Jill Ch. 01

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Fishing Trip

[This is a work of fiction. All events and characters are ficticious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]

Friday dawned overcast and with a deluge of rain that had the appearance of an all day affair. Damn! I wanted to go fishing this weekend. I know, not your usual past time for a twenty-eight year old professional woman living in a large city, but I grew up as an only child with a doting father who was an avid outdoors man. My dad nurtured me to love the outdoors and all the activities that go with it, most of all, fishing. I adored my dad beyond reason and soaked up his teachings with abandon. I am currently unattached, romantically, so I like to go by myself “back to nature” on the weekends when I can. The weather did not bode well this time, but I decided to go anyway. Also, I had already arranged to leave work at noon.

After a quick and simple lo-cal lunch in the apartment, I packed a camping bag, my fishing gear, basic food needs, several books I was currently trying to finish, and headed out of the city. If the rain did not stop over the week end, at least I would be able to catch up on my personal reading. Any and all office work was left behind and out of mind. The old home place is located in rolling countryside laced with second growth forest several hours up state. Both my parents were killed in a car crash eight years ago. I am still not fully over the death of dad, and maybe that is why I kept the secluded farm home place several miles off the main road and about ten miles from the nearest village. I also like the seclusion of the place for reasons that will be made more clear in a moment.

It was my hope to also get in some time in the sun (fat chance if the rain kept coming!). I guess you could call me a nudist as I like to run around without any clothes as much as possible. I really hate the chaffing, confines, and restrictions of clothes. But, my nudism is limited to my apartment in the city. However, out here in the country, I can go naked outside as well. Fishing naked from the banks of the sluggish little stream in the back wood lot with a good book while waiting for a bite on the hook, seemed a perfect setting.

Being the outdoors girl that I am, my body is very fit and athletic. The nudism has given me an all over, golden suntan with no hint of tan lines. On my five foot, six inch frame with 36 double D boobs, the tan looks darned good, if I do say so myself. The long, slender legs, firm thighs, shapely calves, and long narrow feet do nothing to detract from that image. My stomach and abs are very tight and toned with perfectly proportioned hips to compliment the picture. My strawberry blonde hair is cut short for easy maintenance for outdoor activities. My pussy is clean shaven with a generous pussy mound that begs to be touched. A very tight, nicely shaped butt completes the body map. I have a favorite picture of me, taken by a former lover. It is a bird’s eye view, taken from the head end looking down my back while I am on my hands and knees, head on the floor. The picture starts at the base of my neck. I look like a giant dick! My back makes the shaft and my butt flares in perfect imitation of a cock head. My butt crack makes the start of the prick slit and hole. Some of my lover’s cock cream strategically placed, completes the the picture. Absolutely stunning!

I picked up a weather forecast on the drive up. The weatherman promised clearing by noon on Saturday. More than one thing was now looking up. My nipples twitched with the news that I might get some naked sun time yet this weekend. Thinking about this prospect, I unconsciously began to rub those twitching nipples with my right hand. The nipples, of course, immediately jumped fully erect against my thin blouse. Erotic feelings began to spread through my boobs and then downward to meet some electrical sparks chumming upward from my pussy region. My hand then found its way between my legs and began to slowly rub up and down. I was attempting to get my hand down my skirt band when I was blasted out of my lustfull reverie by a shockingly loud and loooonng blast of an eighteen wheeler’s air horn. In my erotic haze, I had drifted over the center line of the roadway and forced that big guy onto shoulder with his right side in order to avoid a head on collision with me! I thought, ‘cool it, girl, you aren’t ready for the pearly gates just yet. There will be plenty of time for fun and games after you get off the road.’

