First Time at Best Friend’s House

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First time for everything at best friend’s house.

Ian and I went to Jason’s house on Friday night as usual. We would meet there and decide to either go out to a bar or stay in, chill and drink beer. Tonight we decided to stay in because it was pissing rain and there was no one else in the house.

We began the night eating pizza and drinking beer in living room watching a gangster film. I sat on the recliner chair while Ian and Jason sat on the long couch. I could feel myself get hornier with every beer I drank. Sex scenes from the movie made my cock grow up along my leg. I wish my girlfriend could’ve been here, but this was the boys night, none of our girlfriends could come over tonight.

I went to the bathroom down the hall to try and calm my cock down. I took a piss and as I looked in the mirror I noticed how good my cock looked, that only made it grow bigger. I splashed cold water onto it to hinder it’s growth. I put my cock back into my briefs and went back to the living room.

Ian had fallen asleep and Jason was dosing off. I whispered to Jason that we should probably sort out the sleeping situation. I woke up Ian while Jason changed the sheets on his mom’s bed for Ian and I to sleep in, Jason was going to sleep in his own bedroom in the room next door and his older sister’s bedroom was across the hall but she was out with her boyfriend.

I picked up Ian and plonked him into the king sized bed and said goodnight to Jason as he went into his room. I took of Ians shoes as I didn’t want to dirty the bed, I pulled off his t-shirt too to keep him cool during the night, as I pulled his t-shirt over his head I saw his defined six pack with great pecks. Ian was the most active of us all, he rowed six times a week.

He rolled onto his side in a semi conscious state. I didn’t even realise what I was doing till I had his pants around his kocaeli escort ankles, he just lay there now in black boxers, his ass was well shaped from this angle. I stripped down to my white briefs and checked myself out once more before hopping into bed beside Ian. I wasn’t as shredded as Ian, but I was lean.

As I lay in bed thinking about my girlfriend Ian turns over and puts his arm around me to the front of my tight briefs. I could feel his hand resting on my semi erect member. I could feel the blood rushing to my cock, I had never had a guy touch me down there before but it felt naughty by just this light touch.

I turned towards Ian who was asleep, his hand now rested on my ass. His face was just a small bit away, I could feel his breath hit my chest. I put my hand over him and rubbed his muscled ass. I slipped my hand in between his boxers and body to have a better feel. It was surprisingly hot, I could feel my cock really bursting to get out of my briefs.

I kept my hand in his boxers and slid it around to his semi hard member. It was thicker than mine and he had less hair. As my hand grasped his cock it started to rise quickly. Ian’s eyes opened, he gave me his handsome half smile and pulled me closer to him putting his hands onto my ass and rubbing my thighs. I didn’t know if he knew I wasn’t his girlfriend but I went along.

Ian put his hands onto the elastic of my briefs and slowly pulled them down to my knees. My cock sprung up, some precum hit Ian on the lip, his pink tongue slid across his lower lip to taste my precum. He smiled again. His cock was rock hard on my hand now, I pulled his boxers from his waist down to his knees, he agreed and lifted his hips to assist me. The heads of our cocks touched now, my god it was unbelievable I had never expected this.

I squeezed his ass and he pulled me up against his defined body, kocaeli escort bayan I felt his warm skin up against mine, it was breathtaking, totally different to my girlfriends. In a raspy voice Ian whispered “kiss me boy!”.

Our lips met, we immediately started kissing passionately while feeling each others bodies. I couldn’t believe I was kissing my best friend while naked in Jason’s mom’s bed. We always made gay jokes but I never knew we actually were willing to do it.

We kissed passionately for 20 minutes, he was now on top of me, I had my hands on both of his round bum cheeks. I didn’t notice the light creep into the room from the hall, it was Rebecca Jason’s 22 year old sister. She peeked in to check on us but caught Ian laying on top of me.

As soon as the light came on Ian rolled off me, she was tipsy and looked intrigued by what she just saw. She closed the door behind her as she entered the room, she knew what she saw, I had always had a crush on Rebecca, she was tall, a bit chubby but it wasn’t noticeable but it added to her big DD breasts, she had dirty blonde hair than rested on her shoulders.

She reclined in the swivel chair in the corner. The next thing she said was so crazy I had to ask her again to repeat herself. In a sexy demanding voice she said “continue boys!”

“I didn’t get any pleasure tonight so you’re just going to be my entertainers while I pleasure myself.” She said in seductive voice. Ian and I looked at eachother confused but continued our passionate kissing as she clicked her fingers.

Ian went down on my cock first, I throbbed with joy with every movement. Rebecca had her hand inside her panties which I could see from opposite side of the room. I motioned to Ian that it was his turn to have his cock sucked.

I had never had a cock in my mouth before but as the kocaeli escort inches went in the warm slippery feeling made me fall in love. Rebecca demanded Ian to come to her side of the room and bend onto the bed, she then ordered me over and felt my cock as I walked past.

With one hand still in between her legs and the other caressing her beautiful tits, she moaned that I have to fuck Ian. I was in ecstasy with the sound of those words, Ian propped up his ass. I lifted my long cock up onto his crack. I slowly slid it down till I reached his precious hole. I entered slowly, Ian moaned as I slowly pushed inside him. I could feel his ass gripping my cock.

Rebecca was in a fit of moans watching us. I sped up, Ian grew louder with each thrust. Rebecca whispered while overcome by pleasure to finish inside him, I couldn’t contain it anymore with Jason’s sister fingering herself and me 6 inches deep inside one of my bestfriends.

I felt his ass clench as I filled him with my seed. It was the best feeling I ever had, breeding my best friend. I pulled out of him and my white juice seeped from him, I turned Ian over and went down again on his cock.

The sheets were damp with cum and sweat, I looked up in Ian as my mouth reached the base of his cock. As I retracted from his cock I used my tongue to play with the underside of it. I was so concentrated on his beautiful thick cock. I pursed my lips onto the head of his dick and used my tongue on it, Ian pushed my head down onto his cock.

His warm cum streamed into my mouth, my first taste of his precious seed, it was delightful. I held his cum in my mouth and walked over to Rebecca who was just in a skirt and a bra at this stage. I pulled her bra down and dribbled the cum onto her breasts.

Ian and I sucked her cum covered nipples while she had a body shaking orgasm from fingering herself. As she got up to go to bed she said mischievously ” tomorrow night I’ll get Jason to follow orders too!.”

She lifted her skirt and made us kiss her smooth thick bum before leaving. Ian and I cuddled barenaked for the rest of night; excited for tomorrow night…

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