Cuckold in the Family

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I first met Kayla online in an anything goes chat room. We started our relationship in the PM box and before long we were meeting secretly at the Red Roof Inn to explore our deep kink side.

She was a dominant bitch who made me submit and enjoyed providing me pain. We used all of the normal bondage supplies and she had a wicked talent with the crop and paddle. I often found my “sub-space” and would have an almost out of body experience as she whipped the daylights out of me. Once she was bored with the beating she would take the candle wax that had been simmering for an hour or so and would pour it on my wounds and my cock and balls.

Before long we moved in together and I became the Dad to her three kids. Over the years I’m still their dad even though Kayla and I split up five years ago. While we were together though we enjoyed a very interesting sex life frequenting sex clubs, underground kink clubs and fetish shows. I’m not sure when it happened but I shared with her my secret fantasy of watching her suck another man’s cock, preferably a big black cock. She seemed all in and as they say, be careful what you wish for.

My job took me on the road a lot and she had an insatiable appetite for sex so it wasn’t long before she was cheating on me on a consistent basis. When I did return home she would still go to her lover’s house two nights a week leaving me home to do her laundry and dishes. After a while I realized that I wasn’t getting anything for my troubles but she refused to give up her cheating ways. Since there was nothing in it for me, no cream pies to clean up, no getting fed cum from her lover’s condom, nothing. I had had enough and told her to move out.

For the next several years as our kids grew up my daughter hated her mother for causing our break up. Their relationship was rough at best and Cassie treated her mother like crap. She watched as many more men came and went but I was always her and her brother’s dad.

Kayla and I kept in touch as I saw the kids whenever I was in town. It had been a long stretch and talking over lunch one day we began to recall what had originally brought us together and decided that a trip down kink memory lane wouldn’t hurt anyone. That’s when things got weird.

We met at her place on a Friday night and 19 year old Cassie and her 21 year old brother Billy were supposed to be gone with their respective boy and girl friends for the weekend. I was looking forward to submitting to my ex-mistress once again.

Mistress Kayla was a casino oyna fan of the blindfold; that way she could surprise me with different sensations or a slap across the face without me being able to prepare for it. She had me strip, made me put on her panties, a wig, and lipstick.

I knelt before her as a good sub should and proceeded to jack off on her feet, which she required prior to our play as she knew once I blew my load that I was not into most of the things she would force me to do as well as a definite loss of desire to eat cum. I was then forced to give her feet a tongue bath, cleaning up my own cum.

“Eat that cum you cocksucking whore” she bellowed. She then shoved her 9″ thick black dildo down my throat and began to choke me with it as she shoved it all the way down. “Get it wet bitch” she demanded. I complied and after gagging on her toy she took it out and shoved it up her ass as she described her actions. She reminded me of a time I had pulled my cock out of her ass and forced her to suck it and then proceeded to do the same to me. “How does that taste you cocksucker?” I winced but knew that if I didn’t answer positively that she would make me pay dearly.

She asked if I wanted something to take the taste away. . . “If it pleases you Mistress” was the standard answer. She reached down into her waste basket and pulled out a couple of used rubbers from her recent fuck buddy and force fed me the rancid stale cum from a day or two before. Then suddenly she smacked me across the face and knocked me to the floor. “Wait here she said.”

Upon her return she held a glass to my mouth and told me to drink. She held my head back and forced me to guzzle down a glass full of warm piss that she must have just expelled. “How does that taste slut?” “Delicious” was my reply.

“Do you want some cum you cumslut?” “If it pleases you Mistress” I answered quickly. She then proceeded to deposit the contents of two more used condoms into my mouth and made me swish it around and then show her the pool of used sperm before swallowing it all. She asked me how my son’s old cum tasted. Although I should have been disgusted my tiny dick actually sprang to life.

“I see that it excites you, sick pervert” she hissed. Then she stuck two more used condoms into my mouth and made me suck on them before she poured the contents down my throat. “How did that taste?” she asked. . . you just sucked your daughter cunt juice off of those condoms and then swallowed her boyfriend used spunk. Again my cock canlı casino sprung to action. This time I received a solid punch to the nose and more choice words about what a sick pervert I was and how that it would cost me. As blood ran down into my mouth I wondered what was to come yet.

