Forbidden Love In The Classroom

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Mr Tiger was an Italian teacher in his late 20s. He had been studying Italian for about 6 years and while it wasn’t overly fluent, it was enough to teach the beginner class at the young adult learning course.

Mr Tiger’s class was often well behaved but there was a young girl who would always find herself in trouble. Be it talking throughout the lesson or not doing the assigned homework, she would always find herself falling behind the rest of the class.

Her name was Nicole.

Nicole was a very attractive 18 year old girl, very sexy. Intelligent, sweet, caring, playful, funny – but also naughty. She often caught Mr Tiger’s eye but he would not give into lust over his role as a teacher.

He had often thought about Nicole while stroking his cock in his lonely appartment building. Many times and many nights he would think about Nicole until jets of cum would shoot out all over his sheets. He would then place his doona in a way where he could cuddle it had she been lying beside him, with his softening cock pressed firmly where her ass would be.

However day and day would see this only as a fantasy and he had never crossed the line. He would walk past her as he paced around the classroom – wanting to reach out and touch her as he walked past. A bump. A touch on the hair. A brush as he went past. But he could never summon the courage and at best could only offer a shy smile.

Despite promises otherwise to himself he would often favour her and hint to her the answers to make sure she was the star pupil of her class. Nicole’s enthusiasm was in the right spot but she was still falling behind in her lessons.

One day Mr Tiger was teaching verb conjugation and he had longed to hear the sweet voice of Nicole.

“Who can tell me the conjugation ending of the first person singular for verbs with the ending ‘are’?” Mr Tiger asked looking around the room before adding the inevitable “Nicole.”

“Um…Sorry teacher,” Nicole apologised.

“But Nicole, I assigned that as homework last night,” he said disappointed “Why didnt you study it?”

“Sorry,” She replied.

“Sorry doesnt conjugate verbs Nicole.” Mr Tiger commented before nervously adding “Im going to have to keep you after class. We will finish this lesson in your time.”

Nicole pouted and crossed her arms. The lesson soon came to a close and Mr Tiger gave the class their instructions for homework and dismissed them all.

With the closing of the door behind the last student to leave, he was alone in the room with Nicole.

As he handed her the set of cards designed to teach conjugation he dropped a few on the floor. He bent down to pick them up. Under the table he could see up Nicole’s skirt. Staring back at him were black panties with the words “bad girl” in hot pink writing. He could see a portion of her left pussy lip escaping the elastic. He explored her legs. Her thighs, down to her knees, down her shins, and into her white socks and small pretty black shoes.

His semi erection was interupted by the opening of the door. He had enough time to lose the stiffness as he turned around to see the Janitor.

“Mr Tiger I have finished for the night. Since you are the last one here make sure you lock up before you leave,” the janitor instructed “Here are the keys.”

Mr Tiger returned his eyes to Nicole with the realisation he was finally alone with her. He began to tremble on the inside which he carefully masked as he paced slowly back to his desk. Nicole had already began to dig into the homework. She would pause, tap the pen against her mouth, her eyes would light up in realisation, and then she would bury her pen into the paper as she scribbled out her answers.

She again paused, put her pen to her mouth, but the question seemed difficult. She kadıköy escort moved the pen around her mouth before it found its way into her nice red lips. Her lips were perched against the tip of the pen lid stuck firmly on the back of the pen – like the head of a circumcised cock. Mr Tiger imagined the pen to be his cock as she worked her mouth down the pen lid – slowly and seductively. She then began to move the pen higher and higher up the side of her face with more of the pen meeting her lips. Mr Tiger would imagine Nicole licking the sides of his throbbing shaft occasionally her lips pressed up against the skin of his seeping hard cock.

His thought was interrupted by Nicole looking up and smiling, before digging into the homework again. Mr Tiger was semi erect and bulging slightly. Had Nicole been eyeing his cock? He put a clip board over his lap as he sat partially on his desk pretending to place paper into the spring.

“I hope you werent thinking of me when you made it hard,” Nicole grumbled.

It was the voice of Nicole. Had he been sprung? Had he been rejected? He quickly gathered his thoughts.

“Sorry, I dont know what you mean,” Mr Tiger said hesitantly.

“This question is hard,” Nicole explained “I hope you werent thinking of me when you made it hard just to punish me for being lazy.”

