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I lived in a small rural community. My wife and I bought this house about the same time we got married and had it paid off 30 years later when I retired. It was no mansion, but it was home. After a couple of years, we had a son and then when Jean was 30 we had Betty. After Betty was born, a couple bought the lot next door and built a custom house and had an in-ground pool put in. They already had a family when they moved in, a son a little younger than ours and a daughter Heather. Heather, as we found out, had been born the same day and year as our Betty.

They quickly became best friends, where you saw one, you’d see the other. They did scouts together, clubs, you name it. I watched Heather grow up and blossom into a beautiful young woman all before my very eyes. She was at our house as much as her own, her and Betty even took turns sleeping over at each other’s houses. About 3 years ago, my wife Jean passed away from a stroke and the next year my son Rob left for college which left just Betty and I at home, and of course Heather. Betty doted on me after Jean passed away, made my meals and pretty much took over her mother’s job, except for the sex of course. Jean and I had an active sex life and I sure missed her when she died, but couldn’t bring myself to get attached to another woman even though Betty was always pushing me to.

When Heather would stay over, I would catch glimpses of her now and then in her panties and bra, or a thin nightie. She never tried to hide herself from me, but she never knew what those glimpses did to me. I spent many a night in my bathroom jacking off just thinking of her tight teenage body. One time, I happened to come in from outside and headed for the bath of the living room. As I walked in, there was Heather, jeans and panties around her ankles going to the bathroom.

“Oh, I’m sorry Heather,” I stammered as I backed out.

“No problem Mr. G,” she shot back and never bothered to cover herself.

My eyes glued to the lovely little blonde patch between her legs, but she just smiled as I closed the door. I went up to my bathroom and beat the hell out of my cock that day! One day her and Betty came in and announced that they had been accepted for the cheerleading squad, which they continued until graduation. I gave them both a big hug and my cock got hard as Heather pushed her perky little chest against mine. After they left, another bathroom session ensued as I relieved my straining cock.

I got many thrills over the next couple of years as Heather gave me a show, whether she knew she was or not. One Friday night, as they were getting ready for a game, I happened by Betty’s room and the door was ajar. I stuck my head in to wish them luck and there was Heather getting dressed. She didn’t see me as she bent over to put her panties on and I watched as she pulled them up and reached for her bra. Her perky little tits stood straight out and she turned with her back to me and I watched her put on her top and then she bent over to step into her cheerleading skirt.

My eyes locked on her beautiful ass cheeks as she pulled her skirt up. I quickly ducked out as she finished and started to turn around. My hard on was raging!! I went back into my room and soon Betty and Heather came in to say goodbye. After they left, I beat off again with Heather’s nude body locked in my memory. Betty went to see her aunt and uncle in the next state last summer and Heather couldn’t go.

One night, as I was getting ready for bed, I looked out the bedroom window and there was Heather taking a late night dip in the nude. I went and grabbed my binoculars and when I got back, I scanned her house and all the lights were out. Either she was home alone or everyone else was in bed. I quickly turned the binoculars on Heather as she swam back and forth. The pool had light and they illuminated her white body perfectly. She floated on her back and I scanned her body with my binoculars, taking extra time on that cute little blonde patch I remembered so well as well as those beautiful little breasts.

Soon, I saw movement by the house and a young guy walked up and took his clothes off and joined her. He slipped in the water and swam over to her and they kissed and he ran his hands over her body. I saw her hand go to his crotch and stroke his hard on. Then they casino oyna got out and went to a lounge chair and he laid down and she moved between his legs and took his cock in her mouth and started blowing him!! I reached down and pulled my own cock out and stroked it. He started arching his back and shot a load in her mouth and she struggled to swallow it.

My little Heather had grown up!! She kept on sucking his cock and when it was hard again, she turned around and sat on it, guiding it inside of her. She raised up and down and as she did, she got faster and soon, I had shot my load all over the wall as he shot his inside of her. They then got back in the pool and swam and rinsed themselves and they kissed and he got dressed and left and she went in. My cock stayed hard most of the night as I replayed the scene in my mind, my little Heather sucking and fucking someone. She was a woman.

I made it a point to scan the pool area each night before I went to bed and I caught her a couple of more times before Betty came home. As soon as Betty got home, Heather was over to visit. I couldn’t help but stare at that wonderful body every time Heather came over after what I had witnessed. They came and said that Heather’s mom and dad wanted to talk to me and I went out and met them at the fence.

“Hey Tom, how’s it going?” her dad said.

“Good Jim, and you?” He said everything was good and that he needed to ask me a big favor.

“Shoot!!” I said.

“Melissa and I are going out of town this weekend to see her parent’s and wondered if Heather could stay with Betty and you. There’s some party Saturday night and she doesn’t want to miss it.”

