Daddy Needs Love Ch. 04

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This is the fourth chapter in the story of Amy and Matthew. I apologize for this latest instalment taking so long, but I hope you will enjoy it, and I plan to get back on writing more regularly. I hope you enjoy.


“Easy there!”

Amy felt a sharp kick and her words came out in a gasp as she did her best to stay standing in the well-lit room. The wooden walls were painted in a warm orange colour, and a small cardboard box rested at her feet, newspaper bundled up inside as packing material. She looked down at herself, the light-blue dress distending noticeably now that her belly had grown quite large. She brought a hand down to rub her stomach gently as she spoke with a soft voice.

“Don’t hurt mommy, dear. I know you’re eager to meet me, but there’s months to go yet.”

Amy straightened her back and went back to the task of attaching the mobile above the crib next to her. Small shapes somewhat resembling animals spun in erratic patterns while she went about her work. This would be one of the last things that they had to set up, and then it would all be ready. Amy couldn’t help but smile as she imagined holding the baby in her arms, seeing the by all likelihood blue eyes looking back at her.

A little more than six months had passed since she had finally received confirmation about her pregnancy. She had feared she would burst with joy that day, and the bliss she was experiencing hadn’t faded even a little bit. Even the mornings when she woke up sick and had to stumble to the nearby bathroom she didn’t complain. It was all a part of the journey, a part of becoming a mother. She was glad to be on maternity leave since a few weeks back, letting her focus on preparing for the arrival of the child. The child that she shared with her father.

Matthew for his part had fallen into the role of soon-to-be father easily. Having grown up pampering his daughter as much as he could get away with, now that she was carrying his child it felt even more natural. He had done a lot of research when it came to dietary tips for pregnant women, and made sure that she ate healthily and often. As a chef, it was easy enough for him to accomplish these tasks, but the working hours did take a lot out of him. Having to get up so early in order to get to his job meant that he didn’t have much time in order to ensure that his daughter was alright in the morning. However, this meant that he took every chance to be sweet with her the moment he came back home.

Amy stepped back from the crib and looked at the now spinning mobile that hung above. She imagined she could feel a kick at her insides as she admired her work, taking her breath away only slightly. When she heard the familiar sound of a key being inserted into the lock of their front door she nearly ran out of the nursery, making sure not to trip on her way downstairs. As expected, she came face to face with her handsome father, a big smile across his lips.

“Hey, sweetpea. How was your day?”

He was holding out a small bouquet of brightly coloured flowers as she almost jogged up to him, wrapping her arms around his body with a firm grip.

“Better now that you’re home. How was work?”

Matthew leaned down and gave her a loving kiss, his moustache tickling her cheeks. When he released her he smiled warmly.

“Could’ve been a lot worse, but I kept looking at the clock constantly. I could barely wait to get back home to you, Amy.”

Amy giggled and took a step backwards, grabbing the bouquet and lifting it up to her face. They smelled fresh, and sweet. “Thank you, they’re lovely.”

He chuckled and hung his jacket on the hanger while he kicked off his shoes. “Glad you like them. Now, how is our little champ doing today?”

Amy rolled her eyes and sighed. “Daddy, we don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl yet. Isn’t there a better word you can use than ‘champ’?”

Her father walked up to her and placed his large hands on either side of her belly, caressing it through the fabric of her dress. She still felt slight shivers running through her body when he touched her, and she was overjoyed that it never ceased to excite her. He grinned and brought a hand in below her dress to touch her bare skin and she let out a soft moan as his fingers ran across her bloated belly.

“It’s only a mystery because you want it to be. We could have found out weeks ago.”

“Does it really matter though? It won’t change how we feel about our angel baby.”

He laughed and kept running his hands over her stomach, still smiling widely. God, that smile just melted her faint resolve every time she saw it.

“No, it won’t. Why don’t you go ahead and get the stove started, I need to bring some bags in from the car.”

Amy smiled gently and gave him a loving kiss, taking a step back once the contact broke. Another sharp kick against her bladder forced her to reach out with a hand towards the wall, needing the support.

“Better hurry, our little darling is excited now that you’re back home. I think you may casino oyna have to do most of the cooking again today.”

