Jamie Goes From Boy To Man Ch. 04

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The people in this story all came out of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and was not the intent of the author.

All the characters in this story are at least 18 years of age. There are no minors involved in acts of a sexual nature in my story. It is fiction, people. I’m writing it for my own entertainment and I hope for your pleasure as well. BB



Amber didn’t let me up off her lap. She held me in place while I moved my hips up and down in a slow drawn out fuck. She kept caressing my bum cheeks and moaning softly each time I pushed my cock into her pussy.

Her voice took on a sweet sugar tone while she held me in place over her pussy. “There, is mommy’s little boy sorry he disobeyed mommy and came without permission?”

“Yes, mommy,” I meekly replied. “I’m sorry I was a bad boy, and forced mommy to spank me.”

“That is OK, sweet heart. Mommy is proud of her little boy for taking his punishment like a big boy.”

“Thank you, mommy. I’ll try and be good from now on.”

“Did mommy’s baby like it, when mommy licked and sucked his peepee like she did?”

“Oh yes, mommy, it was wonderful, and it made my peepee feel all tingley. Can we do that again sometime?” I asked.

“Yes, sweet heart, and if you are a very good boy, mommy may even let you squirt all your creamy spunk into her mouth. Would you like that, baby?”

“Yes mommy, if you don’t get mad at me for cumming. I don’t like it when you get mad and yell at me.”

“How about when mommy spanked you? Did you like that any better baby?”

“At first, I didn’t like it at all, but then, it started to feel nicer, I guess.”

“Honey, since mommy licked and sucked your peepee and made you feel so nice, don’t you think it is only fair if you lick and suck mommy’s peepee and make her feel nice, too?”

I knew I still had no real experience with women, and I really had no idea how to give oral sex to a woman. Once again, in my small child’s voice that had become a major part of our game, I said, “I want to give you pleasure, mommy, but I don’t know how. Will you teach me to please you, mommy?”

“Yes, baby, mommy will teach you all that you need to know about giving a woman oral pleasures.”

“Oh thank you, mommy, I’ll do my best to learn quickly. You are such a nice mommy, and I want to give you the best pleasures ever.”

“Well thank you, sweet heart. Let’s get started with your lesson right away,” she said. “First, mommy will get up on the middle of the bed, so she can lay her head on the pillow and be comfortable.” She scooted up the bed and lay on her back with her knees bent and spread wide open. “Now sweety, crawl up here between my legs so that you can see while I’m teaching you all about women and how you can give them pleasure with both your hands and your mouth.”

I did as she told me and casino oyna scooted up the bed and close as I could to her pussy, right between her legs.

Now Amber put her hands between her legs and reached down and pulled the lips of her pussy apart.

I watched her every move, and stared into her virgina and listened to her carefully..

“Most people call the flaps of skin around the sides of a woman’s pussy, her rose petals or sometimes just her flower petals.”

“Oh yes, I can see them. I guess they sort of look like flower petals, don’t they?”

“Yes honey I think so to. Now do you see that slit between the petals baby. You can go ahead and touch it if you are gentle.”

Jamie reached up and touched her pussy ever so softly and gently.

His gentle touch, hit her like a bolt of electricity, and she sucked in her breath sharply.

I went into a panic, “Oh I’m sorry, mommy, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“You didn’t hurt me at all baby. It’s alright. As a matter of fact, your touch felt so good that I gasped with pleasure, not pain. You have a natural good touch, sweet heart. I think after you learn how, you will make a magnificent lover. Women will come from miles around just to experience your touch.”

“Do you really think so, mommy?” I smiled to myself imagining women coming from all over town, chasing after me to get me to make love to them.

“Yes, I really think so,” she smiled at my innocence.

“Now, back to your lesson. Do you see the little nob right at the top of my slit?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“That is called a clitoris, or just clit for short. That is by far the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. If a man really knows how to touch it, lick it, or suck on it, he can make almost any woman go right out of her skull.

“Oh yes, I think I see it,” I said with a bit of wonder. “Is that the bump of flesh that sort of looks like a small button?”

“Yes, Jamie that is it,” she said, “you have found it. You are learning your lessons well. You would get an ‘A’ if you were getting this class in school.”

“Do you think it would be OK mommy, if I touched it,” I asked in complete innocence. “I’ll be very gentle, like you told me to be.”

Amber was holding her breath, in anticipation of this question. “Oh yes sweet heart you can touch it,” she gasped. ” just as long as you remember not to be to rough, but instead be very gentle.”

“OK mommy I’ll remember.”I reached up and softly brushed my finger tips across her clit.

Amber jumped when I touched her clit so gently, A thrill shot though her body.

I looked up when he saw her move so suddenly.

“Oh yes,” she said, “don’t stop baby. Oh God don’t you dare stop,” She gasped, “You’re doing it just right honey, keep going for mommy.”

I smiled and started with my finger again. This time a little bolder.

“YES!!!!! THAT’S IT HONEY!” Amber pushed her hips up against my fingers and moved with them.

