LaCour Academy Ch. 05

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After Draven went to sleep everyone was shaken. Josh was pale as a ghost and the rest of them were quiet as if in thought. I couldn’t help it anger took over me and I lunged at Josh. My face was beet red and I was on fire.

“What the fuck did you do to him? I’m gonna kick your mother-“I stopped I know Josh better than anyone else he is like my other half I knew he wouldn’t do this to Draven.

“Josh I’m so sorry.” I let him go and helped him up. I felt like shit. Yalena put a hand on my shoulder. I could see she had tears in her eyes. She told me Draven was talking in his sleep and that she had got two names.

“One of them was David and the other was Jared. I’m pretty sure that David is the one he was talking about that day. Josh do you know any one of the names I just said?” Yalena asked Josh.

“Y-Y-Yeah David is um David is my brother’s friend and Jared is….” He stopped dead. He eyes were glassy and he looked disoriented and very distant.

“Josh who is Jared?” Yalena asked very concerned and scared.

“Jared is uh my dad’s brother’s cousin. And he is in prison for uh for…”

“For what tell us maybe we can help Draven now.” Nick surprisingly was actually worried when he always looks on the bright casino siteleri side.

“Josh! Why the fuck did Jared go to jail for?! I screamed at him. This was agonizing and we weren’t getting anywhere with this dude! Oh what am I going to do?


I heard the whole conversation and I knew some dark secrets were about to spill so reluctantly I got up and went out. They all looked at me in surprise I saw Josh and he had tears running down his face. This is not how I wanted to tell them but I might as well now.

“He went to jail for raping me and my adopted sister Cherissa. He told us not to tell but Cherissa told anyway and he was sent to jail. I said and Chris started to move toward me when he asked the question I didn’t want to hear.

“Then who is the guy whose name starts with a D? Was it David? Tell me Drave.” He said desperately.

The look on his face was heart breaking. I didn’t want to tell I just couldn’t so I went back into the room and laid down. Not a second later he was laying next me I felt the tears in his eyes on my cheek. I felt so bad like when it first happened. I tried to stop it but he kept bringing more of them and more. I came to this fucking school to get away from it all but canlı casino it always follows me everywhere I go. I think I find love but it always ends in men using me in the most horrible ways. Chris is different he really loves me I hope.

When I woke up I was alone. I felt bad and mad at myself. I just wish it didn’t hurt so much and I would tell Chris but it was so hard and I am in so much pain and I know the others are to. Why do I always hurt people? Why can’t I make anyone happy? I got up and took a shower. Some of my clothes were in the room on a chair. In the shower I was thinking how I left Josh’s name out of the rape list. I hope he thanks me so I won’t feel so bad. After I got out of the shower everyone was sitting in a circle and I smelled food and my stomach growled in appreciation. Nick burst out laughing and soon so was everyone else. I couldn’t help but laugh myself. Then I remembered Chris’s birthday was in three weeks on November 17 and I plan on giving him a good birthday. I want to give him my body but on one of our no school days I will tell him and the rest of them too. I hope they will still like me and not think I’m disgusting like everyone else.


After everyone stopped laughing Draven sat kaçak casino down and we ate with a light conversation. Draven was acting like nothing happened the previous night. Yalena still looked a little stressed and tired. I really felt bad for everyone we are all trapped in this mystery that no one can solve and the people who know the answer won’t tell if their lives depended on it. Why doesn’t Draven trust me enough to tell me what happened to him? I can’t take this anymore.

“Draven can I talk to you for a minute.” I asked in a soft voice.

“Sure babe.” He got up and walked to the room.

“What do you want to talk about?” He looked so innocent that I was afraid to ask him.

“Who is the guy you were talking about when the first day we were umm….” I stammered. I knew I was barely understandable.

“Chris don’t please let it go I’ll tell when I’m ready ok?” He looked all of a sudden tired.

“Ok. I’m sorry I brought it up. Let’s go back to them alright?” I said

“Alright.” He said excitedly and bouncily got up and practically skipped out the room. I felt like I wanted to slap him for doing that. How could he act like that when he’s got all of us so fucking stressed out! Fuck! What in the hell am I going to do?!


I am so glad he dropped the conversation that I skipped out of the room. I felt his eyes boring into my back I knew he wanted to slap me. I don’t know why but I smiled to myself and sat back next to Josh.

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