Matthew chuckled and opened the front door again. “As if there’s any other option. Just get the heat going and then you can sit down. I’m making pan-fried salmon with sweet potato mash, and plenty of cream. You’ll love it, I’m sure.”

Amy gave a slight nod before stepping into the kitchen, one hand resting on her large belly. She walked over to the stove and pressed her finger against the glass plate, turning it on and setting the heat to high before sitting down. She looked down at her body and rubbed her stomach gently.

“Soon, darling. Another two months or so, then we’ll be together. Just be patient.”

A few minutes later her father appeared in the doorway, two large bags of groceries in his hands. He chuckled as he placed them on the kitchen counter and began to take out the pots and pans he would need for dinner.

“Anything else interesting happen today, sweetpea?”

Amy shook her head slightly. “Not really, I’m pretty much done in the nursery though. Other than that it’s been calm, apart from when our baby chooses to terrorize me.”

“Well, that’s not going to change for a while yet. Just remember to sit down or go lay down in bed if you feel you need it.”

Amy nodded, her gaze still focused on her belly. “Hey, Daddy? There’s one last thing…”

Matthew kept rustling around behind her, but she heard an affirmative grunt, proving he was listening.

“It’s getting a bit heavy, and according to my doctor she says that…” She paused. “We’ll have to cut down on the bedroom activities soon. Just to make sure we don’t hurt the baby.”

The sounds of potatoes being peeled stopped abruptly. “How soon, Amy?”

She took a deep breath. “I’m thinking today. It takes a lot out of us right now either way, and I don’t ever want it to be less pleasurable for either of us. I want it to remain special.”

She heard the sound of something being placed down on the counter moments before the strong hairy arms of her father wrapped themselves around her. A soft kiss was planted on her cheek, the moustache rubbing against her fair skin.

“I want that too, darling. I love you more than anything, and every time we make love it’s something special. I understand your concerns.”

Amy tilted her head upwards slightly and brought her hand up to touch her father’s face.

“Thank you, Daddy. I love you too.” She kissed his arm gently. “Tonight will be the last time until the baby is born.”

“Agreed. I think we’d both better eat plenty to have the energy then. I imagine both of us want to make it last as long as possible.”

She nodded. “My thoughts exactly. On that note, I’m starving. When’s dinner?”


Amy stepped out of the shower, her amber hair drenched as she reached for her towel. As the water ran down her body, causing a small puddle on the bathroom tiles, she turned to observe herself in the mirror. Her breasts that had already been on the large side had grown further, preparing for the task of making sure that the baby got all the nutrition it would need. Her once toned body was now close to plump, and she looked forward to getting back into the small gym that was located in the basement. When she looked at her reflection it still felt somewhat unreal. Two years ago she would never have imagined herself to stand here, more than six months pregnant and with a man she loved waiting for her in the bedroom. She finished drying her hair, letting the glossy locks flow down her shoulders. She had brought up the idea of cutting it short once, but the look in her father’s eyes convinced her not to. He really enjoyed seeing her long hair flying free in the air when they made love, or having it cover parts of her breasts when she rode him. She had to admit, she did like it too.

“Alright, girl. Last time for a long while, make it count.”

She gave her reflection a wink as she stepped outside into the adjoined bedroom, her pussy wet not only from the shower, but also from the prospect of what was going to happen. Lying atop the covers, her father still looked so very handsome. The fuzzy chest, muscular arms and those warm blue eyes almost caused her to rush and jump in right that moment. Restraining herself, she walked seductively towards the bed, swaying her hips as best she could considering her bloated belly.

“Sweetpea, you’re gorgeous.”

Amy gave him a warm smile, the heartfelt compliment lighting a fire inside her. A fire that blazed ever hotter when she saw the large bulge barely covered by her father’s underwear.

“Is that all for me?”

Matthew nodded, his mouth half-open as he looked over every inch of her body. He leaned his head back into the soft pile of pillows, enjoying the view.

“Every single piece, Amy. Come to Daddy.”

She giggled and got up onto the bed, crawling on her knees towards him. Her bump made it slightly difficult, but she didn’t let that stop canlı casino her. When she arrived at his form she reached out and started to rub his large bulge with the palm of her hand. She could see shivers run through her father’s body from the touch, and one of his large hands began to caress her left breast tenderly.

