Creamy Pie to Share

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I lay next to my sleeping wife, gazing at her sexy body. We just made love and it was most satisfying as usual. She was laying on her tummy and I caressed her bubble butt. It had been one year since our marriage, the best year of my entire life. I still could not believe that she was my wife.

I mean, girls thought me quite handsome and inheriting money from my grandfather hadn’t hurt my popularity. But Janice is in a totally different class. She is a tall, willowy blond with a beautiful face and her long legs complement her slender figure. She carries her modest breasts high and proud. And, man, is she smart, very smart, MBA from U of M. She is twenty-five, same age as me.

Having said all that, the clincher is our sexual compatibility. I had a number of girlfriends along the way and was confident in my ability to fuck and eat pussy. Janice loves my tongue and easily reaches orgasm. She loves sex and we rarely miss a day without one or two bouts. We dated for six months before tying the knot during which time we shared our sexual histories, clearing the air.

I am proud to have her as girlfriend and then wife. Guys hit on her all the time and she good-naturally flirts back. Eat your heart out I think, she’s mine.

Janice, not surprisingly, had been very popular and willingly gave up her virginity as soon as she turned eighteen. Guys easily enticed her into bed and many different cocks had filled her pussy. She admitted that she liked cock, all sizes and shapes, but definitely preferred the bigger ones. I was somewhat bigger than average and she seemed quite satisfied.

“Oh, I guess I fell asleep, honey,” she turned over and smiled at me. “That was really good. You always know how to satisfy me.”

“It’s still early, you want to do some more?” I asked. I was fondling my cock the last few minutes and it was beginning to stir.

“Sure, but how about you eating me first?”

She rolled onto her back, bending and spreading her knees. Her still gaping pussy showed the effects of our just completed loving. I scooted up close and nudged her cum-coated lips apart with the tip of my tongue.

I had never considered eating creampie until we started dating. Janice said it was her favorite thing, especially since it was considered rather decadent. Our third time she asked me to go down on her after I filled her pussy. I chickened out but our next time she was more persistent and I figured this was a pretty big thing with her. At this point I was already under her spell and concerned that continual refusal could jeopardize our relationship.

I tentatively used my tongue to explore her dripping pussy. The first few licks tasted like all the other times I had eaten her pussy. When she started pushing out my cum, however, the taste and texture became quite different, I remembered. With her continuing encouragement I licked and sucked until I got it all. It was almost worthwhile as she responded with a huge climax, shouting my name, bucking against my mouth. My willingness to eat creampie cemented our relationship.

Back to the present, I continued licking and sucking on her still-engorged pussy. By this time I was quite familiar with the taste of my cum and genjoyed creating new passion for my wife.

“Oh, honey, you know just how to do it. Suck all of his cum out of my pussy. He really filled me up.”

She had been playing that game for several weeks, one of our favorite fantasies. I pushed my tongue deeper into her hole, searching out our combined juices.

“Here comes some more, honey,” she warned as a new glob of cum entered my mouth. I increased my tongue fucking, intent on bringing her to a new orgasm. Licking up and down between her lips, I diddled her clit as I pushed two fingers into her hole and thrust in and out. As her passion increased I replaced my fingers with my tongue, tasting a fresh burst of pussy juice. Taking this as a clue of her imminent climax, I tongued her anus, something I knew would push her over the edge.

She clamped her legs around my head, mashing my face to her nether regions as she came.

“Oh, baby, that’s so good. I just love what you do. Better than anyone ever before. Now come up here and kiss me, I want to share his taste.”

We deep kissed as I positioned my cock at her vagina, pushing deep on the first stroke. We continued to kiss as I thrust into her tight pussy. Afterwards we napped, totally satiated.

“You like that, don’t you Bobby? Eating your creampie?”

“Yeah. You know I never did it before we met. Yeah, I like it.”

“And when I told you to eat his cum, you kept going. Does that appeal to you?”

“I like our fantasies.”

“What if it wasn’t just a fantasy? What if my pussy was full of some guy’s cum? Would you still eat me?”

“Wow, Janice, you really know how to up the fantasy.”

“What if some guy wanted to fuck me and I brought home a fresh load for you? Don’t you think that would be fun?”

