Continuing Adventures Of Panty Boy

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I sure had a wild time at the poker game and it was something I never expected. After we talked about it, I was clear that our friends did not think any less of me and that they had a great time too. Cheryl and I were lying in bed, in our matching panties, the following night, just kind of snuggling and talking about it when she reached down and started caressing my cock through my panties.

“I really loved watching you suck Bob’s cock,” Cherly says, “I hope you’re going to give a repeat performance. Maybe you’ll let me see you do Pete next.”

“Don’t count on it,” I said “It was fun one time, but I’m not gay. I like women.”

“I know you’re not gay but you can be bi. What’s wrong with that? I think it’s hot. My pussy was sloppy wet watching the action.”

“Well maybe I’d like to see some action out of you. Why don’t you eat Nicole’s or Cindy’s pussy for me?”

Cheryl just grins and says “maybe I’ll surprise you. You do deserve it after that performance.”

On top of Cheryl’s stroking of my cock through my panties, this last comment got me rock hard. I was dying to see if Nicole or Cindy had a shaved beaver like Cheryl. I could not resist any longer. I rolled over on top of Cheryl, pulled hers and my panties to the side and plunged my cock in her sopping wet pussy. I wanted to go a long time and enjoy myself but I ended up shooting a big load after only about five strokes. I rolled over and while still panting, Cheryl spins herself around and climbs on top of me. She pulls her panties back aside and plants her pussy right on my face. I try backing off and say “what the hell are you doing, I just exploded in you. I’m not sure I want to lick up that mess.”

“Oh yes you do” says Cheryl. ” I saw how much you loved Bob’s cum so you might as well enjoy your own. Take it from me, your cum is delicious. I am so horny, please lick me clean.” With that she settles that sloppy pussy right back down on my mouth.

I figure, what the hell, I should try to make Cheryl feel good after how good she has made me feel. I start out slow licking and it is not bad. Cheryl is so wet and her juices are delicious. I start licking a bit much aggressively now and start getting into it. I do love eating her pussy. Now Cheryl os moaning like crazy and starting to buck.

“That’s it” she says, “suck that cum out of me. Come on, eat me good you cum loving panty boy.”

I go crazy with that and start licking and sucking for all I’m worth. My cum starts flowing now. A big glob, about the size of an oyster, comes out into my mouth and I roll it around a bit and swallow it down. I am really getting into this and attack with a vengeance. More cum is flowing into my mouth and I cannot believe how much I had deposited into her pussy. I have to admit that it is good and I am loving it. The flow starts to slow and at this point, I have my tongue up into Cheryl’s pussy as far as it will go. I am cleaning out every bit of her juice and my cum and Cheryl is bucking and hollering like mad. Just then she tenses up and her thighs are clamping down on both sides of my head. It is like my head is in a vice grip and Cheryl starts shaking like mad for about a minute. Finally she rolls off me and lays back panting and more out of breath than I have ever seen her.

After she settles down I ask how she is feeling and she says “I have never cum that hard in my life. That was fantastic and I do expect repeat performances.”

“I liked it myself.”

“Liked, it, casino siteleri you were a man possessed. I knew you liked cum. I told you that you were bi.”

“I’m not gay or even bi. I was eating pussy that I just fucked. That sounds pretty straight to me.”

Cheryl looks at me all serious and says “relax, it’s o.k. to like both and I told you it was hot. I would love to see you suck a cock again and you obviously love the taste of sperm. I’m not going to push it because I think you will come around and suck another cock for me soon enough.”

“Well don’t forget” I reply. “Your turn to show your bi side next and I can’t wait”

Cheryl doesn’t say anything to that but just smiles. The rest of the week goes by and Saturday is here before I knew it. I’m working out in the yard when Cheryl tells me to remember that we are going to Pete and Cindy’s house for cards tonight and to come in and get cleaned up soon.

I go in and head for the shower right as Cheryl is stepping out. She has a shaver in her hand and I look down and see that she has freshened up and her pussy is smooth and hairless. I reach down and run my fingers over it and she stops me and says “maybe that’s not for you.”

