High Jinks On The High Seas

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NOTE: I hope everyone enjoys this story. I love to sail Long Island Sound, in the Southeast area of Connecticut. This is a true story of what happened to me last summer but, with a wink of my eye, I have added some literary license. Enjoy!!!

* * * * *

I love to sail the Long Island Sound. Warm June breezes and sun. July brings cool on-shore winds late in the day. Tricky August fog. A blast of wind, fall colors, and a tearful goodbye as September ends.

But…most of all…late June. Normally, I sail alone. However, my next door neighbor expressed her interest in sailing, so…why not? I am 47. She is a young professional buyer for an upscale department store in Hartford. Bev was 29, single, and attractive. She had the body of a nineteen year old…golden hair down to her shoulders, clear eyes and complexion, nice teeth, olive skin. And yes, a firm ass, tiny waist, and breasts just the right size for cupping with my hands. And for sucking those nipples.

Bev expressed an interest in having her sister, Ellen, come along too. Ellen lived in Rhode Island. A quick call to give directions to the marina and shortly afterwards, we all met at the marina.

The sisters were quite different. Ellen was 6 feet 1 inch, with black silky hair, blue eyes, and fair complexion. Her tits were larger than her sisters. Ellen had the most glorious ass I had ever seen, quite pronounced under her tight white shorts.

After a quick change, we got underway. Both girls had on bikinis, exposing most of their tits, with nipples hardening under the breeze. The bikinis covering their bottoms were mere patches for me to enjoy. At the sight of their two lovely bodies, glowing in the sun, I was getting an erection.

As the vessel left the marina and entered the Sound, I asked the girls to help out by raising the sails. Under my direction, they gladly pitched in. It was a pleasure to watch. As they bent over, I could see lovely breasts. I knew they knew I was watching. But, bending over as they tied off lines, I could see the lips of their vaginas ruffled amongst the bikini fabric.

We got underway. I loved the way the breeze blew through my chest hairs. I had nothing on under my nylon shorts. I also could feel my erection growing but I figured it would illegal bahis go away once the girls stretched out on deck.

This was fun. Both girls were whispering and giggling. Cool jazz was playing, which added to the perfect mood. I asked Bev to pour the margaritas I had brought along. We were all totally relaxed.

About a half hour later, Ellen said, “Let’s take our tops off, if that is okay with you Peter”? I couldn’t believe my ears, but yes, it did happen. Ellen then unfastened Bev’s top. I couldn’t believe it…these girls had beautiful tits, pointed, not sagging at all. The caress of the breeze made their nipples become erect and swollen. Just like my cock, which was really beginning to be a problem.

The girls could tell. I knew they could tell. My erection was out-of-control and I knew it. I knew it because of the whispering and the giggling. Women do this when they start to get turned on. Not much I could do about it, and THEY knew it.

As the breeze picked up, the number of margaritas picked up also. We were really skimming along the waves now. Bev came back and suggested I join them up forward. I quickly put the boat on autopilot. I couldn’t help myself at this point, and the two girls just giggled.

As I came forward, Ellen was really bold. She suggested we do a “three way”…a sort of “hijinks on the high seas”!! What could I do? I had a full-blown erection at that point, not to mention I was really turned on. The girls wiggled out of their bikini bottoms, and revealed shaved pussies. I guess the two girls had some things in common. Both their vaginas sat high between their legs, pink lips already swollen, ready to fuck my cock that they had so erotically been teasing. I was pulling my foreskin back…in anticipation.

All of a sudden, it dawned on me…how could three of us fuck at once? We were all standing nude on the deck, wrapped in each others arms, nibbling, kissing, fondling, stroking. I was grabbing their asses. They would alternate kisses between themselves and me. Cock grabbing, pussy stroking…we were all turned on. I will let you imagine what we must have looked like.

I came up with an idea. Bev stood on top of the cabin. I stood two steps down, just in line with her vagina. Ellen went to her knees, behind illegal bahis siteleri me, so she was level with my buttocks. Then, we started fucking. I was licking Bev’s vagina. Ellen was reaching under me with her hand, playing with my balls.

