I’ll See You After Class

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I did something bad. It felt good in the moment until I realized how much trouble I could get myself in.

I felt fine as I drove home from work and forgot about it completely for the rest of the evening. But when I was in bed that night trying to sleep, that’s when it hit me. I just put my job, my career, my entire livelihood on the line for the cheapest of thrills.

The day was great up until I did what I did. I got into school early, every class went off without a hitch. I even gave my tenth graders no homework just because I was in a good mood. Then the last class of the day came around. I always found myself both looking forward to it and dreading it. Twelfth grade history. The class he was in.

I have been teaching for almost a decade and I am really good at it. That’s not a brag, it’s just the truth. I have taught in three schools since I qualified and improved the grade point average of my students in each one.

Most of my students were hard workers. They gave a shit. But there’s always the few who don’t.

He was one of them.

I noticed him when I first joined the faculty in September. He was hard not to spot. He was one of the tallest kids in the school, probably three or four inches taller than me. He was on the football team and you could tell. He had wide shoulders, biceps that looked like they would rip his shirt open every time he moved his arms and thick, tree trunk legs.

He was tanned. His hair was short, a buzz cut around the side. He had a movie star smile and an action man jawline.

His name was Jake and I could not stand him.

Every teacher has their favourites. Any that claim otherwise is a bullshitter. Jake was nobody’s favourite, except for Tom Simpson the football coach, for obvious reasons. He was lazy, entitled and didn’t try. Some of the assignments he turned in were downright insulting.

What annoyed me most about Jake was his attitude. He sauntered around the school like he owned the place. He always sat in the back of the class so he could shoot the shit with his bros, who in terms of personality, were all indistinguishable from each other.

The girls all loved him, obviously. From the handful of conversations and jokes I heard passing through the hallway, he had already been with plenty of them.

When I got the job, I was eager to show my enthusiasm for the school. I was in the front row at every football game. Jake was gifted, that was for sure. He was the best player they had.

I’ll admit, it was sort of hard to take my eyes off him the first time I saw him walk out onto the pitch in his football gear. He filled out those white pants extremely well. His ass was so meaty, it gave me a stirring in my pants so strong I had to cross my legs to avoid embarrassment.

Coach Simpson noticed my enthusiasm and started inviting me to watch the guys’ practice. I went a few times. I think he was relieved there was finally another young male member of staff he could hang out with.

Jake was Coach Simpson’s pride and joy. His star player since the day he joined the team. Unfortunately, Tom’s devotion to Jake meant he had overstepped the boundary with the other teachers.

Jake’s grades were so low he was at risk of being dropped by the team if he didn’t start studying. His parents were so furious they marched into the principal’s office one evening to complain.

‘After all the glory our son has brought to your school, this is how you repay him?’

I was starting to see where his sense of entitlement came from.

Coach Simpson asked me and the rest of the staff to go easier on Jake. His whole life was about the game, he couldn’t lose his spot on the team. Principal Walker caved to his parents’ demands and gently encouraged the same behaviour.

What pissed me off the most was that everybody just complied, no questions asked. Jake’s grades improved almost across the board and he was able to stay on the team. There was just one subject left where his grades had stayed the same. History.

I sat at my desk, watching as Jake ignored my instructions for the students to begin composing their essays. He was crouched low on his desk, showing something on his phone to his buddy next to him, laughing quietly.

‘Jake, knock it off,’ I said a little too loudly. Some of the students in the front row jumped.

Jake stopped smiling and looked me in the eye. After a moment, he shoved his phone back in his pocket.

‘My bad, Mr. Briggs,’ he said. He didn’t mean it.

If I was honest with myself, the main reason I disliked Jake wasn’t because he didn’t care enough to try in my class. It was because of what he did to me.

Every time I saw one of his muscles flex, or that way he walked down the halls, I got turned on. I wish I didn’t, but it’s not like I could control it.

I found myself thinking about him a lot late at night. Imagining him going into the locker room after a game and peeling his uniform off. The sweat glistening on his muscles as he wiped his face with a towel. The water running down his muscled pecs as he took a shower. The curve of his dick casino oyna as he soaped it up.

I was rock hard in class as all these images flashed through my mind and I thanked God I was sat behind a large desk. I was relieved when the bell rang and everybody left.

That was when I did what I did.

