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Karen looked across the table, into the dark pools of Andrew’s eyes. His lips curved in an easy smile, almost as though he had read her thoughts in her expression and he reached across the table, taking her hands in his. The merest touch of his fingers reminded her of other occasions; the thrill of remembered passions made her heart flutter within her chest. The subdued lighting in the restaurant made the material of his suit seem like a night sky and, for a moment, Karen imagined him clothed in the velvet blackness outside.

Andrew leaned forward, his fingers still touching Karen’s, and allowed his gaze to linger on the contours of her body. The high-necked silk cheongsam skimmed her body like a second skin, accentuating her small, taut breasts and bottom. She wore her hair in a long braid, reaching down her spine like a glossy black snake.

They both drained their tea cups and Andrew stood, moving smoothly around to ease Karen’s chair back and help her to her feet. Even though neither of them had drunk anything stronger than tea, Karen felt suddenly giddy and tightened her grip on Andrew’s supporting arm. Andrew gently but firmly steered Karen through the restaurant towards the door to the lifts that would take them up to the suite he had already booked on the top floor of the hotel.

As the doors slid closed, Karen leaned against Andrew, resting her head on his shoulder, then turning and gently brushing her lips against the angle of his jaw. Andrew turned and kissed her mouth, his tongue gently opening her lips and slipping inside to explore the moist cavity. Karen closed her eyes, the lashes veiling the sudden flare of lust that burned deep within them.

Andrew was slipping out of the lift car, even before the doors had fully opened, and was leading Karen along the deserted corridor to the corner suite before they had chance to whisper shut. The click of the lock was loud in the deserted hallway and Karen had random thought, wondering how soundproof the hotel walls were; somehow, casino oyna she knew, they would be testing that quality very shortly.

The door closed behind Andrew with a solid click of the lock and he was immediately leading her down the short hallway to the bedroom. Karen paused in the doorway; stretched across the bed was a rubber sheet, rather like those that had been used in hospitals. She turned towards Andrew, her eyebrows raised in a wordless question. the only response she received was an enigmatic smile.

Karen stood, waiting, as Andrew’s fingers unfastened cheongsam, peeling the heavy silk from her body. Underneath she wore only stockings and a suspender belt, her smooth pussy and pert breasts uncovered; all night she had anticipated his reaction to finding her almost naked beneath her rather formal choice of dress. The silk of the cheongsam had been heavy enough to disguise the protrusion of her erect nipples, although the friction against her excited flesh had been almost unbearable.

Andrew pulled her close to murmur softly into her ear, “Well you are feeling slutty tonight, aren’t you?”

Karen didn’t answer him, knowing that he would discover her wetness as soon as he slipped a finger inside her pussy. She watched him slowly remove his suit jacket, then his shirt and necktie, revealing his broad chest with the mat of coarse hair. His hands unfastened the buckle of his belt and then opened his fly, exposing the tented silk of his briefs, the head of his cock pressing against the material.

In a moment Andrew was naked, his erect cock jutting towards Karen; she almost reached for him but then stopped, waiting for him to take the lead. His hands were firm on her body as he took her, almost roughly, and spun her to face the bed. Karen winced as he grabbed the end of her plait, pulling on it to draw her closer to him; she felt the hardness of his cock pressing against her bottom as he pressed between her shoulder blades, forcing her to bend over at the waist and canlı casino present her bottom to his angrily erect cock..

Karen placed her hands on the bed, bracing herself, and thrusting her taut arse towards Andrew; his hands grasped her buttocks and his fingertips spread her cheeks to expose the dark, puckered, opening of her anus. Karen felt the pressure of his fingertips against her flesh and moaned softly as he pressed the fingers of one hand on either side of the opening and used the other hand to guide the head of his cock along her pussy.

Karen felt the caress of Andrew’s cock along the pouting lips of her pussy and mewed softly in pleasure, arching her back and offering her pussy to his probing cock. Andrew grasped the base of his cock and pressed the bulbous head against her anus; before she could voice any protest he rammed the length of his cock into her, forcing his cock to the hilt inside her arse. Karen stiffened and a moan of pain and pleasure, mingled together, slipped out of her mouth. Andrew drew back his cock, stretching the pucker of her anus again; his second thrust was almost as painful as the first penetration and she cried out as she felt him filling her, his cock almost tearing the delicate tissues around her entrance with each thrust.

Karen felt the rubber, slick beneath her hands, as Andrew rammed his cock into her arse, his heavy scrotum slapping against her buttocks and thighs as he plunged into her. She could feel the familiar ache in her pussy and clit; it was as though some dark corner of her psyche needed her to be humiliated and feel the burning pain of violation for her to reach the intensity of release that she craved.

Andrew withdrew the length of his cock from Karen’s arse and turned her onto her back, pushing her legs up, until she was bent almost double, her weight on her shoulders and her arse upwards. She felt the pressure of hi fingertips as he spread her buttocks wider to expose her anus. She already felt tender and a little sore kaçak casino from his earlier penetrations but she felt her belly contract and her pussy throb eagerly as she realised that, in this position, he could plunge his cock even deeper into her rectum.

With a grunt, Andrew drove the length of his cock into Karen’s anus, hard enough to bruise the tender opening; Karen sobbed in a commingling of pain and pleasure as she looked up at Andrew bearing down on her, the girth of his cock stretching her painfully. Every thrust sent ripples through her body and she could see his swollen cock, just visible as he drew back to plunge deep into her again. Andrew enjoyed the expression of pain and lust that distorted Karen’s features and the sight of her breasts, swollen with excitement; it was almost possible for him to see the pounding throb of blood in her nipples, as he plunged inside her.

Andrew drew a shuddering breath and his cock swelled, stiffened and then jerked; his hot, slimy, semen jetting into her bowels. Karen whimpered as she felt the hot splashes inside her; every spurt brought the same delirious mixture of pain and pleasure. She felt him filling her arse to overflowing, the semen oozing between her buttocks and onto her back and belly; Andrew’s balls gradually emptied and his cock began to soften, even though he was still in her, being caressed by the grip of her arse on his cock.

Karen thought he was going to ease up and slide his cock out of her anus; she could feel the burn of friction as he moved inside her. Instead Andrew tightened his grip and, with a grunt of satisfaction tightened his bladder, sending a jet of fresh piss into the depths of her rectum. Karen’s eyes widened as she felt the hot liquid gushing inside her and spilling out to run down he back and belly and pool beneath her on the rubber sheet.

Slowly, Andrew eased his softening, still gushing, cock out of Karen’s arse and squirted the last drops onto her glistening sweaty body, before easing himself onto the bed next to her. Karen collapsed, sore and exhausted into the puddle of urine and semen, mixed with their sweat

“Thank you,” she murmured, her surrender mute evidence of just how slutty she had been feeling

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32