It Ain’t Necessarily So Ch. 03

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This story has three parts. Somewhere in the three parts these things will show up: (they are not listed in order of appearance) new bras, menopause, a funeral, dildos, honesty, a 4some, mfmf, mmf, mfm, mm, a cruise, a crocodile, trading husbands/wives, sex toys, suckling, nudity, harnesses, coitus and oral sex. If you didn’t read the first two chapters the odds are good this chapter won’t make much sense.

On the day that was exactly one hundred eighty days after Marcie’s funeral Matt’s cell phone rang. He and I were in my truck headed for the hardware store when it rang. He dug it out of his pocket, looked at the screen and said, “It’s Victoria Keith. Why would she be calling me?”

“One sure way to find out.” I said.

He answered. “Matt Peterson.” I didn’t learn much from the call as I listened to only half the conversation, but I knew she had invited him for something. His answer was that he’d call her back soon.

When he hung up he said, “I think I’m officially available. Victoria invited me to dinner tomorrow night.”

“Are you going?”

“I can’t go! I’m married.” He looked at me knowing he, Sue and I were the only ones who knew he was married, to my wife. He didn’t ask out loud but his eyes asked, ‘Big brother, what do I do?’

I said, “Call Sue. Tell her what just happened. Ask for her advice.” While he talked to Sue on the phone I turned us around and we went home. Just before we were home Matt hung up. “She wants a minute to think.”

“All she gets is a minute.” I said as we parked in our driveway. Sue met us by the back door. She handed Matt a tray with a pitcher of iced tea and three glasses. We sat on our deck and talked.

Sue said, “I think you should accept, if you like Victoria .”


“No but! The rest of the world sees you as a widower, imposing on his brother and his wife. They don’t know you’re married to me and screwing my ass off as well as loving Nick.”

“I’m confused.”

“Go to dinner. Victoria ‘s a good woman. Not her fault she outlived Carl. She knows the pain of loss. She gets to be alone every night and spends her day looking for a way to fill her mind, heart and hands. When she called you she was saying, “I waited as long as I could. I already know what kind of man you are and I’m telling you I’m interested.”

I said, “Instead of looking at this like you’re cheating on us, look at it like you’re interviewing for a forth for our family. If Victoria fits, she can join us.”

Both Matt and Sue smiled at that. Sue said, “Accept! You’ll find out if she can cook, if she can carry her part of a conversation and if you have thoughts about ripping her clothes off.”

“I already know the answer to that part of the question.” His phone came out and he dialed Victoria. She answered on the first ring. Matt said, “Victoria , I’ve cancelled my dinner with the President. I’d love to have dinner with you tomorrow night.” The rest of the call was details.

Their first date was scheduled for six-thirty with him coming for dinner and then they were going to a play. They didn’t go to the play. They sat in her living room and talked until very late. As Matt told the story he didn’t reach for her or touch her all evening. When he felt like he needed to come home, he stood up and she stood in his way and asked for a kiss. He hesitated, he said, because he thought about Sue, not Marcie. She said she understood, hugged him quickly and sent him home. We concluded that she believed he hesitated because he was thinking of Marcie.

The next day Sue got a call from Victoria . She told us about it when she came home.

“Victoria has it bad.” Sue said. “The more the two of you talked the deeper she went. I understand completely. Loving either of you is easy.”

Matt asked, “Did she call you to share, to process or to ask for your help in catching me?”

“A little of all three.”

“What do I do?”

Sue sat next to Matt and held his hands. She asked, “If you close your eyes and imagine the three of us in bed together, can you put Victoria in that picture? Could she love all three of us?”

Matt opened his mouth and Sue touched a finger to his lips. “Shhhh. Think about it. This is an important question. I’m selfish. I don’t want to lose you. I already know how to share and I like it. I love it. I ask you to think about Victoria as a possible addition to the family. If she fits in your mind, then pursue her and bring her into the family. If she fits, we all win.”

Sue kissed Matt and he returned her kiss. She got up and went to the bathroom. Matt looked at me and said, “We are lucky to be married to her. She loves us both!”

I didn’t trust my own voice so I just nodded. Matt’s cell phone rang. He looked at it and said, “It’s Ayla Thompkins! What’s going on?”

“All the widows and single women in our age group are in the hunt! Answer it!”

“This is Matt.” Ten minutes later he hung up. Sue was sitting in my lap, waiting for the report. Matt stuck his phone in his pocket and said, “I won’t be here for dinner tonight. I have my choice of baked casino siteleri chicken with veggies or salmon. I got the feeling I’m to be dessert.”