Jake had left his gym bag behind. I stuck my head into the hallway but he had disappeared amongst a hundred other students. I rolled my eyes. Why did he have his gym bag in class with him anyway? He should have put it in his locker.

I walked to his desk and picked it up. It was open. My eyes were immediately drawn to the item on top. Jake’s underwear. I dropped the bag like it was radioactive.

No, I couldn’t. I shook my head. No, don’t do it.

I waited a moment. The hallway was quieter now, people were leaving. The classroom was empty.

No, don’t do it.

But then, I did it.

I took his underwear, a pair of black boxer shorts, and brought them to the desk, dropping them in my briefcase. I gathered my things and left. I took Jake’s gym bag to lost and found at reception. He could pick it up there when he realized he forgot it.

When I got home, I went straight to my couch and undid my belt, pulling my pants down. I took my shirt off so fast I almost ripped it. I sat down and took the underwear out of my briefcase.

He had worn these. He had played football in them. His sweat was in them.

I put the fabric to my nose and sniffed. My cock twitched and I jerked it. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, taking in the intoxicating musk of Jake’s body.

It smelled like a man.

I imagined how good they must look when stretched across his huge glutes, the piece of fabric in the centre riding up between his ass cheeks.

I shot a load across my stomach, hot and thick. It came out in spurts, I moaned loudly as I rubbed his shorts into my face.

That night, I thought about what I had done. I had stolen one of my student’s personal possessions for sexual gratification. If anyone found out, I would lose my job. It didn’t matter that Jake was eighteen, he was still my student. If word got out further than the school, I would never teach anywhere again.

I told myself it would be OK. It’s not like anyone had seen me. Jake had no idea. Even if he realized I would likely have been the person who delivered his bag to lost and found, he would probably just think he had misplaced his underwear. He certainly wouldn’t think his fucking history teacher had taken it.

I kept his shorts in a plastic bag so they would not lose their sent. Putting them back in my briefcase, I took them to school with me the next day so I could jerk in the bathroom with them.

I knew it was risky, but I liked having them with me. It was like I had a part of him to myself. That cocky jock who I couldn’t stand but who still managed to push my buttons in all the right ways.

At the end of the day, I was ready to pack my things and go home. Coach Simpson pulled me into the hallway and told me that he and the other male teachers were heading to a sports bar later that night and I should come. I agreed and we spoke for a minute or two.

When I returned to the classroom, my briefcase was lying open on the desk. I had left it on the floor. I looked inside. Jake’s underwear was gone.

No, I thought. This can’t be happening. I opened all the drawers and rifled through everything inside.

I looked under the desk, still nothing. Shit, I thought. This is not good. I took a deep breath and tried not to panic.

Someone had taken them. No, they couldn’t have. That was crazy. How would they have known they were in my briefcase? Had someone seen me take them yesterday?

No, the classroom was empty and I made sure no one was in the hall. This didn’t make any sense. I ran my hands through my hair. Shit, shit, shit.

‘You lookin’ for these?’

I turned around so quickly my leg hit the edge of the briefcase and knocked it off the table.

Jake was standing in the doorway, holding the underwear in his hand. He was wearing blue jeans that hugged his thighs so well, I was sure they would rip if he made any sudden movements. His white t-shirt highlighted the golden hue of his skin. His eyes locked with mine.

‘Um, where did you get those?’

Jake raised an eyebrow.

‘Don’t you mean, where did you get these, Mr. Briggs?’

My mind raced as I tried to think of a legitimate reason why I had my student’s used underwear in my briefcase. Obviously, there wasn’t one.

‘I, um… Jake, I think there’s been a misunderstanding here.’

Jake took a step into the room. He took a wide stance, his legs far apart. A show of dominance. I could make out the bulge in his trousers. Don’t look at it, I said to myself. That’s the last thing you need to be looking at right now, this guy could kick your ass.

He folded his arms across his chest. Jesus, his biceps were fucking huge.

‘What misunderstanding is that?’

‘Those uh… those aren’t yours.’

He said nothing. He stood there, waiting for canlı casino me to go on.

‘Those… well, those are mine. I just had them with me today. You know, an extra pair.’ I laughed nervously.

‘So these aren’t mine?’

I shook my head. ‘No, definitely not.’

Jake nodded. ‘So you didn’t take them out of my gym bag yesterday and bring them home with you, right before you took it to lost and found?’

