International Peace and Pleasure

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“Do you have any more burgers?” Lin asked politely, a paper plate in hand.

I stood guard over a large BBQ grill made from a 55 gallon oil drum that had been sawed in half. A dozen hotdogs sizzled away at the grill. All of the burger patties I’d made earlier though, were now gone. The burger/beach/bash was going well. The researchers had come out in surprising numbers to my party on the beach and all appreciated the food and complimentary drinks. The red daysailer sat at anchor not far offshore, serving as a mobile diving platform.

“No,” I answered flatly.

It had been two weeks since Lin had run her tests on me. My genitals were no longer sore to touch, like they had been. But my pride and trust in the woman had been irreversibly damaged. To make the pain even more prominent, Mae Li had returned to China over a week before the beach party. As such, Lin had no opening to make introductions. The pretty Chinese girl had been bait that I apparently was never meant to bite into. I had no desire to be around Lin, in short.

“Mike, can we talk?” Lin pressed.

I flipped a few of the hotdogs, then looked around to ensure nobody would overhear what was coming.

“About what Lin? You drugging and sexually assaulting me?” I hissed.

“It…It wasn’t like that Mike.”

“It was exactly like that. Now please, for love of all that is holy, leave me alone,” I said.

Lin narrowed her eyes at me. She was grouchy as usual.

“I have a gift for you,” the girl said.

Lin held out a plastic jar. Against my better judgment, I took the jar from the girl’s hand. I opened the top, revealing several large pills inside. I had a suspicion as to the contents of the jar. After closing the top, I looked at the hand written label to discover that yes, Lin had given me a bottle of her cursed Insertia pills, complete with handwritten directions on administering the drug.

“Just in case you wanted to have a little fun,” Lin said with a wink that made my skin crawl.

The girl sashayed away from the grill, trying her best to tempt me. I shuddered at the idea and dropped the pill bottle in a canvas bag beside the grill. I took a long swig of cold Singha beer, cursing the thought of having ever touched the treacherous woman.

“Are there any hamburgers left?” a male, nasal, voice asked.

“No!” I snapped.

The source of the interrogative was a Jewish American kid from New Jersey. The young man was about twenty, had freckles and had worn a button up shirt to every function since birth, as far as I could tell. Marvin and I had spoken a few times in the past. He was a good, if slightly overweight, guy. Marvin’s two best friends, a chemical researcher from Trinidad and a lanky looking youth that studied particle physics were nearby as well. All three looked a bit shocked by my response.

“Sorry. No. We just have hotdogs left. Sorry.”

“No problem Mike. We really like the party, by the way,” Marvin said in reply.

The beach party did seem to be a hit. There were people swimming, laughing and throwing a frisbee. Nobody was drunk, but the two cases of beer I’d bought were quickly being consumed.

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“What did she want with you?” Marvin asked.

Uh oh.


“Lin. I thought you two hated each other. Or at least, that’s what I’d heard,” Marvin offered.

“Uh…rumors spread all over any workplace. She just wanted more food,” I replied.

Marvin eyed me suspiciously. He and his gang of super nerds collected a few hotdogs and retreated.

Nobody else seemed interested in the food. I set the last of the cooked wieners on a plate and abandoned the grill. I was making my rounds, greeting and generally being friendly when I encountered somebody that I DID want to deal with.

“Sasha, you made it!” I declared with a beer in hand.

A tall, thin, blonde woman sat in the shade of a palm tree with a large plastic cup in one hand. Sasha was a nuclear physics specialist that had grown up in St. Petersburg. I was completely enamored with the young woman, her build, her intelligence and her manner. She had been on the island for a few months, predating my arrival. I did not know when she would return to Russia, but I wanted to be around her in the meantime, for sure. The woman had donned a two piece, yellow, bathing suit.

“Mickelle, I congratulate you on this day,” the woman said in her thick Russian accent.

Oh, and I thought the accent was the hottest thing ever.

Small talk ensured after I selected a patch of sand nearby and plopped down. Sasha’s cup, I found, contained vodka that she had brought from the mainland. I discovered this after I was offered a sip of the beverage. The infusion of alcohol on both parts seemed to make me bolder than usual and certainly urged Sasha towards being a bit more social than her usually aloof self.

“Conichua…uh…hello,” a small voice called.