“Go! Enjoy the free food, being with a woman who wants to be with you and remember the two questions. If you close your eyes and imagine the three of us in bed together, can you put Ayla in that picture? Could she love all three of us?”

He showered, shaved and dressed for his date. When he came into the kitchen where Sue and I were cooking he looked good, but a little sad.

Sue kissed him hard enough to start a fire and held on after the kiss ended. “Don’t worry. You’re in the perfect position to be looking at both Victoria and Ayla. You already have a wife who loves you and is open to having a new sister. I’m also sure Nick is open to having us be a foursome.”

“I am and I know I trust you to bring us someone who works for all of us. Now, go have fun.”

As he opened the back door he smiled and said, “Ok, Dad.” The sadness was at least submerged.

He went out the back door and Sue said, “I feel good about Ayla. She Marcie and I served on a couple of committees when the kids were in school together. Josh dated her daughter for a while.”

I asked, “If you close your eyes and imagine the three of us in bed together, can you put Ayla in that picture? Could she love all three of us?”

“I think I could see that.” She served up our dinner and added, “I think I’d like that.”

We ate and cleaned up. Sue spilled something on her skirt while we cleaned up. She took it off, rinsed it and tossed it in the washer. I volunteered to get more dirty clothes and start the wash. Three minutes later were standing by the washer, naked and starting the machine. I took Sue in my arms and said, “I love you. I love the way you think, the way you feel in my arms, the way it looks when you kiss my brother and I think, most of all, I love the way you love.” We kissed.

She guided me towards the bedroom and I am a good follower, sometimes. We made it to the bed and spent the evening being very friendly, passionate, intimate and lovers. One of us made a lot of noise. One of us got a hickie… or two. We were asleep by midnight. Matt wasn’t home.

Sue got up at about three to pee. When she came back to bed she asked, “Do we ground him for being out all night?”

I held her close. We kissed and I asked, “Matt’s in bed with Ayla. He’s already been inside her. How do you feel?”

She hesitated. In a voice just loud enough for me to hear she said, “I’m afraid. What if she rejects us? What if Matt is forced to choose? What if…”

I kissed her again and said, “We’ll deal. I’ve loved you more than half my life. If he needs Ayla and needs her strong enough to end what we have, we’ll survive. We’ll dance at their wedding and do our best to have them be happy.”

“I love you Nick Peterson.” We kissed a few more times and fell asleep.

Very soon after we fell asleep again I woke up, hearing the back door open and close. The clock read 3:35am. I wondered what was wrong. I was about to wake Sue when the bedroom light came on.

Sue and I sat up, instantly fully awake. Matt was standing in the doorway with Ayla standing beside him. He looked happier than I’d seen him since the cruise. Before he could say anything Ayla said, “I know everything! How do I get into the family?”

Sue asked, “What do you mean, you know everything?” I noticed Sue was uncovered to her waist and both breasts had new hickies.

Matt answered, “Marcie told her. Before the cruise Marcie talked to her about us, our family, and told her everything. I think Marcie wanted to bring her in with us.”

I said, “It’s four in the morning.”

Ayla said, “I’m sixty years old! I’ve waited. I know that one of the questions you all have is only answerable right there!” She pointed at the bed I was in. “I want the answer too!” She pulled her shirt up and off. Matt helped her get rid of her bra. Sue got out of bed, knelt and helped Ayla get her shoes off, then helped get rid of her slacks.

Sue looked over at me and said, “I like how she smells.” Sue also smiled when she said it.

“But how does she taste?” I asked.

Matt answered, “I get first taste. After all, she might be my fiance’e by breakfast.”

“Whoa! Cowboy. Is this a race?” I asked.

“Fiance’e is not the same as married. I think the word means intention or something like it. I intend to be part of the family. But I’m terrified I did something you may not forgive me for. Marcie told me about the gold rings. Marcie told me where you got them and why. The day after you left on the cruise I went to the shop where you went and…” She pulled her panties down and we saw her gold ring.

Sue sat down on the bed. She looked at Ayla and said, “You’ve wanted in for a while haven’t you?”

Ayla nodded and tears filled her eyes. “I have so much to tell all three of you. I cried for weeks when Marcie died. I knew she hadn’t said anything to any of you about including me. I knew Matt knew she’d had a lady lover for years and canlı casino that he didn’t know who it was. My husband knew I had a lover too, but he didn’t know who. He knew I had one way back in college too, but not the way I loved Marcie.”

