High School Seduction Ch. 1

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Angela pushed Mark into the empty classroom rather quickly, shutting the door behind her. She was hungry for one thing — his cock. They had been dating on and off and there was only one thing that kept Angela coming back to Mark again and again and that was his thick nine inch cock. The guys she’d been with before were nowhere near as big as him.

Mark was eighteen years old, a senior at Lincoln High and Angela was the same age. Mark wasn’t too popular of a kid and Angela was the head cheerleader, everybody saw it as kind of odd when Angela and Mark were seen together. Angela could care less about her reputation though, she was in love with those nine inches of meat.

Mark grinned as Angela dropped to her knees in front of him. Not a word was exchanged, Angela simply took his cock out of his pants and went to work. He grabbed Angela’s curly hair and guided her head back and forth. Not that she needed instructions — Angela was a real pro when it came to sucking cock. She tried to get as much of Mark’s dick into her mouth as she could, taking it out and licking just the tip of it every now and than. A few minutes of this and Mark came. As Angela kept her mouth on Mark’s cock, he shot his cum down her throat. She did her best to swallow as much as she could. She came at the instant Mark’s cum hit the back of her throat — nothing got Angela off like cum.

Angela licked her lips and finally stood up, leaving Mark breathless. She smiled and looked into his eyes. “You’re the best Mark.” She left in a rush, not caring that she’d be late for her next class. Mark, on the other hand, had lunch now so he was in no rush. He stood there just like she left him, motionless.

Suddenly, he heard the door open. He panicked, trying to stuff his cock back into his pants, but it was too late. Ms. Bennings was standing there, only a few feet away, with a look of pure shock on her face. There was one of her finest students, standing in an empty classroom, with his dick in his hands. It had gotten hard rather quickly after Angela came, so Mark had quite a tough time putting it back into his pants. He managed though, but now he faced quite a problem.

Ms. Bennings was an English teacher in her late twenties. She had a rather attractive face with green eyes and shoulder-length black hair that she wore loose. She was in great shape and her body was quite curvy, nice long legs, a tight ass that was hard to miss when she wore tight jeans, and a nicely sized chest, not really big, but just right. Plus she had a killer smile. But right now, Ms. Bennings wasn’t smiling. “What the hell went on in here, Mark? I just saw Angela coming out of here and I knew there was no class here now, so that’s why I came in… wondering why the hell she was in here. Know I can tell what went on in here and you know that type of thing isn’t allowed on school grounds.” The young teacher wasn’t quite sure what to do. She couldn’t get the image of Mark’s cock out of her mind for some reason. She was somewhat fascinated by his size, it was rather impressive. But she told herself she shouldn’t be thinking about that, being a teacher and all.

“Now, this is a really awkward situation and I don’t really know what to do here, so Mark, maybe you’ve got some suggestions, huh?” She looked at him, trying to be as angry as possible. Mark wasn’t buying it though, he knew that Ms. Bennings was the nicest teacher in the school.

“Well, Miss… I… really don’t know… maybe you could just forget it…” He kept his head down, his eyes glued to the floor, too embarrassed to look up. “We didn’t even do what you most likely think we did, she just… we…” At a loss for words, Mark felt too embarrassed to say what he wanted to say, to explain that he and Angela weren’t fucking and that she had only blown him.

Ms. Bennings was running out of patience. “Well, WHAT did you do?”

Mark looked up for the first time. “Just… she was just giving me oral… it’s not like we were in here having wild s… sex or anything, it’s not as bad as you think.”

Ms. Bennings cracked a bit of a sarcastic smile, casino oyna she was fed up with Mark at this point. Everybody always saw her as an overly nice person, but at this point, she pretty much blew up. “Not as bad as I think? Oral sex is still sex and it was still done on school grounds and it’s not allowed! I don’t care if you fucked her brains out or if she sucked you off or whatever!” Mark had now backed up against the wall and Ms. Bennings was almost in his face, shouting. She took a step back and took a deep breath.

“Geez… I got carried away… sorry, Mark.”

“No, don’t be… I deserve the shouting and everything, you have every right to be mad, just please, don’t tell anybody.”

“Christ, Mark… fine… but I swear, I never want to even hear about anything like that going on. I have to get back to the teacher’s lounge and you go on wherever you have to go.”

Ms. Bennings turned around and left and as she did, Mark couldn’t help but stare at her lovely ass. She wore tight blue jeans that day, making her ass look so fine.

The rest of the day, Ms. Bennings couldn’t keep her mind off of the sight of Mark’s cock. She spaced off several times in her classes as a mental picture of it stuck in her head. She tried to shake it off and tried not to think about it, but it somewhat turned her on.

