Golf Club Wives Ch. 09

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Mark studied Ayaha as she flitted around the room. He loved watching her tiny brown body in the little white shift that hid nothing. He loved the way her eyes shone and her face lit up when she looked at him.

She said she was happy and it showed in every thing she did. She was a tiny bundle of joy singing as she rushed to look after him.

“Thank you for coming home to Ayaha master,” she whispered.

“Don’t call me master,” he growled “you know I don’t like it.”

Ayaha giggled happily. “I’m sorry but I love you. You are my master. I am yours.” She pulled the front of her shift up to show she wore no underclothes. “My body is yours. I am here to do anything you want”.

Marks cock hardened at the fleeting glimpse of her pussy. It grew harder when she sat down at the table and ran her little foot up his leg. “I am doubly pleased when you come home to me for I know we will make love and I love the way you fill me with your love muscle.”

Mark laughed, “My love muscle. You haven’t called it that before.”

She giggled happily, “I know. But the words cock dick and prick are too ordinary they can not describe what I feel when you fill me and bring me to those wonderful orgasms over and over again. No one has ever made me feel like you do. No man can do what you do to me. I can’t believe how lucky I was when you took me in. I wait for you each night hoping you will come home early to me so we can make love.”

Mark’s cock was throbbing as she spoke. I should come home early more often he thought as he studied Ayaha`s sweet body. He sighed as he felt his hot blood take control of his emotions. Standing up he swept the dishes from the table ignoring the noise as they crashed on the floor. To Ayaha he seemed to grow stronger as he swung her up on the table and stripped her tiny shift away.

She screamed with delight laughing as she told him to stop being silly and eat his dinner. “Dinner can wait I know what I want to eat,” he said with a happy laugh. When he saw a wide smile light up her face he laughed louder. Pushing her back until her pussy lips were displayed for his inspection he looked down and tweaked a pointing nipple. “You really don’t want me to stop do you?” he asked his voice full of emotion. Groaning and spreading her legs wider, she whispered wickedly. “Kiss my pussy,”

Even though she was expecting his kiss Ayaha yelped in surprise when a shudder ran through her body in response to his lips and a tremor took her breath away. “I love you. I love you.” she cried as she brought her legs up to encircle his back.

I do love him she thought as Mark lifted her legs up around his neck and ran his rock hard cock up and down her wet slit. He can go with other women but he always comes back to me. He is mine. She tightened her legs around his neck and reached for the cheeks of his arse pulling him in tightening the muscles of her pussy to milk him. “More! More!” she moaned spurring him on.

Mark let her legs slide down his back so he could look at her flushed face. Beads of sweat shone on her forehead. Her eyes shone with love. Her mouth open her tongue licking her lips. She was breathing hard straining to take every inch of him. “My god little one you’re fucking fantastic,” he groaned as he struggled to hold on.

Through the haze of lust and love that filled her eyes and ears she heard him moaning, “you’ve done it again I’m bloody Cumming. I can’t hold on. You make me so bloody horny. I’m bloody Cumming too quickly.”

There was no need for him to tell her. She could feel the change in him; hear it in his breathing, sense the new urgency in his strokes and then finally the tensing of his body. She felt her body responding it too was tensing pushing up off the dining room table as their unfettered life giving fluids mingled and flowed and they came together in a sea of mutual admiration.

“You’re beautiful. You’re lovely. I love you.” Both were speaking gripping each other as the last of their orgasms abated and their bodies relaxed. “More,” she whispered, “more,” and they started again. This time it was more leisurely more relaxed. Two lovers enjoying each other nibbling and kissing touching and caring it went on for hours until in the early hours of the morning he finally lifted her in his arms and carried her over to her room where her young baby slept peacefully.

It did not seem very long before Ayaha woke him izmit escort bayan with a kiss and a warm feeling between his legs as she washed his balls with a warm washer and gently took his cock deep in her mouth. “Wake up sleepy head,” she whispered. “I have your breakfast ready. You won’t have much time to eat and take a shower before those three beautiful young ladies come over to talk to you.”

He was still half asleep and full of questions. “Who’s coming, what time is it?” Running his hand up under her tiny shift he encountered bare flesh and the questions disappeared. “My god I love your pussy. You were wonderful last night. I’m really buggered. How can you be so lively and lovely so early in the morning after a night like that?”

Ayaha let him finger her pussy while she wiped the sleep from his eyes. “Come down to breakfast you must shower before the visitors arrive or they smell sex and know what you have been doing.”

Mark ran his thumb up over her clit. “Bugger the visitors come here and kiss me properly.”

Holding his throbbing cock in his hand he grinned, “Look at this horn I can’t meet them like this.”

Giggling Ayaha dropped to her knees, “we must be quick,” she growled.

He was showering with Ayaha a half an hour later responding once more to the feel of her tiny hands roaming all over his body when the bathroom door swung open to reveal Simone Rebecca and Rae giggling in the doorway. “We knew what you two would be up to when we could not raise a response downstairs,” Rae cried as she threw them a towel. “Don’t you ever rest?”