Suddenly I heard the front door open and unknown people entering her house. I was panicked but Kayla had my hands bound behind me and I was helpless. I heard laughter as the strangers entered the room to see this sissy in panties, a wig and lipstick. Then I about fell over when I heard my daughter’s voice say “I guess you weren’t lying mom, dad is a sissy and a cock sucker.” “I’m sorry I was mean to you all those years, I thought it was your fault that your guys broke up but now I know that this worthless piece of shit is a loser and you were right to cheat on his ass.”

She then walked up to me and tore off my blindfold and promptly spit right in my eye. “You’re not my dad, you are a freak and a loser!” she hollered at me. “You made me believe it was mom’s fault but it was your fault all along you sicko.” She drew back and gave me a full on kick square in the balls sending me to the floor. She grabbed me by the hair and proceeded to beat me in the face with her closed fists, taking time out to spit on me as well.

“I didn’t want to believe her but she was right, you are a sissy cocksucking faggot and you will now do whatever we tell you to do. I’ve been researching cuckolding online and have a lot of plans for your sick ass bitch!” yelled my daughter. “Adam, get in here” she demanded. Into the room came her boyfriend who had been waiting in the living room during the past ten minutes of awkwardness. “Bitch my boyfriend needs his dick sucked, get at it or I’ll kick the shit outta you” she demanded. She smacked me in the face, and screamed at me again to suck her boyfriend’s cock and NOW!

Cassie grabbed Adam’s pants and yanked them down to his ankles. His cock was very large and she grabbed me by the hair and forced me to suck his cock. She then stepped back and started to record the event on her cell phone. “Suck that dick faggot” she yelled. “This video will be my little way to make sure you do what I want forever.”

She instructed Adam to grab me by the ears and throat fuck me until he blew a huge load of cum down past my tonsils. She then informed me that Adam liked his dick sucked often and she was not such a big fan of blowjobs so that anytime we were together moving forward that I would have kaçak casino to blow him.

She was blowing up her text and I think she actually sent the video to someone. I was sick with worry about how and when she would use this against me. Cassie then sat down next to her mother on the bed who was sitting there in amazement at how big of a bitch her daughter could be to her daddy.

Kayla whispered something into her ear and then Cassie kicked off her shoes and socks and demanded that I whack my tiny cock onto her feet and perform the tongue bath ritual that her mother so enjoyed.

Cassie was a beautiful young woman but she had one major fault, her feet stunk. Everyone knew it and it was like our family joke. I found out the hard way just how much they smelled as I gagged my way through the humiliation of licking my own cum off of my daughter’s feet and licked and sucked every square inch of her feet for the next several minutes.

Then I heard the front door again. . . “what kind of fresh hell was this going to turn into?” I wondered. I saw an evil grin come to my daughter’s face as the unknown person entered the bedroom behind my back. Cassie reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the lipstick and the blindfold. She applied another thick layer of lipstick and then blindfolded me again. She then made me turn around and she wrapped her strong legs over my shoulders as I knelt facing away from her, those thighs tightening around my skull squeezing it like a clamp.

Suddenly another cock was pressing up against my freshly glossed lips and forced it’s way into my mouth while my Daughter and ex both demanded that I suck again. I gagged on the massive stranger’s cock as Cassie forced my head down to the base of the cock and back again. After what seemed like forever hearing the sounds of cell phones snapping photos of me performing oral yet again I was rewarded for my efforts with a thick goey load of sperm once again.

Off came the blindfold and staring down at me with disdain in his eyes was my son, Billy. “Thanks for the blowjob Dad, you fucking loser.” He turned and walked out of the room.

Cassie laughed out loud and called me a faggot and cocksucker again. She hiked up her skirt and spread her panty free ass cheeks apart and shoved it into my face and made me lick her butt hole. She then made me suck Adam’s cock hard again and then made me watch as he fucked her hard in the ass. She made him pull out before he came and shove his cock back into my mouth. I was forced to finish him off and clean Cassie’s ass juice off of his cock. “That one was for you mom,” she said with an evil grin.

This was the beginning of the rest of my new life being cuckolded by my entire family. Stay tuned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32