It’s About Time

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It had been years since I had fooled around with another guy. With only a couple of experiences under my belt, neither of which are much to talk about, and a new ex-girlfriend, I decided I should go exploring, again, into the world of men.

So I sat down at the computer one night, horned out of my mind, and logged into a gay chat room that had local guys. By this point I hadn’t had sex in two months, not since the ugly breakup with the “ex”. So here I am naked and alone nursing a hard-on at home and on the prowl for some hot guy to service my growing needs. I start chatting with this guy “Eric”, nothing particularly sexual, just exchanging pics and talking about past experiences. I tell him I hadn’t had sex in two months and that I hadn’t been with a guy in almost five years. That I was actually kind of nervous about it, so we talk more about sex.

As we are talking I start stroking my hard-on in anticipation of him asking me over. Precum dripping from my cock now. Now he’s telling me about this party he’s having at a nearby hotel later that night, and that I should come join them. Completely anonymous, no pressure. I could even just stand there, watch, and jack off. Sounds good to me I tell him. He tells me when and where and gives me the password. I had to chuckle at the idea of having to knock on a hotel room door and whisper a password. Which ended up being “manshank”. By now though he tells me he has to log off and go prepare, buy more condoms and lube. We said our goodbyes and I told him I would think about it. Now by “think about it”, I meant go jack off until I cum. Cause by then I was ready to shoot my load all over the keyboard. So I headed to the bathroom and stood in front of the sink, which has a huge mirror behind

. Squirt some lube in my hand and jack off. Slowly rubbing the underside of my cock. Watching myself in the mirror, I gripped my slick cock harder stroking it a little faster. I watched my bicep contract and then my pecs. It wasn’t long before I coaxed a thick rope of cum out of my hard cock. It shot all over the mirror. I laughed as I leaned in a licked the mirror clean. I jumped into the shower to wash up, I was still horny as hell and decided that I would take Eric up on his offer. I still had a few hours before I was supposed to be in the hotel room, so I took my time in the shower. I paid special attention to my ass, even worked a couple fingers into the tight hole. Which got me all hot again, couldn’t help myself from rubbing another one out with fingers in my ass. So for the second time in twenty minutes I had gotten myself off, and I wanted more. After the shower I got dressed in jeans and a plain white t-shirt, going commando tonight, and flip-flops. Easy on, easy off.

In the car on the drive over, I started getting nervous again. Wondering what I was getting myself into. Hormones won out though and I continued on my way. I left a few minutes late, knowing that I didn’t want to have to wait for other guys to finish arriving. So got there close to the time Eric told me he would lock the door and not let anyone else in. I walked into the hotel and past the front desk. Eric had already told me exactly where the room was. Went to the elevators and pressed the button to the third floor. Out canlı bahis of the elevators and to the left I continued down a long hall and arrived at my destination. I stared at the number on the door for a second before I knocked. “It’s now or never,” kept running through my head as I considered bolting back to the elevators. I heard footsteps behind the door and it opened a crack, I leaned in closer and whispered “manshank”, the door swung open a there stood a big naked man, and by “big” I don’t mean fat I just mean that he wasn’t a skinny little boy. His cock hung there half hard and it was already eight inches. I couldn’t wait to see it in action, fully aroused. My cock stirred in the loose jeans. He smiled big and told me to come in a get comfy. I smiled back and walked past him, I heard him close and lock the door behind me.

I walked into a room with other naked men standing around the perimeter, stroking there cocks. On the bed were two guys, younger than the rest, about my age actually (23). They were a couple of good looking twinks. They were 69’ing already, obviously to help get the other guys going. There were piles of clothes everywhere. I walked to an unoccupied corner and started taking my clothes off and putting them in a semi-neat pile. As I turned around I noticed the two twinks on the bed weren’t “performing” anymore they were repositioning themselves so that they were flat on their stomachs with their nice tight asses high in the air. I heard moans of approval from the rest of the room, my cock was performing its own approval as it started making it way toward the ceiling. All the cocks in the room were standing at attention and I was pleased at the size range, nothing smaller than my own. Which stands proudly at a thick seven inches. Two guys were approaching the bed, my hand went straight for my cock. Their cocks zeroed in on the tight twink asses in front of them, and plowed straight in. I was amazed that the two bottoms didn’t scream out in pain, on the contrary they loved every inch that invaded them, pushing back hard. I realized then that I must have missed the lubing portion of the performance earlier. I mentally punished myself for not arriving sooner.

By now my cock was screaming at me to get it some attention. So I quickly took up position in front of one of the boys getting pounded, he greedily sucked my cock into his mouth. Immediately he deep throated me, it had been a long time since I was serviced this well orally. I felt his tongue lick at my balls. I started pulling in and out. Each time I pulled out he would suck on it fiercely, apparently not wanting to spare any inch. So I would send it back home hard, back to the deepest parts of his mouth and throat. At that point I felt something cold on my asshole, I looked over and saw a guy reaching down to my ass, he looked over and smiled at me. He had lubed his fingers and was gently pushing them inside me. I moaned and held the back of the twink’s head steady, gently fucking his mouth, it didn’t take much because of the force of the guy fucking my lil cocksucker. All that pounding and the feeling of the fingers inside my virgin tight asshole, sent me to orgasm fast. I shot a big load deep into his mouth. He sucked hard, like a hoover, sucking up every bahis siteleri drop of cum in my softening cock. The guy next to me pulled his fingers out of my ass and I collapsed backwards and banged my head on the wall, I laughed as I rolled out of the way.

