His Buddies’ Handiwork

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Quiet moans and whimpers escaped Aaron’s lips as he approached climax. Camping with his buddies meant he hadn’t jerked of for days from lack of privacy, and was now desperate to release his load. He continued to pump his cock hard and fast, his breathing quickening to match his pace. He was ready to take himself over the edge, when the zip on the tent began to open.

Aaron froze. There was nowhere to go or hide. He as gonna get caught.

‘Hey Aaron, when were…’

The voice trailed off. It was Aaron’s best friend, Dylan. He stood in the doorway of the tent, looking confused. Aaron lay there, hard cock in his hand and his balls in the other. He wanted the ground to swallow him, he was so embarrassed. Dylan’s expression turned from confused to amused, as a devious grin formed on his face.

‘You dirty bastard,’ joked Dylan ‘I sleep in here to you know.’

‘Fuck off Dylan,’ exclaimed Aaron, grabbing a blanket to cover himself.

‘Relax dude,’ laughed Dylan ‘it’s no biggie, especially that cock of yours.’

‘I’m gonna fucking kill you dude,’ said Aaron throwing a pillow at his friend.

‘Hey, don’t stop on my accord,’ said Dylan ‘a mans got needs.’

‘I’m not gonna rub one out with you in here,’ said Aaron annoyed ‘maybe you could just piss of for a bit.’

‘Do you hear the rain out there?’ asked Dylan ‘I’m not definitely not going out.’

‘Dude!’ exclaimed Aaron collapsing back onto his pillow ‘I’ haven’t jerked of in almost a week. I’m so fucking horny right now, I need to blow my load.’

‘Then blow your man. We’ve seen each other naked a thousand times in the gym. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.’

Aaron exhaled sharply, shaking his head.

‘I’m not gonna jerk of with you just sitting there.’

‘I’ll turn my back,’ chuckled Dylan.

‘That’s not gonna work dude,’ said Aaron ‘it’d be too weird. You’d be laughing the entire time.’

Yeah, that’s true. Maybe I’ll join you, so it’s not so awkward for you,’ laughed Dylan.

Aaron said nothing at first, as he was thinking it through.

‘Okay, yeah. That’ll work,’ said Aaron ‘it’ll be less weird if we’re both doing it.’

‘Yeah, right,’ said Dylan sarcastically. canlı bahis

‘I’m serious man. I need a release, and if you’re not gonna leave, you’re gonna have to join me.’

‘Wait, you actually serious about this? I was only kidding,’ said Dylan.

Aaron patted the space next to him.

‘Come on, get naked,’ said Aaron ‘lets be real, I assume you haven’t jerked of either this week? You’re probably horny as fuck to.’

A brief moment of silence followed as Dylan thought everything through. His mind made up, he stripped down and joined Dylan on the blow up bed.

‘You a lube guys?’ asked Dylan.

‘I normally just spit on my hands and go for it,’ replied Aaron.

Dylan reached over to his bag and pulled out a bottle of lube. He poured some onto Aaron’s hand and then some into his own.

‘Real lube lasts way longer than spit,’ said Dylan ‘way slicker and smoother to in my opinion.’

Both boys began to rub the lube over their cocks, their shafts hardening at their touch. Fully hard both Dylan and Aaron had huge cocks, girthy and long. Their cock’s and fingers slick and shiny with lube, they began to pump their cocks.

‘How often to do jerk of?’ asked Aaron.

‘Everyday,’ replied Dylan ‘once in the morning, then once at night before I go to bed. You?’

‘Everyday since Lisa and I broke up,’ said Aaron ‘Not been getting as much sex as I use to. So I’m horny most of the time.’

‘Yeah man. I hear that,’ said Dylan ‘my cock is hard sometimes for no apparent reason. My boxers are covered in precum by the end of the day.’

‘Oh yeah?’

‘Yeah, man. Look,’ said Dylan grabbing the boxers he had slipped of a few moments ago.

Sure enough, the inside panel of the boxers were covered in white precum stains.

‘Your cock is like a leaky faucet dude,’ laughed Aaron playfully ‘I’m surprised your balls aren’t empty my the end of the day.’

The two buddies continued pumping their cocks for the next few minutes in silence, enjoying the sensation. All that could be heard was the wet sound of the lube between their cocks and hands.

‘I’m not gonna lie dude, you stink pretty bad,’ said Dylan a mischievous grin on his face.

Aaron bahis siteleri laughed.

