Getting Over an Ex

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It was 4PM on a bank holiday afternoon. Most of the people in this average-size town had the day off. Some spent the day outside, hiking or fishing. Some got together with their friends and threw the biggest parties of the year. Neither of these were the case for Zack. He had been sitting on his couch for almost the entire day, thinking of what to do.

Zack was in his mid-20’s, quite tall and rather well built. He boasted quite the cock – although way too few people knew it, in his opinion.

One of those who knew was his now ex-girlfriend, Sarah. About a month ago, while on a family holiday, he had walked in on her sitting on her knees below his brother – face covered in his cum. He hasn’t spoken to either of them since – and sure as hell doesn’t plan to either.

“What a slut”, he thought. “It’s a shame I wasn’t the one to cheat on her. Her sister would probably have been quite the fuck, with her cute face and fake tits. Just imagine her in bed – what a treat!”

Although it was too late for him to get proper revenge on Sarah, fucking some hot girls would hopefully keep him from thinking about her for a while. But, who would be up for it? He thought about it for a while. Finally, he came up with three possible candidates.

First, there was Jenna. She was about 23 years old, dyed her short hair red and had nice perky boobs. He imagined them being about 28C’s, all natural. She wasn’t the type to cover herself in makeup every day, although Zack had seen quite a few Facebook photos where she looked really sexy. That gave him a bit of hope – after all, it would soon be a Friday evening. She worked out a lot, and he guessed she would be a skilled cock rider. She also had quite an ass, an asset she wasn’t afraid to flaunt.

Then there was Heather. She was a bit older than Jenna, probably around 30. Her long blonde hair was usually tied in a messy bun or a ponytail. Easily the most confident girl in town, she often wore tight dresses and lingerie stockings to work. She didn’t exercise that much, but somehow the little fat on her body always seemed to end up in all the right places, giving her a well-defined ass. Push-up bras seemed to be a common sight as well. This made it hard to determine her breast size, but they were definitely smaller than Jenna’s. Heather enjoyed makeup and wore a lot every day. To Zack, she had come across as quite serious yet very flirty, thanks to her great confidence.

“She does have a boyfriend, but he is a bit of a nerd. With my body that certainly won’t be an issue,” he figured.

And finally, there was Cam. She was the same age as Heather, and also one of her best friends. She was tall with long, brown hair. A bit on the curvier side, but still just as hot as the other two. Zack had known her since they were young – she was the one he thought of when he jerked off for the first time. Just like Heather, Cam had gotten quite the shape over the years. She had very nice thighs, and the sexiest face of all the women he had ever seen. She also had a boyfriend, but had previously shown some interest in Zack, so he figured she would be easy to convince.

Another bonus was that all three girls were acquaintances of his, so he had their phone numbers and knew that they were the kind who would be eager to help him through these tough times. All he had to do was sound a little sad and they would be rushing to help him. He figured he should wait awhile for them to get dressed and ready for a Friday night out, and just as they were ready to leave their houses – he would call and ask them to come over and cheer him up. He could then use his charm to turn the situation in his favor, and get three good fucks from three hot ladies who were at their sexiest.

Now, all Zack had to do was wait. Waiting was certainly not one of his skills, and the thoughts of him fucking all these women silly and then covering them in cum got him quite horny, quite fast. He couldn’t keep himself from jerking off, and before he knew it he had already done so about five times.

Luckily, he had a bit of a special talent – it was not uncommon for him to come three or four times during a single fuck session. This was something that his ex would make good use of; first blowing him and swallowing the first load, then riding him and making him cover her stomach in jizz, then her ass, and finally having him cum all over her face and tits. The last load would typically be the biggest, so with a picture of her cum-drenched body taken out of context, you could easily mistake the scene for the aftermath of a gangbang.

“Gangbang!” As he thought of that word, another brilliant idea struck him. “These women are hot and all, but how awesome would it be to fuck all three at once?” he realized.

He thought of it for a bit, and came to a conclusion. Heather and Cam would easily be up for it, since they had probably already seen each other naked sometime through the course of their lifelong friendship. Considering the fact that they had been pretty adventurous in their younger years, casino oyna he wouldn’t be surprised if they had already been in a threesome together already. With a combination of acting and smooth talking, they would be no match.

