It Began with Him Watching Me

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Another Saturday night, and as Frank’s cock jerked inside me, he uttered his familiar grunt. I hadn’t cum, but that didn’t bother me, I was still pondering the surreptitious grope that Frank’s boss had had with me in the lounge earlier, when Frank had popped out to fetch a file from his car.

Unusually for a weekend Jack had come over to collect a file that he urgently needed on sales figures. He was a very attractive guy in his sixties. Both myself, and Frank were still in our thirties, married for five years, but child free.

“I think Jack fancies you.”

Frank’s comment in the half darkness of our bedroom, accompanied by his cock slipping from my pussy, and the inevitable dribble of semen on my inner thigh brought the brief incident into sharp focus.

“Does that worry you, he’s an attractive guy?” I was teasing.

“I saw him looking at your legs all evening, I must admit it turns me on a bit,” Frank replied.

As Frank’s body rested beside me I sensed an excitement, which strangely I shared.

“What if you caught me kissing someone else?”

I was probing to see where this was going.

“What if I told you that Jack tried to kiss me this evening, when you went out to the car?”

“He didn’t.”

“He did, he made a pass. He said how sexy I was, and grabbed me.”

“What did you do, you didn’t let him?”

“Oh I just made a joke about being flattered, and that he shouldn’t be so naughty.”

“Wow, the dirty old sod.”

“You sound as though you might have wanted me to give in to him. What if you’d come back in and caught me kissing him?”

Frank was quiet for a second.

“You’re the dirty sod,” I punched him playfully on the arm. “I bet you’d like to let him fuck me?”

“It had crossed my mind. I’m allowed these little fantasies after five years of marriage aren’t I?”

“Oh my god, is that one of your fantasies? I’d never have guessed, really? C’mon, tell me, no secrets, tell me about it.”

Frank went quiet for a moment.

He almost whispered, “Please don’t hate me for what I’m going to say.”

“Don’t be daft, just say it, I want to know your deepest thoughts.”

Taking a deep breath, Frank began.

“Since we’ve been married, I’ve listened to you, secretly, a few times masturbating with your vibrator. It’s a massive turn on, and then I’ve started thinking what it would be like listening to you having sex with someone else.”

I took a deep breath, “Go on.”

“Anyway, I started watching porn which showed husbands watching their wives get fucked. It really made me horny. Just now when I was fucking you, I wondered about Jack, and imagined him fucking you.”

“Phew!” I let out a gasp. “Darling, I hadn’t realised you had that bottled up inside you, and if you wanted to watch me masturbate I’d let you. Look watch me now.”

I reached over to her bedside drawer and took out a silver vibrator.

“Don’t speak, just watch.”

Laying back and parting my thighs, I could feel my pussy oozing Frank’s spunk, so placing the silver tip into my pussy was easy, and as soon as I switched it on I knew that the past few minutes discussion had taken me halfway to my orgasm.

“Oh god Frank, you silly boy, you must tell me everything you want to do…oh god, you’ve turned me on so much…fuck, I’m cumming already.”

In a rush, I was there, shaking, groaning, raising my hips off the bed, as my body released its sexual tension.

As I sank back into the bed Frank, said quietly, “Wow, that really hit the spot.” He took the vibrator from my hand, and slowly licked it. “I can taste both of us on this,” and he giggled mischievously.

I replaced it in my drawer, and took him in my arms.

“Shall I surprise you,” I said as I kissed him, “I’ve had fantasies about other guys too, I hope you don’t think I’ve been unfaithful, because I haven’t, but we all have inner thoughts. Now sleep, and don’t keep secrets.”

When I awoke Frank had just brought me a mug of tea.

“I love you,” he said sincerely, “I hope our conversation last night hasn’t made you love me less?”

“Don’t be so silly, I’ll always love you my darling, whatever…and what we talked about last night…well it made me think.”

“How do you mean?”

“First of all, I’d like to see that porn you’ve been watching, I need to understand what’s been turning you on.”

Frank looked pleased, and worried at the same time.

“Ok, I’ll show you this evening, perhaps when we’re relaxed.” He winked, knowingly.

Nothing more was said, and we spent the day, like most Sundays, doing chores, and making phone calls to family.

Evening came, and I was glad to open a bottle of wine. Frank suggested we look at the laptop on the sofa together, and then he realised we could link it up to the tv. After some trial and error the connection was made, and Frank asked if I was ready.

“So tell me baby, do you wank when you watch these?”

Frank looked guilty, and mumbled, “Yeah, sometimes.”

