I’m Not Much of a Dancer Ch. 01

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Boss Sex

Lottie crosses her legs with a sigh and looks at me for a long time. Tears still stain her cheeks.

“I thought he was different.” She says for the umpteenth time and wipes her eyes.

“I know, sweetie,” I say and I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve uttered those words tonight. “You don’t need him, for anything, trust me,” I say hoping it insinuates the offer I’m trying to insinuate. Flirtation and seduction have always been foreign to me. I’m trying as best as I can.

See, I’ve always had feelings for Lottie, ever since we were in grade school. We’re now both 23, and I’ve never been able to act on my attraction. She’s never been open about her sexuality or anything of a sexual nature. I don’t want to make things awkward. But recently dumped girls are always the easiest to get in bed with. They want a rebound. I’m hoping her latest breakup provides the perfect moment to make a move because I could never fully articulate how much I want her.

She’s 5’8 with chocolate brown hair and eyes to match. She’s a bit on the chubby side but that’s how I like my women, most likely because I’m chubby as well.

Lottie has no idea that I’m a lesbian. Actually the only people that do know are the girls I’ve been with. And that isn’t a very long list because, like I said, I’m bad at flirting.

Lottie says something but I don’t hear her due to the fact that I’ve noticed her night shirt is see-through and her breasts are completely visible. Her nipples are visibly hard and appear as though to be trying to poke straight through the shirt and free themselves of their cotton prison. Just the sight of them makes me wet because I casino siteleri can imagine my self sucking on them, pulling on them with my teeth. Then I can see myself tugging off her panties and licking her clit until she screams my name, bucks her hips against my mouth. And then my tongue delves inside her….I feel my womanhood quiver, my impure thoughts being too much too handle.

“Shayna,” her voice breaks me out of the spell her breasts have cast on me. Surely by now she’s realized I’m checking her out big time. I have many times before, but I’ve always done so inconspicuously.

“Thanks so much for coming over, Shay,” She says with a smile. She stands and goes over to her stereo, simultaneously saying, “Let’s lighten up this pity party.”

She puts on some upbeat pop music and holds out her hand to me, “Let’s dance.”

“You know I’m not much of a dancer, Lottie.”

“I can’t dance either, just get up.”

I get up, jumping at the chance to be able to make contact with her as we dance in the small area between her dresser and her bed. I brush my hands against her chest as much as I feel I can get away with until she pulls me close and says into my ear, “Shay, are you repeatedly touching my tits on purpose?”

I smile as I answer,”Yes.”

Then she does something that completely throws me off guard; she takes her shirt off.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Making things easier for you. Touch them all you want.”

But I do much more than touch them, I worship them with my hands and mouth.

“Gosh, I always figured you’d be good at this, but not this good.”

I stop ravaging her canlı casino breasts, “Wait, what?”

Now she blushes, “Well, I’ve fantasized about you in the past. Always wondered if you were gay, now I suppose I’ve got my answer,” She laughs.

I kiss her as she’s still laughing, her lips as soft as I’ve always imagined they’d be.

“I’m gay too,” She admits after the kiss, “I keep trying to be with guys but once it comes to sex I can’t bring myself to do it and they break up with me.”

“Have you been with a girl before?” She nods and I add, “how many?” to my inquiry and she blushes before answering with, “One hundred and twenty four.”

“Holy shit, Lottie. I had no idea you were so promiscuous.”

She smiles, “Now you know, so enough talk for now, okay?”

She doesn’t have to ask me twice. I strip to nothing as she slides off her panties. Our lips meet again in a sloppy, hungry kiss. It’s become blatant that she wants me as much as I want her.

I push her onto her bed, ready to dive in, but she stops me.


“In my end table drawer there’s some toys, grab ’em.”

I oblige even though I’m not too big on dildos and stuff. I’ve never seen a need for them, but if she likes them, we’ll use them. I’m just thankful for this pleasant turn of events. Honestly what are the odds that we both turned out to be secret lesbians? Not that I’m complaining.

I toss the toys on the bed and bury my face in her pussy, devouring her like I’ve always wanted to. She’s so sweet in my mouth, and the way she writhes in pleasure kills me. I’ve never been this turned on. I feel like I’m going to come without kaçak casino her even touching me.

I back off for a moment to get my hair out of my face, then right back in. This time, I add my fingers into the mix. I insert one finger for starters, then two, three. Those go in easy but with the fourth finger I can feel her stretching to accommodate my digits. I work my whole hand inside of her. I didn’t intend to fist her when I began, but that doesn’t mean I want to stop. She’s whimpering and moaning and her whole body is trembling.

“Fuck me harder,” She murmurs and I do just that with great pleasure. The fact that she’s into fisting has got my juices overflowing from my pussy and dribbling down my thighs.

And then she climaxes hard and squirts on me. She gets up and begins to clean up the mess she’s made all over me with her tongue. She then lays back down and says, “Sit on my face, Shay.”

I happily oblige and am soon well on my way to an orgasm by her tongue. I ride her face, her nose stimulating my clit and her tongue inside of me. Next thing I know she’s grabbed one of the dildos and proceeds to fuck my ass with it. I’ve never been fucked in the ass by anything but I quickly learn that this is definitely my kind of thing. I come sooner than I would’ve liked and she recedes the dildo and her tongue out of my holes.

“Kiss me, I want you to taste yourself on my tongue,” She pants in a husky tone.

I don’t hesitate in doing so while we grind our pussies against one another. A few minutes of that brings us to an earth shattering mutual orgasm.

“Wanna know something, Shay?” Lottie asks as we lie tangled up together.


“Every single one of those girls I slept with, well I thought about you with each of them I’d close my eyes and pretend it was you. But none of them compare to finally having sex with you.”

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