Greece Ch. 02

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We had breakfast together in the room, young Carlos delivering a huge pile of croissants and coffee to four bleary people who could barely drag themselves out of bed.

Despite that, our mood was soft and languorous as Jen and I lounged on the veranda in borrowed dressing gowns. Mary was fiery in blue silk while Serge rummaged ineffectually around the bedroom before coming out and smilingly informing us that he was simply going to wear his satin boxers as it was a proud tradition in his country. The sharp bite of the bitter coffee contrasted with the sweetness of the pastries, and glowing skin was tantalisingly revealed amongst the folds of the robes. Serge’s hand was on Jen’s soft thigh while Mary’s feet were in my lap, the soft fabric of her robe contrasting beautifully with the smooth skin of her legs and the dark red of her nail polish.

As the level of coffee in the pot and the croissants on the tray dropped, we gradually all realised that we had changed. During the night we had reached a new level of … something … and we could all feel a new energy flowing between us. Jen was the first to voice the sensation and we all gratefully nodded along with her. We discovered that we could see a glow around us and Serge put in that we all looked “realer than real” to him and on reflection, I could see what he meant – almost like seeing a 3D movie for the first time.

It was a strange but wonderful sensation, and we all decided the best thing to do was just sit back and enjoy it while it lasted; drink coffee, enjoy the smooth skin gleaming in the sunlight and let the feeling wash over us.

It was only when Jen gently shook me awake that I realised that not only had I dropped off, but I had been starting to snore. My eyes blearily opened and I could see that Serge and Mary were both in dreamland, Serge still holding a piece of croissant halfway to his mouth. Jen whispered that she thought we should head off to our own bed and we gently unfolded the other two from their chairs and led them off the balcony into the cool stillness of their room.

She kissed Serge as he rolled over and immediately flaked out, while Mary gave me a warm hug and thanked me for a lovely night, maybe we could meet up for dinner? I smiled and asked her if she thought that was wise, given that that was how we had got into this mess. She just chuckled and told me that she wasn’t finished with us just yet.

We floated back to our place as if intoxicated, holding hands and bumping into each other for the sheer bliss of feeling each other. Our bed was made up and we took great delight in whipping the top cover off and crashing into the inviting mattress, our clothes becoming an encumbrance that neither of us needed. I kissed her belly and looked up at her face, her blue eyes smiling down at me. “You smell like sex”, I said. Her face slowly broke into a sultry smile “You smell like another woman”.

She flipped me onto my back and kissed me. Her legs straddled my hips and her body slid over mine, the tips of her nipples leaving blazing tracks across my chest. To my amazement, I found myself getting hard and with a gentle movement of her hips I slid into her hot pussy.

Her body glowed as she began to move. Her mound pressed into me as I slid deep inside her and my hands moved along the flexing muscles of her back and took firm hold of her perfect arse. I was captured by her eyes as our animal bodies flowed with the energy that built between us and she shuddered with her first orgasm. She pressed her open pussy against me as the tremors subsided and then began her delicious movement again, our energy building and building until it burst into the world with a sharp savagery that left us howling and gasping.

She kissed me sweetly as I wrapped her in my arms and ran my hands gently up and down her back. The long waves and jolting tremors slowly subsided as she gracefully melted onto me and the world drifted away.

Daylight gradually filtered in to my bleary eyes. Jen was sitting up reading and she gave me a smile and a quick kiss.

“Morning babycakes”

“Morning, gorgeous. What time is it?”

“Six o’clock, but it’s Saturday.”

“I’ve been asleep for a day and a half? No way, you’re messing with my head. Again.”

She peered over her reading glasses. “Just checking, I thought we might have fucked your brains out.” She thought for a second and said in serious tones “you know, I think the idea of you as a sexy but mindless husk is strangely exciting … are you sure you’re all back? Maybe there has been some loss?”

I think I said something along the lines of “bite me” as I rattled and clanked my weary way to the bathroom. I smelled of sex, no ifs buts or maybe’s. Ouzo, wine, spa chemicals and rampant sex; and not just Jen’s familiar musk but Mary’s and, my mind lurched, Serge’s cum. Ye gods, ye gods, the things that we come to in the course of a long and interesting life.