Jenna, however… She really wasn’t the slutty kind, which surprised Zack considering her amazing body which just seemed to get hotter after every gym session. However, there was a fact that gave him a big advantage, as far as Zack knew, she hadn’t had a partner since she was in high school, so she was probably hungry for some cock after all these years as a single woman.

As he finished that thought, Zack realized that his crazy idea could – with a bit of luck – play out like he’d fantasized. He glanced at his watch for the time. It was nearly 8:15 PM, so he decided it would be best if he had dinner first and then called up the ladies.

Fifteen minutes later, he had downed a can of beer and a pre-made sandwich from the convenience store. He took a shower, made sure that he smelled and looked presentable, and gave his apartment a quick cleaning. With that done, it was 9:00 PM and he was ready to set his plan in motion. Zack decided that Heather and Cam would be easiest to convince, so he started with them. He looked up Heather in his contacts and pressed call.

“Here goes nothing,” he said to himself.

“Hi Heather, Zack here! How are you? Well, I’m okay, I guess. What are you doing tonight? Partying with the girls? That sounds great… I wish I could be out, too. Why not? Well, I broke up with Sarah about a month ago. Still haven’t gotten over her, strange right? Speaking of not getting over her, that was kind of why I called. I was thinking that maybe you could come over here for a while, and we could just talk about things. I need a bit of therapy, you know. Why you? Well, you are one of the most compassionate and caring people I know. You always put others before yourself. Yes, I know it’s been awhile since your last breakup, but I still know you’ll be a great person to talk to. Please? Yes! Thank you so much! As soon as possible would be great. Alright, see you in twenty.”

Zack hung up the phone. Success! One down, two to go. Cam was next. He pressed call.

“Cam? Hi, it’s Zack! What’s up? Oh, you were going out with Heather? Well, speaking of Heather… She’s coming over to my place in a bit. Yeah, I broke up with my girlfriend a while back, and I just needed someone to talk to. Sure, it would be great if you came as well! No, no, take your time, get your makeup ready first! Thanks Cam, you’re the best. See ya.”

He barely had to do anything. She suggested everything he thought of on her own. Cam had been doing the finishing touches to her makeup when he called, since she was getting ready for a night of partying out with Heather. She wasn’t the type who put much emphasis on her face, which certainly wasn’t an issue, since it usually ended up being covered in some lucky guy’s jizz by the end of the night anyways. Cam simply had a face that no man could resist, and she knew it. Over the years they’d known each other, Zack had realized she was nowhere close to being as loyal to her boyfriend as you’d imagine.

“Okay,” he thought, “Let’s tackle the hardest challenge. Jenna’s up.”

“Jenna! What’s up? Partying just like everybody else in this dang town? Haha, of course. Well, the reason I called is that I kind of need your help. You see, I broke up with Sarah a while ago. Yeah, a real shame. Caught her with my brother. Anyways, I really, really, need someone to talk to about all this. Just vent a bit, you know? And I figured, with you being the nice person that you are, you could come and cheer me up a little? Really? Alright, you can just stay for a while and then I’ll let you party all you want. Thirty minutes sounds great. Thanks. Honestly.”

Zack could barely contain himself. In just a bit, he would be fucking these three hot ladies. But first – once again, it was time to play the waiting game. Zack decided that it would be best if he jerked off once more before the girls got here, to hopefully last a bit longer inside them.

He had just finished when the doorbell rang. He quickly cleaned up and rushed to the door. He opened it to find Heather standing there in a short-sleeved gray pencil dress, sexy as always. It always surprised him how confident she was for such a short woman. Just as he had thought, she had quite a generous amount of makeup on, but strangely no lipstick. Her hair was tied in a messy bun as usual.

“Hi,” Zack said, and faked a sad smile.

“Hey there, poor guy!” Heather responded, and gave him a big hug.

After taking a step back, she looked him in the eyes and smiled seductively. Zack was caught off-guard. Maybe they had similar plans?

“We should sit down,” he said and gestured for her to walk further into the apartment.

He couldn’t help but stare at her wonderful ass the entire time she was in front of him. She sat down when she reached the sofa, crossing her legs. Zack sat canlı casino himself on the slight extension of the sofa that gave it an L-shape. He decided to keep a little distance, for now.

“Sounds like somebody’s been screwed over,” Heather said after a short moment of silence.

