Gym Friends Get a Weekend Away Pt. 01

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So after several months things were going great! The wife had no idea and Chuck and I we very happy. We were meeting a couple times a week instead of working out, occasionally for a longer lunch session or when the wife would take the kids. The sex was amazing and we were both very happy. Chuck had headed overseas for a few weeks to see is wife and I missed him so. But when he got back we were right back at it like he never left.

So one day after lunch, laying in his bed with cum running out my ass into a pair of his wife’s French cut panties, he asked if I could sneak away for a few days. He said that one of his friends has a cabin and it would be great to get away for a few days with me. Well of course I agreed and told him I would see what I can do. He said weekday or weekends would work. I jumped in the shower and headed back to work, my stomach in knots wondering if I would be able to pull this one off!!

So after a few days of coming up with a plan, I checked with the wife if I could head out of town for work a thing and the head out on a back-packing trip. Since one of my locations is so close to the mountains and it had been a while since I had gotten out. Well to my surprise she said yes!! I have been working so hard and taking up so much slack with the kids due to her busy schedule she said go for it. We agreed on a date for a few weeks later, Thursday work and Friday to Sunday/Monday on the backpacking depending when I got out of the woods. Of course she asked who was going and well I told her it was a solo trip. If she only knew. I explained I would be out of contact from Thursday afternoon till I got out of the woods on Sunday, and depending on the time, I would get a hotel and drive home Monday.

So the next day I told Chuck that it was a go and gave him the dates. He was just as excited as I was! He called his friend and said that it was a go! We fucked so hard that day. The few times we got together before were amazing, trying my best and getting ready casino oyna for a multi-day session!! God I hope I could handle it.

The day came and I met him at a park and ride and left my truck. We jumped in his car after putting my backpack and overnight bag in the trunk. God I have been waiting for this time as we pulled out. He assured me that it would be a great time and he had everything packed we needed!! He mentioned his friend might be there and if I didn’t feel comfortable that it was ok. He would never force me to do anything I didn’t want to do. My mind was racing!! Did the guy not know about us, or that Chuck liked guys too? Chuck told me not to worry, just be myself and be comfortable he said.

So we had a couple hours before we would get there and FUCK, if his friend was there we might not be able to have sex all the time. Feeling like I better get it all in, I leaned over and unzipped his pants. Well I was wondering how long that would take he said and I put my lips around his semi hard cock. Slowly working my mouth up and down is cock as we drove, I blew him for what seemed like hours and finally I was rewarded with a mouth full of his hot cum. Swallowing and draining his load into my mouth, I pulled of his cock as it softened. Patting my head, he reminded me of what a good cocksucker I was and loved my hot mouth! Chuckling I replied anytime big daddy!!

We talked for the rest of the ride about football and politics. We stopped and had some lunch and beers in a small town. We should be there in another 10 minutes or so as we got back on the road. He made a turn off the main road down this long dirt road and up to this small cabin. We are here, let’s get unloaded. We grabbed the cooler and bags of food, unloaded the bags and had another beer. It was a small 2 bedroom log cabin. Being a small town guy, it was pretty impressive. He said that his friend and owned it for years. He loved coming up here and hanging out, but this trip was special because I was here canlı casino and he had never brought anyone else here. Not wanting to jump right into it, I waited for him to take the lead, which I knew he would when ready. He told me his friend would be up after work tomorrow. I was a little disappointed, but we had tonight and tomorrow to ourselves. After a couple beers he finally said grab the bags and we headed to our room. He pulled out a sexy little baby doll outfit with crotch less panties and told me to get changed, well he didn’t have to ask twice!!

As he stripped naked I put on my new little lingerie piece! His cock sprang to attention as I crawled on the four post bed. I immediately got between his legs and started to suck that amazing cock of his. Licking up and down the shaft taking it down my throat (it had gotten so much easier with practice!!) Working his cock and balls with my mouth he moaned and kept telling me what a good fucking whore I was and how lucky we were that we finally met. He pulled my ass towards him and he stroked my cock as I sucked his. Fingering my ass with eventually 3 fingers as I suckled that black cock of his. Pulling my lips off and grabbing the tube of lube, I lubed up his cock so it would glide into my ass since he already had it greased I figured a little more wouldn’t hurt. It was going to be a long weekend. I crawled up and guided his cock into my ass, sliding up and down it, resting my hands on his chest as I rode that cock. My cock hanging out of my new panties, his cock deep in my ass I came like a rocked on his chest!! Keep fucking me bitch he scowled, after a few more pumps he grunted and filled my ass with hot cum! I rode him until he slipped out softening!! Licking his chest clean I rolled off and snuggled in. Damn that was great he said, with many more to come. We cleaned up and poured some bourbon and had a cigar on the sun porch. He got a fire going and we sat talking about anything and everything.

Time for another glass kaçak casino I snickered as I stood up, he slapped my ass and said well I was thinking something else. He pushed me forward and told me to assume the position, I knelt on the table and said come and get it daddy, he pulled my clean bikini panties he gave me and slid that cock right into my ass. He drilled my ass for what seemed to be hours, and loved every minute. He finally grabbed my hips and let another load fill my ass…massaging my ass and playful slapping it he finally pulled out. Moving my panties back to cover my leaking asshole, I turned and licked his cock clean. Looking up as it glistened, damn you are good he said!! Now get that other glass he chuckled. We sat for a few more glasses and finally he suggested we get some sleep. Walking back to the bedroom we went to the bathroom and I held his cock while he pissed. Damn I didn’t even have to ask he said, you sure do know how to be a bitch!! He went to bed and I sat on the toilet and pushed the rest of his cum in the toilet. Crawling into to bed, he said lets sleep, three loads today and I need to rest.

After what seemed like a two day sleep I woke up and rolled over, wrapping my lips on Chuck’s cock, the moaning started!! Damn you sure know how to wake a guy up! Slurping that morning wood was so tasty!! Massaging his balls with my hand as I used my mouth to suck up and down that cock. He finally let out a huge grown and filled my hungry mouth. Pulling my head and mouth off his cock he sad lets shower. Lathering each other up, kneel he said and he unleashed that hot morning piss into my mouth and all over my face!! We cleaned up and dried each other off. He turned me around and put a medium size butt plug in my ass, I want to keep that open he chuckled. Handing me a pair of pvc red panties to wear. That should do, let’s go have brunch, I can’t believe it is noon already. We sad and had eggs and coffee just relaxing for a while…smiling all the time. And yes, I was still plugged and happy!

What time is your friend coming? He should be here in a few hours, Chuck said. We spend the day hiking and getting wood for the cabin. And then Frank showed up!!

Part 2 to follow.

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