It Was Meant To Be

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Andrew Ecallaw was 18 years old, he had never bothered going to college because he thought he’d done enough time at school. He didn’t have a job and he lived with his mother, father and older sister Debbie. She was 21 and the good looking confident one of the family, she had just passed her collage exam’s with straight A’s and could have any job or guy she wanted.

Andrew on the other hand was the opposite, shy, not exactly great looking and not the smartest person to ever live. He wasn’t stupid but he was nowhere near as smart as his sister.

Andrew and Debbie often talked about stuff they were worried about. They had a great relationship and Andrew could tell Debbie about his problems and she’d try to help him out as much as she could.

She knew that he was a virgin and he was shy, that was obvious to everyone, and she’d been trying to reassure him that he would eventually come out of his shell and had been trying to give him pointers on how to do this.

“You just need to say to yourself that if you talk to a girl if she doesn’t like you, ‘that way’ then she isn’t going to kill you and your not going to offend her by asking” Debbie tried to reassure her younger brother but it never worked.

“That’s easy for you to say, look at you, you’re great looking and I am just fat and ugly” Andrew said back, this was not true, ok so he was by no means Brad Pit or someone like that but he wasn’t bad looking. The problem was that through school Andrew had been really overweight. He was not really bullied and had loads of friends but no girl had ever gone for him. Since leaving school he had been on a health kick and had lost lots of the fat, he had gone from 38″ to a 30″ waist in a year. He didn’t have a rippling six-pack but was pretty fit. His sister and other family all said how good he was looking, but he never saw himself that way, he still saw the fat and unattractive him, which really got him down.

“How can you say that? You’re not that bad you just need a little self confidence,” Debbie told her brother as they sat on her bed talking.

“Yer yer yer” Andrew said sarcastically rubbing the heavily bandaged wrist he had gotten in an accident a few days before. He had tripped over in a kitchen chair and fallen awkwardly. He hadn’t broken it but had hurt the nerves badly. Just something else, he thought, to put the girls off him.

“Look I’m tired, can we talk about this tomorrow? Maybe then I’ll be able to get through to you. Just remember what I told you, try talking to a girl if you like the look of her” Debbie finished as Andrew closed her bedroom door and went off towards his own room. Debbie settled down and drifted off to sleep hoping her brother would take her advice.

She awoke the next morning at about and went downstairs to find that Andrew wasn’t in.

“Where’s Andy gone mum?” she asked, looking around the rooms but not finding her brother. She only asked because he never normally went anywhere. She had often invited him to go out drinking with her and her friends but he was teetotal and when she went out to clubs and pubs he’d rather stay at home and exercise or watch TV.

“He’s gone to town to get a book he saw somewhere. You just missed him, why?” her mother asked. It was easy to see where Debbie got her looks. She was the double of her mother, 5’7’’, dark brown hair long, long shapely legs, a thin waist, big breasts, a perfect hourglass figure that drove men wild and filled her with confidence.

“Just wondered that’s all he’s normally here,” Debbie said getting some cereal.

Andy had indeed got up early and was now on his way to town, he had been looking the day before at a book shop website and found a few books, he was big on reading horror and adventure and he’d found two that he had wanted for a while.

Getting off the bus he made his way to the shop. It was a bright sunny Thursday morning, but early, so town was not really full. Which was good because Andy’s wrist had to be held to his body and had not been moved too much for some days. This meant he could only use his left hand and since he was right handed it was a bit of a problem, one made all the more worse since no one seemed to be good enough to hold a door for him even though he was right behind them. Going through it they almost seemed to take delight in closing it and watching him struggle to push it open again with is left hand. He on the other hand (mind the pun) always held the door for people whether it be a man or woman, old or young it was just the way he had been brought up, to be polite and helpful to people where possible.

He had just entered the bookshop, turning around to see if anyone was coming in behind him, when he saw two women. They were both about 21, the one on the left was tall, about the same height as him, 5″11, she was gorgeous. Long legs, thin waist, nice firm chest (about a C cup) a beautiful face and shoulder length black hair. Her lovely legs covered by a pair of skin tight denim jeans, her body covered by a thin white casino oyna t-shirt, with a rucksack draped over her right shoulder.

