Covert Control Ch. 03

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It was 8.20am on a rainy Monday morning in London.

Katie sat on the Piccadilly Line underground train heading towards Covent Garden station thinking about the weekend that had just passed. It had been amazing, or more specifically the sex experience with Alfie on Saturday had been amazing.

Katie’s work today preparing monthly management accounts for the company was as tedious as ever and two hours and several coffees into the morning her mind wandered back to Saturday’s filthy antics at Alfie’s apartment. The day had without doubt been the kinkiest and most uninhibited of Katie’s life. She felt a familiar wetness developing between her legs as she became aroused thinking again about it now.

Passing her in the corridor just before lunchtime, Alfie shot Katie a mischievous glance. A glance that said “you were a total slut for me on Saturday and you loved it.”

He was absolutely right, she had most certainly loved it.The day dragged on then finally at 5pm work was over. Katie gathered her things together and headed off towards the lift that would take her down to the lobby and out into the streets of central London. Alfie was already by the lift when she got there, talking and sniggering with Josh, another young guy from Alfie’s office in the PR company. As they looked up Josh gave Katie a knowing look. “Oh My God,” she thought. “Has Alfie told Josh anything of what we did on Saturday? If he has it’ll be all around the office in no time!”

Katie decided that apart from smiling in a friendly manner she would ignore them, and entered the lift. She had arranged to meet her friend Wanda in a bar 5 minutes walk away, just off St Martins Lane, in London’s West End. Wanda’s text message had spelled out the agenda. “I want to know EXACTLY what you got up to on Saturday,” it read.

When Katie reached the bar she found Wanda already halfway through her third glass of Prosecco. “Hi babe!” said Wanda throwing her arms around Katie. “I’ve just got to hear your weekend news.” After pouring Katie a glass from the already half empty bottle she settled back in her chair as Katie described in detail the sequence of last Saturday’s events. Jack’s going off to football, Katie dressing specially for her visit to Alfie’s apartment, and then the bit that most interested Wanda, the sex.

Wanda listened attentively as Katie explained how she had allowed Alfie to control the situation and the fucking machine. How it had brought out the total slut in her. How she had loved the machine, under Alfie’s control, fucking her almost senseless. How she’d watched Alfie masturbate himself to a massive climax and shoot his warm sticky cum all over her.

As Katie recounted the experience in a semi-hushed voice she realised that it was turning her on in a big way all over again. Her clit tingled as the image once more played through her mind of Alfie spurting the spunk from his heavy balls over her pussy. Wanda too was fidgeting in her chair and when Katie had finished speaking excused herself to go to the ladies room. Little did Katie know that once in a cubicle Wanda shoved her hand in her panties and rapidly frigged herself to orgasm. The conversation changed to more mundane matters such as Katie’s sexless relationship with her boyfriend Jack, and Wanda’s forthcoming holiday to Thailand.

As the evening drew to a close Wanda asked if Katie planned to repeat the event with Alfie. Katie explained that Jack was away again watching football the coming Saturday so she was very much hoping there would be an opportunity to do it all over again. Then Wanda leaned forward in her chair and said something that caught Katie completely by surprise.

“I want to join you on Saturday,”said Wanda. “Just to watch, you understand?”

Recovering quickly from the surprise Katie said “Well I guess you can. I can imagine how curious you are. I don’t mind and I don’t imagine Alfie will object either.”

“Thanks babe,” said Wanda. “I really appreciate it.” “No photos okay?” said Katie.

“Sure babe,” Wanda replied.

“I’ll message you on Friday to confirm it’s okay with Alfie,” said Katie.

They arranged to meet at 11.30am at Alfie’s apartment. Wanting to be sure she’d be there when Wanda arrived Katie herself agreed with Alfie that she’d arrive 15 minutes earlier. As usual Alfie offered Katie some wine and they spoke about the fun they’d planned for the day. Alfie wanted to show Katie the double penetration capabilities of the fucking machine. Katie wanted to try to achieve an extended multiple orgasm and wanted Alfie to “edge” himself and stay on the brink of orgasm for at least half an hour rather than cum quite tuzla escort quickly as he had the previous Saturday. It was understood by both of them that Wanda was to be a spectator only.

