Gumdrop Ch. 04

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Author’s note:

This story has been inspired by the premise of another one about hucows in this website that I unfortunately cannot find anymore (if you know it, please write to me to help me provide a proper credit). While the very beginning is similar, the rest (a whole novel) is what I find a more satisfying development. Here’s the fourth chapter. Since I already completed the whole story, from now on I will post regularly.

As absurd as the concept of a hucow is, I tried to take it quite seriously, to delve in the psychology of a hucow and her owner, in search of what this admittedly strange fetish means, at least to me. Therefore, beside the tropes of the genre (kinky sex, humiliation and de-humanization), you will find the musings of a young girl who chooses to become a cow in a quest for true love and a place in the world. I hope that the result is an original and refreshing take on the matter.

All kinds of feedback are appreciated, especially those about grammar, as English is not my first language.

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4. Transformation

I fell asleep with Aidan holding my hand and Fergie watching over me bracingly. When I woke up, I felt pain coming from several parts of my body. What happened? Then I remembered: I decided to become a hucow! I got up and the first thing I did was check my breasts. Of course nothing had changed, but when I brought my hands toward my boobs, I found hooves in their place. It was so weird!

Before then I had always thought that cow hooves would look pretty much like those of horses, because I never bothered to even look at them. At the fair, so out of the usual boring context, I learned that they are divided in two, as the result of the fusion of two couples of fingers in the cow’s paw. The fifth one is just a small claw, a smooth little horn really, emerging from the fur just before it is replaced by the bone of the hoof.

In my case, the hooves were very realistic reproductions that did to my hand what evolution had done to cows: my fingers had been inserted in two cylindrical channels carved inside the bulk of each hoof, ending on its base, as I discovered turning them in front of me. I imagined that this way they could trim my nails without having to remove it. The thumb was forced to touch the palm of my hand and its last phalanx was inserted in a little bone that forced it to point outwards, resembling the cow’s ‘third finger’. The rest of my hand was surrounded by padding for comfort and, on the outside, a cow hide glove that reached my elbow.

“You like your skin, Gumdrop?” said Aidan from behind.

I turned around to say something but my lips seemed numb and my tongue was weirdly heavy. The strangest thing, though, was hearing my voice going through my nose and becoming a deep moo. I was so startled that I hit myself with the hooves, trying to cover my mouth with my hands. Aidan walked immediately in front of me and held my hooves lovingly in his hands, with a huge smile on his face. I had never seen him so happy.

“Slow down, my love!”

I smiled at him, hoping that my mouth could at list do that. It could.

“Now, don’t try to talk. I spared no expense on you. I’ve had the doctor install the best mooing device available: it numbs your fine control of the lips and the tongue and lowers the pitch of your voice, for a more realistic mooing. In your tongue there is also a heavy piercing, to further reduce your talking capabilities.”

I nodded, trying to feel my tongue: there were two not-so-small balls, one on top and one below it.

“Ok, I’m glad you understand, but from now on, remember: you are a cow, so moo!” he incited me. Obediently I mooed but then I burst into a laugh for the absurdity of it all, producing yet another realistic moo. Aidan was beaming.

“Now, as I was saying, I managed to find a white pink-spotted cow-hide, do you like it?”

I looked at my arms and my legs. The hide was clearly synthetic, but it felt very authentic. I mooed happily. Looking at the bottom part of my body I noticed a silver gleaming in my pink bush. Opening wide my legs I saw that Aidan had my pussy pierced in ten places: I had nine sturdy rings on my labia that allowed Aidan to lock it up, plus a big clit ring.

“It is already almost healed. I had them cover all your wounds with a special semi-organic tissue, that allows you to heal a little faster, produces its own anesthetic and prevents infection. It is going to go away by itself.”

Indeed, I noticed a sort of whitish foam around all the pierced holes, that felt numb. Almost as a second thought, I realized that I had to have a bull ring. I crossed my eyes but I only saw two tiny barbells on my nostrils. Aidan probably guessed my intentions:

“Here, I had to wait the hole to heal a little.” he said and, after showing me a huge thick ring, made of some pink copper-based alloy, he fastened it on my nose. My septum clearly had a hole big enough to host it. It was very heavy and it hurt a bit. Moreover, it was so bulky that it made it harder to breathe. As if he could read canlı bahis my mind, Aidan pulled out two little steel rings and inserted them just above and along the rim of my nostrils, probably attaching them to the piercings I had spotted earlier, so that they now flared and I could breathe better.