Sue pulled her close and helped her onto the bed. They kissed as Matt and I hardened. When the kiss ended Sue said, “Matt, if you don’t taste her soon you’ll be second.”

He was first. He kissed her pussy. Sue got her mouth and I gave my full attention to her chest. As I sucked on her nipple I wondered if all she said was true. After her first orgasm Matt joined with her and it wasn’t long until he unloaded inside her.

“Thank you Matt, you’re wonderful. Can I beg for more? Can you wear the strap-on Marcie showed me and do me long and hard?”

Sue lubed her cunt as Matt strapped into his harness and entered Ayla. After a few strokes Ayla reached for me and sucked me until I gave her what she wanted. She cleaned my juices off me and then reached for Sue. She twisted around on the bed until her head was between Sue’s thighs and her tongue was lapping at Sue’s gold ring.

I used a finger on Ayla’s ring and she moaned, lifted her hips and moaned louder as Matt kept pumping in and out of her.

She shook and shook harder before she came. Her legs twitched and she screamed into Sue’s pussy. I pinched a nipple and pressed on her clit. She screamed louder and ounces of her juices shot from her, all over Matt and the bed. She collapsed and was out for a few seconds. Her body twitched in aftershocks even while she was out. Matt pulled out and the three of us started clean up.

By the time we were in a dry bed the sun was starting to shine. Matt on one edge, me on the other with Sue closest to me and Ayla next to her. We adjusted for comfort and intimacy and fell asleep.

Sue had forgotten she had a dentist’s appointment. She had set our alarm early the night before and at nine it went off. We all sat up, Sue said “Dentist!” and started to get up. Ayla shook Matt and asked, “Am I your fiance’e?”

He said, “Yes! Nick?”

I said, “Sue?”

Sue said, “Yes! Nick?”

“You’re in. Details to follow.”

Ayla borrowed a phone and called her work. As soon as someone answered she said, “I have a family emergency. I won’t be in today.” There was a pause and she said, “This emergency is a good one. I promise I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.” She hung up.

Matt wrapped an arm around her and asked, “Who knew about our date last night?”

Ayla blushed and said, “I just told her too much! She knows we fucked! By now the whole company knows I got laid last night.

I rolled to her and said, “They don’t know anything about this morning.”

“Oh, my God! I get both of you!”

Sue came out of the bathroom, dressed and ready to go. She smiled as I lubed Ayla and pushed inside her. She said, “You get them both this morning, tonight and whenever you want. You also get me and all of us get you. You sure this is what you want?”

I pulled all the way out and Ayla sat up, saying, “Yes! This is what I want!”

Sue said, “Good! Then after you clean up the bed, can you make breakfast for y’all. I’ve gotta go.”

I was pumping Ayla good and Matt was kissing her. I said, “We’ll take care of everything. We love you.”

We played for a while and then stopped. We snuggled and slept for a couple hours. We cleaned up the bedroom, started laundry and Ayla made omelets for breakfast, at noon. As we cleaned up breakfast Sue walked in.

She smiled and said, “You know this house almost always smells like sex?”

Ayla wiped her hands on a dishtowel and went to Sue, embraced her, kissed her gently and said, “What can I get you, do for you, do with you, my sister?”

“We can sit as a family for the rest of the day and make new sense of our lives. The dentist remarked that I was the calmest I’ve ever been today. That’s because my head was here.”

She went into the room we used as office and computer room and got a pad and a few writing tools. We sat around the table and talked. As we talked we each made notes. Mostly we made notes to ourselves about things we needed to do. We also made notes about when things needed to happen. There were financial decisions to be made and discussions about those decisions.

Ayla said, “I’ve talked to a friend who’s a realtor. Here’s my thinking: I sell my house and pay for a room addition to this house. An addition of a bedroom with a huge closet and a bathroom. Selling my house will probably take months. I’ll have plenty of time to sort through things.”

Matt said, “We can live in both houses until the addition is complete. Some times here, sometimes at Ayla’s.

Sue said, “Are you sure you want to sell your house? You could rent it out and have an income.”

Ayla said, “I got eight hundred thousand when Carl died. It took a hundred and a half to get completely out of debt. That house is full of memories. We can start the addition this week, if you want.

“The insurance on Marcie and from the cruise line haven’t kaçak casino come in yet, but our life insurance should bring us almost three hundred thousand.” Matt said.