That night, when in bed, Ms. Bennings found herself masturbating while thinking about Mark. The entire day, she had built up so much sexual feelings, she had to release them somehow, and her vibrator helped her greatly. Being a single woman who was focused on her work so greatly, she had been somewhat deprived of sex in recent times. Usually she’d date guys every now and than and fuck them after a few dates, but she hadn’t gotten laid in the past six months. She was constantly horny and found herself masturbating even in her car on the way to work. She tried not to do it at the school in fear of being caught, but every now and than, she couldn’t resist. One day she even snuck into the janitor’s office and stole a broom and fucked herself with it in the ladies room until she came over and over and over.

The next few days passed oddly for Ms. Bennings. She’d space out in classes just like that one day, her mind kept on wandering and wondering about Mark. She felt a bit guilty about having these thoughts about a student who was ten years younger than her, but on the other hand, she was turned on by them.

Finally, she decided she’d get what she wanted — Mark’s cock. It took a lot of thought and a lot of planning, but she wanted the fuck him like she’d never wanted anybody before. She found him oddly attractive, it was something about how careless and cool he always seemed to act… plus of course, his cock size. That’s what she wanted the most.

In was a warm summer day, about a month after the incident. Ms. Bennings wore a tight green top that day that caused her boobs to stick out rather nicely. They weren’t huge, obviously, but still quite a sight. She wore a short skirt and considering leaving her panties at home, but feared being noticed by one of the students or even teachers. She had Mark in her last period English class and called him over when everybody was leaving. Mark’s grades had been decreasing as of late and she decided she’d talk to him about this. “Listen Mark, we need to talk about your performance in class… you’ve been doing fairly bad. I know you’ve gotten accepted to college already and that’s why you think you can slack off now, am I right?”

It was true, Mark felt he didn’t need to put in as much effort into his school work now that he had been accepted to New York University. “Yeah… you got me, Miss… I’m really sorry, but I didn’t think I was doing so terrible in this class. I’ll try harder, I really will.” She didn’t believe one word he was saying though. “Will you? I don’t think you will… do you even understand what we’re talking about in class? Whenever I look over at you, you seem to be either day dreaming or talking to your friends. I think you need some tutoring in English.”

Mark couldn’t canlı casino believe her. “Wha? I don’t need tutoring in ENGLISH! It’s English, for God’s sake… I’d have to be a retard not to understand the subject.”

“I understand how you feel… but try to see where I’m coming from. I don’t like seeing kids as bright as you do so poorly and I do this very rarely… I’m willing to tutor you myself after school.” She smiled, looking up at him from her seat. Her cleavage was showing and she knew his eyes had wandered over at her tits a few times already. She was becoming really turned on by this thought and noticed Mark’s cock stirring in his pants. She loved the effect she was having on this young stud.

“Aww, Miss… come on…” Since he pretty much hated school, Mark really didn’t want to stay after school for anything. Thinking twice about it though, he did see this as an opportunity to spend some extra time with the sexy teacher. She always struck him as a charming person, but ever since the incident, he had been embarassed to even talk to her in class. Not today though, she made him feel like the whole incident never even happened, like everything was fine. This is what prompted Mark to accept the offer.

“Great! I’m proud of you Mark, we can start tomorrow. Meet me after this period in the library, there’s nobody there at that point so it’ll be nice and quiet.” Mark agreed and left.

Ms. Bennings knew that not only would the library be empty, but the entire school would be basically empty. Only a few teachers thought until the 8th period like she did since most kids had schedules that allowed them to leave before that. The teachers who were still in the school left as quickly as they could. No students stuck around either, the study hall and library would close after that period to students. Ms. Bennings would of course be allowed in and could bring Mark as well.

The following day Ms. Bennings dressed in a similar manner. She was liking dressing so sexy for Mark and even the other students. She knew it made the boys hard when they’d watch her walk down the halls and she loved the thought of that. Ms. Bennings met Mark in the empty library. They greeted each other and sat opposite one another at a table. Ms. Bennings began explaining various things about the book they’ve been reading in class — Macbeth. She kept it brief and tried hard not to bore Mark. Finally, she reminded Mark about his homework and questioned why he hadn’t been doing it recently.

“Just that I’m just slacking off… I guess I should do them.”

Ms. Bennings frowned and stood up, walking over behind Mark as he sat in his chair. She rested her arms on his shoulders. “I think you need some sort of motivation and I understand that.” Her right hand moved off his shoulder and straight down to his crotch. She began rubbing his cock through his pants, it was already rock hard.

