Family Day on the Pool Table

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I had always thought that about the only thing you could do on a pool table was play pool, but the Taylor brothers went to great length and depth to teach me otherwise.

I’d met the three brothers on the beach at Pataya, Thailand. Their family owned a hotel construction company and was making money hand over fist in throwing up fancy hotels in downtown Bangkok and at the Pataya and Hua Hin beach resorts. All three brothers, in their late twenties and early thirties worked in the family firm, mostly on the construction sites themselves, which had helped them to stay trim and to bulk up nicely.

I met them on the sand below their fancy beach house in Pataya one Saturday afternoon. I was just passing by, walking the water line, when they called out to me and invited me to play doubles volleyball with them for a while. They lacked a fourth, and I was the first one who came along, I guess, who they figured was athletic enough to give them a workout. And, as it turned out, I really did give all three of them a good workout before the afternoon was through.

I was happy to play volleyball with them, because all three of them were real easy to look at, all bulked up in small Speedos that showed off very promising baskets. I’d already seen one of them, the younger brother, Randy, at a cast party after a play in Bangkok, which had ended as a major male fuck fest, and where I’d been bottomed twice, so I knew they—or Randy, at least—knew that I had been fucked before. Volleyball is a contact sport, and there was a lot of touching and rubbing, which is nice when the bodies are hard and well-cut, which pretty much defined the Taylor brothers.

After an hour of volleyball and beer, Randy invited me up to the house to shower off and to play some pool in the area under their house, which was raised on stilts, during the heat of the day. I accepted, and we all showered at an outdoor shower on the path leading up to the house.

I didn’t know how to play pool all that well, and when it was my turn to stroke the ball, Randy got behind me to show me how to hold the cue, and everything just sort of developed quickly from there. He was close in back of me. I could feel his basket against my butt, and knew from that that he was getting really interested in me. He had his arms around me, holding my arms on the cue to show me how to hold it, his chest touching my back, casino siteleri and his chin on my shoulder, and I just turned my face to him, and he came in for a deep kiss. The time of my tour in Bangkok was the anything goes period of my life, so I just went with the kiss.

Then he had his hands all over my chest and nipples and belly and down onto the basket of my Speedo. He flipped me around and lifted me on the table, pushing the pool balls aside, and laid me on my back with my butt at the edge of the table. Then he went for my tits with this tongue. I have large aureoles around my nipples, and they are an especially sensitive point of sexual stimulation for me, so I got all hot and bothered quickly as he thumbed, stroked, pinched, and sucked on my nipples.

I let him know that I liked what he was doing to me, and he said he’d figured that out already, as he’d seen a big Swede doing this to me at the party in Bangkok, and he’d wanted to do it to me ever since. The Swede had stuffed my ass real good with a juicy Swedish sausage too, so I knew where Randy was headed with all of this.

After giving my tits a good workout, he tongued his way down my chest, gave me some head, and then dove for opening up my asshole with tonguing, kissing, and licking. When he was satisfied that he had me moistened up and opened, he pushed me on up the table and climbed on top with me. He knelt, with his knees under the small of my back, holding my left leg wrapped around his waist, and my right leg being lifted up with my calf on his chest. I was arching my back, with my head and shoulders resting on the surface of the pool table, and I had a good view of him entering me with a supercock. I did some groaning, heavy breathing, and slapping of the table top with my hands as his cock slowly disappeared into my hole.

Randy’s brothers, Andy and Frank, had just been standing around and watching us with big grins on their faces, but when Randy had run his cock all the way in and had begun to pump me, the older brother, Frank, stripped off his Speedo and hopped up on the table and straddled my head with his knees and started eating out my cock. He had a nice eight-incher and heavy balls, so I gave those head.