“Ok, don’t get embarrassed, let’s see what turns you on with this stuff.”

Frank brought up a porn website, and he clicked casino siteleri on a seven minute clip entitled ‘Husband watches older guy fuck his wife.’

“Here goes.”

There was no ‘intro’ and immediately the scene appeared to be a hotel room, a man, presumably the husband, seated in an armchair, while on the bed a ‘robust’ guy in his forties was locked between the thighs of a woman about my age. The sounds were of her moaning at first, and then reaching an orgasm, before the guy withdrew his cock and wanked over her tummy. It was over very quickly.

“That’s probably not the best example baby, but these porn clips are good and bad. Here’s another one, I’ve seen this one before.”

I felt like I was watching two things, in the first instance some porn online, and secondly the reaction of my husband to it. I watched more closely during the next clip as this was longer and more realistic, it also looked as though it was truly amateur.

A camera had been set up in a lounge looking across the room at a long sofa with a doorway behind. You could hear the conversation between the couple, in their thirties, and a man in his late fifties.

The older guy took the initiative, and while the young husband settled into an armchair, the older guy slowly kissed and undressed the wife, laying her naked on the sofa, and eating her pussy until she came. Then undressing himself, he revealed an incredibly large, erect cock which the wife then sucked, before she lay back on the sofa, and was fucked until she came again. The finale was the guy shooting his spunk over her face.

As it reached its climax I’d noticed Frank was staring fixedly at the screen, and I could tell he was hard. As the guy came over her face I squeezed Frank’s cock through his trousers.

The tv was forgotten while the action scrolled onto another clip, but Frank was fully aroused, and I was taken aback slightly, by his rush to get my clothes off.

“Hey slow down, hang on,” I said, but Frank wanted me urgently.

Within moments he’d pulled my panties off, and unzipped his trousers, and was forcing his cock between my thighs. Thank goodness the porn had made me quite damp, and he entered me with a loud groan.

In the background was the sound of some woman approaching orgasm, and that seemed to supercharge Frank.

I’d never experienced him being quite so rough in having sex with me. Loudly grunting he thrust at me for several minutes before I had an amazing orgasm, and he shouted out that he was cumming too.

As we collapsed in a heap, yet another woman was orgasming on screen and I had to press ‘escape’ on the laptop to enjoy that feeling of Frank’s cock subsiding within me.

“What did you think?” Frank finally whispered.

“What about? The sex we just had, or the porn clips?”

“Both!” came the reply expectantly.

“Well…the sex was great, but you hurt me a bit, the porn clips were quite arousing.”

“Oh baby, I’m sorry…are you ok…I guess I got carried away a bit.”

“It’s ok, next time when you want it like that just make sure it’s somewhere softer…like in bed.” I chuckled, and kissed him lovingly.

Both of us were dishevelled, half dressed, half undressed, so we both got up, and sorted ourselves out.

With another glass of wine I broached the idea of Frank’s fantasy.

“So now I know a bit more about what turns you on. I never suspected it at all, you really must open up about stuff.”

I looked at him directly, “But is it just fantasy?”

I took a gamble, and pushed it one step further.

“What if I actually had sex with someone else, you’d hate it, wouldn’t you?”

Frank was silent for a moment, and before he gave any reaction I exclaimed, “Oh my god, you really want me to!”

“No, no, I’d never force you to, it just excited me…the idea.”

And then I was silent. When I finally spoke I said quietly, “It excites me too, it’s actually making me feel funny right now.”

“Fuck, you’re saying you’re up for actually doing it, I mean doing it with another guy?”

“Yes, but with conditions, it must be someone I fancy, and you must be there, or close by. And only if you really won’t hate me afterwards.”

Frank cuddled me, and we kissed.

“Come to bed, I want to make love to you,” he whispered.

The next two weeks were problematic. Everywhere we went, Frank kept saying, “Could you fancy him?” or “Would you fuck him?”

Eventually I told him to just forget it. If it was going to happen it would. Two weeks later it did!

Frank had been at a trade exhibition for three days in Birmingham. It was a yearly thing, and he always arrived home exhausted after it.

On this Friday he texted that Jack was dropping him home, as his car had developed a fault and was being transported back.

I was already curled up on the sofa in my nightie and dressing gown watching tv, when around nine I heard the front door open.

“Is that you darling?” I asked daftly as though it might be someone else.

In a way it was, because the reply came back, “Yes it’s me, I’ve just asked Jack in for a nightcap.”