“Yeah, thanks for coming. Seriously,” he responded. “Especially since it seems like you already had plans for tonight.”

“No worries, Zack. Yeah, I was actually gonna hang out with Cam tonight, but I’m sure she can wait for a while,” she laughed.

“Actually, you won’t need to wait for her. I called her too, she should be here any minute now.”

“That was clever of you,” she smirked. “So let’s get on with it then. Tell me what happened! You guys seemed so happy together!”

“Well, I was on holiday with my family, and she came with us. We had all hired a lodge in in the woods for us to relax in. One day, I had left to go do some fishing on the nearby river. Nobody else was really into that, so I decided to just go alone. But then the weather became too harsh, and I had to come back early.”

He sighed, hoping for some compassion as he was reaching the sad part. He didn’t have time to finish though. Just as he was about to continue, the doorbell rang once again.

“Sorry, I’ll get it. Just wait here.”

He opened the door and, as expected, saw Cam. Her beautiful brown hair went down to her shoulders. Tonight, she wore a really tight, white and blue top that showed off the shape of her tits, and a wavy, white skirt that barely went down to her knees. He was right about the makeup – simple and subtle, as always.

“Hi Cam,” Zack said and hugged her.

“I’m so sorry to hear about you and Sarah,” Cam said.

“Well, now that I’ve thought a bit more about it, it probably was about time after all.”

He couldn’t help but notice the fact that she was squeezing the top of her body a bit more than usual towards him, giving him a nice feel of her soft, natural breasts. They were bigger than he remembered them to be, about 34C if he were to guess.

“Heather’s already here,” he said. “Please, just come on in. You look great tonight, by the way.”

“The more smooth talking I get done now, the easier it will be to get them in bed later… I’m in for a great night,” he thought to himself.

They went to the sofa. Cam saw Heather and went to hug her. As they did, Cam reached down to Heather’s ass and spanked it, albeit rather softly. This really turned Zack on, and by this point he assumed that his boner would be pretty visible.

As they sat down, Heather said, “Just continue where you left off, Zack, I can fill Cam in on the details later.”

“Alright,” he continued. “Anyways, when I got back, I needed to get changed, so I went up to mine and Sarah’s room. And, as I began to open the door, I could see her sitting there, on her knees, all naked. In front of her was my brother with his dick out.”


Heather was visibly upset, almost yelling.

Cam seemed speechless. All she had managed to do was put her hands over her mouth.

“Were they, uh… y’know…” Heather asked, deliberately avoiding any mention of sex.

“Even worse,” Zack said, trying to look sad in hopes of gaining even more compassion. “I wanted to see what was going on, so I just opened the door a little bit. As I was standing there, my asshole brother came on Sarah’s face. As soon as he had finished and she was starting to lick herself clean, I walked in.”

The girls looked disgusted, but with a noticeable hint of excitement in their eyes.

“Damn!” Heather exclaimed.

Then she looked a bit ashamed for a second, trying not to say what they were all thinking:

“That’s kind of hot, though…”

“Heather, you slut!” Cam shouted.

“No, no, it’s okay,” Zack said, trying to calm the situation down.

But, he had to admit to himself, she’d still looked really sexy covered in someone else’s jizz.

“So yeah, that’s pretty much the entire story,” he finished.

The timing couldn’t have been better. When he had finished the story, the doorbell rang once again. Just like last time, he asked the girls to stay while he went to get the door. He opened it, and there was Jenna standing in all her glory. She was without a doubt the sexiest of the three. You could tell she was set on a night out partying, mainly on her makeup. She was wearing lots of eyeshadow: black but with hints of grey and white towards her upper eyelids. Her eyelashes were longer than he’d ever seen them before, and the eyeliner around her eyes was simply stunning. Her full, sexy lips were enhanced by a pink lip gloss.

As for her clothes, she had gone with a tight, black cocktail dress that stopped short a few inches above her knee. The arms of the dress were a bit transparent, so you could tell how firm and strong her arms were. And as if this wasn’t sexy enough, she wore a bra that enhanced her perfectly shaped breasts more than usual. To make the situation even worse kaçak casino for Zack’s growing boner, she was wearing black see-through stockings.

“Man, I really hope those are just thigh-highs. Otherwise I’m gonna have to rip them later. Oh well, that’ll be hot as well, I guess,” he thought.