Jen’s voice refracted around the door to tell me that canlı bahis we were due for dinner in an hour and I fired up the modern but nevertheless strangely quaint water heater for a shower. The soap sliding along my body triggered sensory flashbacks of the previous night: Mary’s smooth wet skin, her hair in my face, Jen’s moans of ecstasy, the sight of Serge’s hands cupping her breasts and the feel of Mary’s nipples hardening under my fingertips … all mixed and tangled as they surged through my body.

I walked back into the bedroom with my towel. Jen took one look at me and laughed “You look like you’ve seen a ghost, naked”.

“I feel like I see dead people naked. I’ve been having flashbacks to last night and I have to say I’m feeling a bit shaken. How did all that happen? It did happen, didn’t it? It wasn’t some particularly detailed wet dream?”

Jen smiled, her eyes peering into distant vistas. “Oh yes, it happened lover boy. As far as I recall, it started when you and that brazen hussy kissed which joggled my elbow so that I had to fall back on Serge and steady myself by holding onto his thigh and, the gentleman that he is, he held me up by holding onto my left breast and then we had to get out of there before we were arrested. Nothing complicated, happens all the time.”

I laughed but noticed that my cock had started to come to life.

“Are we OK with this?”

Jen looked into my eyes, her expression soft. “I don’t know. Somehow we seem to be OK but I don’t know how that can be. I feel that I should be insanely jealous of you and Mary but somehow it’s not happening … I just feel love and fondness for you both.”

“Yeah … me too. I mean, I watched you being fucked by another man and if anything, it turned me on and the truth be told, I want it to happen again.”

Jen looked at me quietly. “Me too.”

I examined my feelings and sighed. “I guess the only thing to do is to let it run and see how it goes; who knows, maybe they will see it as a one night stand or pretend it never happened. Are we seeing them tonight, is that who we’re having dinner with?”

“Yep, Mary rang while you were asleep. She sounded happy, so that’s a good start.”

It was a good start, a very good start. Both of them were still glowing in that special light as they walked towards us and Mary’s hug was overflowing with an exuberant energy. She kissed me and then pulled back to look at me, her gaze loving as we shared the precious gift that we had created together. Serge and I hugged hard, not in the backslapping way that people do to avoid intimacy, but as brothers.

Our table was ready, and as we sat down Mary burst out with “I want to do that again!” The earnestness of her face and child like glee had us all chuckling with calls of “What, now?” and “But we can’t afford to be thrown out of another restaurant!”, but we all eventually settled down and took a more serious note.

Jen said “we were afraid that you might want to forget it ever happened, or be embarrassed or something.”

Mary looked amused and said “we started talking about it when we woke up but got so turned on that we had to go and make love again. Poor Serge, I think I wore him down to a frazzle.”

We all took a moment of silence to sympathise with Serge’s plight before continuing. “I thought we would feel jealous or something” I said, “but so far it’s zero, nulla, niente. All I get is a strange feeling of love and happiness. How is that? Is it something that will catch up to us? Will we suddenly wake up and realise that we are naked?”

Jen and Serge both said “I hope so!” at the same time and then looked at each other fondly as he laughed and touched her cheek. “There’s that feeling of love and fondness again” I said, “I wonder if it works for me?”

I reached over and caressed Mary’s hair and touched my hand to her cheek. She laid her head against my hand and looked up at me in a way that made me melt. “Oh god, that so works for me.” I looked up and saw the others looking at us in a way that said that they indeed felt the same way.

“Well, Jen and I thought we could just let it unfold as it does and keep each other informed as to how we are feeling. What do you think?”

“Serge and I decided much the same thing. Take it one day at a time and keep talking.”

I looked at the smiling faces around me and raised my glass. “In that case, welcome to our lives and this toast is to us.”

Our glasses clinked. “To us”

After dinner we meandered along the waterline, stepping over ancient stone as the shadowy boats slowly creaked and rolled in the water. Mary’s hand was in mine and her hip bumped and slid enticingly against me as I steadied her high heels against the uneven ground. Our partners walked just ahead with their heads together, the sound of their laughter drifting back on the cooling breeze.

