Knight in Shining Armor

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I had the weekend to myself and an empty house to go home to, so I had spent the first part of my Friday night having a couple drinks with a few work friends. One by one, they dispersed, headed home to start their weekends. I was last out the door, in no great hurry to get home and wanting to let the drinks wear off before driving.

As I left the restaurant and strolled into the parking lot, I couldn’t help but hear a heated argument nearby. I turned to see a young man and woman between cars about twenty yards away. The man held her by the wrist and she was attempting to pull away, yelling, “Let go of me!”

“Come on, girl,” the man retorted, her arm firmly in his grasp. “Don’t be such a bitch!”

“You need to let me go. You’re hurting me.”

I wasn’t one to get involved in a lovers quarrel but this was obviously crossing the line. I altered my course and increased my pace toward the couple. “Are you okay?” I asked, looking at the woman as I approached.

“Mind your business, bro,” the man grunted.

“I think you need to listen to the lady.”

She pulled again against his grip but he held firm. “Let go!” she repeated.

I stepped closer but remained a good ten feet away, trying not to escalate matters and give him a chance to do the right thing. Instead, he yanked her closer and turned toward me. “Why don’t you fuck off.”

“How ’bout I call the cops instead?” I replied, holding my phone.

“How ’bout I fuck you up?” He let go of the girl and stepped toward me. He was a shade taller than me and, as typical, started to stand taller and thrust out his chest.

“Well then… I’d say you have two choices. One, you kick my ass and then go brag to all your dumbass friends how you beat up some guy twice your age. Or two, you keep this up and I kick your ass and then you get to deal with the embarrassment of getting your ass kicked by some old guy.”

I was partially bluffing, knowing full well that I hadn’t been in any kind of fight in decades. But I also knew this type of drunken blowhard and if need be, I had enough training in the service to hold my own if it came to it.

The guy stood motionless, weighing the options. The young woman looked frightened but also stood still, awaiting his next move.

“I’m putting my money on number two,” I added, placing my phone in my back pocket. “What’s it gonna be, tough guy?”

Maintaining his puffed out chest but in a mental retreat, the guy tossed the girl’s wrist aside. “You ain’t worth the time old man.” He glared menacingly at me as he backed away, before turning. He walked over to the next car and opened the door. After firing the ignition he revved the engine before dropping it into gear, accelerating out of the parking space flying me the bird.

I watched as he screeched out of the parking lot, shaking my head. “A real class act,” I said, waving in his direction.

“Thank you so much,” the young woman cried with relief. She leaned against the car, her arms crossed over her chest. She was shaking. “I… I don’t even know how I got to this point. He seemed like a nice enough guy at first.”

I looked closer at her for the first time and gained some recognition. “Wait… Katie? Is that Katie Sommers?”

She looked up, eyes narrowed to a squint despite the near darkness. I could see by her confused expression that she didn’t recognize me. But then her face softened and I could tell she knew who I was, if not by name. “Mr. Gorst!”

Okay, she knew part of my name. And then she stepped forward and embraced me in a hug. I held her and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Fine… just a bit rattled I guess.” She let go and I stepped back to get a good look at her. “Thanks again though for that. Amazing what a few drinks can do to some people. Glad you came along when you did.”

“I’m sure you would have given him a full volley to the junk if it came down to it,” I replied with a chuckle.

Katie Sommers. I hadn’t seen her since her high school days when she was the star forward on the soccer team and my daughter’s teammate. Katie had made All-State and went on to play division 1 college soccer at Texas. Here she was, back home six years later.

She had filled out some and her hair was longer. In short, she was a beautiful, young, fit woman. She filled me in briefly about what she’d been up to and asked about my daughter who now lived abroad in Spain. It was growing cold, however, and I could see she was getting a chill.

“You probably need to get going,” I said. “It’s getting cold.”

“No, I’m not cold,” she replied. “I was just thinking… he knows where I live and I’m not sure I want to go back there right now.”

“What about your folks. You should stay with them tonight and let them know about this.”

“Oh, they’re long gone. Retired to Florida.”


“I don’t really have any close friends here anymore. We’re all scattered.”

I thought for a minute and then figured, why not. “I’ve got a big empty house. You’re canlı bahis more than welcome to take refuge for the night.”