My heart warmed over, “No problem Tom, glad to help,” I replied. They both thanked me and I went back into the house. Heather soon came in and threw her arms around my neck, “Thanks Mr. G.” and she planted a kiss on my lips, as her perky little tits pushed against my chest. She went up to Betty’s room and I settled down in the recliner with my huge hard on.

Friday came and Heather’s parents stopped by and thanked me again saying that Melissa’s mom wasn’t doing well and that they should be home Monday. I watched tv that night and the girls lounged around coming down now and then for a drink or to look at TV with me for a short period. About 11, Heather came down and said that Betty had gone to sleep, but she wasn’t tired and did I mind if she watched TV with me.

“No problem,” I told her as I looked at her short nightie. I could see her nipples poking at the fabric as she sat on the sofa next to me. I sneaked glances at her nipples every chance I got, I wanted to suck on them so bad! After awhile, she got off the sofa and laid down on the floor in front of me in front of the TV.

“Can you see?” she asked.

“Oh yes baby, no problem,” as my eyes watched her panty covered crotch appear from under the short nightie. I took in every inch of that fine teenage ass and constantly scanned and I could see her panties had molded to the slit of her pussy. As she lay there showing me her ass, I reached down and started to stroke my cock through my pants, ever ready in case she turned around. She put her arms up under her head to support it and her nightie rode up some more and I could just catch a glimpse of her right tit, with it’s nipple against the floor.

We watched TV for about an hour, all the time I fought against cumming in my pants as she moved and sucked some more of her panties into her tight little twat. She then got up on her hands and knees to get up and I saw both of her tits for a split second and got a great view of her pussy too as her panties highlighted every inch. She bent over me and gave me a quick kiss and went to bed. I wasted no time jacking off that night as I raced to my bathroom.

The girls hung around the house most of the day Saturday and at about 6 they got dressed for the party. They both looked good as they came down the steps, but Heather had on a short white mini skirt and a tight top that molded to her sweet tits and no bra. There was a horn blowing in the driveway and the girls pecked me on the cheek and left. I settled into my usual TV routine and before I knew it I had dozed off. The phone woke me up and I stared at the clock, 2am. It was the hospital, the girls had been in canlı casino a wreck and I rushed down there.

It seems that Heather’s friend was drunk and hit a parked car. The airbags had saved Heather and her friend, but Betty being in the back seat had gotten bounced around and they wanted to keep her overnight. Heather had been shook up, but she was ok and they said she could go home. They rolled Heather out to my car in a wheelchair and the orderly told me they had given her a sedative to calm her down. He helped me put her in the car and we left. All the way home Heather moaned, but she never woke up. I pulled into the driveway and went around to her side of the car.

“Heather!!!” I yelled, no response, so I picked her up and put her over my shoulder and carried her inside. I carried her up to Betty’s room and sat her on the bed. I looked at her and tried to wake her up, “Heather, can you hear me?” and I stroked her arm, no response. I pulled her blouse off and got my first close up of those fine little tight titties.

“Heather!!” I yelled again, still nothing and I reached out and stroked her nipple and it got hard in my hand. I pinched it hard and she just moaned. I laid her back on the bed and picked her up and rolled her over and unzipped her mini skirt and pulled it off. Then I flipped her back over, “Heather!!” still nothing and I peeled her panties down over her hips and down her legs and off her ankles. Here was my dream girl, lying nude before me unable to resist me and my cock grew. I ran my hand through her pubic curls and a moan escaped her lips and my cock got even harder.

I went out and called the hospital to check on Betty, “She’s fine, don’t worry,” they told me and I thanked them and hung up.

I returned to my 18 year old dream girl and touched and caressed her beautiful, nude body. I pushed her legs wide and I noticed a glint of fluid oozing out. It was a man’s cum, my baby had gotten fucked at the party! All the better, I thought, I won’t need a condom. I carried her in the bathroom and sat her on the commode and stretched Betty’s douche bag over and clamped it shut and filled it with warm water and inserted it up into her pussy.

She moaned again as I pushed the tube up in her and released the clamp and the warm water flowed into her vagina and emptied into the commode. The warm water caused her to urinate too and I washed her out again. I dried her twat and carried her into my bedroom and laid her out on my bed. I shucked my clothes and climbed on the bed with her and softly played with her cute tits and rubbed her golden pubes. I bent down and took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked it gently as I inserted a finger in her hot, wet pussy.

I laid with her for awhile and then got up and went to the closet and got out my video camera and tripod and set it up. I closed all the shades and turned on all the lights in the bedroom and turned the camera on and did some close ups. I came in on her tits and filmed myself pinching her nipples and massaging those sweet mounds of flesh. I zoomed in on her pussy and spread her blonde curls and her pussy lips and filmed myself finger fucking her.

