Jezebel’s Perverted Pool Party

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Jezebel flopped onto the sweat-soaked sheets and groaned in frustration: nothing was working. Not the old familiar toys or the brand new, expert-recommended models. She’d been at it for hours, trying every combination she could think of, but nothing had helped. Sure, it was fun -a lot of fun- and she’d finished herself off plenty of times -more than plenty- but still the hunger persisted. The insatiable, sexual appetite that had been plaguing her since her transformation.

“Fucking succubus blood,” She muttered.

She hadn’t been frigid before. Sex just wasn’t one of her top priorities, much to her mother’s despair. And a few rounds with her favourite vibe was usually enough to keep her happy. But then her ‘second puberty’ hit; now sex was just as much of a need for her as hunger, thirst and cheesy romance novels. Her body had twisted, going from pretty and petite into a complete bombshell build; full, perky breasts that spilt out of her hands and an arse to match. She didn’t mind those bits. Hell, she kind of liked the new “sexy librarian” feel. And her metabolism saved her the cost of a gym membership.

But this sex thing was really starting to piss her off.

Jezebel sighed and ran a hand through the messy remains of her bob of white hair, her fingers brushing against the base of her two black horns. She scooped up some casual clothing from the floor with her spade-tipped tail. She slipped off the bed, grumbling as a few of her recently acquired silicone toys clattered onto the carpet. Her room was going to stink of sex for days. Probably longer if she didn’t figure out a way to satisfy herself. Nadia, her roommate -Apartment-mate, technically, but that was a mouthful— would be back soon, and the last thing she wanted was for her frustration to force her into jumping the werewolf again. She could almost imagine it too; her pinning Nadia against the wall, watching the panicked arousal grow in her eyes as she-

Jezebel screamed into her shirt. She needed a shower. A cold, cold shower.

After some shrieking and shivering in the icy water -and the frustrating realisation that she still hadn’t had time to buy a bra that fit her- Jezebel lay on the couch in her shorts and jazz-themed t-shirt. And desperately trying not to think about the persistent warm throbbing in and below her stomach. Which meant she was spending a lot of time staring intently at the cream walls and ceiling, or Nadia’s many posters, or the collection of knick-knacks mixed in with potted succulents…

She groaned, covering her red face with her hands. Well, redder; being a demon, her skin was a vibrant shade of cherry to start with. She had just had the freaking shower. She wasn’t even thinking about anything sexy! And yet her body was screaming at her, begging her to vent somehow. The black leather couch kept squeaking as she squirmed. Her mother hadn’t done a great job explaining the transformation. Honestly, she’d just given up when Jezebel had been a late bloomer both times. Still, it was rapidly becoming apparent that it wasn’t just a heightened libido. The only time she’d felt any relief was immediately after… well, she was glad Nadia was the forgiving type. Jezebel still felt guilty about it.

Mostly, she was guilty about how much she had enjoyed it.

The front door buzzed, clicked and then swung open loudly.

“Hey, Jez, I’m back!” Nadia called. Jez called back, turning her head just enough to watch the tall werewolf make her way into the common room. There was a kind of bounciness to Nadia; she moved with a sort of hyperactive, gleeful confidence. It helped that she was always smiling and showing off her fangs. Nadia was in her running outfit, which meant a whole lot of her dark amber skin was exposed. What little spandex there was clung to subtle curves and toned muscles. Jezebel swallowed and tried not to lick her lips as she watched a few beads of sweat run down her roommate’s abs. Even the dark brown curls on Nadia’s head seemed soaked. The only thing missing from her ensemble was the usual bright, colourful makeup.

“Good run?” Jezebel asked.

“Pretty good! It started to drizzle a little about halfway, so now my hair is going to be super frizzy. Still, it’s whatever,” Nadia hummed, bobbing lightly on her toes as she poured a glass of water, “Oh, and I bumped into that other demon guy while I was out there. Rachel? Ramiel?”


“That’s it! Dude is super creepy. Like, he’s always chatting someone up. And I swear he has to have a couple of socks stuffed into those leather pants of his or something.”

“I think that’s all-natural…”

“No way!”

“You saw what happened to me, remember?” Jezebel said, trying not to remember licking up Nadia’s stomach or the thrill of being in total control of her. Her thighs rubbed together, regardless.

“That’s true, I guess… man, I do not envy anyone he tries to get with, then. If it’s real, that thing must be a monster,” -She paused to chug from her glass, tipping her head back and letting Jezebel get a good look casino siteleri at the collar she was wearing. The same one she’d been wearing when…-“Hey, are you okay? You look… redder than usual.”