Ten minutes later the main door intercom buzzed. It was Wanda. “Pull the handle, I’ll let you in,” said Alfie.

A few moments later the bell for Alfie’s own apartment rang and he opened the door. There stood Wanda, immaculately dressed as always.

Instead of the tight stretchy mini-skirts she often wore outside of work today Wanda wore a longer flared summer skirt which stopped just above her knees, and a white figure hugging top that emphasised her ample tits. She also appeared to be wearing retro flesh coloured silk stockings with Cuban heels and a seam up the back. 4 inch white stiletto heels completed the outfit. The overall effect perfectly complimented Wanda’s strikingly gorgeous features including her dusky mixed race skin, full slightly pouting lips, accentuated with bright red lipstick, and the most wonderful bubble butt ass. Alfie smiled broadly as he stepped back from the door, clearly approving of what he saw.

Showing her through to the kitchen Alfie invited Wanda to join them in a glass of wine. After a slightly uncomfortable silence Alfie explained that Katie and he were stretching the boundaries of their sexual experiences. He went on to tell her how he had never expected his bit of fun with Katie to develop in this way, but was glad it had. He stressed that she had been a more than willing participant in his experimentation with the fucking machine.

Wanda, not the least bit shy or embarrassed asked if she could see the machine and Alfie indicated for her to follow him along the hallway to the spare room where the machine was set up. The sight of the machine with its slick stainless steel precision engineered components made Wanda briefly gasp with delight. Alfie suggested that she make herself comfortable on the bed pushed into the far corner of the room while he and Katie got ready for their session.

Katie had dressed to look just as much of a slut this week as last, and without further ado removed her skirt and top to reveal her slender shapely legs, pert arse, and generous tits which were straining to escape from the black lacy basque she had chosen for this week’s adventure. Her pussy was covered by a skimpy pair of shiny black satin panties. Katie had also opted for seamed stockings, black fishnet ones which made her look decidedly tarty, and black high heels.

Alfie was wearing a pair of men’s Lycra running leggings, which showed off his firm muscular thighs. A significant bulge gave away the presence of his already stiffening cock and a tight workout vest covered his well developed chest. Wanda blatantly checked him out as he moved across the room and sat on a bar stool positioned next to the fucking machine.

“Ready when you are,” said Alfie as Katie sat on the floor in front of the machine and spread her legs wide apart. Alfie started to rub himself through his leggings and the bulge of his cock grew noticeably larger. As she watched this Katie eased a finger inside the elastic of her tight skimpy panties. Finding her clit she began to slowly frig herself.

After five minutes or so she stopped and looking Alfie directly in the eye said “I want that cock,” gesturing at the large clear see-thru silicon dildo attached to the shaft of the fucking of machine. Alfie reached for a tube of lube gel on the table and bending down squeezed a generous bead of gel onto his fingertips then applied it to the dildo.

Katie raised her ass off the floor then removed her panties and moved to within a couple of centimetres of the tip of the dildo. Picking up the remote control handset Alfie pressed a button and the machine whirred into life. The tip of the dildo moved forward to press against Katie’s moist shaven pussy lips. Katie continued to rub her clit as the machine whirred again and again each time pushing slightly further forward until the head of the dildo was completely immersed in Katie’s by now dripping wet cunt.

It was at this point that Katie noticed that Alfie had installed two CCTV cameras in the room positioned diagonally from one another. “So he wants a real show does he?” thought Katie to herself. “I’ll give the dirty bastard a show he won’t forget!”

Deeper still the dildo went, the speed of the machine’s strokes quickening. Katie was now being properly fucked by the machine, taking the full 8 inches of toy deep inside her cunt on every stroke. Pussy juices ran copiously down the inside of her thighs.