“Miss, what…” She didn’t let him finish. She placed a finger over his mouth and told him to shush. She unzipped his pants and took his cock out. She was amazed by its size and happy to see it again, nine inches long and very thick. She had been fantasizing about this cock for so long now and finally, it would be hers to play with. Wrapping her hand around Mark’s cock, she looked deep into his eyes as she began to jack him off.

Mark felt total ecstasy. He couldn’t believe his sexy English teacher was giving him a handjob in the library, especially after the incident. “Maybe that’s what motivated her into doing this?” He thought to himself? “She must have been impressed by the size of my cock…” He grinned as Miss Bennings continued jerking his cock back and forth in her right hand.

She suddenly stopped. He felt so close to cumming and she just stopped and tucked his cock back into his pants. Stepping away from Mark, she smiled and said, “do your homework and next time, I’ll finish the job.” With that said, Ms. Bennings took her books and left, leaving Mark still speechless. It took him a few seconds to get himself together. He couldn’t believe she stopped like that. He rushed kaçak casino out of the school with his cock still hard as before. He had never been this horny before and he needed to fuck like never before. As he headed to his car in the parking lot, he saw Angela walking away from the lot. “ANG!” he shouted and she turned to face him, “want a ride?” She nodded and quickly ran over the car.

The lot was empty as everybody had gone home by this time. Noticing this, Mark simply grabbed Angela and kissed her furiously and carnally. She didn’t try to stop him but instead wrapped her arms around him and embraced him. His hands found her ass and lifted up her short skirt, groping her ass. He stepped back for a second just to open the back door of his car. He got in and laid on his back atop the backseat, taking his cock out of his pants. Angela smiled as she climbed into the car, “didn’t know you were talking about this kind of a ride, Mark.”

She pulled of her panties as she slammed the door to the car. It’s a good thing Mark’s car had so much space in the back. Dropping her panties on the floor, Angela pulled up her skirt and began lowering herself onto Mark’s rock hard manhood.

Chills went down her spine as Mark’s dick first entered her pussy. She’s fucked Mark so many times before, but every time, it felt better and better. As she moved up and down on top of Mark now, he grabbed her shirt and pulled it off, revealing her libidinous breasts (Angela didn’t like bras too much). He brought her right tit to her face, sucking the nipple in his mouth. Angela panted and moaned as a result of this and the fact that she had Mark’s dick in her wet cunt. Mark made her feel better than anybody else could, she loved simply fucking him. She wasn’t looking for love, she was just an eighteen year old girl who was horny ever since she hit puberty.

“OOH GOD!! YESSSS… MAKE ME CUM, MARK!!” she screamed out, trying to catch her breath as she continued riding Mark’s cock, grinding her pussy against it and grinding her entire body against Mark.

It was like a geyser shooting off into the air. Mark had never cum so hard or so much and it was all because he had been so hard and so turned on after what Ms. Bennings did to him. Angela had an orgasm as soon as she felt Mark explode inside her and she simply collapsed on top of him, his cock still inside her. They laid there for about five minutes, just holding each other and neither could believe how great what they just experienced was. Angela finally got up and noticed that Mark was already hard again. “Geez, Mark… what’s got you so excited?” Mark didn’t answer but simply grinned and pushed Angela’s head down towards his rock hard manhood.

She didn’t honestly care what had Mark so fired up, all she cared about was pleasing him. She took his cock into her mouth slowly, teasing him as her tongue wrapped around the very tip of his dick. Mark’s fingers slid into the hair on her head and held her tightly. Angela sucked on his cock almost hungrily and greedily, like there was nothing else in the World that she wanted but Mark’s meat. She pumped him between her pretty teenage lips, her head bouncing back and forth in Mark’s lap. Her own fingers traveled between her thighs to rub her own pussy as she continued giving Mark the best blowjob he could ask for.

Mark’s cock stiffened and he came for the second time in a rather short period of time. His love juice shot onto Angela’s face; her chin, her nose, her lips, everywhere. She came in an instant, her love for cum drove her so wild that she would orgasm whenever a guy, especially Mark, would cum on her. She tried to get as much as his jizz in her mouth, but couldn’t swallow it all.

Meanwhile, in a window opposite the parking lot, Ms. Bennings stood holding a camera with her left hand, snapping pictures. Her skirt was on the floor and her panties around her ankles. She was breathing heavily as she pulled three of her fingers out of her pussy after having came while watching the teen duo fuck in Mark’s car. Pulling up her panties and her skirt, she licked her fingers, tasting her own pussy in the process. Taking her camera, she left the room from which she watched Mark and Angela with a smile on her face, already knowing what naughty things she would do next.

To Be Continued…

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