We stopped on a small wharf in a small pool of light and came together for a hug. We were awkward as kittens in our new roles bahis siteleri but four delicious bodies soon found their own ways. The women purred and melted when Serge and I sandwiched them in turn between us and kissing one soft pair of lips and then the other soon had me trembling with desire.

After one particularly luscious kiss where the women decide to gang up and kiss me together, I realised that if we kept it up I was going to have a terrible accident involving my pants. I looked at Serge and asked him if he thought we should do the manly thing and take these women to bed. He solemnly nodded and offered his arm to Mary and I to Jen, and we walked slowly back to their lodging house.

We thought we would be civilised and make coffee before returning to the delights of the bedroom. Mary and I went into the kitchen to get it underway, chatting and kissing while the percolator chugged away. She went to poke her head into the bedroom to see what the others wanted, but came back with a finger over her lips and then led me by the hand to where Jen was sitting on the arm of a fat chair with her skirt pulled up as Serge stroked the head of his cock along the lips of her pussy.

Watching them brought a slow hot current flowing down my body and my knees felt so weak that I truly wondered if they would collapse beneath me. Her pointed toes pushed against the floor to make it easy for him to slip into her, and each stroke ended with the tip of his cock gliding just a short way inside and then back to nestling into her velvet folds and gently bumping her clit.

Mary pushed me back into the other armchair and then sat on my lap, her arms around me and her breast pushing into my cheek as we settled back to watch them. Serge looked into Jen’s eyes and ran his hands through her hair, then lovingly moved them down to hold her hips as he slid inside. One of her legs curled around behind him and urged him deeper, his thrusts becoming faster and harder as they both moaned and writhed.

She took him in her arms and stopped his motion. Standing up, she led him to the bed and climbed on to her hands and knees, lifting her skirt to show off her beautiful arse and send him an invitation that he couldn’t ignore. He climbed on behind her and impaled her with his cock as she pushed back onto him. She took hold of the headboard and arched her back as he took her hard, their moans becoming louder and more strident as the pulsing energy built between them and she burst free with a shuddering cry that sent Serge pushing and writhing hard against her arse as he came deep inside her.

Mary and I were totally bewitched by the experience and sat motionless as they relaxed back onto the bed to caress and spoon together. Finally, the world started to return and Mary looked down at me and smiled. Her fingers worked at the buttons of her dress and she rubbed her hard nipple against my lips, the skin of her breast like warm silk against my cheek.

She stood and led me to the bed, unbuttoning more of her dress and letting it fall to the floor, laying down onto the bed while drawing me to her. Serge’s hand reached out to caress her and tease her hard nipples as I climbed onto the bed and sat at her feet, my hands running up her beautiful legs until I could hook her silky panties down past first one foot and then the other, kissing each of them as they passed by. I kissed my way up past her sensitive soles, up along her lovely calves, her deliciously soft inner thighs and then finally to her silky pussy.

I pressed the broad part of my tongue to her lusciously full inner folds, standing proudly and inviting me into their darkest secrets. My tongue slid along her folds, opening her and making her jolt and moan as I moved back and forth like a slalom skier until I bumped into her hard clit, and then back again until her hips were heaving and jerking underneath me.

Her lips spread and softened, and I could feel her waves of energy flowing beneath me and building with mine as the tip of my tongue circled and rubbed her clit, my mouth open onto her in a kiss that seemed to draw intimate heat from the small of my back along my spine and into her. Her waves built higher and higher until they crashed like a breaker in the surf, the turbulent water tumbling and rebounding against me as her pussy jammed against my mouth and her thighs thrashed against my ears.

I lay resting with my face against her pussy until I felt her hands in my hair. Her voice was languid and the words slow as I looked up to see her looking down at me. “Come and fuck me. Please cum inside me.”

I kissed my way past her belly button and took her nipples in turn into my mouth, rolling them around and sucking them until she started to writhe, her voice hissing between her teeth. “Oh god, I love what you’re doing to my breasts.” I felt hands running along my back and looked up to see Serge watching us as Jen reached over to me, her warm hands sliding down to my arse and squeezing while Mary caressed bahis şirketleri my back. Jen’s mouth came to mine and she kissed me softly before sliding back into Serge’s arms. We all stopped and as our eyes met we all shared a secret smile; we were together and this was our time. I moved higher and kissed Mary’s neck as the head of my cock nestled itself amongst her velvet folds in a deliciously intimate caress. I gently moved it back and forth as her hips moved and lifted in response, and then slid gratefully into the heat of her beautiful body.