“Feel ready for a walk?” he proposed.

I nodded and, remembering that I should not, I hastily mooed approvingly. Aidan held my… Well I guessed they were my forelegs now, and I ventured on my hind legs, two platform boots made of cow hide and hooves similar to those on my hands. Luckily for me, I had studied ballet for years, and I was relatively at ease with heels, because these were seriously high. After a few uncertain steps, I figured out how to walk with them, my pussy rings tinkling merrily between my legs. Aidan then led me to three tall mirrors so that I could see myself. On those heels I was much taller and I looked more slender. My flaring nostrils looked very cow-like and the ring hanging from them reached halfway between my lower lip and my chin. Around my neck a big leather collar embroidered with a candy pattern held my cow bell that was shining on my chest. Two big bright yellow tags hid most of the upper part of my ears. As shocking as all these changes to my body were, I had to admit I looked sexy as hell. Spinning around I found out that I had ‘Gumdrop’ tattooed on my lower back with a couple of candies drawn on the sides and a serial number, a QR-code and my ID tattooed on one of my butt cheeks. All the ink was protected with a transparent film.

“So, are you happy about the job?” Aidan asked, a bit anxiously.

I mooed cheerfully my assent. Then, still inspecting my body, it occurred to me that I forgot to ask about my udders: how long would it take for them to grow and to produce milk? So I tried to point at them with the forelegs and moo, finding out that it was really hard to indicate anything with them.

“Yes, I forgot: your milk enhancers have been installed through a tiny cut in your armpits. They are the very last generation and are designed for intensive production. You are going to be milked several times a day, my love!” assured Aidan.

Yeah, but I wanted to know when, so I repeated the gesture.

“You are still worried about something?” asked tentatively Aidan.

I gave what I hoped to be a ‘so-so’ moo.

“Now now, Gumdrop” he said, caressing my cheek affectionately “you are a cow now, you don’t need to worry about anything. I’ll do the worrying.”

I looked at him, not very convinced.

“I understand that you want to know something about your udders, maybe how big they’ll get, or how long will it take to produce milk…” he said and I interrupted him with a happy moo, hoping he understood. Instead, he did not seem to notice and just kept talking:

“…or how much will you make. I could answer, we could keep playing this miming game, but that’s not healthy. You have to change frame of mind. What happens to your body is not your concern anymore, it is only mine. You have to trust me and just wait for your answers to present themselves.”

I was not sure how to react. I was annoyed that he had guessed what I wanted to know and refused to answer just to teach me a lesson, but at the same time it was very romantic that he would take care of every aspect of my life: he would think about me all the time and, as he was the center of my life, I would become his. In many respects it was like going back to being a baby. It was scary but also deeply liberating. At any rate, I mused, it was the life of a hucow, the one I had chosen and I had to embrace it. So I mooed happily and banished the thoughts about my udders.

“Good, I am happy you understand, but let me give you another example of how this is going to work. Don’t moo now and just listen. You have been asleep for sixteen hours, so I think you are hungry and I am going to feed you. See? You don’t need to tell me anything.”

I gave an emotionless moo to express that I understood. Indeed, now that he reminded me, I was starving. Sixteen hours! Small wonder that I felt so confused! It was already the second day of the fair!

“Excellent. I have a whole morning planned for us, so we must hurry. I still need to teach you how a hucow walks. A good hucow is lazy, so if you don’t use the crop, she won’t move. When she moves, she does that slowly, because she never knows where the farmer will lead her, and in any case she will stop after a few paces, unless she is whipped again. When she is lashed on her right butt cheek, she must turn left a little, and vice-versa.”

I gave an uncertain moo. I had seen many examples of that behavior, and the crop people used seemed to be more like a sex toy than a real one, designed not to really hurt, but I had hoped that Aidan would go easy on me. Anyway I was determined to make him happy and take the whippings.

“Don’t worry, at first I’m going to go easy on you, but in time you will get used to a good whipping and learn to enjoy it.”