“You talking for real? Don’t you think that is pushing the fantasy casino siteleri too far? Look, I know you had lots of guys before me and only my cock for the last year and a half. Are you dissatisfied with what I do? If so, tell me and I’ll try to do better.”

“Honey, you are a great husband. You are great in bed but these fantasies do get me going, I must admit.”


“Honey, I’ll be home in about fifteen minutes. I’m really horny so be ready.”

Janice had gone out bar hopping with several of her former college friends.

“Hi, honey. I’ve been a bad girl,” she slurred as she tore off her clothes, leaving them in a heap in the living room. “A really bad girl,” she added. “Hurry, get your clothes off.”

She laid down on the bed, spreading her legs. I knew she wanted me to eat her pussy.

“Honey, I’ve been bad. A guy I dated some years ago saw me at the bar. We talked and I went back to his place. He fucked me. I brought back a creampie for you. Look at my pussy.”

Her pussy was red and swollen, her lips still glistening. She reached down and spread her lips.

“There’s lots in there, honey. I saved it for you. Eat me.”

I was shocked that she had fucked some guy and then came home without cleaning up. I looked at her red gaping pussy, she had been fucked hard.

“Come on, honey, I need your tongue. Make my pussy yours again. I know you want to do it. Please.”

I was somehow drawn to her crotch, a stream of creamy liquid leaking from between her lips. Telling myself this was no different than my creampie, I lightly began licking. After the first few licks it wasn’t so bad. The taste was about the same but cum kept coming as she continued to push out more and more.

Janice giggled. “Get it all, honey. He put his big cock right where your tongue is. Do I seem stretched out? He fucked me really deep and pumped lots of cum. How does it taste, like yours? A few minutes later he did me again, that is why there is so much. I just loved it. When he finished I hurried back here so you could get it all fresh.

“Oh, baby, that feels so good. Stop for a moment and stick your cock in. Add your cum to his.”

Apparently I was very turned on as my cock was already rock hard. She turned over and I shoved into her sloppy pussy from behind. My cock was quickly coated with white creamy cum from her earlier fucking.

“He has a really big cock, honey, bigger than yours and I wasn’t sure I could take it all. I think he stretched me out some. Can you tell?”

Maybe it was all the cum lubrication but her pussy did seem a little looser. I was like a madman, rapidly thrusting, slapping my crotch against her ass, and only lasted a few minutes. Her pussy hole was gaped open, more cum spilling out.

“You liked me talking like that, didn’t you, hearing all the details about getting fucked? Now eat me some more. Three loads of cum for you.”

As I resumed sucking and licking she told me about the guy. “I dated him off and on until he moved away about three years ago. We were always very good together in bed, I liked his big cock and how he used it. I was surprised to see him tonight. As he was make a move on me in the bar I remembered those great times but that was long ago and I was now happily married. And then I realized this was the perfect opportunity to bring you a creampie.

“You’re not mad at me, are you?”

I pulled my tongue out of her pussy to respond. “No, honey, I’m not. I suspected that you wanted to move your fantasy from idea to reality.”

“It just happened. Sometimes that is the best way to try something new. It was really exciting, being with him again.”

She turned on her side after we finished and I spooned up against her back. I cupped my hand on her pussy, feeling the last remnants of our love making.

She was up first, fixing coffee, as I came into the kitchen. “Well, how did you like your fantasy?”

I hesitated to respond.

“Don’t feel bad, honey. It was just sex. I hadn’t seen the guy for years and he was just in town for some meeting. We got to talking. He did not know I was married and put the moves on me. Like I said, I remembered the fun we had back then and thought this was the perfect time to make our fantasy real.

“Please don’t be mad at me. I wanted to take our loving to new heights.”

“So you went back to his place? Then what?”

“Well, we had drinks. He put his arm on me and put my hand on the bulge in his jeans. Of course I knew what he wanted. I massaged his cock for several minutes and then he pulled me up from the sofa and led me to the bedroom. I hesitated and almost backed out but then decided to bring you a creampie. He fucked me, hard and deep. Afterwards we went back out to the kitchen, nude, for another drink. I fondled his big cock back to hardness and he bent me over the table, fucking me a second time. He was as good as I remembered and I had an orgasm both times.

“He wanted me to stay the night but I told him I was married canlı casino and needed to get home. I pulled on my panties without cleaning up and hurried left. You know the rest. You ready for some coffee?”