Predictably, Alfie by now had removed his leggings pendik escort and was standing in front of her slowly moving his right hand up and down his rock hard cock shaft, the rhythmic action assisted by a dollop of the lube gel which made his cock and balls glisten in the harsh overhead lighting. Katie noticed how every few seconds Alfie would look upwards and away from her then. It then dawned on her that he was looking at Wanda sitting on the bed behind her. Katie glanced behind to see her friend sitting with her back against the wall. The rather conservative skirt she arrived in was now on the floor along with her panties. The white figure hugging top she’d been wearing was also off and a tight black and red corset underneath was now revealed. Her legs were wide apart and knees pulled back exposing her fleshy shaven pussy lips which she was gently pulling apart to give Alfie a view of her wet pink core.

Quivering sensations in her pelvic area told Katie that her first orgasm was fast approaching. She was past caring that Wanda was doing more than merely watching. As the sensations approached a peak a second deeper pulsating feeling overwhelmed her and she felt light-headed as wave after wave of deeply pleasurable muscle spasms passed through her, consuming her in an orgasmic frenzy.

Regaining control she saw that Alfie was still slowly wanking his cock and was edging himself, getting to the point of ejaculation then holding back from cumming, as she had asked him to. He turned the fucking machine off and the dildo slipped out of Katie’s pussy.

“The game has changed,” said Alfie. “Your friend has become more involved than we expected.” Katie turned around and saw Wanda laying on the bed now, furiously wanking her clit.

“I think we should let her try the machine, don’t you think?” he said winking. Wanda immediately sat up straight and squealed with delight. “Oh yes please,” she said. “Please Katie, you don’t mind do you

“Of course not,” said Katie, moving away from the machine so her friend could move into position. Wanda sat down in front of the machine and was about to lay back when Alfie said “doggie style please Wanda.” Wanda smiled and turned over to kneel on all fours. This position perfectly framed her bubble butt arse, now sticking up in the air with the suspender straps attached to the seamed stockings by metal clips cutting tightly across her buttocks. She looked just like a top class porn model in one of those carefully staged porn movies.

“Fucking hell,” muttered Alfie, entranced by the image before him. Alfie reached for the gel lube again and handed it to Katie who applied a generous quantity to the fucking machine’s dildo, still covered in the froth of Katie’s cum juices. “Don’t forget me” said Alfie pointing to his large still blood engorged cock. Katie moved to kneel in front of Alfie who was still sitting on the bar stool. She squirted some gel lube along his shaft then ran her fingers over his length spreading out the gel and making Alfie shudder. In all their adventures together this was the first time either of them had touched the other.

Alfie switched on the machine and the dildo nudged forward slowly towards the waiting Wanda’s pussy. Wanda wiggled herself slightly to allow the dildo to slip between her now gaping lips. As the dildo slipped further inside her she let out a delicious carnal moan of pleasure.

Katie’s hand, still on Alfie’s cock, was now slowly wanking him. Her other hand had found its way to her clit. She was already becoming very wet again as her eyes flitted between watching herself wank Alfie’s cock and watching the large dildo sliding in and out of Wanda’s cunt. She glanced up to see that a red LED was now lit up on both of the CCTV cameras confirming that they were recording. She was enjoying “performing”. Alfie then touched her hand to pause what she was doing. He reached behind himself and put his hand into a bag and pulled out the two bright pink smartphone controlled vibrators Katie had left behind following their session the previous weekend. He gave one to Katie saying nothing but gesturing that she should use it on Wanda. Katie took the gel lube and moved behind Wanda’s fabulous bubble butt. She coated the oblong device with lube then held it with some gentle pressure against Wanda’s puckered arsehole. Wanda gasped but then pushed her arsehole even further into the air signalling her consent to be penetrated. Katie pressed the device gently against Wanda’s hole applying increasing pressure until her anal sphincter relaxed and the vibrator gradually disappeared inside leaving just the pink “tail” showing.