The sway of the boat, the warm sun, two beautiful women, a handsome man…all combined to make this “three-way” HOT!!! Ellen said, “Let’s do something different…how does this feel”? She put her tongue on my ass. She started licking inside my ass cheeks, then curled the edges up and darted in and out of my asshole. I had heard of this before but never experienced it. The real thing was out of this world…trust me!!!

After several minutes of this “flesh feast”, we changed positions. I sat on the cabin top. Bev knelt in front of me. Ellen positioned herself in front of me also, but she was standing, her legs on the outside of my thighs. Bev slowly worked my penis in and out of her mouth, milking it with her lips and throat. Ellen had the advantage of my mouth on her vagina lips. I was able to spread them with my hands, and used my tongue to dart in and around her clitoris, making it hard. I flicked my tongue around the edges of her cunt, opening them like a succulent fold on an oyster. We were all moaning and screaming with passion. To the point where all three of us were coming to orgasm at the same time.

All of a sudden, as a cloud hid the sun, a fresh gust of cool wind blew up, and knocked all three of us into the cockpit. I reached the tiller and turned us around, with my full-blown rock hard erection still showing.

None of us wanted a point of “no orgasm”, so I suggested two things. First, a refill on the margaritas (my special brew called Key West Margaritas). Second, I wanted each girl to bend over the cabin. I would fuck each one at the same time. They agreed. Ellen oiled my cock with sunscreen. She knew I loved “riding bareback”. Ellen got it first…pumping in and out of her hot vagina, she showed me instant heaven. She was a wonderful fuck, but I wanted to save my cum for Bev, my special, next-door neighbor.

Two bells and “all was well”…or so the nautical saying goes. However, in MY case, it was “two bells and all is fucking well”. Bev’s turn was next, but Ellen wasn’t going to be left canlı bahis siteleri out…no way. I had Bev suck and lube my middle finger and relubricate my penis shaft. Bev then bent over. I could see that we were approaching the marina, so I entered Bev’s pussy and began furiously pounding my shaft in her cunt.

The moaning and screaming was getting to me… she was really letting loose, and getting me all worked up. Ellen, meanwhile, was getting my middle finger inserted up her asshole. She was screaming as well. Ellen was able to caress both of her tits while I was finger fucking her ass. Since she was still bent over, she could pinch and twist Bev’s tits. It was an orgy of lust and erotica.

The marina was coming up fast. I knew I had to come up soon with some cum for these gorgeous willing girls…these two were a gift from heaven. They looked a bit perplexed. I sat down on the deck.

I shouted, “All hands on the Captain”, as opposed to “all hands on deck”. With one of each of these tigresses on each side of me, I sensually commanded them to jerk me off. I explained they were never to disobey the orders of the Captain. They started pumping my shaft, up and down, up and down. The tip being tugged by the tiny layer of skin holding it to the foreskin. Their soft hands wrapped around my cock. Finally, intensely, I groaned “thar she blows maties”. I released a load of silky, milky cum from inside my groin. As a climax for them to see, I squirted both faces and tits with my hot sperm juice, much to their moaning delight.

The channel marker was dead ahead, so we quickly put on bikinis, shorts, dropped sails, dropped dick, and motored in to the mooring. Within fifteen minutes we were all asleep on the deck, listening to Jimmy Buffett sing “Changes in latitude, changes in attitude”.

I guess that always is true when I go sailing on Long Island Sound.

A quick launch to the pier, where we made a quick trip to the head to straighten ourselves out. Bev and I said goodbye to her sister Ellen. We exchanged kisses and hugs, and then she was off to Rhode Island.

Bev and I headed back to Hartford. As we got in the car, I put my arms around her, and we exchanged hugs and kisses. The drive back was delightful. Jimmy Buffett was singing away. Bev grabbed my hand and slid it inside her panties. She let me stroke her mound of Venus and pussylips during the long drive back…while she slept.

What happened when we got home is another story…I will write about it later.

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