“I…” Jezebel groaned, “No, no, I’m not. I’m starving.”

“I thought we had some of that chicken in the fridge?”

“Not that kind of hungry.”

“Huh? Oh. Oh,” Nadia’s cheeks flushed bright red, “Can’t you just, um…”

“It doesn’t work. It takes the edge off, but beyond that…”

“Have you tried some toys?”

“Yes. All of them.”

“Even the-“

“Yes, even the horse one!” Jezebel buried her face in a cushion.

“Wow. This demon thing is really hard, huh?”

“Ugh… it’s easier when you’re my mom and can just pluck some teenager off the street for a quick blowjob.”

“And what’s stopping you from doing that?”

Jezebel glared up at her.

“Okay, okay! Sorry! It’s not like I know how to handle this stuff.”

“Don’t you have any weird things to deal with? Heat cycles or whatever?”

“Like, a week in the spring. But my favourite vibe usually handles that pretty well. I can’t imagine feeling like that all the time.”

“Neither could I, but here I am.”

“Aw, Jez, hun…” Nadia ruffled Jezebel’s hair, “You’ll figure something out. Besides, it’s college; not like you’re gonna run out of volunteers or anything.”

“I wouldn’t even know where to- ah, never mind.”

Nadia laughed, “With that new body? Half the guys you meet will say ‘yes’ before you even open your mouth.”

“Half the girls too,” Jezebel smirked.

“Sh-shut up! You hypnotised me!”

“It can’t make you do anything you don’t want to,” She added a little sing-song to the last word.

“Shut up!” Nadia whined.

“What’s the matter? Not feeling like a good girl anymore?”


“Okay, okay! I’ll stop,” Jezebel said, still smiling, “Unless you don’t want me to…”

“I have practice later! You know that.” Nadia crossed her arms and pouted, “As much as I want to help, being drained like that again is really going to make things hard.”

“I know, I know… Ugh,” -She buried her face back into the cushion- “It’s really, really hard to concentrate on anything. I can’t even go into the library anymore without wanting to pounce on the receptionist.”

“I mean, same. He’s super cute.”

“Not helping, Nadia.”

“Maybe you could, like, ask to see some of the magical books and get him all riled up with some suggestions?”

“I am not going to seduce him!”

“Why not? It’s pretty clear what you’re craving at the moment.”

“I…” She bit her lip, “It’s in public! A-and he’s working!”

“Okay, so, no to the cute librarian. But you got to do something, or you’ll go full-on horror movie, right?”

Jezebel nodded.

“Well… maybe have a little fling or something?” Nadia shrugged, “Like I said, it’s not like you’re gonna have trouble finding anyone to bang around here.”

“I don’t even know where to start looking…”

“You know they have websites for that.”

“That’s still public!”

“You’re a succubus, Jez. No one is going to think less of you for wanting to get nasty sometimes.”

“I really don’t think this is a ‘sometimes’ kind of thing. If I don’t get a handle on it, I’ll…”

“End up like your mom?”

“End up like my mom…” Jezebel sighed, flopping onto her back and staring up at the ceiling.

“She seems pretty nice, though. Happy too.” Nadia said, sitting on the armrest.

“She also thinks I should drop out of college and become a professional fleshlight. Unlike her, I actually want to do something with my brain and not my boobs.”

“Does she know you’ve, um… what did you call it? Your second?”

“No, I haven’t told her. Not even sure I want to. She’d probably try to take me on a ‘night out on the town’ or something. The last thing I need is her parading me round like some trophy…”

“Hmm…” Even when sat down, Nadia was bouncing and continuously fidgeting, “Maybe you could just have a couple of casual hook-ups? Like, show up to a party and pull some lucky guy or girl into a broom closet?”

“No to the broom closet,” Jezebel said, “But… I guess it’s better than doing nothing. No one will know, right?”

“Not unless you get caught.”

“That’s not very reassuring…”

“Jez, hun, no one is going to be looking for you. They’ll be too busy trying to get laid themselves,” -She snapped her fingers- “Ooh! I think Gordon is having a pool party this afternoon! You know, that satyr who’s always wearing the cravat?”

“You mean the rich dork?”