Randy came pretty quickly, and pulled out of me and hopped off the pool table. Frank had saved his load, and, when Randy was gone, Frank flipped me over on my belly, canlı casino straddled me on his knees with his calves on either side of my thighs, lifted my pelvis up with his hands on my hips, and drilled my ass with a cock that must have been about the same size as Randy’s. And I’d been able to handle Randy without much trouble. With Randy, though, I’d managed to stretch my legs and butt cheeks to accommodate his size. But Frank held my thighs in tight together and he really filled and stretched my ass canal as he entered my tightened asshole and slid and drilled up to his root. I’d been working his cock while Randy was fucking me, so he came almost as quickly as Randy had.

And then it obviously was going to be Andy, the middle brother’s, turn. He was the hunkiest of all and had an even longer cock than either of his brothers did. And when he came up on the table, I saw that he’d enhanced that. He had some sort of sheath covering his cock that had little rubber knobby and spiking things all up and down it and it was ribbed.

Frank laid me on my right side, with my right leg bent. He came in behind me and took my left leg and pulled it out and over his body. He was holding my torso up with his right arm around my back. His right hand was cupping my right breast, and he was thumbing my nipple. I turned my head to him, and he came in for a deep kiss as his cock entered my ass, which was now open, loose, and well-lubricated with the cum from both of his brothers. I felt every knob and spike and rib on his cock sheath rub at my prostate and canal walls, as he slowly pushed in nine inches or more. He filled me a good bit deeper than either of his brothers had managed. As he started his pumping action, his lips went to my left nipple, and he gathered it, big aureole and everything, into his mouth and started to suck. I writhed and bucked under him, joining in the rhythm of his fuck. I got my hand on my dick and was stroking myself, when Randy came back up on the table and swallowed my cock and took my cum when I shot my load.

I never did learn how to play pool. I might have, but old man Taylor had arrived during my last skewering and had stripped, sat in a rattan chair, and stroked himself while I was servicing his oldest son and being serviced by his youngest.

Frank unloaded up my ass canal, and then, before I knew it was going to happen, Randy and Frank kaçak casino had delivered me to their dad’s lap. He lifted me off his lap and had me place my knees on the wide rattan arms of the chair, facing him, and he cupped my butt cheeks in his big, rough hands, and tongued and kissed my belly and balls for a while and then sucked me off. And he was really good at giving head.

After I’d cum, he sat me back down in his lap, held me by my hips, and skewered my ass with a cock that wasn’t nearly as long as any of his son’s dicks but that was considerably thicker and had a lot more experience behind it in how to drive a man wild with rotations and various rhythms of pumping. My left leg was hooked on his shoulder, and my right leg was out to the side of the chair. I arched my back, and he brought his mouth back down to my belly and chest, while he pumped me in short strokes from below and got his hand down there and rotated his cock around in my canal. I made little appreciative purring noises for him. I knew the father was far richer than any of the sons. And he was probably harder muscled than any of them too; I certainly felt his most important muscle harder than I had with any of his sons.

He must not have liked the leverage he was getting, though, because he rose from the chair on powerful legs and marched back over to the pool table. I had my arms and legs wrapped around him, his hands were under my butt, and he managed to keep his dong buried in my ass. At the table, I wound up right where I had started with Randy—me bent over the table on my chest, and the old man pumping me from behind. At one point, he had me take my legs up with my heels on the edge of the table and my ass waving way out for him, and he swung me against the pressure of his cock, but that got a little much both of us, and he had me stand back down on one leg, with the other one stretched up on the table, and he sort of side split me from in back. And, boy, did he have stamina. He pumped longer than all of his sons put together. A real family man, he seemed to be immensely enjoying his cum mixing with the sperm of all three of his offspring in my ass canal, and nearly a half hour after he’d begun his expedition trip up my ass, he shoot off his load inside me.

I had a really good time, but I’m just as glad that there weren’t any other Taylor brothers or a funny uncle or two visiting Pataya to service. The joke was sort of on them, though. I had fucked Mrs. Taylor—and we’d had orgasmed together once for each of her sons—in a suite in the Montian Hotel in Bangkok just two days before this little party.

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