow my reputation and leadership to be disparaged so blatantly, I finally ordered firmly and a bit too loudly, letting Joe know I was behind him, “Joe, my office… now.”

I quickly left, not able to face Joe’s reaction or his big cock, or even Gary’s reaction now that he knew I’d caught him in the act of being the white cream cheese in a black cock pumpernickel sandwich.

I quickly returned to my office, and sat down at my desk, begging my cock to go to slumber… which it refused to do.

Joe knocked at my door a minute later, which I was happy about. That meant he had taken my order seriously. He didn’t just keep fucking Gary. He also wouldn’t have had much time to talk to his friend, who could out me a bit… although in theory I hadn’t done anything wrong.

I had just listened to my employee disrespect me, and the resulting erection I had could be defendable based on a lot of other factors.

“Captain,” Joe knocked.

“Come in,” I said firmly, even as my legs trembled. I was a good guy. A strong muscled man. A real man, in no way a sissy. A good no nonsense captain who was well respected by my men and my superiors.

He entered and closed the door.

I was expecting an apology, maybe even some grovelling, but instead he walked around my desk, pulled down his sweats to reveal his cock, which was still very hard. He asked, his cock just a couple inches from my face, “Hungry, Captain?”

The cock was captivating… even more awe inspiring when it was directly in front of me instead of at a distance. I was speechless.

The professional answer was obvious.

Yet, I couldn’t think straight.

I couldn’t focus on anything other than this huge, black cock in front of me.

A cock I had to have.

He said impatiently, “Hurry up and decide Captain, or I’ll go finish off in Gary.”

This only added to my shame. This cock my attention was riveted on had been slamming into Gary’s ass just a couple of minutes ago.

“Joe this is highly unprofessional,” I pointed out, even though I was directing my reprimand at his cock, not to Joe himself. My eyes never left his cock.

He ignored my weak protest as he added, “Don’t worry, I did a quick wash. You’ll be getting a fresh clean cock.”

Oddly, this made me happy. I wouldn’t be sucking a cock coated with Gary’s anal whatever. Obviously at least part of me had already decided to go for this!

After a pause, my hunger overriding my moral code, curiosity controlling me, the rest of me decided too and I opened my mouth and nervously leaned forward.

As his cock entered my mouth, stretching it in a way I hadn’t expected, he groaned, “Here ya go, Captain. Become my newest white cock sucker.”

A few days ago being called a cock sucker would have ended up with someone in the hospital, but now it only enhanced the excitement of my humiliation.

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