Rebecca broke into a nervous giggle her face flushed as she remembered the way Mark had taken her cherry. “Take no notice of her Ayaha. I’d never rest either if I lived here and knew that monster was always ready to fill my pussy?”

Downstairs in the kitchen Ayaha asked the girls to join Mark for breakfast. “They want to do it again with you,” she announced when Mark asked the reason for their visit.

“I’m sure that can be arranged,” Rae giggled but we really want you to help Simone. She could never bring herself to come over here and hop into your bed.”

“She was the one that originally suggested that we find a mature lover like you. She agreed to ask you to be our first lover. Rebecca and I have talked to her for hours about the loving way you treated us. We have not come back looking for more because we wanted her to have her first visit before we came over for repeats. We have told her we are not going to wait any longer we want you to do it today.”

Ayaha squealed and clapped her hands, “I will make up the bedroom master bring her up in a few minutes.” Mark was stunned he had spent a wonderful loving night with Ayaha and could not believe how pleased she was to make room for more lovers. “Hang on,” he cried trying to slow things down. “Let’s hear from Simone its up to her.”

He looked over at Simone. The idea of a sexy young woman wanting them to take her cherry was the subject of many old men’s dreams and he was living those dreams.

He studied her closely. She had a body most young women would die for. He smiled to himself as she turned to give him a side view of her long shapely legs tiny waist and a set of firm hard tits. She had dressed carefully. Her little black dress was cut low to mould her breasts before dipping in to highlight her tiny waist. It was short enough to draw attention to her shiny black stockings and the black high heels that added that sexy curve to her calves. It was hard to imagine her being shy but she must be he thought as he wondered why she had not visited him like the others.

Simone must have read his mind. “I’m not shy and it’s true I was the one that wanted a mature lover instead of giving my virginity to one of those ego maniac school jocks.” She grimaced, “but to just roll over here and say fuck me is not my idea of a memorable occasion that I will look back on and relive with pleasure in years to come.”

She waved her hand at Rebecca and Rae. “I don’t want these two vultures watching. I want it to be private just us. I have thought about it and would like you to take me to lunch wine me and dine me then bring me home to the room Ayaha prepared and make passionate love to me.”

Mark moved quickly while the girls ate breakfast. He had his office book a table for lunch at the town’s top club. He arranged for his Merc to be detailed izmit eve gelen escort and delivered so he takes her for a leisurely drive around the city and the nearby countryside before lunch. Kissing Ayaha lovingly he asked her to add or do anything he might have missed. “Make sure its special. I want her to remember today when ever she lets a new man fuck her.”

Ayaha sent Rebecca and Rae home leaving Simone standing alone waiting. “Don’t worry,” Ayah whispered. “He is a kind and gentle lover. He can be what ever you want him to be. Just talk to him, tell him what you like. He just loves making his woman happy.”

Simone was impressed when the door man and head waiter at the club recognized Mark and treated her like royalty. She could not help but notice the way heads turned as she strode across the busy room to their table. Within minutes some of the cities leading businessmen dropped by their table to pay their respects and to have Mark introduce his beautiful young friend.

Simone had never felt more at ease in her life she felt special and her mind turned to sex. Her friends had relieved their experiences with Mark telling her over and over how wonderful it had been. Now as she sipped a glass of champagne her heart raced as her thoughts turned to her expectations of what would happen when she spent her afternoon in bed with this highly desirable powerful man.

She felt her nipples grow hard when he took her hand and whispered “I have a room upstairs that I keep for corporate guests Ayaha has had it specially prepared for us, would you like to see it.”

Her mouth immediately dried up making it hard to talk. She ran her tongue over her lips and mumbled, “Yes let’s go I’m ready.”

Taking her arm he led her through the tables towards the door. As they made their way through the crowded tables he very deliberately ran his hand lightly down her back to fondle her young butt. “Don’t look now but half the men in the room are jealous.” Ignoring his words she looked back over her shoulder at the men in the room. “You’re crazy how you can say such a thing?”

His smile broke into a wide grin. “If you want proof just look at how many are holding their napkins in their laps. They are hiding their hardons afraid to move because their wives might notice.”

As they crossed the lobby to enter the lift he let his hand drift back up to her waist. “Leave it down there I like it,” Simone whispered.

Groaning he slid his hand back to cup the cheek of her firm young backside. “Take care young lady you are not only affecting those old fogies. Look down and you will see that I could do with a napkin right now.”

Simone ran her hand over the lump in his pants as the lift door closed. “You know that is the nicest compliment I have had paid to me today. To think that I can turn on a powerful older man like you without doing or giving up anything makes me so proud.”

Mark took her head in his hands and kissed her. “Don’t sell yourself short. You are one beautiful young woman. A man would have to be dead not to be turned on by you.” Reaching their floor he kissed her again and guided her towards their room. “Lets hurry I can’t wait to strip those clothes off so I can see what I know will be a fantastic body.”

