Getting Off A Ticket Ch. 4

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Author’s Note: This chapter is dedicated to a reader who gave me great support and feedback. A big thank you to my Alabama mama. Other feedback is welcomed!


Your pussy has missed me.

It had been a few weeks since your last encounter with me, and the thrill of having me take you with your husband in the other room still made your pussy tingle every time your mind wander to it. Many times during your little vacation, as you laid out in the sun, your nipples would swell and a small wet spot would appear between your legs as your mind went over how good it felt to have my thick, hard cock slam into you while you were bent over your bed. You thought often of your return, and you hoped that we would see each other soon. But that was not the case – not right away anyway. You had been back a few days, and you had driven around where you first met me, but you had no luck in finding me. You hoped that I would call, and your pussy got hotter and more needy as time went on – and in desperation you found yourself back on the country road where I first pulled you over. It was a hot and sunny day, and you were wearing a white skirt and cotton shirt. As you got dressed that morning, you decided – rather naughtily – to wear no panties, as it would allow you to easily tease yourself as you searched for me. And soon you were on the prowl, slowly running your finger up and down your slit as you drove nonchalantly through street and lane. Just you came over a small hill, and your car filled with the scent of your playful caresses, you spotted my patrol car sitting along side the road.

Your heart begins to pump harder, and instantly your pussy begins to get wetter and hungrier. As you pull up along side me, your face goes flush with desire as you gaze deeply into my eyes. We share a look of total and complete sexual need. Your pussy grows even hotter, and you adjust in your seat to make yourself more comfortable. Your mouth begins to water at the thought of taking me deep into your mouth. But that is when your hopes are dashed – for you see sitting next to me a young policeman. He looks as inexperienced as he is handsome, and see looks at you open-mouthed with a look of embarrassed wonder in his eyes. As you roll by my patrol car you decide that you have to at least talk to me, so you hatch a plan to make that happen. So, just 25 feet ahead of me, you decide to roll through the stop sign at the intersection, and you hope that I will pick up on your invitation. Your hopes are realized when you see my lights flashing behind you, and you quickly pull into a seldom-used dirt road. After about 50 feet, it makes a sharp turn behind a row of tall bushes and soon you stop – totally out of view of the main road. As you see my trainee and I walking up to your car, you wantonly decide to hike your skirt up and show a lot of leg. Your hard nipples are plainly visible through your flimsy blouse. “Ma’am, I will have to ask you to step out of the car,” I say as I give you a knowing glimpse. The trainee has his eyes glued to your legs, and you are careful to give him a great show as you exit your car. You hand me your driver’s license and you say that you are sorry for running that stop sign – and that you would do anything to make it up to us. That comment makes the trainee actually groan with pleasure, and you notice how large a lump you see in his ever-expanding pants. It is then that I speak. “We appreciate your cooperation ma’am, and you could actually help us out if you want. My trainee here, Officer Kelly needs to be shown how to do a few things – like how to frisk someone. Would you volunteer to help us out?“ I say in a surprisingly natural voice. The words cut through to your sexual core, and your pussy actually throbs with desire as your mind races with images of being touched casino oyna by me. Without thinking, you slowly and very playfully turn around and place your hands on the hood of the car. You look back and say that you will do your part to help train Officer Kelly. You sway your ass back and forth and you lean forward, and you can feel the breeze whip up your skirt as our eyes devour your lovely ass. You when feel me put my hand on the small of your back. I tell the trainee that it is very important to frisk a suspect very carefully and slowly. Don’t worry about embarrassing them or touching them in a inappropriate spot – safety is what is most important.

Soon you feel me touch both of your ankles, and then I begin to caress your legs as I work my way up higher. I tease the backs of your knees and I gently touch the inside of your thighs as I work higher and higher. You feel me caress up the outside of your buttocks and up and over to your back and then stomach. I slowly work my strong hands up your front until I cup both of your breasts in my large hands. I can feel your hard nipples and as I stretch to reach your shoulders and neck, you can feel my hardness push into your shapely ass. My touch is electric and you begin to push yourself back into my hard member. But then suddenly I back away and tell Officer Kelly to take his turn. You are slightly embarrassed but the thrill of this handsome man feeling your body thrills you greatly. You eagerly spread your legs even wider and you hope that he can smell your excitement in the air. He starts at your ankles with trembling hands, as he begins to work up your shapely legs. His touch is divine, and you can feel the shaky desire in his touch as well as his hot breathe on your ass. He boldly begins to caress your inner thighs as you instinctively spread your legs even wider, and his large finger brushes up against your naked pussy for the briefest of moments. A moan escapes from your lips, and you feel him pause for a moment as her realizes the effect that his hands are having on your body.