I canlı casino was gaining confidence as I touched and rubbed her clit. I changed the angle and wiggled my finger a little faster. “Am I doing it right, mommy?” I asked, watching her face very closely.

“You are doing it just perfectly, baby,” she answered. “Mommy is so proud of you.” Amber’s hips were rolling now like the waves of the ocean. It had been so long since her pussy had felt so wonderful, but she still needed more. She wanted to cum, no she just had to cum!

I was jiggling my finger as fast as I could now. I could see she was enjoying what I was doing, and it gave me as much pleasure as she felt to know I was pleasing her. There was nothing that I wanted more than to give her pleasure.

“Jamie, that feels wonderful,”she cried, “Keep it up honey. That’s the way baby.” She was bouncing, up and down on the bed now.

“I’ll try, mommy. I like to make you feel good.”

“You are doing great, sweet heart. That’s the way to make mommy feel good.”

“Now I want you to scoot forward and bring you face closer to mommy’s pussy.”

I scooted forward like she told me to, until my face was within an inch of her pussy lips.

Amber looked down at me, to make sure I was in the right position. With my mouth almost touching her wet, and hairy love slit.

“Am I close enough now mommy?”

“Yes, honey you are doing just fine,” she gasped. “Use both of your hands to cup the cheeks of my bum.”

I did exact what she told me to do, and stopped tickling her clit and slipped my hands under both the cheeks of her bum and lifted her torso up to my mouth. The curly hairs all around her pussy slit sort of tickled my chin.

“That’s it sweet heart, you almost got it. Now baby, mommy wants you to get close enough to my pussy to use your tongue and lick mommy’s love button. Now stick out your tongue and lick up and down on mommy’s pussy lips. Just like she licked you down there earlier.”

I stuck out my tongue and started licking up and down on the flower petals of her pussy.

When Amber felt Jamie’s tongue she went totally right out of her head. It took all of her will power to keep herself from grabbing the poor boy by the ears and pulling his whole head right inside of her pussy.

I was delighted with the reaction I got when I touched Amber with my tongue tip.

Amber felt fireworks down between her legs when Jamie started to lick her. It was hard to believe that this was the first time the boy had ever given oral sex. What a treasure she thought I was. I was a natural. It had to be some sort of instinct, she reasoned, on my part. To her, I was just a natural- born love-toy.

After this, how was she ever going to let him go? While he was licking her right into Heaven, she daydreamed about handcuffing the poor boy to her bed, so whenever the mood struck her she would force him to gobble her pussy. Not just her pussy but make him dig his tongue kaçak casino into her ass as well. Damned, she loved it when she could talk a man into rimming her bum hole. She never minded returning the favor if she could get a lover to agree.

Well, and why not? Later, she would take him into the shower with her and scrub out his bum hole. Then after that, in bed she would rim him out and teach him to do the same for her. She came back to planet Earth out of her day dream, when she felt her first oral induced climax starting to build in her body.

I could see she was starting to shudder with an orgasm, but this time I could see from her dreamy mood that all was well. And there was no reason to worry about her comfort.

“Oh yes baby keep that tongue moving, that’s what mommy likes. Lick just a little deeper, sweet, and get your tongue to work on my clit,” she cooed softly. All the while, her hips never stopped swirling around on the bed.

I searched for her clit with my tongue. “Am I still doing it right, mommy?” I questioned.

” YES, YES, YES!!!!!” she screamed as once again the dam broke wide open and the love juices seemed to pour out of her pussy and onto the bed spread. She reached down and grabbed my head, grinding herself against my face.

I didn’t mind a bit, she tasted delicious.

Some of the other boys at school told me that girl’s pussies smelled bad.

Well that may have been true for some girls but Amber’s pussy both smelled and tasted just like honey. It was really yummy and smelled nice and fresh.

Slowly Amber caught her breath and relaxed her hold on the back of my head. She started a soft mewing sound like a contented cat.

I crawled up beside her and reached around cuddling her whole soft body.

We lay there, side by side just holding and cuddling each other’s bodies.

She kissed me softly and tenderly on the lips. “Oh Jamie, you are such a wonderful lover.”

I smiled and snuggled her a little closer. Her body was so warm and soft. Her flesh so smooth. The smell of her perfume was intoxicating.

“Jamie,” she said breathlessly, “that was the most intense orgasm that I have ever felt.”

I was so overjoyed that I smiled and actually wiggled, basking in her praise.

“No man has ever made me feel so special. So loved and safe in his arms. For someone who in age is still practically a boy, you could put any man to shame with your love making. It is so hard to believe that before we started today you had absolutely no experience at love making.” She looked at me lovingly, “what a man you will grow to be!”

I snuggled into her arms a little closer. I smiled happily to my self and slipped into a safe and contented sleep.


This ends part 04 of my story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did enjoy it, then please write to me and let me know. We all need encouragement. And I admit I love having my ego stroked as much as any man. Also I would love to hear about any ideas you may have to use in my stories. This story came from a reader’s ideas and would not have been written without her input.


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