Friend Needs A Tongue. That’s All.

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I am an avid writer on most of the Indian blogs, but this will be my first post here on this website. My stories have received great feedback and on certain ocassions have led to both, casual and sexual meet ups.

This incident that I am about to share with you involves a 33 year old married female, Carol. Up until her recent email to me, I had no clue about her existence or the fact that she was a big fan of my stories. After numerous email exchanges, we exchanged phone numbers and got friendly. She told me that she was married and that her husband worked in Dubai. She lived alone here in Bangalore and had a decent job in some IT firm. She never discussed the sex in my stories, nor did she ever flirt with me in the slightest.

One Friday, I got a text from her asking me if I could hang out at her place instead of going out as she was tired after work. I didn’t mind and neither did I get any ideas in my head as in the past 2 months of knowing her, she had never given me the impression that she was interested in me sexually. I continued this friendship because she was extremely fun to hang out with. She and I even liked the same whiskey.

I reached her place around 6:30pm dressed casually in Jeans, a light shirt and a hoodie. She opened the door and showed me in. She was dressed in a loose white tee and even more loose pair of matching shorts. I could see the hint of a darker colored bra through the thin fabric of her tee. We started drinking, ordered dinner, and after eating we continued drinking. It was almost midnight when my body language might have suggested that I was about to take off. This is when she dropped the bomb on me. She started talking about how much she misses her husband and the physical intimacy. She said she was tired of playing with herself and wanted a change. The part that got me confused for a bit was when she said “…but, I don’t want to cheat my husband.”

“What casino siteleri do you mean? Are you suggesting something? Sorry, I’m not sure what you are trying to tell me.”

“Well… I want a sexual partner. No. I want a partner. I don’t want sex. Intercourse.”

“Okkkay…” I said, still confused.

“If you could just. Do what you did with the girl from your apartment building.” She said referencing one of my past stories.

There was no need for further clarifications. She wanted my tongue. I was more than happy to oblige. The only thing she said was that under no circumstances would I be allowed to fuck her. We could kiss, fondle, have oral sex, but no sex. Ever.

With a new found closeness, we got closer and started kissing. We kissed maybe for an hour during which I played with her breasts over her shirts, slid my hand in, touched her nipple that escaped the sides of her bra, and finally stopped at her thigh. I rubbed my hand on her inner thigh, gently touching a warm wet spot every now and then accidentally. After a while, she couldn’t hold it anymore and asked me to follow her to the bedroom. She made me lie down on the bed and started to strip. I was still fully clothed except the hoodie which I had taken off as soon as I was in her house. She got naked and stood on the bed with her legs on either side of me. I admired the view. She had a breasts a little bigger than what you would call average. Her pussy was cleanly shaved and before I could blink twice, she came down on me and sat on my face.

“Mmmmmmm” she exahled a grunted moan as if to release the stress that had been building up in her crotch for over 6 months, the time since she had last been with her husband. She grabbed my hair as she found the tip of my nose with her clit and started riding it. She didn’t last much. She came in under two minutes leaving a trace of her juice on my nose canlı casino and lips. She slid down my body and came face to face with me. She licked her juices from my face, collecting it in her tongue and then kissed me, deep.

“That long ha?” I asked jokingly.

“Yes! Now you see what I mean. I haven’t had a good time in ages. But don’t think I’m done yet. This was just for relief. I want more. For pleasure…” she said before she started kissing me again.

After she broke our kiss, I asked her to relax and lie down on her back.

“Finally, thought you’d never ask!” she said as she got comfortable.

I went down under covers and started kissing her thighs, inching my way in slowly.I could feel the pressure her hands were applying on my head, pushing my head into place. After teasing her a bit, I dove right in and started licking her pussy from bottom to top in long, broad, slow strokes. After this, I found her vertical lips and started sucking them one at a time. I titled my head and french kissed her pussy lips, at times dipping my tongue deep in her pussy. I had just found her clit when I felt her convulse and cum again.

“Oh my god, don’t stop. I’m still cumming.” she said.

I kept licking her clit until she could not take it any longer and pulled me up to kiss me. I said that I wasn’t done yet and asked her to turn around and lie on her stomach. Once she turned, I started kissing the back of her neck and started my way southward. Once I reached her ass, I could feel her body stiffen, anxious to know what I was going to do next. She gave an involuntary jerk, but gave no signs of resistance when I pulled her ass cheeks apart and flicked her puckered hole. She started relaxing under the rhythm of my constant upstrokes on her spot. I drew circles around it and slowly started to put the tip of my tongue in. She went crazy and lifted herself a bit and started playing kaçak casino with her clit. I didn’t mind, I found it sexy. I started licking the opening of her pussy and eventually ending deep inside her ass with my tongue. She suddenly asked me to stop and got up and asked me to stand up and strip.

“But, you said” I said, confused.

“Shhh” she hissed, “I know what I said. Now strip and lie down.”

After I got naked and lay down on her bed, she said that she felt sorry that she had been so selfish and left me with a hard on inside my pants.

She kissed me a little and then turned and got over me in a 69 position.

“This way you can lick me, and I can return the favor a bit, ya?” she said with her head turned.

I didn’t respond, just smiled and just pressed my tongue straight in her ass and started tongue fucking it. I soon started feeling some relief that came from her hands around my dick and balls. She sucked it a little and went further down to lick my balls every now and then. She made it really wet with her mouth and I could feel her mouth slipin n slidin easily around it. I had my arms around her thighs and had started playing with her pussy with my right hand too. Not long after, she sat up and started grinding on my face once again. I knew she was close and started licking her ass with faster strokes while my fingers rubbed her clit heavily. She came so hard that she nearly choked me under her. After this she fell to her side and got sleepy immediately. She said she had a good time and that her body was mine to use while she slept. I took her up on the offer and finished myself off while I licked and tongue fucked her pussy.

In the morning, when we woke up, she suggested that we do a quick round of play before I left. I gladly agreed and lay down on her couch and she straddled my face once again. After she came she said that her best friend who was in a similar situation would love to have me do the same thing to her. But she said she wasn’t sure if she wanted to share me yet. She promised to think about it and invited me back later that night for more fun.

More later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32