Her eyes met mine as we began to move together and I lost myself in her. She became a boundless ocean and I glided into her and dissolved. Our bodies seemed to merge and flow together as my cock pushed deep and her breath mixed with mine and flowed into both of us. I could feel a rippling, licking sensation along my back as her thighs came up around my back as belly and mound massaged me and drove me on. The orgasm that came was pulled out of me, torn from my body to slam into her ocean as she ground herself against me and gripped me hard, a long moan pressed into my neck.

I always take time to come back to the world after sex, but Mary had carried me away to a place that I didn’t want to come back from, a place that I wanted to stay and luxuriate in. Cold reality always wins, alas, but as I gradually rose from the warm ocean that carried and held me, I became aware that we had all fallen into a delicious pile of warm bodies; a tangle of smooth skin and sweet smelling hair. Hands reached out to caress me, legs twined and feet rubbed against mine as I sank into the loving warmth of our deepening bond.

Reality gradually reasserted itself in the form of a most intimate form of hydraulic pressure, and I gently untangled myself and headed for the bathroom. Coming back down the corridor, I could see Serge leaning against the doorframe, lit by the moonlight coming through the bedroom windows. As I got closer, I could see that he was sipping a glass of juice and standing with a slow smile on his face, his eyes far away. I leaned on the opposite side and looked in at the women peacefully asleep on the huge bed, a white sheet tangled over them.

His voice was low and soft. “They’re beautiful.”

And they were. The moonlight filled the room and their skin glowed in contrast with the white bedding; Jen’s tanned and freckled skin and Mary’s dark satin; coral pink contrasted with dark purple nipples. Their faces were serene and carefree as flaming red and inky black hair cascaded onto the pillows; fierce intelligence swept away, just for a little while, to be replaced by the girls they had once been.

“I love her, you know.”

“I know.”

His eyes were hollow darkness as he turned to me. “How do you know?”

“I can see it. She loves you too, I can see that as well. Come on into the kitchen, I could do with some of that juice. Anyway, it’s probably creepy to be watching them while they sleep.”

“Only if they wake up.”

“Good point.”

Serge looked pensive as I poured the juice. “This wasn’t in the plan.”


“No. We never even considered anything like it … well, I suppose we talked about going to some sort of swinger’s party sometime but it never really came to anything. Just talk, you know? This is really out of the blue.”

“Likewise. Where are you with it all? I noticed Mary did most of the talking at dinner.”

“Yeah, that’s true. I guess women are better at this sort of thing – Mary is certainly more adventurous. Braver, I suppose. It gave me quite a jolt when she kissed you last night – god was that really just last night? Anyway, I know we had been joking around with the whole wife swap thing but it still gave the old spinal cord a shake when she did it.”

“Yeah, seriously. If you had told me that at some point of this holiday that Jen would be fucking another man while I watched, I would have said you were out of your brain. Still, I think it’s different for me – for us, I suppose. Like we were saying in the restaurant, neither of us seems to feel any sort of jealousy – I mean here I am watching you fucking my partner, and she is clearly enjoying it, and all I can think is how hot it is and how much I love her.. Hmmm, maybe I should ask you how you feel about Jen …?”

“She’s gorgeous, I love her.”

“She is that. What about sex with her?”

He stared at his juice as it swirled around in his glass. “It’s fantastic. Christ, can I say that to you?”

“Well, I can’t say that it doesn’t hit me – I can feel it giving me a lurch somewhere deep down, let me tell you – but somehow it’s OK and I want to hear it.”

“Alright, fair enough. It’s been fantastic; I don’t know if it’s just her or if it’s the whole thing, but sex with her is like being caught in a huge electrical storm. It’s fucking wild. She’s fucking wild.”

“And what about me having sex with Mary?”

“It’s just like you say. It gives me this huge lurch to see you with her and it’s the sex for sure but it’s not just that. It’s also something else … I guess I’ve never seen her like this and it’s been ten years now, you know? It’s like she’s suddenly become someone I don’t know.”

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