Her black heels made her almost as tall as himself, which was actually rare for a woman.

“Hey, thanks for coming on such short notice,” he said, hugging her.

As he drew her closer, he realized that his boner was now impossible to hide. This could go south pretty rapidly. His boner touched her right between her legs.

“Oh, it feels like someone’s happy to see me,” Jenna said in a rather foxy voice.

Stunned by the unexpected reaction, Zack found himself just standing there like a fool. But hey, he couldn’t really complain. She then patted the tent his boner had created out of his pants, and walked inside.

Stunned by this weird turn of events, Zack couldn’t do anything but stand there. He could hear Jenna saying hi to Cam and Heather before he finally managed to snap himself out of his trance. Deciding it would just be weird to go to the bathroom and jack off now, he walked back towards the sofa, attempting to hide his boner as he sat down in the same spot as before. He had managed to gather all the of the ladies in his living room now. He’d better not mess this up.

“Alright, I just retold the story to Cam and Jenna,” Heather said.

“So, what is it that you miss about Sarah?” Cam quickly asked. “I mean, obviously she’s a total bitch, but she must’ve had some good sides, right?”

“Well…” He stopped and thought for a second. “I miss cuddling with her. She was a great hugger. I’ve been with other girls, but she really was the best company I’ve had in a long time.”

This wasn’t really true, but Zack figured he had to get some pity from the girls before he really went for it.

“Aww, poor guy. Come here!” Heather said and patted the spot in the sofa next to her.

He joined Heather, and wrapped one of his arms around her. She didn’t seem bothered, so he kept it there. This was his chance – it was now or never.

“And, you know… The, uh… sex. The sex was great. I barely think three hot chicks could please me like she did. Man, I miss that.”

He looked over at Cam and Jenna, and could see in their eyes that they had gotten an idea.

“You sure?” Cam asked.

“Ninety-nine percent,” Zack answered.

“Well, have you tried?” Jenna said.

“No, but I really don’t think there’s anything to prove.”

He did his best to sound sad. Something was about to happen now, he could feel it.

“Well…” Heather said, as if thinking out loud. “I guess we’ve just got to prove him wrong. What do you say, girls?”

She looked over at the other two, who nodded approvingly.

“What do you think, Zack? If we prove you wrong on the pleasure part, would that help you get over Sarah?” Heather said, wrapping both her arms around him and smiling.

“I guess I can’t say no,” he responded, and started kissing Heather intensely.

As they were busy making out, he noticed that Cam got up and started to walk towards him. She got down on her knees and unbuckled his belt. She pulled his pants down, and with them came his boxers. His eight-inch cock stood up immediately, rock hard.

“Damn, how have you been hiding this for so long?” Cam said, laughing.

She admired the giant dick for a bit, and then wrapped her hands around it. She began jerking him off, while Heather was still kissing him with increasing intensity and lust.

“Hey, what about me!” Jenna said, from the other end from the sofa. “I want in on that cock too!”

Heather broke their kiss, to Zack’s great disappointment.

“Have you ever had a foursome before?” she asked.

Jenna shook her head in response.

“Hm. Threesome?”

Jenna shook her head again.

“Well, then I think you’d better watch and learn for a while. You know what? You can fuck yourself until we’re ready to swap. There’s a vibrator in my purse,” Heather told her.

“That’s hot,” Zack said.

“I’m a horny fucker,” Heather explained. “I’ve probably had it in me while talking to you before, and you didn’t even notice,” she said between kisses, continuing to make out with him.

Jenna got up, took the vibrator out of Heather’s purse and pulled her dress up to just above her hips. Zack looked over and noticed she was wearing a black thong, which she simply pushed to the side to make room for the sex toy. Hot. Just as he had hoped, her stockings stopped a bit up her thighs. Even hotter. She turned the vibrator on and began fucking herself, just as she had been told.

Cam stopped jerking Zack off and pulled her top over her head, revealing her gorgeous tits inside a dark green bra. She got down again, this time beginning to lick his sensitive head. Zack could already tell that she had quite a bit of practice. After a while, she put her entire mouth around his dick and began bobbing her head up and down. Her hair was flying all over the place, so Zack decided to hold it for her.

“What a gentleman,” Heather said, once again breaking their passionate kiss.

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