“Yep! He’s always throwing parties at his house -it’s huge! I bet if you drag someone off in there, no one would ever find you. Plus…” Nadia was grinning now, her little fangs entirely on display, “Everyone will be in their swimsuits. Makes picking from the menu a lot easier, huh? Add a little alcohol, and no one will notice or care if someone goes missing for an hour or so.”

“You canlı casino make me sound like a serial killer.”

“Hey, you’re the one who wanted to keep things all quiet and stealthy.”

“How do you even know he’s having this party?”

“He posts them everywhere. I just never turn up because practice always gets in the way, and I never tell you because… well, you’ve never been interested before!”

Jezebel hugged the cushion to her chest and bit her lip. A pool party, huh? Well, it definitely solved the sex problem. A quickie -or two, or three, or four, or…- in a mansion would probably keep her in check. For a while, at least. And if Gordon held them often enough, she could just keep turning up and preying on people there. Her reputation would help too; no one would ever believe shy little Jezebel was a party-slut. She squirmed in place, her cunt throbbing a little as a hundred different fantasies started creeping into her mind. It was… very appealing. There was one downside, though. Namely, that she’d never been interested in parties for a very, very good reason…

But right now, horniness would just have to trump shyness.

“I might have to borrow one of your swimsuits, though…” Jezebel finally said, “My old one isn’t going to fit.”

“Do you really need one for what you’re going there for?” Nadia laughed as the cushion smacked her in the face.

“I’m serious!”

“So am I.”

“I can’t just drop into someone else’s pool naked! That defeats the whole point of the… of the incognito thing!”

“The goblins do it all the time.”

“They’re goblins! Everyone knows they only go to those things to-“

“Get laid?” Nadia said with a cheeky smile.

“… Oh no. I’m as bad as them now,” Jezebel buried her head in her hands.

“I was just joking, hun. Although, I doubt anyone would really bat an eye at a succubus turning up naked…”

“Are you going to lend me a swimsuit or not?”

“Jez, I don’t think anything I have will fit you either. Especially not with…” Nadia mimed at her chest.

“You’re still bigger than I used to be. And they’re not that big,” Jezebel said, knowing full well they were that big. Her back especially knew. “Please? It’ll only be for a day at most.”

“Fine,” Nadia playfully dragged the syllable out, “But you’ll owe me one.”

“I’m sure I already owe you several.”

“Yep! I’m saving them all up in case I need something huge.”

“Can’t I just pay them back by being your good girl for a night?” Jezebel laughed as Nadia spluttered and shoved her.


The swimsuit was definitely too small for her. Nadia’s extra height and breadth meant it wasn’t a total disaster, but Jezebel still felt like she was severely underdressed. Or like she should be spinning on a pole somewhere. She was acutely aware of the thong-like bottoms digging into her sides, and of the way she jiggled in the white and black cups with every step.

Hence why Jezebel had wrapped a large coat around herself.

The house was a large Grecco-roman inspired villa, the kind of place that probably used the term “wings” to describe the east and west sides. At least four floors, all of which had enormous windows in rows along the bright cream walls. Even the approach screamed “more money than you know what to do with.” A gravel path lined by silver birch trees, interspersed with the occasional faux-classical statue, wound its way up to an enormous fountain. Expensive cars under tiled awnings flanked the front courtyard, and Jezebel was suddenly very grateful she’d taken a taxi. Trying to find a place to park around here would be both useless and humiliating.

She knocked on the door -solid mahogany by the look of it. She waited, suddenly very interested in the plant life, or the make of cars, or, well, anything except what might wait for her on the other side. A few seconds later and Jezebel was face-to-face with a tall man made of red glass. No, not glass; slime. A translucent slime perfectly formed into a handsome, somewhat androgynous young man, save for the slightly melted looking cone from the hips down. He was naked, but his anatomy was like that of a doll which seemed to make it somewhat more appropriate.

“Hey, I know you,” He said, “You’re Nadia’s roommate. Jezebel, right?”

“Y-yeah! That’s me,” She replied, trying not to ogle at the very well defined muscles he’d moulded, “I don’t think we’ve met before?”

“Ah, no. I’ve just seen you hanging around with Nadia before. I’m Aaron, from the martial arts club.”

“That’s a very normal name.”

“Yeah, my folks weren’t that creative,” He chuckled, “You here for the party?”

“Oh! Um, yes,” She said, fumbling a little as she opened up the coat. Aaron’s ‘eyebrow’ shot up noticeably. She half expected him to whistle.

“Well, you’re definitely dressed for it. Come in, I’ll get that coat on a rack somewhere.”