She looked up at Mr Tiger with puppy dog eyes and motioned for him to come over.

Mr Tiger stood a foot behind her and leaned over enough to look at the question. The name of the girl in the question was Nicole also. She smiled at him and said again.

“I hope you didnt make this question hard for me,” Nicole continued.

As Mr Tiger read the question Nicole began to playfully rock back and forth in her chair. Mr Tiger leant forward again to see over her arm to read the bottom part of the question. He almost jumped as he felt something press against his cock. Nicole had managed to rock her chair back enough that she was now pressed tightly against his crutch, and then forward again.

Mr Tiger was bubbling with excitement. He made a mental note of the feeling. He had decided that he would replay this moment in his mind tonight when he gets to his bedroom and feels the urge to release the juice brewing inside his balls.

Nicole began to pout more at the difficulty of the problem. Mr Tiger reached out and began to stroke her hair. Hesitantly at first but more and more firm as he reassured her the difficulty was designed to teach her the very subject she had registered to learn. Mr Tiger found himself stroking her hair playfully and obviously and even more surprising is she didnt seem to mind.

Nicole swang her chair around and she was now facing him. His hands were cupped around the side of her face and she smiled at him. He flicked some hair away from her eyes and began to once again stroking it – knowing that at the very least she didnt mind being touched around the hair.

Her smile was irresistable – sexy, yet innocent. Her eyes were fixed on his and her smile became more and more obvious. Her head was very close to Mr Tiger’s cock as Mr Tiger struggled to hold back his urges. Without warning and completely out of control his cock began to stiffen. Very very slowly it made the way down the side of his jeans leg. Like somebody was putting their foot into a sock – the space was gradually being filled more and more as his cock traveled down the side of his leg and came to a stop. It was pressing hard against the fabric of his jeans, throbbing, and begging to be released.

Nicole reached over and unbuttoned the top of his pants. As she leaned over Mr Tiger realised his favourite pupil was not wearing a bra. He watched as her boobs bounced üsküdar escort around inside her top as she wrestled the button of his jeans open, and pulled down his fly. As she pulled down his jeans and boxers his cock flew up like a jack in the box. Throbbing gently with pre-cum oozing down the sides. A string of precum that stretched from his cock tip to his boxers broke off. Nicole wrapped it around her finger and seductively sucked it down.

Nicole wrested his Jeans down further before they were kicked off and he was nude from the bottom half down. A chill went up his spine as a warm set of lips pressed against the tip of his cock. Like the pen had been pressed against her lips, his cock was nestled between the upper and lower lip with the very tip of his cock in the space behind her lips but infront of her teeth.

She began to lick the tip of his cock making his eyes water in excitement. Making eye contact all the way she worked her tongue down his shaft – pausing above the balls – and then back up again. There was a messy combination of salive and precum soaking the tip and sides of his cock, and dribbling onto his balls. Mr Tiger would throw his head back in ecstasy before meeting Nicole’s eyes again.

By the time he looked down she had managed to wrap her lips right around the tip of his cock. Holding it with one hand she titled her head forward and put the top half of his cock into her mouth. It felt nice and warm as she rocked her head back and forward sucking his cock. Running her tongue around the sides of his cock as she put it in, and running it against the eye as she tilted back.

Her hand got lower and lower as she would squeeze more and more of his cock into her mouth. it wasnt long before her lips were pressed firmly against the bottom of his shaft, and then back up to the tip again. She smiled as she took a breath – then back down to the bottom of his shaft again.

Mr Tiger felt the juices brewing in his balls and began to worry he would lose his load without feeling the sweet pussy that was still tucked away inside her panties.

As if their minds were in sync she stopped sucking and smiled at Mr Tiger. He made his way to the couch nearby – soft and carpet like – a perfect surface for fucking. He sat down and Nicole cheekily walked forward, playfully licking her finger.

As she got within reach Mr Tiger grabbed her waist. He ran her hands up her sides all the way to her boobs, and back down again. He did this a few times before finally grabbing her boobs and gently massaging them. He leant forward and began to kiss them. He would at first massage one breast with his mouth, giving the other attention with his hand – and then reversing to the other one. As Nicole moaned he began to vary the movements with his mouth – massaging, licking, kissing and even small nibbles. He would work his way to her hardened nipples – giving them a few small sucks, and then back to the bulk of the bouncing perky tits.

