Jane’s Happy Endings Ch. 02

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Jane shut the door of her massage room as she kept eye contact with Veronica.

“I’m going to take care of you,” she whispered before walking towards the beautiful Latina.

Veronica was already on the massage table. She was wearing nothing but a lime green thong. Her ass was in the air and her beautiful large breasts were hanging as she remained on her hands and knees.

The shy and cute Asian walked up to Veronica. Jane was wearing a grey tank top and small baby blue shorts. Veronica already expressed that she only wanted her ass massaged this time.

Jane wasted no time at all. She couldn’t resist the opportunity to touch that big perfect ass. She placed one hand on Veronica’s hip and the other hand on her ass. Jane rubbed the Latina’s, taking time to give each cheek individual attention.

“You can lie flat on your stomach?” iasked Jane.

Veronica slowly brought herself down to her stomach. Jane walked to her supplies station and grabbed the massage oil. She then walked back and placed oil on her hands as she rubbed them together.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to massage your back again?” Jane offered.

“Everything felt amazing,” assured Veronica. “But I want you to focus on my butt today.”

The cute Asian walked over to her anxious client. She was standing at the side of Veronica, facing her ass and legs. Her long black hair drooped over her shoulder as she placed her hands on Veronica’s voluptuous ass.

“Oh,” moaned Veronica as she closed her eyes. She anticipated the touch of Jane’s hands on her ass, all day.

Jane rubbed up and down on the beautiful ass cheeks of Veronica. Every time she reached the bottom of the beautiful Latina’s cheeks, she would apply a strong squeeze.

“Oh!” Veronica moaned as she looked back at her masseuse.

Jane used her palms to kneed Veronica’s ass. She couldn’t help but admire the beautiful ass that she was getting to play with. Jane could hear the moans from her beautiful client, but she wasn’t sure who was enjoying the massage more.

“I have an idea,” said Jane.

“What is it?” asked Veronica.

“Do you trust me?” asked Jane.

“Yes, I do,” responded casino oyna Veronica.

“Come with me,” Jane instructed.

Veronica got down from the table and followed Jane to a chair in the corner of the room. Jane sat in the chair and patted her lap.

“I think I can give you a more thorough massage if you just bend over my lap,” said the Asian masseuse.

Veronica stood there in her thong, feeling a bit confused. This was an odd situation she wasn’t expecting. Veronica was hesitant nut she trusted that Jane would take care of her.

“Like this?” asked the beautiful Latina as she began bending over the smaller Asian woman’s lap.

“This is perfect,” said Jane as she began rubbing Veronica’s beautiful behind.

Veronica was surprised to be in the position of a baby receiving a spanking. She flipped her hair out of her face and looked back at Jane as her ass was being taken care of.

Jane took her bottle of massage oil and squirted splashed of oil all over the beautiful ass. She slowly and sensually began rubbing Veronica’s ass in circles with her hand.

“This might be humiliating if anyone saw this,” Veronica thought to herself. But she couldn’t deny that Jane was making her tushy feel good.

Jane rubbed Veronica’s ass very sensually, making sure to give each cheek equal care and attention. She then moved down to Veronica’s upper thighs, making sure to appreciate where her legs ended, and her tush began.

The cute Asian was growing more confident by the second. Having her beautiful co-worker moaning over her lap was giving her the confidence be even more sensual.

Jane slid her hand between Veronica’s legs and rubbed in between her thighs. She knew her hand was rubbing against Veronica’s pussy as she massaged the inside of her thighs. Veronica assumed that it was inadvertent but couldn’t stop herself from moaning as Jane’s hand brushed against her wet pussy.

Jane then moved her fingers up, brushing them against Veronica’s thong line between her ass cheeks. The Latina let out a strong gasp as she felt Jane’s fingers rub against her ass hole. Jane took this as a good sign and continued to rub her fingers up canlı casino and down her client’s crack.

Veronica wanted to moan but she couldn’t catch her breath. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was stuck wide open as she felt the pleasure of Jane stimulating her anus.

“Do you like that?” asked Jane as she continued to rub up and down Veronica’s ass crack.

Veronica let out a deep breath before finally saying, “Yes!”

Jane’s confidence continued to grow, and she decided to pull the Latina’s thong down to her thighs. The confident Asian was now able to directly focus on Veronica’s anus. She placed warm oil on the tip of her own index finger and used it to rub Veronica’s ass hole.

Veronica couldn’t believe the sensation and stimulation she was feeling. She never liked the idea of anything coming near her ass hole for pleasure. But in this moment, she was frozen from the pleasure pulsing through her entire body as Jane rubbed warm oil against her tight anus.

Jane eventually finished rubbing Veronica’s ass hole. She needed to finish moisturizing the rest of the beautiful Latina’s ass. As Veronica was having the rest of her ass moisturized by her Asian masseuse, she started to wish that Jane would stimulate her ass hole again.

The Latina client started massaging her own breasts as she watched Jane massage her ass. What she really wanted to do was play with her clit but didn’t want Jane to see her masturbate. Veronica wasn’t mentally prepared to get off to another woman, but she couldn’t deny how turned on Jane had her. Her pussy was wet, but she hoped Jane didn’t notice while she was bent over her lap.

Jane finished Veronica’s ass massage and pulled her little thong up for her. Knowing that she was possibly done with the beautiful Latina’s ass forever, she took a moment to appreciate view. When would she ever have this perfectly oiled ass bent over her lap again? Without really thinking it through, Jane gave the beautiful ass a playful smack before letting Veronica stand up.

“Oh!” moaned Veronica in complete shock.

“Uh oh,” Jane thought to herself. “Why did I do that? I may have crossed the line.”

“Did she really kaçak casino just spank me?” Veronica thought to herself. “That was so hot!”

The two ladies stood in front of each other. There was another awkward silence, but this time it was because of the sexual tension brewing in the air.

Jane decided to be bold and say, “I noticed you were massaging your breasts.”

Veronica was in shock. She couldn’t believe that Jane noticed. Her face became red and she didn’t know what to say.

“I can massage your breasts for you next time, I mean…if you want,” said Jane, breaking the silence.

“Oh my God!” Veronica thought to herself. “I would like that, if you don’t mind,” she responded.

“Anything you want,” answered Jane. “Do you have any other requests?”

“You can do whatever you want to me,” responded the Latina.

“How about next time you come in; I’ll give you a free full body massage?” said Jane.

“I would love that!” responded Veronica. “Will you be here tomorrow?”

“Yes, I’ll be here in the afternoon,” said Jane.

“I can’t wait,” said Veronica. She put her clothes back on as Jane watched. Then she gave Jane a hug and told her goodbye.

Jane was shocked to have such a pleasant exchange with Veronica. How did they go from disliking each other to being friendly? How did they go from disliking each other to sharing sexual tension with each other? How did Jane go from disliking Veronica to rubbing her ass hole?

Veronica struggled internally with her sexual frustrations. She didn’t know what it was about Jane that turned her on so much. She had become intrigued by the cute and shy Asian. She secretly loved the way Jane couldn’t keep her hands off of her ass. Veronica could tell how much Jane appreciated her body, and it made her feel sexy. The beautiful Latina struggled all night but refrained from masturbating. Veronica had to deny any lesbian desires she secretly had for Jane.

Jane also struggled internally. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t keep her hands off Veronica. Making such a beautiful woman feel so good made Jane feel sexy. She could tell that Veronica was turned on by her touch. Rubbing the sexy Latina’s little pink ass hole made her feel sexy and powerful for the first time in her life. Jane wanted to control herself from getting out of control, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist much longer.

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