About half way to my destination, I suddenly realized the need to pee, an urge that became increasingly more insistent very rapidly. So, I pulled off at the next exit, which fortunately had a truck stop. I walked quickly into the restaurant and headed directly for the ladies’ room. A trucker had given me a dirty wink on my way into the john, but I kept walking. I wasted no time entering a stall and getting cleared for action on the pot! Ahhhhh, relief at last! I wiped and, enjoying the sensation, casino oyna began to lightly rub my cunt. Ahhhhhhh, not an orgasm, but more relief. However, as I wanted to get to the farm and out of my office clothes, I did not prolong my time in the john. I had left the apartment as quickly as I could and had not bothered to change. So, I was still in my lacy white blouse, knee length navy blue skirt, and thigh highs with garter belt (no panties, no bra–too tight and restrictive, remember?), and black, high heeled pumps. I exited the john and headed for the counter in the restaurant, hoping for a quick cup of coffee for a caffeine fix before hitting the road again. The truck driver that gave me that dirty wink a few moments earlier was sitting at a round table nearby with four other truckers. He whispered something to them and gave me another wink and a dirty grin. I thought, ‘Shit, I don’t have time for this.’ I was just finishing my coffee when the trucker ambled over to pay his bill.

I had not paid him much more than passing attention until now. He was not all that bad looking. He was not really good looking, but he wasn’t really bad looking either. He was younger than the average trucker and had not yet developed that big belly most of them seem to acquire on truck stop food and a lifetime of sitting on their butts behind the wheel.

He whispered to me from the corner of his mouth as he paid his tab, “I am on a tight schedule and have to put the pedal to the metal, but I really need a quickie blow job for some relief before the next long piece of driving. Follow me out to my truck if you’re interested.”

Well, I was not in that big a hurry to get where I was headed and he did look interesting. Also, I had never been up close to one of those big rigs before, let alone inside of one. I thought, ‘What the hell, why not? I haven’t had any man meat for a while, go for it girl.’ So, I dropped two bucks on the counter to cover my coffee and went out the door after him. Wouldn’t you know it, when we got to his truck, it was a Peterbuilt. You know the old saying, “Old truckers never die, they just get a new Peterbuilt,” (one of the jokes on an e-mail list l saw last week). The outside of this one was so polished and shined up, I really did need sunglasses to look at it in the bright sunshine. He introduced himself as Dave and asked my name. “Jill,” I said. We climbed up into an immaculate driving cabin, all clean and shining leather, plastic, and burl walnut wood grain. Ducking around the ubiquitous CB mike and cord hanging from their cab roof hook, he led me between the two chair seats into a huge “sleeper” at the back of the cab which had enough head room that people could stand upright and still have tons of overhead clearance left over. It looked like a small, city, efficiency apartment, it was so huge and it included a TV, a small fridge, a computer, and a decently wide bed! He flipped on a beautiful sounding stereo system, although I was not really turned on with the selection, something called, Convoy! Without any further ceremony, Dave dropped his pants and shorts and flopped back on the bed, his feet on the floor.

I just stood there, stunned. His cock was twitching, but not fully erect. It was also about eight inches long. His voice brought me out of my daze when he growled, “Well what are you waiting for. Don’t just stand there, come and get it!”

“Nice guy,” I thought, “Doesn’t beat around the bush, does he!”

Well, dickhead that he was, I could not back out now, so I walked over to him and grabbed hold of his dick with two hands and began to work on him. His cock began to swell and rise. His circumcised dick really jumped when I lowered my mouth on it and began to lick and suck on it like a demon. The deflated eight incher grew two more inches as it stiffened with my ministrations. I went up and down on him all the way to his pubic bone.

With one hand, I grabbed his balls and massaged slowly while continuing to suck him. I ran my tongue around his cock head, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. Then I grabbed his ball sack and began to lick and suck each ball in turn. He could not take any more after that and began spasming in orgasm with four large jets of cock cream. I swallowed it all and sucked him dry as I did not want to go back in the restaurant to clean up a mess if he splattered all over my face or clothes.

His comment was, “God, that was good for me, was it for you? I have to get on the road now, Thanks” Left unsaid was, “Get out quick, bitch, so I can motor on down the road.”

As he climbed back into his shorts and pants, I climbed out of the truck, and as he roared away in a cloud of dust and diesel fumes, I thought, “Shit, another one of those ‘wham, bam, thank you mam’ types! I should have known better.”