“What about Mrs. Gorst? Where is she?”

“Girls trip this weekend,” I replied with a drip of sarcasm. “You know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

“Well then, if you really don’t mind…you sure you don’t mind?”

“It’s settled.”

After a meal and a couple hours more of catching up with Katie’s college soccer career and budding career in coaching, she asked to use my workout room to do some yoga. My wife had a mat and Katie put it to use right away as I retired to the kitchen for a bottle of wine. After a half hour or so, I walked by to check on her. She was in a pose sprawled on the floor when I approached, then transitioned into another with her ass in the air directly at me. She had removed her button-down shirt and appeared now in a tight camisole.

“How’s it going in here?” I asked. “You need anything?”

Katie stood up from her pose and turned to face me. Her cami top was tight to her chest revealing a beautifully round set of breasts and the hint of nipples poking through. Her midriff was bared and delightfully toned. The soccer star had become quite an attractive woman. I tried my best not to notice but there is no doubt she perceived my admiration. She took a final cleansing breath then smiled. She nodded toward the glass of wine in my hand. “You think I could have one of those?”

“Of course… yes… I’m sorry. I should have offered.” I felt awkward, like I’d stuttered.

“You did. You just asked if I needed anything. A glass of wine sounds great.”

I brought Katie a glass. She didn’t bother putting her shirt back on which didn’t bother me. She was a sight to behold. She took a seat in the living room and started to run through the channels on the TV.

“Listen… I’m going to take a few minutes in the spa before going to bed. Kind of my evening ritual. Help yourself to anything you want.”

Katie perked up from where she was reclined on the couch. “Spa? You mind if I join you?” She paused before continuing, “Oh, never mind… I don’t have a bathing suit.”

“Well… you could check out my wife’s suits. She has some hanging in the pool room.”

Katie joined me in the spa about ten minutes later, apparently after a lengthy changing room session. She wore a bikini that I hadn’t seen on my wife in some years, probably because it was rather small. Katie wore the suit well, other than the fact that her breasts spilled out the sides due to some sizing discrepancy. I wasn’t complaining.

She sank down into the bubbles opposite from me in the spa and let out a relaxed sigh. And then we talked at length about various subjects, including my wife’s trip to Vegas. She could tell it wasn’t high on my list of discussion topics and that it bothered me. She let it go and we sat in silence for a while finishing off the remains of the wine.

Finally, I stood to start my exit, having enjoyed Katie’s company and the occasional view of her rocking body. She remained submerged to her neck, looking up at me. “Ah, my knight in shining armor,” she said, raising her glass. “Here’s to you.”

“Well, I’m only shining because I’m wet,” I chuckled.

“Yeah, but look at you… you’re pretty ripped, Mr. Gorst. He’s lucky he didn’t push you any further.”

“Yeah, well, I’m just glad it didn’t come to that. And I wish you’d call me Karl.”

Katie rose out of the bubbles, revealing her full breasts straining at the undersized top. I couldn’t help but stare before averting my gaze. She smiled. “Thanks again then, Karl.” Then she stepped forward and put her arms around me, hugging me tightly. “You’re the best.”

I returned the hug, holding her loosely at the waist. She remained firmly in place, her boobs smashed against my chest as we embraced as the steam rose around us. I felt myself starting to grow in my shorts and within seconds I was pushing at my bathing suit against her stomach. Ever so slightly, she pushed back against my crotch. She held tighter and soon started to gently grind sway against me as her face turned in toward my neck.

Her nose came up to my ear and I could feel her breath. I eased back on my hug but then her hand dropped down my side, stopping to caress my stomach before continuing to my crotch. Without hesitation, she rubbed my crotch with her open hand, slowly moving it up and down over my length. “Whoa… hold on…” I said.

“Karl… it’s okay.

“You’re friends with my daughter… I shouldn’t…”

“We’re two consenting adults. And I’m very attracted to you, Karl.”

“This isn’t right.”

And then she slipped her hand inside my trunks and grabbed my fully engorged cock. She started to kiss my neck as her hand moved up and down my shaft, slowly gaining in speed. I stood paralyzed, unable to fully submit to the temptation. Her face turned again and she was looking into my eyes.