I was skeptical about that and when he pulled out his bahis siteleri crop from the boot, my heartbeat increased suddenly. I expected he would give me a go, but instead he knelt in front of me and so I looked at he was doing, but he pushed my chin up with the tip of the crop:

“Remember, a good cow is never curious about what her farmer does to her, she just trusts that it is for her own good.”

I obediently looked up and around. I was not in the same room where I had fallen asleep. This was much smaller. I felt Aidan putting something that seemed to be a band-aid on my pussy and something round pushing just above my vagina, but I dared not try to peek. When Aidan got up, he whipped me for the first time from behind. I let out a moo inadvertently but that seemed to please him:

“It’s ok to moo a little when you feel the crop! Good girl!”

I made a few paces forward and then stopped. I knew I was being tested and indeed I heard Aidan mutter “Good girl!”. He then resumed the whipping and I the strolling. As we approached the entrance of the room, my insides started to twitch: I was about to be paraded in front of strangers in the most humiliating way of the world. When we finally went out in the open, though, nobody seemed to notice me too much. After all, I was yet another cow. I soon realized that, ironically enough, the color of my hair attracted more attention than my nudity or my attire. Anyway, all the attention seemed to be positive. I was being admired, not mocked! A passing cow looked envious! It is hard to describe how it feels to be revered and respected for something so deeply embarrassing and taboo. I had never felt so comfortable with my body.

My worries about being a hucow started then to pass. On the other hand, those for the crop were increasing. Even if Aidan was going soft, according to him anyway, the continuous hitting on the same spot started to add up and now my upper thighs (he probably did not want to hit the fresh tattoo) were positively stinging. So I tried to moo more loudly, but all I got was a “Good girl!” that sounded more like a warning than a praise. I could not see Aidan, for he kept staying one step behind me.

Soon, I recognized where we were: the Redhead Angus corral. I spotted Fergie, who, in turn, had clearly spotted us and was hurrying in our direction.

“Look at you, Gumdrop! You look perfect!” she shrieked excitedly, bringing her fists to her chest, while I mooed happily and Aidan greeted her.

Then she fished in a pocket of her burgundy jacket and she stretched out her hand close to my face holding a lump of sugar. She took me a little by surprise but it was obvious what I was supposed to do: I bent over and took the gift in my mouth, a little clumsily, because my nose ring kept pushing it away, until I figured out that I had to swing it behind the treat and use it to push the lump to my mouth.

“Good girl! You’re getting the hang of it already!” she praised me “Come on, time to eat!” she added then and Aidan resumed the whipping “You are going to be our guest!”

He led me into the corral, where the cows were dawdling free from their milking post. When I entered, they stared at me quizzically, as they probably had thought that I would be on the other metaphorical side of the fence. It then occurred to me that I had no idea of how that kind of crowd would behave. Would they bully the newcomer? Did the word bully come from bulls? All these worries disappeared when they all started smiling and mooing happily.

“Heads-up: they are going to lick you to welcome you in the herd.” murmured between her teeth Fergie. Indeed, they were all approaching me and soon I found myself being licked in the face, the neck and the shoulders, feeling their tongue barbells and bull rings caressing my skin. Being licked by three naked women may seem weird, but the same action performed by happily mooing hucows was moving. I tried to reciprocate as much as I could by smiling and giving a kiss here and there, wishing that I had asked Fergie more about hucow behavior. To my relief, it seemed to work and soon Aidan began whipping me again, leading me towards what I feared to be a trough.

Another regret: what did hucows eat? And how? Well apparently the answer to the first question was a yellowish chunky slop. As for the second, the trough was about at the same level of my chest and no one seemed to be about to spoon-feed me, so I just leaned over with my head and gave a shy lick. It did not have a real taste.

“Come on, Gumdrop, eat your pap, it’s good, I promise.” Aidan encouraged me, bending over the trough and stroking gently my hair. That did the trick. As embarrassing and slightly disgusting as it was, I wanted to make Aidan happy and proud. So I dived further in and started eating. The bull ring was completely immersed in the slop and kept pushing it up my nose, but I did my best to hide my discomfort. As for the taste, it did not get better after the first slurps. I started to see how a lump of sugar would be a great prize for a hucow. Would I eat the same in Aidan’s farm? Recalling bahis şirketleri his previous teachings, I tried to be a good cow and push the question out of my mind: ‘Don’t be curious, Aidan knows better.’ I kept reminding myself.