“Oh, that feels nice. You always take good care of Daddy.”

“Of course I do. You’re my man, and I love you.”

Amy let out a pleased moan as her father removed his hand from her breast and reached down to her soaked snatch, his experienced fingers touching her in all the right places. In response, she pulled the boxers down, revealing the stiff member that twitched eagerly. She grabbed the full sack that hang below the rod and squeezed it, causing her father to gasp.

“Sweetpea, please…”

Amy gave him a sly smirk, amused at how much her father had come to adore her oral skills. From never having received a blowjob to now almost begging for them, quite the change indeed.

“Oh, alright, Daddy. I can’t torment you any longer.”

She bent down and engulfed half of his length in one go, her own body craving to feel the thick manhood in her throat. It had become more than a daily ritual for them, and while she loved the feeling of having his creamy seed flow down her throat this was not the night for it. All the same, she wanted to bring her father to the edge so he would give her what she so desperately needed.

“Oh yes, just like that Amy. Just like that…”

The burly fingers down at her cunt kept rubbing the wet folds, bringing her pleasure, even if it wasn’t enough to bring her over the edge, not yet. Amy kept going with her sloppy blowjob, the round tip of the cock driving itself deeper until it ended up in her warm throat. She knew she would never get tired of deepthroating her father, and the moans of pleasure from him egged her on even further. Her tongue did its best to wrap itself around the large rod, licking every sensitive part of the muscle lovingly. After a solid minute of this messy treatment she released the cock from her mouth, saliva dripping down her cheek as it mingled with the precum.

“Fuck, you look so sexy, Amy…”

Amy grinned and licked around the crown, stimulating the tender head of the member. “I’m glad you think so, Daddy. Tell me when you’re about to cum, alright?” She gave him a wicked smiled before diving down again, impaling herself on the stiff shaft. Unable to control himself any longer, her father began to buck his hips, thrusting further into her throat, his pubes tickling her nose as she took all of his length. Down at her pussy the fingers pierced her hole, rubbing her vaginal walls expertly.

It didn’t take long until Amy felt the tell-tale pulsing in the member buried in her throat and her father’s thrusts were starting to become erratic. “Amy, it’s coming!”

With a quick move she yanked her head back, driving the eager cock out from her wet insides. She looked at the now frantically twitching manhood and suppressed a giggle. “Not so fast, Daddy. You need to treat your little girl too.”

Matthew let out a groan of frustration but he nodded, knowing he would get release soon enough. “Alright, on your back, Daddy is hungry!”

Amy laughed and did as asked, pulling her body back and lying down, her legs spread as wide as possible. He laid down in front of her, his fingers spreading her soaked opening wide. He let out a pleased sigh as he saw how the lips of her nethers kept pulsating ever so slightly, desperate for attention.

“Mmm, all ready for Daddy’s tongue are we? Time to taste the dessert for tonight!”

With that he dove in, pulling his entire face against her pussy, his moustache rubbing against her inner thighs as his tongue began its task, licking and sucking her juicy snatch greedily.

Amy moaned, bringing a hand down to her father’s head, rubbing the bald scalp lovingly. “Oh, yes! More, give me more!”

“As you wish, dear…”

Matthew increased his efforts, practically burying his face in her snatch, licking, lapping and sucking, taking all of the juices she kept giving him. His thumb started to gently rub her clit while his tongue pierced her once more, tasting her from the inside. They had done this so many times, and yet his enthusiasm never wavered, instead intensifying this night as it was the last chance they would have for quite a while. He wanted to give his little girl the best preparation he could before filling her up.

“I’m coming! Daddy, I’m gonna cum!”

She screamed into the air as her body started convulsing, drenching her father’s face with her love juices. She gasped, riding the orgasm as her father kept pleasuring her, using every trick in the book to extend her pleasure. After a short while she pushed him away, drenched in sweat and her body heaving.

“Daddy, I can’t wait anymore… please, make love to me…”

Matthew smiled and nodded, shuffling along the bed to get behind her, turning her over on her kaçak casino side gently. “I think this is the best position, according to what I read, sweetpea. Just tell me if I’m going too fast.”