In canlı casino a panic I was too late to get out, and put some clothes on, before Frank entered with Jack close behind.

“Oh I’m sorry, I’ve caught you on the hop, I won’t stop,” Jack said.

“Nooooo,” replied Frank, “Anne’s ok, just have a small whisky.”

Jack came in nervously, and sat down on the other end of the sofa, while Frank disappeared into the kitchen to pour two whiskies. I was already on my second glass of wine, feeling mellow, but somewhat at a disadvantage in my nightwear.

“I really shouldn’t impose, you weren’t expecting anyone to come tonight…obviously.”

Frank returned with the drinks, and the conversation turned to the week’s exhibition, and to our broken down car.

Frank looked tired, and was not quite his talkative self, and Jack was easy to talk to. Much of the conversation began to centre around me, and my job in HR.

It wasn’t more than twenty minutes later when Frank sighed, and said, ” Look you two, I’m knackered, and I’ve got a splitting headache, I’m gonna take some pills, and go up for an early night, I’ll be fine in the morning. You two finish chatting…don’t rush Jack, Anne will see you out when you’re ready. Do you want a refill?”

“Noooooo, I’m driving, look I’ll go now, you both need your beauty sleep!”

“Not thinking, I said, “Stay and finish your drink Jack, Frank will be fast asleep by the time I get up there.”

“If you’re sure…both of you…thanks.”

Frank said ‘goodnight’ and went upstairs, and Jack turned to me and said, “He’s a good man, your husband, a good salesman, and lucky to have such a fantastic wife.”

I must have blushed, and mumbled something like, “Thank you, he is the best.”

And then Jack stood up, and stepped over to our wedding photo hanging on the wall.

“How long ago was this…when you got married?”

“Oooh…just over five years ago, it seems like ages.”

Jack returned to the sofa, holding his glass, but this time sat down next to me. It seemed strange, and quite ‘forward.’

As he sat down I went from my curled up posture to sitting normally, and quickly swigged the rest of my glass of wine.

“My marriage lasted thirty five years before Carol passed away. It was a bit rocky at times, but we managed to get through.”

“Oh I’m sorry,” I didn’t know quite what to say.

As we chatted Jack shifted slightly, and his knee touched mine. Quite naturally, as you do, I moved mine away, but then for some reason I let it relax back until it was in contact again.

“That’s ok, Anne, it’s been four years now, I’m used to the single life again.” He chuckled.

When his knee seemed to press very slightly harder, I became aware of my heart starting to beat faster. Jack had put down his glass, and his left elbow draped over the back of the sofa. And then I felt his fingers gently touch me.

Very softly his left hand had rested on my shoulder. I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Over the last eighteen months I’ve had three or four ‘flings,’ but they have been brief interludes, and just me being self indulgent.”

As he continued, his fingers moved a fraction and found the bare skin on the top of my shoulder where the collar of my dressing gown ended. Delicately, almost imperceptibly he stroked the skin just a fraction.

Whether he felt me shiver, I don’t know, but now my heart was thumping in my chest. This was the moment I had to gently take his hand, and remove it and say, “I think it’s time to go.”

But I didn’t. And I knew this was the point of no return. For god’s sake what was I doing? Frank was upstairs.

And then I realised how this was maybe contrived by him? or maybe even by both of them?

When I said nothing, Jack became braver. He continued talking, and I continued replying, but his fingers were now gently caressing my neck, and he had half turned sideways towards me.

When he placed his right hand on my bare knee, I openly gave him the signal that I wanted the same thing. I lifted up my left leg, until I could hitch my heel onto the seat of the sofa. Immediately my nightdress rode up, and my thighs were partially exposed.

The conversation suddenly stopped. When I looked at him, and our eyes locked onto each other, he leaned forward and kissed me very softly, just for a few seconds, on the lips, and pulled away.

We said nothing, but his hand moved from my knee to my thigh just above.

We were both breathing quite quickly. Jack guiltily turned his head towards the door.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “we will just have to be quiet.”

I was wondering if he thought that I was a real slapper, but all of that was forgotten as his hand went higher. I knew my pussy was soaking wet when his fingers touched my clit.

I pushed my face into his shoulder to muffle my first groan. When his fingers slipped inside my pussy I was gasping, and trying to be quieter.

Jack was an expert with his fingers. Using my natural lubrication, both his fingers gained access to my pussy, and the way he rubbed his knuckles against my clit, kaçak casino it was magical.

In no time I was whispering in his ear, “Jack you’re going to make me cum if you don’t stop.”