“I recommend we open a joint account and put fifty thousand in each. We let the rest stay in CD’s or whatever investments we have and live off the joint account. Anything that costs over five hundred dollars gets a family meeting before we buy.” I said.

It got tweaked and the spending limit was agreed at two thousand a month, outside our bills for taxes, utilities, gas and insurance.

Sue and Ayla worked out the position of Queen of the Kitchen as Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were Sue’s. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were Ayla’s and on Sunday we either went out or Matt and I cooked.

That night we got dressed and went out. Ayla fit in as if she were Marcie’s sister. On the way home from dinner Matt’s phone rang. He looked at the screen and it read, “Victoria.”

He said, “It’s Victoria.”

Ayla said, “Answer it. Tell her the truth. Be kind, she’s a wonderful woman.”

It rang again. He answered. “Hi. I’m glad you called.” He hit the button and we all heard her, “I got a call tonight that you were seen at Red Lobster holding Ayla Thompkin’s hand.”

“Yes, I was. Could we come over and talk to you?”


“Yes. Nick, Sue, Ayla and me. I, we want to offer you something and I don’t want to do it over the phone.”

“Do you love her?”

“Yes. And there’s more. Please don’t decide anything except that you’ll listen to us. May we come to your house right now?”

I made the right turn that would head us to her home. It was quiet a few seconds and she said, “Come.” The line went dead. Matt put the phone away.

Ayla hooked her arm and Matt’s. “You’re going to offer her the choice of being in the family, just like each of us is family.”

“Whatever she decides will be her choice. She won’t feel rejected. She may close the door and believe we’re all freaks but she’s going to have the choice.”

Sue said, “She cannot hesitate. If she’s reluctant about sex with any of us, she’s out. If she has religious objections, moral objections or whatever, she’s out. Each of us has a veto!”

“I agree. Any of us has veto power. We don’t need to give a reason. She has veto power too.” I said.

I stopped in her driveway. We went to the door and it was partially open. She called from within, “Come on in.”

Her living room had two couches and a wing-back chair. She was in the wing-back. I went to the couch on the right and sat nearest to Victoria. Ayla sat beside me, hip touching hip. Matt took the nearest end of the other couch and Sue sat touching him.

Victoria looked at Matt and he said, “We’re here to offer you something. It’s unusual and yet, we think you just might love it. You know that Nick is my brother, Sue has been his wife for thirty-some years. Marcie and I were married almost as long. Together, in separate homes, we jointly raised four great kids. I loved Marcie and I loved Sue, but we never made that love sexual.”

Sue said, “Until last year. Menopause hit me hard and until I got help from doctors and from Marcie and Matt I had given up on sex. Nick was going crazy and I was angry all the time.”

Matt said, “Marcie and I wanted to be able to love Sue and Nick as if all four of us were married.”

Victoria asked, “You want me to join in your orgies? As she asked she shook her head.

Matt said, “No! You invited me for dinner. Was I a sex fiend? Raped you?”

“No. I wished you had made a move.”

“What do you miss most since your husband died?” Ayla asked. Her voice barely louder than a whisper.

“I miss being loved, having someone to talk with, share my life with. I miss being married!”

Ayla said, “I missed that, too. Marcie and I knew each other and she confided in me that I didn’t need to be alone.”

Matt said, “Marcie gave Ayla the love, companionship she could. They became lovers after Marcie came to me and we agreed it was a good thing, for Ayla and for us. Later we talked to Sue and Nick and since we already loved and respected them it was easy for us to open the love up and live like we were married, living in two houses.”

“The plan was that when the cruise was over we’d talk about selling one house and all live together. When the cruise was over we had a funeral instead. All three of us lost a spouse, a sister, a wife and we cried for weeks. We still cry sometimes.”

“And, so what?” Victoria asked. Her body language was telling me she wanted what we were about to offer, but she was terrified she knew what we would offer.

Matt said, “Ayla knew about all of this. She invited me for dinner and confessed she had been Marcie’s lover. She’s been thinking about loving us for about a year and last night she told me she wanted in. When Marcie and I opened up and loved Nick and Sue I learned that loving someone is as easy as deciding that having their lives work is my pleasure for the rest of my life. If Sue wants to dance with Nick, I am thrilled that dancing with Nick has her be happy. Marcie wanted to sleep and make love with Nick her last night alive. I’m grateful she got to do that. I know she died knowing all four of us loved her.” He took a breath and said, “That’s the love we offer you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32