Amy cooed and happily got in the spooning position, turning her head to kiss him lovingly. “Thank you. You’re always so gentle, and I love you for it.”

He returned the kiss and smiled warmly as he pulled closer, positioning his member at her entrance, rubbing it up and down her slit a few times, letting it get a little more lubricated. Knowing neither of them could wait any longer, he then started to press in very gently, the tip of his shaft spreading her open to accommodate his length even if her body was by now very used to it. Before actually moving though he put his hands on hers and brought them down to her large belly, holding them over their unborn child.

“I love you, Amy. The day I see you hold our child will be the happiest moment of my life, I just know it.”

Amy kissed him again, feeling a few kicks as her hands rubbed her stomach. “I love you too, Daddy. Let’s make tonight count.”

He kissed her back and nodded, pushing further into her until half of his member was sheathed inside her cavern. They both felt the same indescribable joy at being joined together again, and as he very tenderly started to thrust into her they both let out moans of pleasure, unable to contain themselves from expressing their ecstasy.

“Oh, Daddy! You feel so good inside me…”

Matthew grunted, pressing into her with his large frame, her own body almost small by comparison apart from her swollen belly. As they got got comfortable in their positions Amy pushed back against her father, inviting him to go a bit harder. She did let out another loud gasp as she felt a sharp kick, but knew that this was not dangerous for the baby.

“It’s okay, darling, mommy is fine. Your father is just visiting, no need to be scared.”

Matthew kept his hands on hers, rubbing her stomach tenderly as he picked up the pace, shoving more and more of his rod into her until at last, he bottomed out. When he did they both let out a soft moan, knowing this was where the real fun started. With familiar movements he started to make love to her, giving his daughter all he was as they were brought together in the purest, most intimate expression of love between a father and daughter.

“Oh, Daddy, you fill me up so nicely…”

“And you fit me so well, sweetpea…”

He started planting kisses down her neck as he pounded her pussy, working them both towards their mutual goal. Affectionately he pressed her closer, rubbing their skin against each other. Their sounds of pleasure echoed in the bedroom as they made love, fucking like so many times before. But all too soon her father could feel his balls churning, desperate to let loose after so much teasing and anticipation.

“Baby, I’m about to cum… I’m sorry I couldn’t hold it longer…”

Amy shook her head. “No, Daddy, I want it. Fill me up with your seed, give me the largest load you can…” She brought her hands away from her stomach, massaging her swollen breasts, stimulating her nipples as she felt them start to leak slightly.

Matthew grunted once more as he pushed deep into his daughter’s cave, ready to let loose. “Daddy’s cumming!” With those words thick strands of cum shot out of his member, painting her insides white.

“Oh gooood!” Amy’s own climax passed the peak as she felt herself being filled up with her father’s seed again, intending to cherish every single drop of it. They both let out moans of pleasure before settling into post-orgasmic bliss, cuddled close with his shaft still inside her.

“I love you so much, Amy.” He kissed her tenderly, holding her gently as the last of his semen flowed down the love canal, some of it seeping out onto the sheets. Neither of them cared at that moment though. What mattered was that this, the last time for a long while, had been perfect.

“I love you too, Daddy…” She smiled warmly as she nuzzled closer, closing her eyes. She would go to sleep with her father inside her, just as things were meant to be.


Amy felt ill to her very core. Her body was sore, her mind was fuzzy and every step she took towards the bathroom was agony. She had been feeling strong cramps for the past four hours, and the periods between the most intense of them was not growing any longer. Groaning, she at last made it into the bathroom that was only a few feet away from the bed, but the entire trip felt like it had taken minutes. Forcing herself to remain standing she reached over towards the sink, grabbing onto it for stability.

“D-Daddy… not much longer now…”

She winced, pausing to take deep breaths as she heard steps coming closer and soon she felt the strong arms of her father supporting her. “I’m here, Amy. How much longer do you think?” His tone of voice was filled with concern, his mind going at the speed of light as it dreamt up the worst-case scenarios for this very moment.

“N-not much at all…” She groaned as she felt a particularly strong contraction hit her, nearly causing her to fall to the floor. The only thing stopping her was the man at her side.

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