Fresh Cream In His Coffee

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Artificial Vagina

It was a cold winter month and we lived in the mountains out in the west. I had retired almost 2 years ago and my wife decided to go back to work and I was going to stay behind and take care of the duties…we switched places. I would do the beds, laundry, mop sweep and get the house in order and get dinner ready before she got home as she did for me the last 20 years.

I had been holding off on a spinal fusion till I retired and was now on the mend. It had been a long road, a year on a walker and another with a cane and I was at the point of putting that down as well. It had been two years since my retirement and now that I was healing and nearing 100% recovery. I was getting the house in order faster and had a lot more time on my hands.

I usually spent an hour a day on the computer answering emails and paying bills. lately I was spending up to 4 hours a day looking at porn sites. One of them had a chat room and I found myself talking to someone who was interesting in my conversation and seemed to be close to my age. It didn’t take long to get to know each other and we became good internet buddies, chatting everyday for a couple of hours.

He told me about his dreams and aspirations and I told him I was a stay home guy. In a couple of conversations he said he lived out in the mountains like I did but didn’t elaborate where so I didn’t pursue where he lived but we had that in common as well. We talked a lot about getting snowed in sometimes and even about pipes freezing and country living in general. We were really stating to connect.

One day as we chatted he asked me a strange question! If I was bisexual? I was shocked and told him I was happily married for 25 years and thought he knew that. We got off pretty quick that day and I was kind of bugged about him asking me that. The next day I was even hesitant to get on line and chat with him but I couldn’t resist.

I opened the chat box and saw five messages from him saying “IM SORRY, IM SORRY” over and over. I got on line and asked him for what, I just told him I was shocked he had asked me that. He said he was bisexual and just got the vibe that I was either gay or bisexual! I was stunned and asked him how he came to that conclusion! He just said he felt like I could go either way.

I kept thinking as we talked about our day and how he could think that…we hardly ever talked about sex at all. I was curious how he could be bisexual and how a person knows that. So I asked him how he knew he was bisexual? He said he didn’t know that he was until one day he met a neighbor. They met on a snow covered road where they lived and he was stuck in the snow and he stopped to help him get out on his way to work.

They traveled the same dirt road to and from their houses but living in the country and sometimes you may not ever meet the guy on the 40 acres next to you for years. Anyway, he went on to say after he had helped him they became good friends. They even would call on each other if they needed help on their little farms. He said that one day his friend had asked him if after work he could help him change a tire on his tractor that had gone flat.

He said sure and after work he went over to help. The tractor was in the barn and he drove to the back and honked the horn and sure enough the guy waived him in. They both looked at the tractor and decided to jack get it up, block it and remove the tire and drive it into town to get fixed. Town was about 20 miles from where they lived. They drove it in, got it fixed, and replaced casino siteleri it on the tractor.

He said that his neighbor was a 6 foot tall, slender, blond haired man in his 30’s and lived with his wife on his farm and had the bluest eyes you had ever seen like the color of the ocean. He had an accent and said he was scandinavian and his parent had migrated to the United States when he was little. He said he was a good looking man and he had seen him in the summer without a shirt on and went on to say he was built. Big rippling abs and big strong arms and had blond peach fuzz on his chest. His skin was nice and tanned from being shirtless most of the summer.

He said that they would check in on each other during the summer if either needed help and would even have a beer or two or home made wine in the afternoons his wife made. One day he said, the guy was a little drunk when he went one afternoon and actually tried to kiss him and he freaked out and went home feeling confused because he actually WANTED to kiss him back. He said he had never even considered being gay or bisexual. He had slept with his share of wemon and had a girlfriend, but that day was different.

The more he thought about his neighbor he said, he started to GET A HARD ON! He said he had gotten so aroused he eventually had to stoke his 8″ COCK to get rid of the woody before it exploded on its own, he said he had never felt like that before. I was feeling a boner as he was telling me this story and actually got off line for a while and got busy doing something before I got completely hard. Why was this turning me on?

About an hour later I logged back on and he had gone on typing the story without me and said that as the summer progressed and a few days had passed without communicating with his neighbor he actually went over to bring them some fresh eggs and pick up a gallon of homemade wine his wife had promised him. He said when he went over the guy didn’t remember what had happened or he acted like it didn’t. After a day or two they were back to their evening beers or wine and neither brought it up.

He said one evening at his house, as they chatted, his neighbor look down into the fire they were warming up by and said “HE WAS SO SORRY” for the night he tried to KISS HIM! He said he was stunned, because he thought he didn’t remember! His neighbor went on to say kind of choking up that it had been a long time since a friend of his had passed. What friend I asked him? He went on to say that a few years back before he met his wife, his guy friend died in a car accident where they used to live and that’s why he was in the country. His friend had left him as the beneficiary of his estate and he bought the farm with that money.

One of their dreams was to own a farm and live together for the rest of their lives as a gay couple, they were in love. His neighbor said that he was sorry and his actions were stupid and he apologized but that he had reminded him of his friend. His neighbor started to cry and laid his head on his shoulder! I didn’t know what else to do he said but to console him and put an arm around him. It was a little awkward but he said he let him get it out of his system and he said he was flattered his neighbor had considered him in that way.

He said he was a little surprised and embarrassed he was actually started to get a HARD ON as his neighbor cried on his shoulder and he said he was most embarrased that his neighbor noticed that he was getting aroused. His neighbor sniffled and slot oyna picked up his head and looked him straight in the eyes and said he wanted to kiss him. He said he didnt resist and just closed his eyes and leaned his head to one side and his neighbor pressed his plump lips into his. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity, even french kissing each other with their tongues.