A few minutes later we were taking a shower together. I pushed my cock into her from behind. Her pussy seemed to have recovered and was snug as ever. Except for a huge enhancement to our fantasy, last night was behind us.

Two weeks later she told me that guy was back in town for another meeting. “He wants to get together again, tonight. What do you think, honey? Can I do a repeat?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond. Admittedly that time had been very exciting for both of us and so I told her to go ahead. About ten o’clock she returned. “Hurry up, honey, I want you to fuck me,” she said as she quickly removed her clothes. “I’m dripping. Better put a towel on the bed.”

She spread her legs, her engorged pussy liberally coated with cum. “Fuck me, Bobby. Add more cum to my pussy.”

Her pussy was red and engorged, her lips glistening with fluid, white semen oozing out. My wife had been fucked hard! My cock quickly hardened and I bottomed out in her slick tunnel on one stroke. She was so full that my cock pushed cum out of her hole.

“Lots in there. Do you want to hear about what we did?”

Without waiting for a reply, she continued. “We met at the same bar and grill like last time but he had another guy with him. The three of us had drinks all the while he was rubbing my crotch and talking about fucking me. ‘What about him?’ I referred to his buddy. Well, you can guess, all three of us went back to his hotel room. They both fucked me, two times each. I know they stretched me out with their big cocks.”

I continued to fuck her, my cock swimming in her gushing pussy.

“The guy I dated went first, telling his friend I was the hottest slut he ever had. He had a point, I guess. Here I was a happily married girl having sex with an old boyfriend and some other guy I didn’t even know. He did me doggy, slamming into my pussy while he stuck a finger up my ass.

“He asked his buddy if he wanted to fuck me in the ass when he was done. I really didn’t want that to happen since his friend was pretty big but fortunately he preferred my pussy. He shoved his cock into me and fucked me hard. Just a few minutes later he finished up, adding more to my dripping pussy.

“The three of us, nude, went into the kitchen and had another drink. Cum dripped down my leg and their red limp cocks were hanging down. My ex-boyfriend told his buddy he had not known I had gotten married and was surprised that my husband let me fuck around.

“Honey, do you want me to continue?

“So I’m standing there with cum dripping down my leg. Their cocks were still limp but he made me get on my knees and suck. Their cocks tasted like pussy and cum. He got hard first and took me by the hand back to bed and after he finished the other guy did me. They wanted me to stay the night but I hurried back here.”

I looked down at my cock, coated with foamy cum and pussy juice. The towel under her had a large wet spot. I felt little resistance as I rapidly thrust into her stretched pussy. After I climaxed she spread her legs and I scooted up to her crotch.

“God, honey, my pussy is gushing and I still feel stuff running out. Are you sure you want to clean me up?” Her pussy was red and swollen, cum still leaking out between her lips.

“Maybe you should push out some first,” I suggested.

Two globs of cum, probably mostly mine, appeared between her lips and slowly ran down to the towel. More continued to leak, a little thinner in consistency. Must be one of the guys, I thought. I licked and sucked what remained from her gaping pussy. Each time I thought I had it all she pushed more into my mouth. Besides the differences in consistency there were subtle taste differences. When I finally finished we kissed, sharing the taste of her pussy.

The next evening, as I gently lapped away at her pussy, Janice wanted to talk more about her encounter.

“I think you like hearing about what I did. I really had a good time, honey. It turned me on to fuck those two guys, knowing I would shortly be returning to you with a full pussy. No one can replace you, Bobby, but I have always liked lots of cock. That was a huge load you sucked out of me, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah.” I visualized one of their cocks in her pussy, right where my tongue was now.

“You know what’s so great? I’m a happily married woman who just fucked two guys. The sex was good but what makes it so perfect is bringing home their cum. You share me with them, then I share them with you. Cum in my pussy, cum in your mouth. I suppose in a way it is almost as if you sucked their cocks while they fucked me. Doesn’t that sound so dirty? I don’t know if he will be back in town again but if he is I could bring him home so you could watch. Would you like that?”

“No. I would get upset to actually watch some guy fuck you. kaçak casino But somehow it’s different when you tell me about it. I like seeing your gaping pussy, fantasizing about the details, and then tasting.”