She’s driving me crazy now and I hop in the shower sporting a semi hard on. When I get out and dry off, I see that Cheryl is running around in just her panties and she hands me a pair. I say that I think I am wearing men’s briefs tonight. The only reason I even have men’s briefs is to go to the doctor.

Cheryl says” come on, everybody liked your panties and the secret is out now anyway. You don’t have to suck another cock tonight if you don’t feel like it but at least lets enjoy our matching panties together.”

“All right, but you picked shear white ones. They are practically see through. Can’t we go with the solid red ones?”

“No, I already have mine on and I love seeing your cock though sheer white panties. Now get dressed.”

We start dressing and Cheryl slips a top on without putting a bra on. I say “don’t you want a bra so you have more items on just in case we end up playing strip poker again?”

“First off, we will be playing strip poker again and secondly, what makes you think I want to have clothes on any longer than necessary?”

When we get to Cindy and Pete’s house, Bob and Nicole are already there and everybody has a drink in their hand. Cindy smiles and says “I can’t wait to see if anybody here is wearing matching panties tonight”

I blush and get a drink for both me and Cheryl. After we have a couple, it is Cheryl that pipes up and says “let’s play.”

Pete asks what we want to play and Cheryl says “same as last week.”

We all sit down at the table and this is the first time it dawns on me that Cindy and Pete’s table is clear glass. I can see everybody’s laps. There will be no hiding later in the game. The hands are dealt and Cheryl losses first and does not even wait a second before ripping her top off to display her naked tits. Everybody is flabbergasted and Nicole says “Cheryl, aren’t you the wild one and you do have beautiful looking tits. I love how they are standing up proud and it does appear that you are a bit excited.”

Cheryl says she just can’t wait to get the fun started and grabs the cards and starts dealing the second hand. Pete losses next and pulls his top off. Cheryl says she likes his chest with just a little bit of hair and how she doesn’t like her men too hairy. At this canlı casino point Cheryl says “this game is moving too slowly, let’s change the rules a bit.”

Bob says, “what do you have in mind.”

“I was thinking that instead of just the person that comes in last removing an item that there would only be one winner. Everybody except the top hand would have to lose an item.”

Bob relies “aren’t you feeling a bit wicked tonight. I like it.”

With the new rules agreed the third hand is deal and Bob comes out with the top hand. I remove my top and so do Nicole and Cindy. To my disappointment, they are both wearing bras but they did go out of their way to make sure they are sexy lacy bras. Cheryl pulls her pants off and everybody get s a first look at her sheer white panties. Cindy says “on my, I can’t wait to see Joe lose his pants.” I blush again.

Lastly Pete pulls down his pants and to both my shock and my awe, he is wearing a green pair of panties. I say “what the heck, I didn’t know you liked panties, you had boxers on last week.”

Pete says, “Cindy can be very persuasive and she persuaded me that you should not be alone in your panties.” Everybody sits down and I am really liking this glass top. I can’t keep my eyes of Pete’s panties. It looks like his cock is half hard and the shape of the head is obvious. It appears that he is circumcised and I know Cheryl likes that.

The next hand is dealt and Pete wins and Bob finally losses an item and takes his top off. Nicole takes her pants off and is wearing a very sexy pink thong. She actually spins around to display her butt before sitting down, My cock grew an inch or two with that view. Cindy removes her pants and is wearing green panties that match Pete’s. We all hoot and holler at this revelation. She looks pretty fucking hot too. All eyes are now on me and I stand up and pull down my pants. My semi hard cock is clearly visible through the sheer white panties. This gets the girls excited and lots of nasty comments are made. I even think I notice Pete staring at my package pretty intently. We next all look at Cheryl and she says, “I’m down to my panties and the rules were only down to our underwear. What do I do now?”

Pete says “well last week that would give me the right to ask you to do something. Do you want a Command or would you just prefer to lose the panties?”

Whatever you say, Pete.”