I walked back to my car and climbed in. From the small cooler, small because there is not much room in my little car, a Mazda Miatta. I grabbed a cold Mountain Dew to cleanse my mouth and throat canlı casino and pulled onto the Interstate. The rest of the drive was tedious in the rain, but uneventful otherwise. I drove up the lane and parked in front of the house about four in the afternoon. I say house, but the original farmhouse had burned to the ground four years ago. I had it replaced with a charming new A-frame house/cabin. It was smaller much more cozy than that big old two story farm house and much more suited to my current needs and intermittent residency. The new cabin was well insulated and easy to heat with just the fireplace or, if it really got cold with the furnace. The large, loft sleeping space on the east end was my favorite spot in the whole cabin.

The first thing I wanted to do was to get out of my clothes and take a long, hot tub bath and soak. I turned on the tap over the tub and began to shed clothes. Once naked, I stood in front of the full length bathroom mirror and gazed at myself. That trucker may have gotten his rocks off, but I had not. My foreplay in the car, ending in a near head on was also cut short, so, I was still in strong need of sexual release and I was still hunting for the orgasm to produce that relief.

This time with conscious effort, I began to rub and massage my boobs with my left hand. First one and then the other. My boobs began to tingle with light electric like buzzes. The nipples erected and swelled some. I lowered the other hand to rub my pussy mound with gentle strokes. First one side of the slit and then the other, up-down, up-down on the soft and swelling nether lips. Color began to flood my puffy cunt folds. My clit started to telescope out. Moisture began to bubble out the slit, then a large trickle that became a small stream. My pussy was steaming!

Then I put one finger in my slit and worked it up and down, stopping just under my clit. Then that middle finger reached up and began to diddle my clit from underneath until I screamed in pleasure—orgasm number one!

Slowly then, I worked my middle finger into my pussy slit, going deeper and deeper until I reached my cunt hole and pushed into that love tunnel. I began to rotate my finger as I worked it in and out. “OH, GOD, how good that feels,” I screamed out loud.

I found my G-Spot and with only a small amount more of tickling, I shuddered into orgasm number three with loud groans. Not ready to stop yet, I got two fingers in, then three, and finally four fingers were plunging and squishing away stretching my love tunnel and causing the heat to escalate once again by leaps and bounds! I began bucking and pushing against my fingers with a rhythm as ancient as time itself. At last, I did lose it completely and shuddered into ogasm number three.

Pussy juice squirted out in a spray around my fingers, covering them and running down my thighs. I convulsed into several more orgasm for several minutes. Glancing at the tub gave me a real jolt out of my sexual haze. I spun the tap off just in time to prevent overfill and a real mess on the floor! After draining out just enough to compensate for my body, I climbed into the steaming water and bubble bath. AHHHhhhhhhhh!

I had the foresight to get my large, dusky brown dildo out of my vanity drawer a bit earlier in my bath preparations and after a thorough scrubbing of myself, I grabbed the ten inch dildo off the edge of the tub. The hot water had done wonders for me. Now it was time to lay back and relax (relax?) I began rubbing the dildo slowly up and down my pussy slit. I concentrated on my clit at the top of each stroke, rubbing and pushing the dildo into my clit with some vigor. With a final slippery slide to the middle, I stopped the dildo cock head at the entrance to my cunt.

Then, ever so sloooowwwly, I began to inch that dildo cock into my love canal. Inch forward, inch back, going forward a little more each time. While the dildo was going in, I used my other hand to vigorously caress my clit, pulling and stretching it until it hurt. I got the dildo cock in all the way, so far in, the end almost disappeared! That felt so good, I just stopped and laid back with a plastic pillow under my neck/head at the back of the tub.

There I lay, with that ten inch dildo cock in my pussy, with no man attached for distractions, rubbing my boobs in slow circles, and absorbing the warmth of the water. Pure heaven. I lay that way for at least an hour. The water was starting to get pretty cool, so I decided it was time to finish and get out. I began to stroke that dildo cock in and out again. My pussy responded with that timeless motion again and I spasmed in another orgasm. The dildo came out slowly and I washed it off good. I finished cleaning myself up and stepped out onto the bath matt to begin drying myself off.

I flipped on the twin wall mounted air dryers and aimed them down in a V with me standing at the point of the V. That hot air felt marvelous as it blew over my naked body and crevices, especially my pussy. kaçak casino I finally had to step out of the warm air streams as my pussy was ‘heating up’ again and I was orgasmed out for the time being. Then I began using judicious amounts of bath powders and cologne and just a touch of neutral colored lip gloss. My hair needed combing and fixing, so that was next. Then I slipped into a pair of fur lined moccasin slippers and walked out into the living room.