He had watched me hand it in. He knew.

He took another step closer. He was the biggest eighteen-year-old I had ever seen.

‘Well, I uhm…’

‘What did you do with these when you got home Mr. Briggs?’

Jake held up his underwear, leaving it dangling in my face. I could almost smell the intoxicating scent from here.

‘Jake, please…’

‘Did you smell them?’


He took another step closer.


I looked down at the ground. I couldn’t look him in the eye. It was too humiliating. He was going to tell. I was going to lose everything.

‘You can tell me if you did,’ he said in a low voice. ‘I won’t get mad.’

Before I had a chance to respond, Jake held up the underwear and pressed it gently against my face. The scent of his manly musk filled my nostrils once more.

I got hard instantly. I could feel my dick pushing against my pants, begging to be set free.

Jake leaned in close, so close I could feel his breath on me. He spoke quietly into my ear.

‘I left these here on purpose. I wanted to see if you would take them. I see the way you look at me, Mr. Briggs. At first, I thought it was just in my head, like I was imagining it. But then you started showing up at all our games, rehearsals. I saw the way you kept checking me out. I thought, I better figure out for sure if he is into me.’ I felt his hand gently touch my crotch. ‘And now it looks like I have my answer.’

He let the underwear drop to the floor and kept his hand on my bulge. I was breathless. My mouth hung open. He put his hand over my hard-on and rubbed it gently.

This can’t be happening, I told myself. I’m going to wake up any second and I’ll be back in my house, curled up in bed with the biggest erection of my life.

‘Does that feel good?’ Jake said, as he continued to rub my cock through my pants.

I nodded.

‘You want to take it out?’ he said.

I blushed. I hated blushing. The person you were with knowing you were embarrassed, or in this case, impossibly turned on. I nodded again.

‘Go ahead,’ he said.

I unbuttoned my pants, pulled down my underwear and felt instant relief as my cock was freed, hard and throbbing.

Jake gave me one of his movie star smiles. The perfect rows of white teeth, that square jaw.

‘You’re packin’ Mr. Briggs. Wanna see mine?’

He didn’t wait for me to answer. With one swift movement, Jake pulled his jeans down. His cock was magnificent. Long and thick, surrounded by just the right amount of hair.

‘Holy fuck,’ I said. ‘Nice. Can I touch it?’

He wrapped a hand around my forearm and effortlessly pulled my whole body forward. Fuck, he was strong.

He led my hand towards his cock. God, it felt so good in my hand. So thick. I thought about all the pleasure this cock had given, envious of all those girls he had been with.

Jake moaned as I jerked him off. He bit his lower lip and raised his head slightly, letting the pleasure I was giving him travel all over his glorious body.

I got down on my knees and watched my hand glide back and forth over his shaft. I had been waiting for this moment ever since I first laid eyes on him. Opening my lips, I sighed with pleasure as I put his cock in my mouth.

Jake started to move his hips forward and back. I let my hands travel up his muscular quads and settle on his meaty ass, feeling the strength of his glutes as he forced his cock down my throat.

‘Fuck Mr. Briggs, you sure know how to suck dick.’

He put his hand on my head, keeping me in place at his feet. I glanced up and our eyes met. He smiled again and gripped my hair tighter. I put one hand around his shaft and massaged it while I worked the head with my tongue.

Jake suddenly let go of my hair and put his arms on my shoulders, signalling for me to stand up. When we were facing each other, Jake put his hands on my shirt and tore it open. The buttons scattered across the floor as he put his hands on my chest and then down my torso, examining me, taking in every inch of my body.

‘Impressive dude,’ he said. ‘I could tell you were stacked underneath that suit.’

Jake brought our bodies together. My heart raced when our chests touched. Wrapping himself around me, Jake leaned in until our lips met. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of our tongues touching, the sweetness of his lips, his huge hands running over my skin as we explored each other.

I was not sure how long we had been kissing for when Jake told me to get on the desk. The desk, where I sat every day to signify that I was in charge, that I was the one who was in control, was now going to become the place where kaçak casino Jake would have his way with me.

We took the rest of our clothes off and let them drop to the floor. On the board were all the notes I had made in my last class. How normal everything had seemed then and how quickly it had changed.

Things would never be the same again. Even if Jake and I never had another encounter, it had changed my view of him. He was not just a dumb jock who thought he was better than everyone else, he was so much more.