She leaned forward and our lips met, bahis siteleri hesitant at first and then with abandon. I forgot any thought of self-control and pulled her into my body. My hands ran through her hair as our tongues danced together, probing, exploring. Short breaks in our kissing lead to rapid breaths and wandering hands.

I palmed her lovely breast, massaging it as she moaned into my neck. Briefly, she drew back and undid the clasp holding her bikini top in place, freeing her gorgeous mounds. They stood round and proud, nipples protruding into the steamy air. My face went down to greet them hungrily, circling her hard nipples before engulfing each one with my mouth. Her hand had exited my trunks and joined her other in grasping my ass and pulling my hardness against her.

Our steamy passion continued for what seemed an eternity until her hand reached for the waist of my trunks, pulling at the drawstring. With the front of my trunks loose, she again grasped my cock and returned to stroking it with renewed vigor.

My head dropped back and I moaned at her touch before resuming my assault on her boobs. Her mouth went to my ear and she probed with her tongue before moaning, “I want you inside me.”

I didn’t reply but instead reached down and pushed my trunks down and off my legs. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pushed me toward the side of the spa where I lowered myself to the seat and she wrapped her legs around my torso. She took hold of my cock and directed it to her opening then, ever so slowly, lowered herself onto me. When I bottomed out inside her we both let out a gasp, eyes fluttering closed for a moment.

I pulled her in close to me, her tits squeezed against my chest, and then we started to move as one. Slowly, she ground her hips into me, gyrating rhythmically back and forth before adding a rise and fall on my cock. Her movements were pure artform, simultaneously patient and passionate.

We moved together in timeless bliss, breathing heavily in the steamed air. I eased her back to access her tits and massaged them both as she arched her back and held on to my shoulders, rising and falling, grinding and squeezing with her hips and legs.

Her hips picked up the pace and her moans grew in intensity, her breathing heavy and rapid. I could feel myself building inside and I drew her tight. She bucked, holding me against her, my thrusts rising to meet her. “Oh, God… Ohhh… Mmmmm,” she moaned.

Suddenly she tensed, her body rigid as she pulled me even tighter and let out a long, “Oh, God… AHHHHH!”

My body tensed and shuddered as I joined her. “Fuck, OH, Ahhhhhh!”

Our bodies convulsed in ecstasy against each other, me pumping her full of my cum, as she continued her pleasured cry. Our frenzied motions created a steamy froth of waves careening back and forth against the walls of the spa, water spilling out onto the deck. I continued to rise and fall with Katie wrapped tightly in my lap until our orgasms peaked then began to moderate.

We clung to each other, gently rocking in the water as we came down, our breathing eventually subsiding to deep recovery breaths. She lay her head on my shoulder and I kissed her neck, caressing her back as she remained pressed against me.

Minutes passed before either of us spoke, the surge of the spa jets the only sound in the night as we rested against the wall together. I drew a deep breath then exhaled before breaking our silence. “That was amazing.”

“I’d have to agree,” she replied, rising off of my body. She then leaned in and gave me a soft, lingering kiss.

Katie stood in the doorway of the guest bedroom, wrapped in a towel that was cinched at the top of her breasts. My mind had been racing since coming down from the high of our amazing time in the spa with thoughts of what my daughter might think, what my wife was up to in Vegas, where this could possibly go from here. I sipped from a glass of water across the room, looking at her. She was stunning.

“Are you coming?” she asked.

And then she reached with her hand to the towel at her cleavage and released it. The towel fell to the floor and she remained still, leaning seductively against the doorframe. What a magnificent body! Her gorgeous breasts could not be more perfect, resting above a beautifully sculpted midriff and hips.

Her athletic legs that had won her a free education on the soccer field and had been wrapped around me in the spa were toned and lean. Digesting this visual feast, my mind immediately switched gears and started for the bedroom. She met me there in the open door.

“You are absolutely stunning,” I said as I took her by the waist.

She ran her hand over my chest, looking into my eyes. “Flattery will get you everywhere…” Her mouth pressed into mine and we kissed in the doorway, hands exploring each other’s body as our tongues probed. Our passion reignited like a fuse, burning quickly, our hearts racing and breaths coming in gasps.