The one on the right was a bit shorter, about 5″9, but just as beautiful as her friend. Her legs were perfectly shaped, her waist slightly bigger, but her breasts were just the same, her face just as good looking and her hair the same length but more blonde than dark, she too had a rucksack over her shoulder.

Andy could only stare as they walked towards him his eyes almost bugging out of his head. His heart started pounding in his chest causing his black t-shirt to move rapidly, his jeans in danger of getting a very noticeable bulge in the front. He soon realized and pulled himself together, smiling he politely held the door for them, they both smiled back as they came closer.

“Thank you” the dark haired girl said. Her voice was like sweet honey Andy thought. As they went past him he followed their every move before looking back to see no one else and letting the door close.

The bookshop was big really big with rows of books everywhere but Andy knew where to go for his favorites. He made his way straight to the adventure section where he immediately saw his book.

“JRR Tolken … The Silmarilion” he said as he picked it up in his left hand. “I’ll pay for this then look for the other, that way I can put it in my pocket and not have to try to hold both” he continued to himself before putting the book back to get his wallet out. He struggled with his cash, eventually pulling out a £10 note and going off to pay for his book. He got his change and put the book in his pocket walking back to the horror section to get his next book. He looked around for it naming every book as he went past them.

“The Shining, no, Dreamcatcher, no, Salems Lot, no. Ahh here it is… IT, Steven King, good” he thought, picking up the book and reading the blurb on the back. He had seen the movie and had it on video but he wanted the book so he could read it when he was bored. He decided to look at other books before paying so, holding it, he carried on looking around.

He had been walking slowly up the row when he heard a familiar voice from where he had just been.

“Ohh damn they don’t have it, I saw it here last week I knew I should have got it then” the voice said. Andy looked across to see the two girls he had held the door for earlier looking around at the books, it was the dark haired girl who was taking.

“What book is it you want?” the other asked, her voice slightly deeper, but no less attractive.

“IT by Steven King I saw the movie and it scared me silly so I wanted to get the book” she answered her friend who smiled and nodded.

“Me too” she said.

Andy looked at the book he was holding the book this lovely woman wanted. He looked back at them.

“…in every book shop here and nowhere has got it.” He caught the last bit of a sentence from the dark haired woman. “Well it look’s like I’ll have to forget it” she continued as they both turned and began walking away.

Andy looked at the book then back to the two women, he was really nervous but something flashed into his head. He remembered whet his sister had said to him about talking to girls and something from nowhere forced him to start walking towards them.

“Err, excuse me” he said meekly causing the two women to stop and look at him

“Err, look, I’m sorry but I heard you talking about a book you wanted. What was it? If you don’t mind me asking?” God, he was so nervous, his heart was beating faster then ever before and he was struggling to get out his words. He was not cutout for this.

“IT by Steven King, but they’ve sold out” the dark haired girl said smiling, as she had recognized him from the door.

“I…I…thought so, well…here” he said extending his hand with the book in it towards her. She got a confused look on her face and took the book from him turning it and looking at the title.

“IT” she said her voice taking a pleasanter tone then normal she looked back up at Andy who was smiling.

“I haven’t bought it yet so you’ll have to go pay for it” he told her. Her expression changed, the smile disappeared. “Oh god. What have I done wrong now?” he thought to himself as his cheeks began to turn red with worry.

“I can’t take this from you if your going to buy it, you got it first” the girl said, offering the book back to Andy who was suddenly relived that she was not mad at him.

“No, don’t worry about it, I’ve got the movie on video, I can come back when the book comes into stock it’s fine really!” he said, dropping his hand to his side to show he didn’t want the book back.

“Are you sure about this I mean it’s ok if…” said the other girl who was speaking for the first time. “Yes its fine.” she was interrupted by Andy’s reassurances. Then turning away he went walking back towards the horror section.

“Thank you” he heard the two girls say together as he was walking away.

“No need to canlı casino thank me, honestly!” he said as he turned and smiled at them. They smiled back before the dark haired girl walked off to pay for the book, leaving the blonde alone.