I went to the bathroom and got a cup of water and came back and sat down in a chair. As I sat there I noticed that another guy had taken my place at the cock suckers head. It was hot watching the two boys get fucked and so greedily they sucked at the same time. I closed my eyes and moaned, then I felt someone sucking on my balls. It felt good after the cum I just shot. Slowly I felt my new cocksucker start to suck the underside of my shaft, I opened my eyes and saw the guy that had been fingering my ass. He looked up and smiled at me, now I realized that it was Eric. I looked down and smiled and patted his head. He took my semi-hard cock in his mouth and gently sucked it. I felt his fingers sliding up into my ass again. It felt good with the blowjob he was giving me. I knew I wouldn’t cum, and I think he knew that too, but we both wanted to see me hard again. So I leaned my head back and enjoyed the finger fucking and blowjob. Wasn’t long before his expert cock sucking had me rock solid again, I looked down at him and smiled. He knew I wanted a piece of ass.

So he got up and waved me over to one of the twinks, by now they had been really worked. I walked over and turned one over onto his back, he instinctively pulled his leg up to his chest. I slid my cock into his warm wet ass without any problems and started pounding away. This was going to be a nice long hard fuck. I was going to enjoy this. My cock slid in and out slurping each time I sent it back home. I was loving every minute. I leaned down so that I was on my hands and knees. Driving my cock deep into his hole. I knew I was going to cum soon, I greedily started fucking him. I was just about to cum when I felt my ass explode, ripped apart. It hurt so good. I was surprised and came in my boytoy’s ass.

After collapsing on the boy for a minute I leaned back up and looked me hind me to see who had invaded my tight virgin hole. It was none other than Eric with his thick cock buried deep inside me. I could feel his balls resting on balls. I moaned loud as my ass got used to having something so big inside it. I had never been fucked before, I hadn’t planned on getting fucked tonight. But here I was with a large cock deep inside my ass. After a minute I started to push back into Eric and his massive member. Slowly he started to work his cock in and out of my tight ass. After about twenty minutes of working me while on my hands and knees he turned me over onto my back. I pulled my legs up and he slammed his cock back home into my waiting ass. He started working it harder and before long he was fucking me just like one of the other bottoms, but I knew I was a lot tighter than they were.

I looked over and the other bottoms were taking a well deserved break, the other guys gathered around the bed, stroking their cocks. I looked at one guy right in the eyes and opened my mouth. He climbed onto the bed and presented his cock to me. I took it into my mouth and put my hand around the base of his thick shaft. Slowly I bahis şirketleri work it into my mouth, it was hard I had never sucked a cock while getting fucked. After a few seconds I got a rhythm going and I was sucking him while stroking him. He seemed to enjoy fucking my mouth. I took my mouth off his cock, still stroking it though. I looked to the other side of the bed and looked another man right in the face and opened my mouth. He took the hint and climbed onto the bed as well. I started sucking him while stroking the other cock. Eric was still fucking me hard I squeezed my ass around his cock, I could tell by the look on his face he wasn’t going to last much longer. I continued sucking the two cocks in front of my face at the same time while stroking each man’s shaft. Now I heard Eric groaning, I felt him tense up and he unloaded into my ass. Not long after, the two cocks in my mouth came all over my face and in my mouth. I licked them clean before I started trying to lick the cum off my face and fingers.

By now another guy had come to take Eric’s place in my ass he slowly fucked me. I pulled away from him and told him to lay down on the bed. He did as was told and I straddled him and plopped my ass straight down on his thick hard 10 inch cock. He moaned loudly and I leaned down with our chest rubbing against each other as he pushed deeper inside of me. I wasn’t satisfied though. This new feeling of being a cockslut pleased me and I wanted more. I reached back and start to finger my asshole along side the thick cock that was already invading it. I looked at a guy stroking his hard cock and winked at him and nodded towards my ass. I wanted his cock there too. He grinned and big cheesy grin and went and kneeled behind me. I felt his cock head at my filled hole, he slowly started pushing in. my ass stretched reluctantly, it hurt. But I wanted two cocks there more than anything right then and I wasn’t going to let a lil pain stop me. I moaned fiercely and motioned for two more guys to get their cocks sucked, they jumped at the chance to get serviced. I sucked on each cock. Deep throating one and then the other, moaning the entire time. My own cock was on fire, leaking massive amounts of cum.

I took a second to look back at the two cocks trying to occupy the same space. The second one was in. they were just sitting there. I wiggled my ass around them both. And told them to fuck me . They laughed at their new toy and started to fuck me slowly, it took a couple minutes for them to get a rhythm going but soon they were fucking me hard. When one was out the other was in and vice versa. My ass was in heaven. I shot a load onto the chest of the guy that was under me. I went to work on the cocks that were still in my hands. I sucked them both and stroked until they came until my mouth and on my face. I came two more times while they came all over me. Both of my fuckers started tensing up and they both came at the same time. They filled my ass with cum. It dripped out as they took their cocks away, I was left feeling empty. I collapsed on the bed sweaty and covered in cum. I fell asleep as another guy was fucking me, but I had no energy left.

When I woke up the next morning I was alone in the room, still naked and covered in cum. I went and took a shower, as I came out of the bathroom I noticed note from Eric, on the table in front of the window. It thanked me for a great time. And told me when the next “get together” was and the new password “cockslut”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32