I took a close up as I rubbed her clit and she moaned real loud and scared the shit out of me! I cut the camera off and set up the tripod so that I would get all of the action when I fucked her. I turned it back on and climbed on the bed and took her ankles in my hands and spread her legs wide and dropped my mouth to that warm, sweet pussy. I licked around the outside and then parted her lips and nibbled on her clit and she moaned again and then I slid my tongue inside and began eating her. Her pussy tasted so fucking sweet and I lost myself in eating her. I slipped a finger in with my tongue and I ate and fingered her and her juices flowed over my tongue and I swallowed them all.

I got up and noticed the clock, I had been eating her for half an hour! I readjusted the camera and climbed on the bed between her legs and I sucked her tender tits and slowly moved my cock towards her pussy. My eating had really juiced her up and my cock slipped effortlessly inside her and I pushed until I had it all in and stopped and sucked on her tits just relishing the feeling of her pussy engulfing my cock like a satin glove. Her nipples stood straight up and kaçak casino I sucked one then the other and then I began to move my cock in and out.

My thrusts got faster and before long, I couldn’t hold it any more and I pumped my cum inside my little teenage beauty queen. I collapsed on her and felt her breathing had quickened. I stroked her chest and she calmed down and my cock slowly deflated and removed itself. I kissed her on the lips and slid my tongue in her mouth.

Even though she didn’t kiss back, my cock got hard again just at the thought. I got up and shut off the camera and then I climbed back on the bed and rolled her over onto her stomach and pulled her legs up so that her ass was up in the air. I had to put my legs on either side of hers to keep her in that position and I guided my cock into her sweet pussy from behind. After my cock slid in, I had to grab her hands with mine and pull back to keep her up and her ass high, this drove her head into the bed and I could see her little tits flop each time I thrust into her. This sight caused me to pump another load into my beauty queen and I got off her and laid her out.

I put the camera away and hid the tape in my closet, it would provide lots of jacking off material! I carried Heather back into the bathroom and washed her off and then took her back to Betty’s room and redressed her, covered her up, kissed her on the lips and went to bed. I woke the next morning to the shower running and got up to check on her.

“You ok honey?” I asked through the door.

“Yes, Mr. G.” she replied. I saw her clothes lying on the floor in Betty’s room and noticed a big wet spot in the crotch of her panties. I went down and called the hospital to check on Betty.

“She’s doing great!” the nurse said, “She can go home about noon.”

I thanked her and hung up.

Heather came in a moment later with her head hanging down, “I’m sorry Mr. G. It’s all my fault, not Betty’s,” and she sat down.

“I will have to tell your parents you know,” I said.

“Do you have to tell them I was drinking?” she pleaded.

“It’s pretty serious stuff Heather, you and Betty both could have been killed.”

She hung her head, “Isn’t there anything I can do to get you to keep the drinking out of it?’ she asked. Then she came over and sat on my lap and put her arm around my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek. “You’ve been alone a long time Mr. G. I’ve seen you watching me, what about if I have sex with you? Would that buy your silence?”

I couldn’t believe my ears, I glanced at the clock, 10am. “Wouldn’t you like some of this Mr. G.?” she asked as she pulled my hand to her crotch and rubbed my fingers up and down her slit. My beauty queen was propositioning me!!

“In two hours Heather, we have to pick up Betty. If you fuck me for those two hours, you’ve got a deal,” and with that she gave me a big kiss.

We went upstairs to my room and she took her shorts and T-shirt off and rolled her panties down and stepped out of them and hopped on my bed. “I always thought you were sexy Mr. G. but I was afraid to offer myself to you being Betty’s dad and all.”

My little beauty queen, was now mine.

She jumped off the bed and pulled my T-shirt over my head and pulled my sweat pants down and them my shorts. “I’ve caught you jacking off Mr. G. and always hoped you were thinking about me as you did,” she smiled as she knelt and stroked my cock, moving it to her mouth. She pursed her lips and stared up at me as she pushed my cockhead between her lips. She sucked on the head at first and stroked my shaft and balls. Then she grabbed my ass cheeks and jammed my cock in her talented mouth.

She moaned as she fucked me with her face and squeezed my ass cheeks and I soon exploded in her mouth. She never lost a drop as she smiled up at me and pulled my cock out of her mouth. Then she led me to the bed and lay me down and mounted me and I groped her sweet young tits as she rode me. She was no stranger to fucking and she nearly fucked me to death that day!! We picked up Betty at the hospital and when we got home, I told Heather that she needed to brief Betty on our story and she winked and said, “No problem Mr. G.”

Whenever Heather spent the night from then on, she would come down and make love to me when Betty fell asleep and we even went skinny dipping when Betty was out of town! I am no fool, I know that a fifty year old and an eighteen year old can never have anything but sex, but it sure brightened my day!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32