Both Sasha and I turned to find a small framed Japanese girl standing nearby. Dressed in a black blouse and blue jean shorts, the girl had dark hair and large dark eyes. I recognized the casino siteleri girl as Lin’s friend. Or ex-friend, if the rumors were true. I’d heard that the two had had a falling out in the past month. One theory was that the girl, whose name I finally remembered as Aiko, had stolen Lin’s boyfriend. The man in question had finished his research and returned to his home in Tokyo so anybody’s guess as to the validity of these claims was equal.

“Aiko! Come join us!” I beckoned.

The girl smiled and joined us on the sand, beneath the palm tree. Sasha visibly ruffled at the newcomer but did not comment on Aiko’s arrival. The sun was lowering in the west and the heat was finally reducing. The crowd was thinning as many of the researchers returned to their dormitories. A few people continued splashing in the ocean and occasionally, the frisbee would fly by still. My duty as a DECA seemed to have been fulfilled for the day. I felt that I’d earned the opportunity to have fun for myself.

I was now quite fuzzy as both Aiko and Sasha vyed for my attention. I had casually flirted with both women in the past few weeks, but had never done so at the same time. I certainly never expected to have both beside me on a beach while drinking. The devil inside me smiled when I considered the possibilities and the level of interest from either woman. I’d spent a fair number of nights running “game” on the streets and bars of Honolulu, Houston, Manhattan and the Jersey Shore. If there was anything that I’d learned, it was that women talked to interesting men and the easiest way to make a woman want me was to talk to another woman.

At one point, Lin walked by, now dressed in a bikini top and shorts. She saw Aiko, Sasha and myself together and grimaced in…jealousy maybe? Marvin and his compatriots slunk by a few minutes later, eyeing me with a mix of admiration and awe.

“There’s still some beer by the grill. Ya’ll are welcome to it!” I offered.

The three men seemed to perk up a bit and make for the BBQ pit further down the beach.

You may be wondering how I, an otherwise unassuming individual, had somehow managed to garner the attention of two attractive females on such a small island with such a small population, of which only a scant few were close to my age and weighed less than the a blue whale. Well, at TITS, I was the village idiot by default. I was funny, in that way, which was helpful.

Also, I was one of the few males on the island that wasn’t suffering from Asperger’s, chronic asthma, or being an asshole.

Eventually, the crowd truly died off. I ensured that the grill was secured, collected the last of the food and beer and led the way back towards the main compound, along a foot trail through the woods. Sasha seemed a little less upset with Aiko’s presence than before, fortunately. Aiko, meanwhile, seemed to be quite content to socialize as best as she could in her broken English as we walked along. Suddenly, I heard a squealing giggle followed by a groan that could have come from a cow being murdered.

Wait a minute, I knew that sound…

Suddenly, a figure burst from the undergrowth beside the path. Lin was stark naked and smiling like a lottery winner as she bowled myself and the two girls out of the way.

“You’re going to have to try harder than that if you want this again boys!” Lin declared, running ahead of us.

About five seconds later, we were greeted by a sight that I had truly not wanted to imagine, ever. Marvin, completely in the buff, sprinted past us. He was followed by the Trinidadian and the other American researcher whose name I could not recall. These two men still had shirts on, but their pants had been chunked to the wind. It was quite easy to note, before they had gone, that all three men sported erections.

“Should you be concerned with that?” Sasha posed, staring.

A thought occurred to me. In the dying light, I set my food bag down and examined its contents. The pill bottle of Lin’s Insertia was still in the bag. I picked up the container, but could tell that it was lighter than before. I supposed that Marvin and his friends had found the bottle when I’d offered the beer earlier. Or maybe Lin had suggested where to find the medication. Regardless, the woman seemed to be enjoying the artificial attention she was receiving.

“No. I’m off the clock,” I replied.

I didn’t recall suggesting the action, but Sasha and Aiko both accompanied me to my cottage. Inside, I broke out my stash of Oakheart rum and a big bottle of 7 Up, dispensing fresh, cool drinks for the two women. The drink I made for myself was equally tall and but not quite as strong. All three of us ended up on the couch, watching TV and laughing just a bit more than usual. If the evening ended this way, I would have been content. I was happy. But I was also curious to see how far I could take things. Which girl did I have a better chance with anyways? Or was there a chance at…the UnHoley Trinity?

“Sasha, have you ever tried a quad action massage?” I posed to the Russian, turning towards her.

The woman raised an eyebrow at me. canlı casino On my other side, Aiko seemed a bit dubious as well.

“They say it’s mind meltingly good,” I continued.

“What is this, quad action massage?” Sasha asked.