He proceeds – more slowly and teasingly, as his hands venture up your stomach and finally to your rock hard nipples and swelling breasts. He slowly caresses your tits with his large, rough hands, and he even fondles your stiff nipples with his fingers. He then moves up and begins to caress your neck and face, and you boldly push your hot ass against his groin as his hands tremble at your neck. It is then that I speak. “Officer Kelly, now you have another lesson to learn. You see, women who get pulled over will do almost anything to get out of a ticket. Why some of them will actually perform sexual favors to escape a fine. I bet this lovely woman would love to get out of her ticket – would it you?” I say as I reach up, lift your skirt quickly, and cup an ass cheek in my large hand. I give your hot ass a good squeeze and a soft moan escapes your lips – plainly answering my question. With that, I guide you around to the passenger side of the car and we open both doors. You lay back against the rear door, and for a second you are treated to the sight of two horny men advancing on you. Officer Kelly and I both lean in close to you as we begin to nibble and caress your neck. It feels so wild to feel two sets of hot lips on your sensitive neck, and you feel a shot of passion run down your body.

You can now feel our hardening cocks against both of your thighs as I begin to caress your ass and Officer Kelly places his hand under your blouse. He proceeds to fondle your heaving breasts while I kneed and massage your lovely cheeks. It is then that you reach out and begin to rub our cocks through our pants, and you are pleased to find that Officer Kelly is also well equipped to please you. As you massage us and feel us grow harder and bigger, you canlı casino feel me lift off your top while Officer Kelly unzips your skirt and lets it fall to the ground.

You are now totally naked with two hard and horny men kissing and nibbling on your nipples and massaging your ass. And as Officer Kelly continues his assault on your perky nipples, you feel me crouch down and place my face between your legs. And a second later, you are wracked with pleasure as my tongue makes rapid light flicks along your oozing sex. I place my hands around your hips and I draw your sex closer to my mouth – seeking to taste all your sweet nectar. My tongue feels so damn good that your knees start to buckle and you instinctively grab the back of my head. Your need is great, and so uncontrollably you grab a fist full of hair and you force my probing tongue on to your throbbing clit.

You feel me groan as I seek to give you so much pleasure, and it takes all of your will to slowly pull my head back. You are so excited to see the need in my expression, and your slick juices on my face, that you pull me up and devour my mouth in a deep kiss.

It is then that you feel Officer Kelly hastily unbuckled his pants, shove them to his knees and offer you his massive organ. Your hand automatically wraps itself around his massive tool, with your fingers barely able to close around his wide girth. You feel his pre-cum leaking from his large head as you begin to work your hand up and down his tool. It feels so wonderful in your grip that your mouth begins to hunger for the sensation of his size. It also ignites a need in you to possess my able cock so you break our kiss and order me to take my cock out for you. I give you a sly smile and hold your hungry gaze as I swiftly drop my pants to my thighs. Still holding your attention, I grab your hand and I place it around the head of my spasming cock. You hand is awash in my hot pre-cum, and my member feels hot and slick in your caressing hand.

And for a second you relish the feeling of having control of two large cocks, and your head begins to spin from the raw need and desire you are now feeling. You sit down on the car seat while bringing both of our cocks to your hot and hungry mouth. We crowd in close to you, and you see before you two wide and thick cocks that totally belong to you. They are yours to play with, and after pausing to take in the wonderful site in front of you, you lean forward and take Officer Kelly’s thick rod deep into your mouth. And it feels so good to have your mouth stretched wide again. You love the feeling of being at your limits and having such power over a man. These cocks are yours to command, and as you release him and take me quickly into your hot mouth, you decide that you will enjoy this experience as much as possible. So back and forth you go – sucking on me and then switching back to Officer Kelly. All the while, stroking the other cock and massaging our balls and asses. You even take both of our cocks into your mouth at once – seeking to do the impossible but greatly enjoying your effort.