Alfie increased aydınlı escort the speed of the fucking machine then picked up his smartphone. He set the App controlling the device to ‘auto’ where it would vibrate strongly at random intervals. Wanda started to pant loudly as the sensations in her pussy and ass became more intense. Her skin was now covered in a thin layer of perspiration

Moving back towards Alfie she took hold of his cock again and started to wank it faster. Catching her hand he said “your turn now.” Katie hesitated, she hadn’t intended to let Alfie touch her but she was finding his control of the events, and her submission to his desires harder and harder to resist.

He indicated for her to assume the same position as Wanda and took the gel lube from her. Katie felt the cooling sensation from the lube as Alfie applied it to her arsehole. She then felt his finger slip past her sphincter and gently massage the inside of her rectum to loosen her up ready for the second pink device. She tensed up a little as he inserted the vibrator then relaxed as she felt it filling her up. Moving back from her slightly Alfie fiddled with his smartphone again and Katie felt a strong vibration inside her ass as he linked her device to the App too.

She turned around and with Alfie moved across the room where Alfie then kneeled in front of Wanda, Katie lay beside him on her back. Wanda’s eyes had been closed as she immersed herself in the sensations she was experiencing then as she became aware that they were there she flashed them a broad smile with her startling blue eyes. Alfie moved closer making it clear that he wanted Wanda to take him in her mouth. She smiled again and supporting her weight with one hand she took his large uncut cock in the other. Parting her full bright red lips she flicked her tongue deliciously across the tip of his cock. A bead of precum seeped from the end which she licked away. Parting her lips further she took the whole of his glans into her mouth. From her position beside Alfie, Katie reached between his legs and cupped his balls in her hand. She gently squeezed his hairy balls in sync with the sucking motion Wanda was now applying to his cock.

The random vibrations in Katie’s ass were becoming stronger now and she yearned for her pussy to be filled with cock or dildo again. Suddenly Wanda alllowed Alfie’s cock to slip from her lips and closed her eyes again. Her orgasm was clearly building and her moans grew much louder.

Katie couldn’t wait any longer. She’d previously told Alfie that they would never fuck each other but she had never expected sessions like this and her reservations and inhibitions had now abandoned her. Still aware that the CCTV cameras were filming the three of them but now far beyond caring Katie rolled over and raised her ass into the air in front of Alfie, the pink tail of the device buried deep in her ass now in his face. “Fuck me Alfie, fuck me hard with your big cock please,” she said breathlessly as another series of vibrations rippled through her ass. Not needing another invitation Alfie moved behind her and rubbed the glans of his cock along her now soaking pussy crack. He pushed gently and felt her warm juicy lips parting to envelop him. Taking her lovely ass cheeks in his hands he slid his cock deep inside her warm wet cunt, all the way up to his heavy cum laden balls. He then began sliding in and out of her, fucking her as he’d wanted to for months. As Alfie’s thick long cock stretched Katie’s cunt she joined Wanda in moaning loudly with pleasure.

With Alfie now fucking Katie from behind they both watched Wanda who’s legs began to shake. She arched her back and shouted “Oh, Oh, Oh Fuck yes!, OMG I’m cumming, I’m cumming! ” Wanda’s ass bucked in the air as the fucking machine and vibrations in her amazing bubble butt brought her to a shuddering climax.

Katie herself was now close to cumming too. Alfie’s big cock pumped quickly in and out of her dripping pussy. Oh how she loved doggy style! As he fucked her he reached around and rubbed her clit in a small circular motion. For a young guy he certainly knew what he was doing. A few moments later Alfie stiffened and grunted, and then his hips in spasm he jerked uncontrollably as he shot his creamy load deep inside her. The sensation of his copious warm spunk filling her up together with another series of vibrations rippling through her ass was all it needed to take Katie over the edge once more. “Oh fuck Alfie, you dirty lovely bastard,” she panted as she came hard her pussy muscles contracting to squeeze every last drop of cum from Alfie’s cock.

Completely spent the three of them laid quietly next to each other for a few moments before anyone spoke. “Oh my fucking God,” said Wanda. “That was amazing, I want this machine, I must have this machine!” Alfie and Katie both laughed.

“Welcome to our fuck club,” said Katie.

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