Andy had now arrived back at the horror section his heart calming down to a steadier beat, “god that was nerve racking” he thought as he picked up another book and began looking at its cover.

As Andy was right handed but couldn’t use it, opening the book to take a look at the content wasn’t easy. He was fumbled around trying to open the book whilst holding it in one hand, almost dropping it on several occasions. He looked up trying to compose himself, he was not prone to getting mad, but this was really getting to him. He looked out of the corner of his eye, the two girls now stood where the blonde had been waiting, looking at him, a sort of sympathetic look on their faces as he struggled with the book. Andy tried not to keep looking at them; he didn’t want to seem rude by staring so he went back to his book.

He was surprised when the dark haired girl came over to him.

“Need some help?” she asked sweetly a smile crossing her beautiful face one more.

“Its ok, I’ll manage it’s only for a few more days then I can use my right arm again,” he said smiling back at her.

“Here let me,” she said as she took the book from his hand and opened it for him before giving it back “now, wasn’t that easy!”

“Thanks I just don’t like people thinking they have to do things for me when they have things to do for themselves” Andy said sincerely as he looked at the book’s chapter content.

“You really are too nice” the girl said quietly obviously not wanting to be heard by Andy.

“Did you say something?” Andy asked. He thought she had but didn’t hear her correctly.

“Oh, I just wondered what you did to your hand? It looks bad,” she asked pointing to his wrist before flicking her hair back waiting for an answer.

“I fell over in the kitchen, my own fault” he replied, shaking his head thinking how stupid he was to have done that.

“Oohh sounds nasty.” It was the blonde who had come over to join the conversation. Andy felt his heartbeat begin to rise again but he tried to keep calm like Debbie had told him to.

“Not really I’ve just damaged some nerves I’ll be fine in a few days then I won’t have to wear this stupid bandage anymore and I can use my right arm again.” he said taking a look at his bandaged wrist and attempting to move it slightly. He looked up to see the dark haired girl staring into his eyes before quickly looking to his wrist when he looked back. This was all new to Andy, no one had ever acted like this around him before and he was amazed how calm he was. It was like he was talking to a good friend or family member not some girls he had just met.

The blonde looked at her watch.

“Oh, we’ve got to go we’ve got a class in 10 minutes” she said grabbing her friend by the shoulder and showing her the time.

“Oohh your right. Collage” she said to Andy smiling as he put the book back “Thanks for being so sweet, it’s been nice meeting you…err…” she stopped. All the time they had been talking she had not once got his name or given him hers she suddenly realized.

“Andrew, well, Andy” he said smiling.

“Dawn” she replied.

“Stacy” the blonde said.

“Nice to meet you two as well, and don’t keep on thanking me, it’s fine” he said. Dawn suddenly put her arms around him giving him a hug before looking into his eyes one more time. She moved out the way only to be replaced by Stacy who hugged him for a bit longer. This had never, ever, happened to Andy before. He had never even had a friendly hug from a friend never mind two hot girls he had just met. He was struggling not to get hard when Stacy let go and smiled.

Just as they turned to head for the door Dawn looked back at Andy and stopped. She quickly bent down and unfastened her rucksack; reaching inside she fished out a notebook and a pen. She scribbled something on it, folded the paper and handed it to Andy before running to catch up with Stacy outside.

Andy held the paper still folded for a while just looking at the door before his eyes slowly dropped to the paper. He flicked it open very slowly and deliberately and looked at the black ink…


Call soon (phone number)


…was all it said. Had she just given him her number and why were both their names on it? This was all too much for Andy to take in right there. “This sort of thing doesn’t happen to me,” he thought as he left the bookstore and headed for the bus stop.

When Andy arrived home 40 minutes later he opened the door, still holding the paper in his hand he noticed the house was unexpectedly quiet. His mother was nowhere to be found, nor was his sister.

He went upstairs looking around the rooms but they were nowhere to be seen. Not dwelling on it he went off to his own room to put away his kaçak casino book and think about what had happened and what to do next.

As he opened his door he was greeted by the sight of his sister sat on his bed looking at him happily as she looked through one of his many books.

“Did you get them then?” she asked cheerfully.