Katie bahis şirketleri broke off the kiss and hugged me before resuming kisses on my chest. She licked and sucked at my neck, nipples and down to my navel. Her hand freed the towel wrapped around my waist and my growing cock rose to greet her. She wrapped a hand around it and caressed its length. Soon her tongue replaced her hand and she licked the underside from base to head, pausing at the top to engulf me with her soft lips and mouth.

I massaged the sides of Katie’s head as she took me deeper and deeper, slowly making love to my cock with her mouth. She varied her pace and rhythm, her free hand gently cupping my balls and working a finger back to my crack. She kept this up, occasionally moaning and peering up at me to witness my delight. I had gone fifty years without experiencing such divine carnal pleasure and I could already feel an upwelling from deep inside of me.

Her head bobbed up and down on me as my head rested back against the doorframe in ecstasy, another orgasm coming on all-to-quickly. “I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop,” I gasped, giving her fair warning.

My warning went unheeded and she increased her pace, pumping my cock with her hand as her suction grew tighter, concentrated on the head. She sensed I was about to unload and pulled off of me, continuing on with her hand. pumping as I shot ropes of cum all over her beautiful tits. “Fuuuucckk!” I groaned. My orgasm lasted for what seemed like minutes before slowing.

As the last shots of cum dribbled out of my cock she took me back into her mouth, her lips milking the final spasms. Her tongue swirled around the head once more as I recovered and she licked the underside once more before letting me go.

Katie rose from her knees and, without hesitation, planted an open mouth kiss on me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. We made out again in the doorway, this time the faint taste of my own cum mixed between us. Her passion had not abated one bit as we mashed lips and she ground her crotch against my thigh. She was more than ready to continue but I needed a brief respite to regain full staff attention. But I was more than ready to reciprocate for her virtuoso oral performance.

I picked her up, cradling her in my arms and carried her to the bed. Her upper body rested on the bed with her legs dangling off the side, my body lying atop her. We made out for a minute more before I started my journey south, making stops along the way to pay proper respects to her neck, breasts, nipples, the underside of her boobs, her navel, hips and inner thighs.

Planted at the foot of the bed on my knees, I kissed all around her neatly shaved bush, retreated to her thighs again, and repeated. As I slowly made my way to her slit I glanced up and saw her hands going to work on her tits, her fingers alternately massaging and pinching her nipples.

Her moaning started as my tongue made the first long pass up her slit. I paused and placed a soft kiss on her clit before resuming with more slow passes. Every few strokes, I’d probe inside her with my tongue before concentrating again on her lips. Before long she was matching the motion of my tongue with subtle thrusts of her hips, rising to meet me.

Low moans grew longer and louder as we progressed for some time and I could eventually sense her climax building. At the top of a stroke of the tongue, she reached down and caressed the sides of my head. I took this as my signal and the next probe of my tongue went to her clit.

I teased it gently at first before surrounding it with my lips, kissing, then sucking. Her hips became more assertive and dictated the pace as I sucked on her bud with increased intensity. And then the dam burst and she let go.

“Oh God… oh God… Oh… Ohhh, ahhhh… fuckkkk!” She alternately bucked, moaned and cried out as my mouth worked her over, wave after orgasmic wave washing over her.

When she started to come down and her clit became overly sensitive, I drew back and let her relax and recover. I took delight in her impassioned orgasm and now just rested my face at her bush and admired the view of her body splayed out before me. After a few minutes, I climbed up beside her on the bed and ran my hand softly over her body.

She let out a long sigh and smiled. “Wow.” Grasping my hand, she pulled it to her mouth and kissed it. “Just… wow.”

We lay prone on the bed, my leg arched across her thighs. My hand went to her breast and I gently massaged it, admiring its perfection. We remained in this position for a while, enjoying the moment together. As my hand continued its massage, my mouth lowered to meet her other breast. I licked at the nipple and it perked up. It hardened further in my mouth as I swirled my tongue around it. Katie let out a slight sigh, followed by, “Mmmm.”

I was hard now and my cock poked at her stomach. She noticed and commented, “Well look who’s back.”

And with that she swung her leg around, pushing me onto my back. She brought her knees up to my waist and rose, positioning herself over my swollen member. Maneuvering into position, she slowly eased down onto my cock. Still very moist, I slid in smoothly until she bottomed out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32