You get so hot when you rub our cock heads together while sucking on us both. It makes it all the nastier – knowing that these men want you so much that they will let you rub their cocks together. You savor the flavor of our combined juices and the power of the desire that you conjure.

But, after a short while, you start to taste more of our pre-cum and you know that if you kept it up we both would shoot a large load deep into your mouth.

So, reluctantly, you motion us to back up. The scene is priceless as you see two cocks just throbbing for you. You then stand up, look both of us in the eye, and then you slowly lean through the open car window. You bend over and rest your stomach on the window sill as you wantonly kaçak casino wave your ass enticingly at us. The side view we have of your naked form is incredible as we see your shapely ass move and tease us, and we see your nice tits sway before us. Only a few seconds go by until you feel both of us approach. I reach down and spread your ass and lips apart, and Officer Kelly begins to slowly rub his cock head up and down your slit. It feels so damn good, as you feel his massive crown slide up and down your slick wetness. After a small pause, you feel him push his thick tool into your being, and your pussy stretches wide to accommodate his ample girth. As he begins to very slowly pump his rigid member in and out of your wide-open pussy, you feel him hit areas deep inside you that both alarm and delight you. You are completely filled by him, and your pussy begins to gush with wetness and excitement. That is when you feel me walk around to the other side of the door – so that my cock is right at your eye level as you lean through the car door. I take my cock into my hand and I quickly approach your wide-open mouth. I begin to smear and tease your face with my wet member as you desperately seek to engulf my cock in your hungry mouth.

After you begin to whimper with need you are rewarded with the wonderful taste of my large, thick cock. You take me deep into your mouth – until you begin to choke and then you back off and suck hard while allowing my cock to escape your lips. And then you begin again – feeling your jaw pressed wide open as you begin to pound your mouth against my rigid tool. And now Officer Kelly starts to pound you even harder. With each thrust he slams his massive member deep inside you, and you rock forward to take my thick cock deeper into your mouth. Officer Kelly grabs your hips tightly now, as he seeks to draw every last ounce of pleasure from your wonderful, wet pussy. And as you feel him begin to loose control of his thrusts, a wave of pleasure wells up inside you, and you begin to feel yourself cum. You revel in the feeling of his big cock pounding into your hot pussy and my wide member sliding between your lips. The feeling is indescribable and you become lost in a sea of wanton sexual need. And then your orgasm hits you. You begin to convulse around Officer Kelly’s pounding tool and you suck harder on my now-leaking cock. Your spasms send Officer Kelly off into orgasmic bliss, and as you pussy continues to bask in pleasure you feel him shoot thick ropes of hot cum deep inside you. You squeal in delight as he injects your quivering hole with his see, and you moan for me to cum. And after a few clumsy and hurried thrusts you feel my cock spasm in your wide-open mouth as I begin to pump load after load of hot, tasty cum into your mouth. The first two squirts shoot right down your throat, before you are able to back up and capture some of my hot seed. And finally our orgasms subside and you bask in the feeling of pure fulfillment that these two large cocks have brought you. You revel in the feeling of having milked our ample cum into your hungry body. You look up at me with an animal lust in your eye, and you remove my cock from your mouth.

You let some of my cum escape your lipstick-smeared mouth and you begin to rub my softening cock back and forth across your lips. You see a look of pure desire in my eyes, as you continue to tease me visually as my cock head travels back and forth across your lips. But soon reality seeps back into our world, and we disengage ourselves from our urgent tryst. We help you put your dress back on, and soon you are sitting back in your driver’s seat. You stare almost blankly ahead – vaguely aware of the drying cum on your lips and the wetness that escapes your spent pussy.

I am standing just outside your window with my uniform back in order, when I lean down into your window. I softly kiss you on the neck, awakening you from your daydream, and then I whisper into your ear.

“You are one fantastic fuck. I’ll be seeing you again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32