Mr Tiger began to run his tongue in circles around her right nipple, and then around her left. As he did this he ran his hand down to her waist, midway down her thigh – and then up her skirt. He could feel the moisture in her panties as he wrestled them down. Bad girl indeed. As she kicked her panties off he began to lower his mouth to her belly button.

Like it was a mouth he began to kiss, suck and pash her belly. Being careful not to stick her belly button ring in deeper and playfully licking it with his tongue. With a quick movement Nicole dropped her skirt and kicked it away. Her moist hot pussy was now within reach of his tongue.

Mr Tiger sat back inviting Nicole to rest her knees on the arm rests of the couch for leverage and her pussy was now staring in his face.

Before tuzla escort Mr Tiger had a chance to think about his next move, Nicole impatiently grabbed his head and thrusted it into her crutch. Instinctively Mr Tiger run his tongue up and down the slit of her pussy, taking in the juices she had been seeping. He worked his tongue up to her throbbing clitoris and licked circles around it with the tip of his tongue, then back down the lips of her pussy. He would vary his mouth movements – listening to her panting and moans for what gave the most pleasure.

He would use a combination of licks, kisses, nibbles and sucking. Nicole was moaning with excitement as Mr Tiger digested her juices. The more he would suck down the more she would make. She leant back a tiny bit so they could make eye contact. Nicole began to mouth the words Mr Tiger longed to hear.

“Fuck me now,” Nicole mouthed.

She pressed her knees into the inside of the arm rests of the couch to slowly sink down. She began to leave a snail trail of her juices from the top of Mr Tiger’s chest down to his belly button.

She grabbed his still throbbing cock which had remained stiff throughout him pleasuring Nicole and it was now pressed against her pussy lips.

Mr Tiger could feel his cock slowly entering Nicole’s pussy and almost wept with excitement. Her nice warm pussy lips were immensly pleasurable and seemed to feel better and better the further they worked down his shaft.

Each thrust by Nicole saw his cock go in deeper and deeper until his balls were firmly pressed against her pussy lips.

Mr Tiger managed to lever the couch back somewhat so they were almost lying horzontal. Each thrust by Nicole was met by a thrust by Mr Tiger as he began to pound the girl he had longed to fuck for months.

After a while Nicole began to pash Mr Tiger which was his cue to take over. The pace had already been set – a nice moderate pace with long thrusts. Mr Tiger would vary the length of the thrust and the speed again using her moans and small squeals to find the right speed.

He would reach down and rub her clitoris as he used a free arm running around her bouncing breasts, her waist and onto her ass cheeks.

Nicole would run both hands up and down Mr Tigers, chest, the sides of his face, and holding tightly around the back of his head as she pashed him furiously.

They would suck down each other’s air immediately after taking a breath from kissing before pashing again, and sucking each other’s tongue.

It wasnt long before the inevitable happened. Mr Tiger felt an amazing tingle in his balls and knew that he was about to squirt his seed deep into Nicole’s warm moist amazing pussy. He could feel her clench tighter and tighter as she began to feel an orgasm about to explode also.

Mr Tiger couldnt wait any longer. He ran his fingers down her tail bone and as she clenched hard he shot a long jet of cum inside her pussy. This was met by another jet of cum, and then another. Each one getting shorter and shorter, but feeling just as good as the last. About 5 or 6 of them squirted juice into her pussy with several dry ones afterwards.

After the 4th squirt Nicole squirted her juices all over Mr Tiger’s rock hard cock which was still buried deep inside her and exploding.

Mr Tiger levered the couch back so they were completely horizontal and his cock flopped out of Nicole’s pussy as she collapsed on his chest.

They began to gently kiss before Nicole rested her head on Mr Tiger’s chest – listening to his heart beat return to normal.

“That was amazing Nicole,” Mr Tiger panted “Thank you very much.”

“I love you Mr Tiger,” Nicole stated panting slightly.

“I love you too Nicole,” replied MR Tiger comfortably and without regret.

They got dressed quickly and cleaned up any evidence of their mess. Mr Tiger used a bit of paper towel to clean up the cum which leaked out of Nicole’s pussy and leant over the bin to dispose of it.

The bin was empty. They had not been alone during their ordeal.

Neither of them minded as they headed back to his apartment for round two.

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