Gloryholes and Bathroom Stalls

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It had been a while since I’d had any playtime with the boys. My cock kept swelling at the thought of being surrounded by naked men, all of whom were in the same place for the same purpose. I’d been to The Watergarden, San Jose’s (only?) bathhouse a couple weeks prior but nothing was happening that evening, nothing worth my attention, anyway. Since The Watergarden didn’t pan out, I decided to go cock-hunting in Berkeley’s Steamworks last week.

I arrived in the late afternoon, renewed my membership, put my valuables in the safety deposit box, grabbed my keys, and moved off to my locker to change. Well, “change” is a bit much: “Strip” is more like it. After locking up I strolled up to the counter wearing nothing but my flip flops and received a towel and a smile which I reciprocated as my cock started to hang lower as it grew fatter with the attention.

About me: I’m Jake. Bisexual, a size queen and exhibitionist, I’m 7 ½” cut, with a nice body, great ass, 5’11”, long, brown hair, nice blue eyes…I’m a catch. My girlfriend Lisa is queer (and a catch), as well, and she gets off on my queer side so I sometimes go to the bathhouses with her encouragement to have fun and play safe.

Swiveling away from the counter I strolled off with the towel over my shoulder, heading for the showers. After washing up I soaked in the tub for a bit. It’s a good way to check out the meat before sampling, you know? I chatted with some nice guys for a bit then headed for the outback, poppers in hand, towel again over the shoulder.

The outback casino oyna is basically a huge, dark area filled with gloryhole booths of all sorts. I loooove the place: It’s perfect for good, old-fashioned, anonymous, nasty pig sex. My kind of setup. Since I hadn’t yet seen anyone I’d like to get on my knees for, I climbed the stairs of one of the catwalks (platforms raised about 3 feet so your cock is roughly face-height for anyone walking by), draped my towel over the wall, and stood in front of the large hole with my fat meat hanging out for anyone to sample. Honey it was heaven, just standing there on display, eyes closed, my cock pulsing, engorged, though not yet at attention.

I was relishing the time being on display when I felt soft lips envelop and suck in my low-hanging cockhead. I was skeptical at first, as usual (blowjobs rarely get me off), but seconds later I realized this bitch knows what he’s doing. This was an amazing blowjob. I opened my eyes and saw a sweet, handsome, older man working over my cock with a mouth that I had to have more of. I reached down and caressed his head and he looked up, pulling off my cock, and smiled at me. As I smiled back, he gently stroked my meat and asked if we could go to a bathroom stall so he could continue his work. I was really into the darkness and anonymity but this was too good to let go so I assented.

I grabbed my stuff and followed him to a nice, clean stall in the bathroom. He told me to sit down and lay back as he laid his folded towel on the ground for some knee-cushioning. As canlı casino I did, he took me back into his mouth and moaned…jeeesus, he was good. His technique was amazing: He took me all the way in and held me there, undulating his tongue along the underside of my shaft, from the head to the base with the head of my cock pushing against his throat. He would do this for a while then as he pulled back, he would tighten his lips and tongue around my cock and twist his hand along its length, stopping at the tip. Then back down, tight and warm, for a repeat. Over and over he sucked my cockmeat, causing me to relax further and further until I leaned my head back and shifted my ass forward on the toilet to get more comfortable. I took a few hits off the poppers, recapped the bottle, leaned my head back against the tile wall and let out a looonnnng moan as the rush hit me. He joined me in a chorus of ecstatic noises and picked up the pace only slightly. It was at this point that I realized that I might come from this blowjob, which is incredibly rare for me, and this made me spread my legs and open up further to his ministrations.

I remember looking up at the ceiling marveling at how incredibly hot and gay this scene was and how fortunate I was to be part of it. I lowered my eyes to my newfound, anonymous lover and took another couple of hits as I let myself melt into him. I loved the feel and sight of his beautiful and talented mouth on my cock, the sounds of our combined moaning, and the rise of the building orgasm. As the rush hit me, my cock swelled kaçak casino further and I cried out, “I’m coming…I’m cominnngggg!” He just kept his pace up: His refusal to pull back, his commitment to satisfying his man, sent me over the edge. With a violent shudder I shot my load in his mouth and down his throat as he continued his work.


The orgasm kept coming in rolling waves and I let myself ride it out, my head thrown back in ecstasy, my cries guttural and sweet… As I came down I heard the unmistakable sounds of his jacking off while he swallowed my fat load. I opened my eyes: “Keep going, baby, you’re just perfect down there on your knees where you belong.” His eyes widened and his pace quickened at that.

“You like that, don’t you, baby?”

Nods on my cock.

“Look at you on your knees in this bathroom sucking me off while I’m here on the toilet. You’re a dirty little bitch, aren’t you?”


“Good boy,” I moaned, while my cock softened only a little; his technique kept me focused. “I like you right there, on your knees, taking my load like a good bitch.”

Evidently this sent him over the edge as I heard only a heavy moaning and grunting as his throat took my cock. I felt him jerk and moan as he shot his load on the tile floor. As he returned to earth I slid my ass back, my cock popping out of his mouth, and stood up. I reached down and helped him to his feet.

“I’m Jake,” I smiled, “Thank you sooo much! That was amazing,” I gushed.

“I’m John,” he smiled, lips glazed with my cum.

“Of course you are,” I laughed as I grabbed my towel and strode away to return the favor to someone else. I was ready to get some meat in my own mouth and the outback was calling…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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