After a while I had enough and was about to get up, when Aidan gently pushed my head back in. I was not hungry anymore, but again I realized that how much I ate was not a concern of mine anymore: Aidan knew better. So I kept eating tamely until the whip hit my buttocks.

“Come on, Gumdrop, I wanna take you for a walk!”

I got up and we headed out. My face and my bull ring were dripping slop all over, but there was nothing I could do. I felt embarrassed and I tried to lick it away.

“Don’t worry about it, my love.” came Aidan’s voice from behind.

As soon as he said that, I felt relieved. He was my lifeline: with him at my side, I felt I could do anything.

We reached one of the entrances that faced the fields and we took a dirt road. My hooves, with their large base, proved to provide a good stability even in a rugged ground. I hoped I could rest soon, because my feet were aching and so did my rump. Later than I had hoped, we reached a prairie and we stopped under a row of trees that delimited it. For a brief moment I feared that Aidan would require me to graze, but instead he pulled out a blanket from a backpack that he probably had fetched at the corral and laid it one the grass.

“Perfect place for a picnic, don’t you think, Gumdrop?”

I mooed happily. He knew that I loved picnics! With a bit of an effort I followed him and sat on the ground. As soon as I did he passed a tissue on my face, cleaning it a bit and then started to kiss me passionately, pushing to lie on the grass. It was weird to kiss somebody with the bull ring on the way, but I did not care. I had been waiting for this too long! While I giggle-mooed with joy, Aidan found his way to my neck and down to my breasts, still kissing me, until he reached mi right nipple and gave a playful bite.

“Can you imagine, Gumdrop? Soon, when I do this” he said and sucked on my boob “delicious milk is going to come out! I am going to feed you and you me!”

I wanted to tell him how much I loved him, but I could not and so I let my eyes speak for me, and speak they did, for he answered:

“I love you too.”

He then kissed my tummy, asking me if my pap was good and I lied mooing happily.

“Now, lie belly down. I bet you need a good massage after all this walking on your hind legs!”

I spent the following half of hour in paradise. He worked on my back and on my hind legs, like an athletic trainer, pausing to kiss me, stroke me or just admiring me with dreamy eyes. After that, I felt much better. Even the welts on my hindquarters, as he had called them, almost stopped aching when he rubbed them with a cream.

“I know that all of this is hard now, ” he confided to me, while I rested my head on his chest and he stroked my pink hair “the hooves, the crop and all that, but your body will soon adapt. You will be able to carry your huge udders and walk on your toes without even noticing it anymore, I promise.”

I looked at him and I mooed reassuringly, or so I hoped. ‘I can take it’ was the hidden message.

“I brought you here for more than a picnic, Gumdrop.” he went on “I wanted your first time to be special…”

I was about to sneer at him, because it would definitely not be my first time, when I heard the second part of the sentence:

“…and in a place where you can feel some privacy. I know that getting an enema in public would be too much to add to it. I want you to remember this day fondly, not as a sacrifice.”

Oh, so he meant my anal virginity, not the usual one. My heart started racing. I knew that anal sex was painful for novices, but at the same time, I was with Aidan and I trusted him. Why start with anal though? Maybe my pussy was off limits because of the piercings? Or was it because it was traditional, as Fergie had put it?

“Now, are you ready?”

Determined to remember that day fondly, I nodded. Aidan than slapped my ass and I mooed. Somehow, with all the tension that was rising in me, that gesture turned me on. I loved it when he was harsh.

He made me kneel and put my hindquarters up for him, so that he could administer the enema. Then he walked in front of me and took my hind legs in his hands, ready to hoist me when I could not hold it anymore. It would have been a horrible moment, embarrassing and thoroughly unpleasant, but Aidan was Aidan and managed to make it romantic by whispering things like ‘Good girl’ or ‘Soon we are going to be finally together’ and kissing my head. When it was time, he hoisted me with a powerful pull and helped me reach a ditch nearby, over which I squatted, holding onto him and freed myself. I found out that the thing on my pussy was to protect the wounds from my piss. I had just shat in front of the man that I loved and it was not over. He cleaned me and then he put what looked like another enema up my butt, giving me an anal wash instead. He did it several times, until he was satisfied that my ass was clean. When he was finished, he encouraged me with another kissing session, telling me that he was very proud of his Gumdrop. All in all it was not that bad.

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