My whole body tensed up when I felt the head of his cock against my hole. He pressed it gently, almost going in.

‘I’ve been wanting to fuck this ass ever since you got here Mr. Briggs,’ he said.

‘Put it in Jake, please put it in,’ I said.

I groaned as I felt the head open me up. The feeling started in my hole and spread through my body, making my head spin. His girth was overwhelming. He pushed deeper inside, filling me up. I felt his meat pulse inside my hole as we became one.

Jake put both his hands on my chest, pinning me down. I watched his abdominal muscles flex as he thrusted in and out. My cock was hard and leaking precum onto my torso. I used it as lube and began to jerk myself off.

Our eyes locked and Jake smiled. His breathing became deeper and quicker. He moved his hands from my chest to my legs and effortlessly held them up.

My hole clenched against his hardness. He grunted and continued to thrust. I grabbed the sides of the desk and gasped, feeling his head massaging my prostate. It was like nothing I had ever felt before.

‘Oh God,’ I said, half delirious. ‘Oh Jake…’

Showing off his strength, Jake flipped me over so that I was facing the ground. The desk creaked as he climbed on top. He was in control and I couldn’t get enough of it.

He was inside me again. I felt the full weight of his glorious form on top of me, giving me what I wanted, what I needed. I could sense him coming closer until our faces touched. His breath was hot in my ear.

‘Do you like getting fucked by this big dick?’

‘I love it Jake, oh God, I love it.’

‘Is this the best dick you’ve ever taken in your life?’

‘Yes. God, it’s amazing. You are like no one I’ve ever been with before.’

I could almost hear the smile spread across his lips. His balls slapped against my cheeks as he continued to fuck me.

I felt Jake running his hand up my shoulder until it went across my throat. My eyes widened. He gripped.

‘You’re mine now, Mr. Briggs.’

I nodded. ‘I’m yours, Jake.’

‘All mine.’

‘Fuck yes, oh God.’

Sweat from his brow landed on my cheek, his cock still ravaging my hole. His animal instinct had taken over and I couldn’t get enough.

‘Tell me again.’

‘I’m yours Jake. All yours. From now on, you can have me whenever you want me. You own my ass.’

Jake grunted and let out a loud roar. My eyes closed and my mouth fell open as I felt streams of hot come shooting inside me. His cream was warm and thick. He kept fucking my hole, filling me up with come.

‘Fuck,’ he said, his hand still on my throat.

Jake took a deep breath and got off the des. He turned me over. I stared up at him breathless.

‘No,’ I said, almost a whisper. It can’t be over, not yet.

Jake smirked. ‘Don’t worry, we still have to get you off.’

His cock went straight back in my hole as he grabbed hold of my legs once more. The desk creaked as he fucked me with every ounce of strength he had. I jerked myself off, my come begging to be released.

And then, as my eyes rolled to the back of my head, I let go.

Come shot across my chest in rapid squirts, warm and sticky. More kept coming, quick and intense. I could think about nothing in that moment except the pleasure he was giving me. I probably couldn’t have remembered my own name if I tried. It was the most powerful orgasm I ever had.

Jake intertwined his hands with mine and pulled me off the desk. Our naked bodies touched as he kissed me again. If he hadn’t had his arms wrapped around my waist, my legs might have failed me.

He pulled away and we smiled at each other. He grabbed my ass cheek and smacked it hard.

‘Mine,’ he said.


As quick as it happened, it was over. We both got dressed and left. The parking lot was empty.

‘When can I see you again?’ I said.

‘Tomorrow in class,’ he laughed.

‘You know what I mean.’

‘Let’s not plan too much, Mr. Briggs,’ he said, putting his hand on my cheek, stroking gently. ‘It’s more exciting that way.’ He paused and then smiled. ‘But I already know who I’m going to be celebrating with on graduation night.’

It was Friday. The last class of the day. I was almost finished grading the seniors’ latest history paper. An essay on the importance of American intervention in World War II. Almost all the students had made a marked improvement on their previous work. Others had held on steady to where they were. I smiled. I was making a difference.

Jake, of course, held the honour of being the student with the biggest jump in his grades. An example to all his peers. I didn’t even need to read his paper. Thinking about our special encounter, and all the ones that were still to come, I proudly gave him an A.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32