I put a match to the kindling in the fireplace (no gas logs here) and built up a cheery little fire that I kept going for the next several hours for the atmosphere rather than for the heat which was not really needed yet. I also flipped on the wall switch that would turn on the electric blanket on the bed in the loft. Nights get chilly and I sleep naked, of course.

I curled up in a big overstuffed chair and began to read one of the books I had brought along. Outside, the rain had not quite stopped yet and with the sun down, the air became quite chilly. Even naked as I was, in my chair beside my cheery little fire, I was quite warm and comfortable. I wasn’t hungry, so I completely lost myself in my book, The Philosophical Origins of Religion, until I read the last page around three in the morning. I yawned, laid the book down and went to the ladder leading to the loft. After climbing up, I pulled back the bed covers, dropped my slippers and crawled in. The bed was toasty warm against my naked skin and very snugly. I slept straight through until the Cuckoo Clock downstairs chirped noon.

The new day had started warming up very nicely under a bright sun that had dried the wetness from the rain the day before. Although it was not the best time of day for fishing, I wanted to get out in that sun for a while. So, I first had a quick but hardy low cal, low carb brunch. During reading breaks the night before, I had prepared both this brunch and the picnic lunch to take along fishing. So, finished with brunch, I next grabbed my fishing gear and the picnic basket which contained the picnic lunch, sunglasses, some sun blocker lotion, another book, my rubber dickie (just in case), and a pair of large towels. Then I headed out the door barefoot in my sandals and into the bright and cheery day to hike across the pasture to the stream cut through the wood lot to the rear.

Not expecting much for fish at this time of day, I just propped up a bamboo pole and bobber (I had much more sophisticated gear when needed) and sat on my towel. I picked up my book, a biography of St. Thomas Aquinas and began reading at my bookmarked page. I was perfectly situated for tanning in an open, sunlit clearing in the wood lot with the sun shining right down into my little hide-a-way.

I had been there about an hour and a half when I heard voices in the trees off to my left. Without much more warning than that, out of the woods on the other side of the clearing, popped two young studs, dressed in very short, cut off jeans and skimpy tank tops. When they spotted me, they stopped dead in their tracks, mouths agape and eyes bulging!. I made no move, just sat there looking at them waiting to see what would happen next.

One of them finally stammered out, “Oh, sorry, we had no idea anyone else was about, certainly not a naked beauty such as yourself!”

Talk about a fast, ingratiating recovery! I replied, still making no move what so ever to cover myself, “You know you are on private property do you not?”

The same stud answered, “Pretty sure we were, but we were chasing my dog. We were walking him around my uncle’s property over yonder when the mutt took off after a rabbit. The stupid thing is still going. Probably in the next county by now.”

Funny how we were chatting along as nice as you please with them fully dressed (more or less) and me sitting there naked as a jay bird, as they say. Neither they nor I seemed concerned about it. I fleetingly thought of the old Allan Lunt Candid Camera show skit What Do You Say To A Naked Lady?

But before I could say anything else, the one doing all the talking asked, “Are you getting anything on the hook?”

“Nary a nibble,” I replied.

“Well,” he said, “I can get you a ‘nibble’. Perhaps you would like to try a different ‘pole’.”

Boy was he quick! He was not about to let this opportunity get away from him. There were times when my rubber dickie was the preferred choice, but at other times, like right now, a real dick or two was the tool of choice, so, I replied, “Well, since there are two poles to choose from, I am going to need a demonstration from both of you.”

With that, they both began to strip out of their clothes. Off came the tank tops first. Then they stepped out of their sandals. Talkative stud then dropped his jeans to reveal no underwear and a ten inch, uncut cock that was rapidly beginning to stand at attention, straight out, not up! Silent stud dropped his jeans and his jockey shorts to show off somewhat shorter, but much fatter dick which had been circumcised and which also was also beginning to rise to the occasion. Both were also starting to leak that clear, pre cum juice. It gleamed and shown in the sunlight. Not too excited, were they!

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