She smiled at him as best she could and padded into the front room. If the outside of the house was Grecian chic, kaçak casino the inside was a modern showroom. A lot of metal and glass furniture in funky shapes, topped with priceless-looking vases and photographs of people who weren’t family but were probably very important. Business partners and the like. Jezebel slipped off her shoes and hesitated at the first signs of life. That was a lot of noise, which probably meant a lot of people. She really, really hoped Nadia was right about no one going to look for her.

It took her all of a minute to find her way through into a large, black-tiled kitchen. A few people lingered around the basalt countertops, chatting away and almost completely ignoring her existence as they sipped from glass bottles and aluminium cans. Quite the variety of people too; a couple of elves of all shades mingling with a handful of satyrs. A chameleon girl in a sundress clung to the ceiling, occasionally dropping her tongue down to snatch up some peanuts from a large bowl. The centrepiece was the back wall; floor to ceiling glass, with a sliding door leading out to the back, that gave her a perfect view of outside before she’d even stepped through.

Oh. Oh dear. That was a lot of skin on display.

She’d known, of course. It was a pool-party for goodness’ sake! But there was a very definite difference between knowing there was going to be dozens of near-naked people and actually seeing them in the flesh. The smooth, glisteningly wet flesh. Even before her transformation, she would have been blushing. Now… now she felt like she was going to start salivating at any moment.

The pool was enormous, the kind of thing you expect to find at a leisure centre and not a private residence. The yard around it was even bigger, with bright green grass and bordered by a dry-stone wall. Beds of colourful flowers blossomed under the boughs of several trees -oak, cherry, and yew if she had to guess- dotted around the greenery. A large stone patio, crammed with deck-chairs, grills and even a very full hot-tub stretched out and around the kidney-shaped pool in an almost organic fashion.

And everywhere was full of people. A few harpies giggled from the atop the roof and branches, occasionally swooping down to swipe some sucker’s food. Teams of goblins -surprisingly in bikinis- saddled themselves atop burly boys in the pool, laughing as they tried to push one another off. A naga lounged along the side, basking in the sun’s rays beside other cold-bloods who seemed in awe of his defined muscles and lengthy tail. Jezebel flinched as a blue-skinned oni cannonballed into the deep end, making dozens of newly soaked party-goers shriek. A heady mix of charred meat and chlorine filled the air, and the noise of dozens of conversations overlapping was both distracting and smothering at the same time.

And Jezebel had absolutely no idea what to do next.

“This your first time at a party like this?” Aaron said, making her jump a little.

“Is it that obvious?” She said after catching her breath.


“Nadia thought that I could… That I could expand my comfort zone a little.”

“Well, that swimsuit certainly seems to be well out of it. Not that it doesn’t look good, or anything! It just seems like it’s not your usual thing.”

“First time for everything, I guess,” Jezebel tried to laugh it off, “I’m not even sure where to start.”

“Well, it depends on why you’re here. If you’re looking for drinks, that’s back in the kitchen. If you’re looking to chat, then…” -Aaron spread his arms out wide- “Just got to start things off. But if you’re just here to swim, your best bet is to dive on in. My advice? Try not to overdo anything just yet. Gordon’s not a great host, but his parties always get way more interesting the later they go.”

She was pretty sure he winked at her. It was hard to tell when everything that moved was shiny and translucent. Jezebel smiled back at him, watching him squelch off back into the house. She let out a sigh and looked around. No one else was coming up to talk; Aaron was probably the only one who recognised her. Being an introvert paid off there, at least. Just another face in the crowd.

Just another face in the crowd, she repeated in her head. That was… exciting. Liberating, even. If no one knew her, no one would judge her. She could do anything she wanted. Especially snag herself a couple of meals. Lovers, she corrected herself. The hunger was starting to move to the forefront of her mind again. What was it Aaron had said? Just dive on in? Well… She smirked, giving herself a little run-up before leaping into the pool.

It was warm. It tasted foul. But it was nice to just float freely for a few seconds. To relax in the muted sounds of the water. A gulp of fresh, clean air as Jezebel surfaced, and a quick shake of her now dripping hair. She opened her eyes, floating in place for a few seconds as she got her new bearings, and she was suddenly very aware of how many people were staring at her. At least half the party. She checked to make sure her top was still on and breathed a subtle sigh of relief when she found it miraculously still in place. Which didn’t explain why they were all-

Oh, right. She’d just done the sexy reveal thing, hadn’t she?

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