“I finished up a special assignment for my boss and gave him the results. He was very pleased and complemented me on my performance. He has been a little touchy-feely the last few weeks. Unless I miss my guess, I think he’s coming on to me.”

“Oh? You know, these days it’s very risky for a boss to be involved with a subordinate.”

“Yeah, I know. That is why I was so surprised. I don’t think I have done anything to lead him on, other than just being myself. Anyway, a couple of days later he said he had to go out of town for a meeting and wanted me to accompany him. I was surprised by his direct approach and made it clear I do not cheat on my husband. He apologized profusely, thinking he had gotten himself into deep shit.

“I let him squirm for a minute. ‘Why did you think I would play around?’ I asked.

He stammered and said he heard I had been a pretty wild party girl before getting married. And he added that some guy here for a meeting implied that I had gone out with him. ‘Oh, so if I go out with someone, that means I fuck? I’m happily married.” I pointed out, wondering if that other guy had told all.

“‘Well, he, uh, well, he said you guys had some fun together. He said it with a big smile so figured you had sex. You are the sexiest girl I have ever met and I fantasize about us getting together. I’m sorry I offended you.'”

“I figured, what the hell, my boss is a good looking guy, older but well put together. So after acting all pissed off I totally shocked him by saying ‘maybe’. I went on to explain how it would be. First, I told him, I do not cheat on my husband. Anything I do, he knows about and approves. Second, I occasionally I might get together with another guy. No hang-ups, no relationships, just fucking. Then I return to my husband and we have sex, my pussy full of cum.

“He was like a kid in a candy store. I told him I would let him know after I talked with you.”

“What’s your boss like?”

“I think maybe 35 or a bit older. Divorced. Good looking, athletic body, so probably good in bed. I think he has a high opinion of his amorous skills.”

“You going to do it?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind.”

A few days later Janice took her boss to bed. She reported that he is a very dynamic lover with lots of stamina. “And he has a very big cock and stretched me out. Can you tell?” as I easily pushed my cock into her slippery pussy.


“Bobby, the office Christmas party is Saturday. I’d like to go.”

“I don’t know any of them other than your boss and I would feel very uncomfortable meeting him. He might not have a very high opinion of a husband who shares his wife.”

“I think he understands our arrangement. Sooner or later you will have to meet and the party might be as good time as any.”

“Jim, this is my husband, Bobby.”

“Nice to meet you, Bobby. Janice has told me that you are a top-gun gamer coder.”

“Yes, I have a talent in that direction.” Looking directly at him, I added “and Janice says she is lucky to have you as a boss. And that she likes working under you.” It there was any doubt in his mind that I knew, that should answer that.

“She is an exceptional employee, very talented,” he said, smiling at both of us. “I’m lucky to have her.”

Later Janice whispered in my ear. “He has a room here at the hotel and invited us to come up for a drink. You interested?”

I was not surprised that her boss would put on the moves but not sure if I wanted to watch them fuck. I had never seen another guy with my wife.

“Do you want to?”

“Yeah, it would be fun. You have never seen me get fucked and I think it would add to our fantasy.”

I was still reluctant but went along, as usual.

“Your wife is so beautiful, Bobby. You are a lucky guy. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have her in your bed every night. I’d like to fuck her. That all right with you?”

Janice teased her boss by slowly removed each article of clothing. Getting down to her panties, she told both of us to get undressed. Her boss stood before her, a really big cock sticking out at a 45-degree angle. No wonder her pussy seemed loose afterwards.

“Honey, take off my panties.” I slid them down her long legs, exposing her sweet pussy to us both. I moved to a chair by the bed to watch.

“Jim, you like what you see, huh? My husband not only lets me have fun but afterwards he will eat my pussy. I share your cum with him.”

Her boss looked at me with surprise and I sheepishly nodded. “He’s going to do it again as soon as you fill me up.”

She laid down on her tummy, spreading her legs. “Bobby, sit on the edge of the bed. Get close so you can see everything. Jim, stick that big thing of yours in me.”

Wasting no time, he located her hole and slowly worked the head inside. With each small push more of his big cock disappeared until he was balls-deep.

“Oh, my. I can’t get over how big you are!” she exclaimed. “What a great cock you have. You watching, honey? Can you believe how deep he is?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32