“That’s the idea,” he replied in a hushed tone.

And then it started, my teeth were biting his shirt collar when the first rush of orgasm hit. My whole body shook, my finger nails gripping into his arm, a stifled groan going on and on, until slowly subsiding, he removed his hand, and then in front of my face, deliberately licked my juices from his fingers.

I felt totally selfish because it had been all my pleasure, and looking down I saw the bulge in his trousers from his erection.

Catching my breath I unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his flies. His cotton boxers were pushed up and outwards by the cock straining underneath. Through the opening in the fabric I caught a glimpse of pink flesh, and so I hooked my fingers inside, and pulled his cock up and through.

It was perfect, not overlong, but thick especially thicker as it got near the base, and circumsized with precum oozing from its magic eye.

I think Jack was expecting me to go down on him, but all I did was spread the clear, oily precum over the head of his cock, teasing him for a minute or two. I watched him close his eyes, and gasp quietly.

“Stay still,” I instructed, and lifted myself astride him, both my knees either side of his hips, until I got in a perfect position to lower myself onto his cock.

Thank goodness for my soaking wet pussy because his cock stretched me wide as I sank down onto it.

“Jesus Jack…fuck!” was all I said with my face buried into his shoulder. I rested motionless on his cock and got used to it filling me up.

And then I looked up.

There through the half open lounge door, sitting two stairs up, and staring implacably back at me, was Frank.

He half smiled, and put his finger to his lips, gesturing me not to let on he was there. This was his fantasy come true!

I fixed my gaze on Frank who had wanted this so much, and I was going to give him what he wanted and more! I could feel Jack wanting to move inside me so, looking straight ahead, I began to raise my hips, and then push back down.

Jack moaned too loudly, and buried his face against my neck. My hips were flexing back and forth, and my aim was to make him cum. I’d had my pleasure, and wanted him to have his.

Frank sat watching, and he knew exactly the way I reacted in that arousal journey. He could see my eyes close and open, and my fingers were tightly gripping the back of the sofa.

As I pressed down on Jack’s cock, each time his thickness filled me completely, but in a few minutes of rhythmically fucking him, I was suddenly feeling his hardness massaging my clit. It was a sensation that I’d not felt with Frank. Jack’s cock was in fact bringing me off again.

It wasn’t happening the way I wanted it to, Jack wasn’t near to cumming, but I suddenly was. I saw Frank’s eyes widen as I gritted my teeth and shuddered. I heard myself telling Jack, “Oh fuck I’m cumming again, Jack…for fucks sake.”

I pressed down and down, but Jack gripped my thighs, and tugged me back and forth. He was strong, and his cock continued to stimulate me.

I’d barely come down from my last orgasm when my whole body seemed to flush from top to bottom. In seconds my pussy was convulsing once again.

“With Frank watching, I was cumming yet again, and I didn’t hold back this time.

“Fuck…fuck…oh my god…”

Jack was whispering, “Quiet…quiet,” but then he was close to cumming himself.

“Anne…Anne…I’m going to cum…inside you…are you sure?”

My response was to press down on him harder.

Suddenly I heard him breathing loudly, and then a low grunt before burying his face in my breasts.

I could feel his cock jumping deep in my cunt, the warm sensation of his semen shooting spurt after spurt.

I’d closed my eyes and Frank knew what was happening, he’d got his wish, his fantasy had become reality, but in truth, I had loved it.

I saw him quietly get up and head towards the kitchen as Jack muttered, “Christ Anne… that was a very bad idea…I’m sorry.”

“Stop that,” I replied, “it takes two to tango…it was…good…very good!”

Jack’s face looked full of guilt as I gently lifted myself from his cock.

His boxers looked a mess, soaked with a combination of my juices and his spunk. He ignored that, lifted his lower body up, tucking his shirt in, then he fastened, and buckled his trousers.

The sound of the kitchen tap running startled him, but Frank went back upstairs, and Jack sighed with relief not knowing that everything had been seen.

Apologising needlessly again, he crept out, and I made my way to the bedroom where Frank was waiting.

“Fucking hell Anne, that was incredible,” Frank was so excited, and as I went to sit on the side of the bed he was up on his knees and grabbing me.

I’d not known him as impatient as that, and he was just as rough as before. He threw me backwards across the bed, my head hanging back over the edge. He rammed his cock straight into my pussy and hammered away, bouncing my body on the mattress. Astonishingly he came within seconds. Watching me being fucked had taken him to the very edge, and his cock pumped spurt after spurt into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32