“Well, if it’s my choice, drop those panties” and with that Cheryl stand up and slowly peals her panties down and kicks them off so they land on the table, in front of Pete. Pete immediately picks them up and takes a deep sniff. Looking through the glass top, I can see his cock growing in his green panties. There is another round and Pete wins again. This time he tells both Nicole and Cindy to lose the bras. They do and I am treated to the sight of four fantastic looking tits. Nicole’s are big with big brown nipples but I like Cindy’s the best. They are little, not more than a B cup, maybe even smaller and they stand straight out and are sporting hard pink nipples. Bob takes off his pants next and is not wearing panties but he does have some nice light blue briefs that hold and display his package nicely. Everyone obviously picked underwear with the idea in mind that they would be showing it off later.

Pete’s says “well we’re down to naked Cheryl and panty Joe. I think I like Joe in those sheer panties and besides, I can see everything anyway.” I look down and kaçak casino everybody can see my now rock hard cock and the little wet spot that is forming in my panties. Pete instead say’s ” Joe, why don’t you crawl over and lick Cindy’s pussy through her panties while Cheryl does the same with Nicole.” I go slowly just to see Cheryl’s reaction but she is already down in front of Nicole burying her face in her twat. This is really getting wild. I kneel in front of Cindy and bring my face to her green panties and take a deep breath in. it smells fantastic. I rub my whole face on her silky panties and start licking right through them. After about three minutes of heaven, Pete calls time and I reluctantly back away. The thing is Cheryl is not stopping. She is licking and sucking and it appears that Nicole’s thong is pushed to the side. Pete taps on Cheryl’s shoulder and says “come on up for some air”.

Cheryl slowly pulls away and I can see Nicole’s sopping wet shaved pussy. Nicole start whining and says “no, please finish.”

Cheryl say “oh hell” and dives back in with more assertiveness than ever. We are all stunned as Cheryl noisily laps up Nicole’s pussy and Nicole goes crazy. Nicole shudders and screams and after another minute pushes Cheryl away.

“That was the most fantastic pussy eating I have ever experienced” says Nicole while still trying to breath normally again.

“I loved it too” says Cheryl. “I sure hope I get commanded to do that again.”

“If I win a hand again, you can bet on it” says Nicole with a grin.

“Hey I might want some too” says Cindy, “let’s play another hand and see what happens.

In the next hand, Cheryl wins and says “it’s time to see Joe on the receiving end. Pete, you pantyboy, crawl over and pull Joe’s panties down and suck his cock.”

I know I wanted to play down the gay stuff but I can’t wait to get sucked off no matter who is doing the honors after what I have just been through and what I have watched Cheryl do. Pete doesn’t even hesitate, he crawls over and pulls my panties down and engulfs my hard on. He sucks and sucks and licks and it feels fantastic. I am panting heavy now and Pete starts caressing my balls while he sucks my cock. His fingers and roaming all over and I slide down in the chair to give him better access. He takes quick advantage and I feel his index finger rub all over my asshole while he continues to suck even harder. I am starting to lose it now and don’t think this is going to last much longer but I sure want it to. Pete starts pushing his finger into my ass and now I can’t even stay in the chair. I feel the cum boiling up and ready to explode and I holler out “I am about to cum.”

Pete pulls my cock from his mouth but stays right where he is and furiously strokes it up and down. I start cuming it thick heavy streams and Pete opens his mouth and points my cock right at his face. A couple of spurts go into Pete’s mouth but most of it just covers his face. He keeps stroking until I am spent and then leans in and sucks the remaining mess off my cock.

Pete gets up and go sits down with the cum still all over his face. Cheryl says “Cindy, I think you should go give your pantyboy a kiss and help clean him up.”

Cindy jumps up and starts kissing her husband and then starts licking all over his face until it is clean. She says “that was delicious, sure would like to get it from the source next time.”

After a few laughs and some comment about how we all couldn’t believe how wild things got we get set to go and all agree that next weekend it is Cheryl’s and my turn to host. Based on this week, I know Cheryl will dream up something wild and I have a feeling she is going to push for seeing more gay sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32