“It’s where a person receives a massage from two people at the same time. So that’s four hands, meaning twenty fingers, at once. Supposedly you go into a trance of some sort because your mind can’t process all the stimulus,” I explained.

“I’ve never heard of such thing,” Sasha replied.

“I read it on a forum awhile back. I was just curious if you’d ever tried it. Aiko, what about you? Have you ever tried a quad action massage?”

The Japanese woman shook her head, then shrugged. I had a feeling that she was going to be a bit easier to convince than Sasha, so I focused on the Russian a bit more.

“Would you like to try it for a bit?” I asked Sasha, then turned towards Aiko, indicating that the question was meant for her as well.

“Maybe. But first, I go to bathroom. Where is it?” Sasha replied, still skeptical.

I led the woman into my bedroom and pointed at the bathroom door. I got a brief side hug in thanks, then she made for the lavatory. Aiko, meanwhile, had followed us into the bedroom.

As soon as the bathroom door closed, the girl’s timid manner faded slightly. The girl pulled me into an embrace and kissed me without any word or warning. The standing makeout session lasted for a few minutes until the sound of a flushing toilet and running sink indicated Sasha’s completion. The small framed Asian girl pushed away as the door opened, looking slightly embarrassed.

“Let me try this ‘quad action massage’ yes?” Sasha posed.

I gently directed the woman onto the bed. Sasha lay face down on my comforter and, without any guidance, unfastened the strap for the top half of her swimsuit.

“Okay, Aiko, you can go second. But first, give me a hand here please.”

I began kneading Sasha’s shoulders and neck. Aiko, faltering a bit at first, began rubbing the other woman’s lower back. Sasha sighed in relief. The experience had to feel quite good. I rubbed and caressed for a few minutes, noting that Aiko’s hands got extremely close to Sasha’s waist band. Sasha seemed to enjoy the experience greatly.

“What do you think?” I asked, stopping the massage.

“That was amazing!” Sasha said into the comforter.

“Good. Aiko, are you ready to give it a try for a bit?” I posed.

The Japanese girl nodded. She seemed eager as she quickly unbuttoned and removed her blouse, then lay on the bed. Once on the bed, Aiko unfastened her black bra, letting the garment fall to her sides. Sasha and Aiko looked at each other, side by side, for a moment, then both laughed. The animosity from earlier was, fortunately, fading. Sasha sat up on the bed and repositioned herself so she could rub Aiko’s lower back.

I may have stared with slack jaw for a bit too long at this point. Sasha was topless, revealing beautiful B cup breasts and relatively light and small nipples. The woman ignored me entirely, focusing on a deep tissue massage on Aiko’s back. I stuttered for a moment, then began rubbing the girl’s neck and shoulders. Aiko moaned happily. She too, seemed to enjoy the attention.

Sasha looked up and made eye contact with me. She nodded her chin towards me, not speaking. I leaned closer and, to my glee and surprise, received a rather long, breathy, kiss on the lips. It was quite hot and I was obviously aroused after a few minutes of the kiss from one woman while touching another woman. My mind was in overdrive like never before.

“Your turn,” Aiko said reluctantly after about five minutes of the quad action massage.

Aiko sat up and made a space on the bed for me. Her breasts were also in open air and of roughly equal dimensions to Sasha’s. I was a bit more coy about this exposure though and managed to not stare at her dark nipples. I stripped my flowered Aloha shirt off, chunking it in a corner, then lay face down on bed. Aiko’s delicate hands grasped onto my shoulders. Meanwhile, Sasha began kneading my back.

Sure enough, it felt absolutely amazing. I was drunk and had two beautiful, topless, women massaging me. I was basically the most content I’d ever imagined. At some point though, I noticed that Aiko and Sasha’s massage efforts were becoming halfhearted. The latter seemed to just lean on my back now, as opposed to the deep tissue massage that had started. This was a bit disappointing. I’d made sure that both women had received adequate attention during their back rubs. I turned over a bit to see if maybe I could spur the two women into action again.


Aiko and Sasha were now kissing. As I rolled over, both sets of hands left my body and reached out for the other woman. The two girls were kneeling on the bed, kissing quite passionately. Holy crap, that wasn’t expected. Earlier in the day, Sasha had seemed very opposed to Aiko’s presence. Now? She was quite happy to tongue kiss the Japanese girl. I watched in awe as Aiko’s hands reached down and began teasing Sasha’s nipples kaçak casino until they grew rock hard.

I sat up, unsure of what to do. How should I interact with the two women that seemed so interested in each other?