“Err what?” Andy asked still trying to work out why his sister was in his room.

“The books. Mum said you had gone to get some,” she said as she got a glance at the white piece of paper in his hand.

“One of them” Andy said with a smile as he tried to take it from his pocket, not realizing he still had the note in his hand.

“Oohh and what’s that?” Debbie asked her little brother as she pointed to the note in his hand, which he quickly tried to hide.

“Nothing. Where’s mum?” he tried to change the subject quickly but he was too late.

“She had to go out for a few hours. So…?” she asked giving him one of her ‘I know you too well so just tell me’ looks which he knew meant he couldn’t cover over or change the subject.

“Ok, here. God” he said as he handed over the piece of paper knowing he couldn’t win even if he tried. He might as well just give it to her now.

“Andy call soon … Dawn ‘slash’ Stacy. Who are they then little brother?” she asked causing him to blush and look down away from her. “Hey, it’s ok, it’s your life, and I was just wondering who they were! There’s no need to be embarrassed,” she continued as she stood and walked over to him putting an arm around him and sitting down on the bed with him.

Andy looked up into her big blue eyes full of the genuine feeling that had reassured him on many occasions before, and found himself telling her the whole story.

Debbie listened intently to her brother as he told her about Dawn and Stacy, how they looked, how they acted towards him, how he met them, everything they had said. Debbie smiled at her little brother as he told her enthusiastically about them, she could see he liked them and they obviously liked him.

“So when are you going to call them then?” Debbie asked eagerly looking at the number.

“I don’t really know if I am” Andy said to his shocked sister.

“WHAT? You’re not sure?” Debbie stared in shock at what she had just heard him say.

“Well I think she only gave me that because she felt sorry for me it’s probably not even hers” Andy said walking to put his new book on one of his many shelves.

“Andy you have to call, look you have to get over this shyness and low self-esteem and this is just how to do it” Debbie said handing him the note insistently.

Andy took the note and looked at it “well I’m still not sure” he said unconvinced.

“Andy you always asked me for advice well I’m going to give you some now. I’m a woman ok, I know what women like and how they show it and from what you said these two obviously liked you, now you may not realize it but what they were doing was flirting. The reason you don’t see it is because you just don’t know what signals to look for but trust me, they are interested in you, so you just have to get up some courage and give the number a call. I’ll stay in the room with you if you want when you call” Debbie said reassuringly giving his shoulder a tap.

“Would you, just so I don’t get so nervous?” Andy asked his big sister.

“Sure” she said smiling “so when are you going to call?”

“Tonight when mum goes out about 7 o’clock,” he said. Debbie nodded before giving him a hug and walked out of his room closing the door behind her. She walked downstairs, smiling, thinking of how nice it was that Andy had finally come out of his shell, even if it took a bit of a push.

It was 7:00 PM. Andy’s mum had gone out to his Auntie’s. It was just Andy and Debbie in the house now.

Andy was sat in his room looking at the note given to him by Dawn. Did she really like him? Did Stacy? Or was it all just a show? He looked at the clock as Debbie opened his door. She poked her head around and looking at him the light from the desk his eyes seem to glow. Smiling she asked “Ready?”

Andy nodded and got up to go to the phone that was in the living room.

He hesitated as he picked up the receiver and held it to his ear and, resting it on his shoulder, he one at a time pushed the numbers as Debbie stood behind him for support.

Andy said every number as he pressed it, then waited as it rang, his heart beating like the first time he saw them. Then there was a voice at the other end.

“Hello?” it said pleasantly.

“Hi this is Andy”.

“Andy! Oh great! So you decided to call then!” the voice said happily. It was Stacy.

“Yer I did, I wasn’t sure if this number was yours though, I have to say”

“Andy, when me or Dawn give our phone number it’s always real,” she said with a little laugh at Andy’s comments.


“So what?” Stacy said and another giggle followed.

“Err, why did you pick up? It was a mobile number and Dawn gave it to me?”

“Well, we share a house and don’t have a land line just a mobile between us, so we both pick up” Stacy informed him. Andy could hear a voice in the background.

“Is that Dawn I can hear?”

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