He said he felt his neighbors hand on his face and could feel his short beard pricking his chin as he moved his face and mouth deeper into his. It was an erotic feeling he said to be kissing another man and as I read his story I was getting HARDER and HARDER by the second. He went on to say he didn’t even hesitate when his neighbor stated to unbutton his pants. He said he was lost in another place in his mind. He said he was so gentle but could also feel his strength as he pulled his pants down under his ASS.

Once he got my pants down he said, his neighbor kissed his thighs on both sides and his COCK PULSED in the night air and warmth of the fire GLOWED on his COCK as his neighbor lowered his head into his lap. He said he threw his head back as his neighbors mouth slide up and down his shaft, faster and faster as he sucked so GOOD on his COCK! He said he couldn’t believe he was doing that and his mind would flash to reality and back to that moment. He could feel his neighbors muscular forearms on his hips and one of his strong hands sliding under his ASS.

He said the neighbor actually lifted him up onto his hand and worked it under his butt as he felt his cock filling with lava and his neighbor inserted a finger into his butt hole! He said he had gotten so aroused and turned on he was whimpering like a girl about ready to have an orgasm……uuuhhh, mmmm, yes, yes, please, don’t stop he heard himself say. A seconds later his neighbor pushed his finger deeper into his ass and he knew he couldn’t hold back the explosion of CUM that was about to erupt in his neighbors mouth.

Pulse after pulse of cum shot into his neighbor’s mouth and he had forgotten his life as he knew it for those few minutes of lust. He said he gripped the bench he was sitting on and enjoyed the best blow job of his life but it was from another man! He said as his erection softened in the neighbors mouth he leaned forward and ran his finger through his neighbors blond hair and he picked his head up and they looked into each others eyes and kissed with tongues entwined for two or three minutes sucking and fucking each other mouths with their tongues.

Once they had kissed, he pulled his pants up. His neighbor said he had better go and he hoped this was not going to affect their friendship and walked into the night back to his house. He went on to say in his chat that he sat there next to the fire in disbelief that he had just had a bisexual affair with his neighbor who was married. He felt confused! He went inside and it just so happened his girl friend had dropped in unexpectedly and was feeling her oats and started to play with his COCK through his pants as they sat watching TV.

He was so sacred she was going to notice something or smell something wierd as she unzipped his pants. He said she played with his cock in front of the TV like they had done on many date nights before when she got horny. as his dick started to get hard she noticed he had cum leaking out of his cock and she just looked into his eyes and said you must be very horny like me and lowered her head to his cock. “OH MY GOD”, two blow jobs in one night! Would she notice canlı casino siteleri something?

He just held his breath he said as she bobbed her head up and down, just for a minute She only did it to get me wet so I could slide right in her wet cunt and she never did like to go all the way. Once I was hard he went on to say that she straddled my dick and rode me like a cowgirl. She started to buck on my cock like a wild horse and I surprised her when I stuck a finger in her ass like my neighbor did me. She must have loved it because she started to back her ass up on my finger and exploded like she had never cum before screaming FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS HONEY!

I was exhausted and confused. He said that night he couldn’t get his mind straight and kept feeling his neighbor’s mouth on his COCK and HIS finger pumping his VIRGIN ASS. He was on his mind all night he said. He said he fought his sleep for hours until he finally fell asleep.

I looked at the clock and didn’t realize I had been reading his story for an hour and was way behind schedule on my house work but I also noticed I had a raging hard on and was leaking pre-cum from my cock. I wanted to cum so bad but couldn’t get the image out of my head of his neighbor sucking his cock. I quickly went on the web in search of man on man sex and found a few free videos I liked and started to stoke my cock in front of the computer as the guy sucked his buddy’s dick in the video.

It was so erotic to be watching two guys get it on. My cock was surging with a force I had never felt and I could feel the lava boiling in my balls and starting to rise in my shaft, slowly I caressed my cock and slid my hand up and down, up and down as the guy was fucking his buddies mouth in the video. He was sliding his cock deeper and deeper into his guy friend’s mouth and it was getting me close to exploding.

AS the guy forced his cock in and out of his buddies mouth deeper and deeper I was stoking my cock in rhythm with his pushes forward until he slammed his cock all the way down his partners throat and I could even see the guys throat bulge from his cock going deep, deep down into his throat. It was more then I could handle and I could feel the biggest explosion of cum I had ever felt coming to the surface. I quickly looked around for something to cover my cock with. I didn’t know what to do and finally grabbed my coffee cup and aimed my cock into the half cup of warm coffee.

I even dipping the head of my now engorged cock into the brown liquid and as my cock pulsed I could see the ropes of cum floating to the surface of my coffee, filling my cup to the brim. I must have pumped a half a cup into my coffee cup as I watched the guy on the compute CUM way down his buddy’s throat. As he inched out of his mouth, they both kissed and I could picture my internet buddy kissing his neighbor, sucking each other’s tongues and looking into each other’s eyes as the guys in the video were doing.

I was so fucking horny, I lifted my cup to my mouth and sipped my coffee and fresh cream holding my cock in my hand and stoked it back to a huge erection. The fresh cream would be my daily elixir as I chatted with my buddy on line wanting more and more details of their relationship as it progressed and I prodded him for more information that continued for a few months.

It was a new feeling of lust I had never felt and wanted more… more coffee and fresh cream and more bisexual action from my internet friend. We even made plans to meet, we didnt live that far apart after all! Was I becoming bisexual or did I just wanted to drink his cum or have a thresome with his hot neighbor? Time would tell, I was feeling different about my sexuality and it felt good.

CandyCane XOXO

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32