Sasha lay down on the bed and pulled Aiko with her. The two were intertwined, making out with each other, feeling each other up from ass to head. Aiko moaned softly when Sasha bent down and began sucking on the girl’s left breast, then her right. Then Sasha pulled away a bit and looked back at me. I was still kneeling on the bed, in awe of the scene in front of me.

“You help Michael,” Sasha directed.

Aiko smiled as I joined the fray and moaned happily when I began gently sucking on her right nipple. Sasha nursed the left. Aiko grasped onto my hair with one hand. It was hard to tell from my position, but I was fairly certain that the girl’s other hand was being used to tease one of Sasha’s nipples. Sasha’s heavy breathing indicated that something intimate was happening at least.

Unbidden, Sasha’s right hand could be felt running up Aiko’s leg, then stopping at the groin. The small framed Asian woman giggled and could be felt girating beneath me as Sasha teased her intimate bits. Meanwhile, both Sasha and I were sucking and licking, side by side. Aiko’s hand left my head and trailed down my side for a bit before coming to a stop at the waist of my swim trunks. There was a bit of fumbling, then I felt the drawstring being untied. Suddenly, there was a gust of cool air as my trunks fell from my waist. I had a very strong erection and it was now out in the open.

Aiko giggled, then grasped onto my penis. Squeezing gently, the girl worked her way up and down my member with care. I hummed in appreciation as I sucked on the girl’s right nipple some more. Sasha pulled herself away from Aiko’s nipple, then nudged me aside. Laying on top of Aiko, Sasha began tongue kissing the smaller woman with extreme passion. Aiko, to her credit, continued her attention to me as this occurred.

“That’s not fair,” Sasha stated, having looked down to see me mostly naked and being pleasured.

The blonde pushed off of Aiko and boldly slid her panties downward. I caught a glimpse of a perfectly shaved landing strip before Sasha bent downward and started edging Aiko’s shorts and panties down as well. Aiko broke her contact with me to aid in the stripping. Now, both women were completely naked on the bed and looked at each other hungrily. I was, momentarily, forgotten as the two embraced and began a quite steamy makeout session.

I took the moment to slide my swim trunks off the rest of the way. The girls took no notice of this action, as they were both consumed with each other. I wasn’t sure of threeway etiquette, never having come close to this landmark sexual achievement. It was obvious that things were certainly headed n that direction though and I wanted to make sure that I was up to the challenge, once I was included again.

“Be right back girls,” I said.

Sasha pulled back and winked at me, then started working her way down to the girl’s breasts, kissing each nipple in turn.

I sprinted from the bedroom into the living room. Sliding to a stop, I dug into the canvas bag I’d used at the beach. The bottle of Insertia pills was still there, to my relief. I quickly scanned the handwritten label on the bottle. Unfortunately, the medication was still for rectal administration only. I ran into the kitchen and ducked out of sight, behind the counter, just in case the girls decided to look. Squatting on the floor, wobbling slightly from rum and excitement, I almost jammed one of the pills up my back passage. At the last second, I chickened out though. I didn’t want to turn into a complete monster in the bedroom. I quickly washed my hands, chugged a bit of water, then left for the bedroom.

Back in the bedroom, the two girls were still intertwined. Sasha was still nuzzling Aiko’s nipples tenderly with her tongue and a hand. Aiko had her eyes closed and was moaning softly with arousal and content.

“Here, let me help out a bit,” I prompted.

Sasha made room and focused on Aiko’s right breast. I focused on the left. Aiko grabbed onto both my hair and Sasha’s gently. After a minute or so of this action, I felt the craving for more interaction. I left the nipple and began a series of kissing pecks down the girl’s body. Aiko’s left hand left my scalp and grabbed onto Sasha. I slowly made my way further south, until I was kissing Aiko’s inner thighs. Sasha looked down at me, recognizing what was coming for Aiko. She left the well tended left breast and instead began kissing Aiko on the mouth, face and neck while sliding off to the side, making room for me.

I pondered the view before me. Aiko was not clean shaven like Sasha, but she had tidied up at some point in the last month or two. Prickly pubic hair greeted my lips as I lightly kissed on the girl’s landing strip for a moment before pecking either thigh one more time. The scent of a woman’s vagina filled my out and barely touched Aiko’s clit. The girl’s legs wiggled on either side of me as I slowly ran my tongue down from the clit and pushed my way into her soaking wet vaginal opening. I worked my tongue in and out for some time, then returned my focus to her clit. Aiko moaned happily as my pace and pressure on the spot increased.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32