In the room Mark was surprised when Simone pushed him back on a bedside chair. “I want to dance for you,” she whispered as she threw her shawl on the floor and pirouetted around so her tiny skirt flared out displaying glimpses of flesh above her black stockings. She strode around the room slowly undoing buttons and zips. “I would love to dance in one of those strip clubs but they are so sleazy that they leave me cold. I have practiced a special dance for you in front of the mirror in my room.” She jiggled her butt and her breasts suggestively, “I want you to tell me if I’m sexy.”

Mark was breathing heavy when she finished dancing. She had danced out of her dress and teased him as she removed her bra displaying a much larger set of tits than he had expected. Finally she stood in her high heels swaying her hips clad in a black garter belt and stockings showing no evidence of a thong. “None of my crowd wear garter belts,” she whispered. “I bought this especially for you. I didn’t wear panties or a thong because I thought they would hide what I wanted you to see.”

She turned slowly, “you like?” she izmit otele gelen escort whispered.

“My god what is there to dislike?” he growled as he sat up and reached for her.

She danced away, “No I’m in charge, this is my cherry let me seduce you.”

Remembering her anger at what she had called the grabbing tactics of the school jocks he sat up in the chair and growled, “You are in charge sweetie. We will do what ever you want.”

Later that night as he drove her home he whispered. “you were fantastic. I remember you saying you wanted to lose your cherry in a way that you will relive with pleasure. I don’t know about you but I know I will never forget this afternoon. From the moment you made me strip and sit back on the chair I was in heaven. I’ll never forget how you sat astride me and slid up on my lap. No one has ever ridden me in a chair it was mind boggling for me.” He straightened the lump in his pants. “The way you moulded the whole of your body against mine is burnt into my memory it was one of the most erotic experiences of my life.”

Simone turned in her seat so he could see her long legs right up until a shadow hid her pussy. “You should talk. It was your cock that filled me. It was your cock that moved so fantastically, touching me lightly, thumping me hard, withdrawing then returning over and over doing things to my body and my mind until my pussy was a sloppy mess.” She shook her head, “It wasn’t only your cock your tongue, your hands, you lips, your raunchy whispers, my god the more I recall the more I want.”

Mark rubbed the lump in his pants, “don’t blame me its bloody hours later and I still grow hard just thinking of you.”

“Pull over and stop the car,” she ordered huskily. “I can’t let you go home like that.” Mark looked around they were on the towns main drag a few hundred yards from his largest supermarket. “Behave we can’t do anything here people are walking past they will see.”

“Park,” she demanded. “Or I’ll attack you while you’re driving.” Mark hurriedly pulled into the curb when Simone put one hand over his mouth. “Stop talking I’m not finished with you.” She immediately opened his zip and released his hard cock. “Bugger the people I am going to give you a blow job you will never forget and I am going to do it right here so you will always remember me when you drive down this road to work.”

Time seemed to stand still for Mark as she deep throated him and massaged his balls. To his surprise he not only seemed to grow harder but he immediately felt a build up that meant only one thing.

Simone could tell from the movements of Marks body that he was getting close. She slipped his cock from her mouth and growled, “Would you like to cum in my mouth or do you want to cum all over my tits like they do in those porno clips.”

Mark had no option as soon as her mouth closed over his cock once more his cock pulsed and spurted forcing her to gulp and swallow what to his surprise given their afternoon activities was a copious load. Simone grunted and took it all using her hands and tongue to drain every drop. When he flopped back in his seat she did her best to lick his cock clean but cum was still dribbling from the side of her mouth when she moved up to kiss him. “Thank you,” she whispered, “now I can tell better stories than Rebecca and Rae. They will freak when I tell them how you filled all my holes my pussy my arse and my mouth not just once but many many times.” She giggled happily, “I love you, I will never forget the things we did together. I had dreamed it would be special but it was better than my dreams. We did everything.”

“We haven’t finished yet,” he growled I’m taking you home to my bed.” Hours later he woke to giggles and laughter. Lying with his eyes closed he heard Ayaha talking, “he’s snoring you have worn him out. Let him sleep.” He was drifting off when he realised that his bedroom seemed full of people.

Through the haze he heard. “You will have to wake him my mum will be heart broken if he doesn’t turn up to rip her clothes off on the thirteenth fairway.” Thank god its only Rae and Rebecca he thought as he heard Rebecca chip in, “now he has had Simone, he’s fair game we want more it’s our turn.”

Opening his eyes he saw Rebecca and Rae standing with Ayaha at the bottom of the bed. “He’s awake Rae squealed jumping on the bed between Simone and Mark. “My god he’s hard,” she laughed as she groped between his legs “should we use it or let him go to mum.”

Speaking for the first time from her position in his bed Simone rubbed sleep from her eyes. “Let’s shower him and send him off to play around. We can wait until later, “anyway I want to tell you about yesterday.”

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