‘We’ve been camping for just on a week dude, with no access to showers. What do you expect,’ said Aaron ‘and lets not act like you smell any better.’

‘What are you talking about dude, take a whiff,’ joked Dylan, turning over and stretching his arm pit over Aaron’s nose.

Aaron pushed Dylan’s arm of his face.

‘That fucking reeks man,’ laughed Aaron.

Both boys faces were now only inches away from each other. After the laughing, both of them stared at each other for a brief moment. Being so close to someone else’s face, gave them both the urge to kiss each other. But Dylan broke the stare, and fell back onto his back, into his original position. Again, they went back to pumping their cocks in silence. It was a few minutes before anyone spoke again.

‘Have you ever done anything with a guy?’ asked Aaron cautiously.

‘I haven’t,’ said Dylan ‘have you?’

‘Me either,’ replied Aaron ‘I’d imagine it’s pretty cool though. Guys know what feels good to them, so also know how to make other guys feel good.’

‘Yeah, that makes sense,’ said Dylan.

‘Do you, u,… maybe, wanna try it out?’ stammered Aaron ‘only if you want though, no pressure.’

‘Uh, yeah okay,’ replied Dylan unsure.

With that, Aaron reached over and began pumping Dylan’s shaft. Dylan inhaled sharply as his friend fingers passed over his sensitive glands.

‘Feel good?’ asked Aaron, watching his buddies face intently.

‘Yeah man,’ replied Dylan, his eyes closed in pleasure. ‘Would you mind playing with my ball sack?’

Aaron took Dylan’s ball sack in his other hand and softly caressed it, intermittently tugging on them, sending shockwaves through Dylan’s body.

‘You were right man, guys really do know what’s best,’ said Dylan.

The foreskin on Dylan’s cock retracted far back from the head when Dylan was hard. This meant the boy’s incredibly sensitive glands were completely exposed. Aaron ran his thumb over Dylan’s cock head, then behind the head on his cocks underside. Dylan moaned loudly, his face contorting with pleasure. Aaron then took the palm of his hand and rubbed bahis şirketleri it in a circular motion right on the tip of Dylan’s cock. Dylan gasped. The feeling was very intense.

‘Stop man, I can’t handle the tip palming,’ said Dylan ‘its to fucking intense. My tip is hypersensitive.’

‘Pussy,’ joked Aaron going back to the pumping motion.

‘Pussy huh? I guarantee you wouldn’t be able to handle it.’

‘Yeah I would. You’re just a pussy,’ said Aaron with a cheeky grin on his face.

‘Prove it,’ said Dylan ‘let me palm that fat cock of yours.’

‘Be my guess,’ replied Aaron ‘I’m gonna enjoy this.’

Pouring some more lube into his hands, Dylan took hold of Aaron’s throbbing shaft, and began palming the tip with his other hand. Aaron moaned in delight as his tip was rubbed. The hypersensitivity of a man’s cock head could indeed make palming unbearable. But, Aaron had used his cock this way for as long as he could remember. He had grown use to the feeling.

‘What the hell man,’ exclaimed Dylan ‘How the fuck are you handling this.’

‘Like I said, you’re just a pussy,’ said Aaron.

Dylan scoffed.

‘You ever do anything with your ass?’ asked Dylan , still palming his buddies cock.

‘Nah, its not my thing,’ replied Aaron ‘why do you?’

‘Yeah dude,’ replied Dylan ‘discovering my ass whilst jerking of was one of my best moments.’

‘You filthy little bitch,’ joked Aaron ‘touching me, when your fingers have been fucking your hole.’

‘These fingers have held worse things,’ said Dylan ‘like your ugly cock, for example.’

Aaron laughed.

‘Would you mind if I gave your ass some attention to?’ asked Dylan.

‘I really don’t think I’m into it man,’ replied Aaron ‘it’d feel too weird.’

‘Come on dude. Please? I just want to show you what it feels like,’ said Dylan ‘you’ll be begging me not to stop once I reach your prostate.’

‘You really think you’re gonna make me beg?’ laughed Aaron ‘I’m not that kinda guy.’

‘Based on all the moaning and whimpering you’ve been doing since we started jerking, I’d say you’re exactly that type of guy,’ said Dylan ‘Unless you’re willing to prove me wrong?’

With this, Aaron lifted his feet onto Dylan’s broad shoulders, his legs spread wide open, his tight pink hole fully exposed.

‘Do to it whatever you please buddy’, said Aaron a cocky smile on his face.

To be continued…

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