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In moments of fuzzy awareness, Darlene felt herself being carefully taken care of. Someone rolled her over, arms or legs were shifted around, and her whole body was being washed or cleaned. Every time she puked, someone softly wiped her face and chest clean. When she had the shits or pissed on herself, someone was removing the towel, maybe it was a diaper, and cleaning her up as if she were a 6 month old baby. She felt someone lift her legs up by the ankles and spread her legs, putting an oil or salve around her crotch and around her asshole. A burning irritation made her hiss with a sharp pain when the salve was rubbed on. It seemed to go away after the salve was rubbed into her skin. She knew no one was supposed to ever touch her like that; but it felt different and it felt nice, very nice. The hand touching her ass and her crotch was s-o-o-o-o-o-o smooth in the way she was being massaged all around her asshole and her butt cheeks.

Whoever “they” were had also kept her pussy cleaned up and oiled as well. It felt slick when she crossed her legs or moved them, making her pussy lips slide back and forth. Darlene cried herself to sleep several times. Nothing was making sense. She had no control over her body functions or her own body. No person had ever touched her like she was being touched. Being nude except for whatever it was she had on that felt like a diaper and not able to control her body functions bothered Darlene. She knew this wasn’t her dorm room at the girls’ college. The lights were always low; shades never opened, making it damn hard to tell what time it was. Thoughts cruised through her mind someone was getting her up to go to the bathroom, spending a lot of time wiping her ass for her and changing sheets, as she drifted into of sleep again.

Darlene was managed a weak, “What … what did you say?”, but she couldn’t get her head up to see who was talking to her.

“Who is talking to me … who’s asking?” Darlene asked as she heard her own weak, scared little girl voice speaking.

“It’s your Uncle Gerre, sweetheart.” said Gerre. “You’ve been sick for almost 5 weeks. I picked you up at the college medical unit when the medical staff called your parents. They called me and asked that I go retrieve you. You’ve been here ever since; I’ve been taking care of you.”

“Uhmmm, where is here, Uncle Gerre?” asked Darlene as she tried to focus on where he was in the room. She didn’t remember him; hell, she couldn’t even recall ever meeting him. She knew the name but did not recall him or ever meeting him. She knew he was her mother’s brother but that was about all she knew.

“Here is in my home here in San Francisco, “said Gerre, “I came here about the time you were probably born. I just returned from New China when your mother called me and asked if I would retrieve you from school.” Gerre was moving about the room picking up things and moving a chair nearer the bed side as he as talking to his niece.

“Uncle Gerre,” Darlene asked her uncle, “What makes me feel so damn bad? I itch all over, and…. and ….. even my butt hurts when I cough.”

“Well,” replied Gerre, “the doctors first thought you had the flu but the tests showed you contracted Scarlet Fever. It’s kicked your ass for almost a month. That’s why all the shades are drawn and the medication I’m giving you makes you sleepy. You need to stay in the dark as much as possible to protect you eyes.”

“I got to pee,” Darlene urgently realized, “and I mean like now!”

She was trying to sit up back could not get the energy to move. Darlene was amazed how easily her uncle scooped her up and headed down a wide hallway. It was suddenly obvious she was almost nude as she felt her skin against his skin as he held her next to his chest going down the hallway. He had no shirt on and he was in excellent physical condition. Feeling herself blush all over was only outweighed by the need to piss badly. “This is interesting,” she thought, “how much has he seen … done …. while I was out?” as they rounded the corner to enter the bathroom.

That thought flew out of her mind as Gerre deftly sat her on the commode in such a manner that he gently peeled the diaper cloth off her and quickly spread her butt cheeks as he propped her up on the seat. Darlene sucked in a surprised breath as her uncle propped her arm on the sink edge, and then reached between her legs to separate her pussy lips with his fingers as she started to piss. He turned and quietly left the bathroom. She relaxed her bladder muscles and let a literal flood of urine loose. She didn’t care if it splashed back up on her as long as it hit the pot.

As Darlene sat there, she was beginning to feel some better. She felt herself while thinking about that expert touch of her uncle’s hand on her pussy. She must have lost weight because she felt smaller all around. Even her boobs felt a size or so smaller as she squeezed each one and held them in her hands. She would have to see if she was still a 34C cup. The thought entered her mind that NO man had ever touched her there, not even her father when she was a baby. Her uncle did it in such a smooth, easy manner casino oyna that she had no time to feel embarrassed he had touched her “privates”, as her mother so religiously reminded her that’s what she called them.

“Feeling much better, now?” her uncle asked as he came back into the bathroom. “You should be about 3 gallons lighter!”

Darlene felt herself blush again as she answered, “Yes, but I’m sitting here on the can stark naked! When did I have clothes on?” she asked as she tried vainly to cover some of her exposed body.

“And looking damn nice as ever,” replied Gerre as he looked his niece all over for the umpteenth time. “But to answer your question, it’s been almost three weeks since I bothered to put any clothes on you except those makeshift diaper things. It’s easier to give you a sponge bath and change the sheets than dress you every time.” Her uncle was relating some general information about things in the past as he picked her up, took her back, and laid her on the bed again. He made no attempt at all to cover her up because the room was very warm.

“And, yes,” her uncle continued, “I have seen, cleaned, washed, oiled, and pampered every part of your body front to back, top to bottom.”

Darlene suddenly felt the urge to cough. Before she could move or say anything it happened; she coughed, soiled herself and the bed. This having no control of her bodily functions caused her to start crying.

“Uncle Gerre,” Darlene said between sobs, “I … I ….I’m sorry …. I just crapped myself. I‘m so sorry. Oh God, I feel so bad…” and she began to cry.

“Don’t worry,” said Gerre softly, “this is the first time you’ve been awake enough to know what you’ve been doing 3 – 4 times a day. I’ll get you cleaned up enough to get you in the tub where you can relax.”

Darlene lay very still as her uncle did exactly as he promised he would do. It felt terribly strange and terribly interesting all at once. She couldn’t believe she was letting her uncle hold her feet together at the ankles, then lift them up until she was laying there with her knees spread wide open and all of her most private body parts totally exposed to him.

Gerre carefully held her feet together just above her lower stomach but he pushed her knees up toward her chest. This forced the entire length of her crotch and pussy from front to back to open up to him. He had a total view of his niece from the beginning of her cleft at her clit to the indent above her tailbone. From at the top of her pussy to the area past her reddened asshole, he could see every part of her feminine anatomy. This had become a common view for him in the past month. Her most intimate female openings were common views for him now.

Gerre carefully wiped Darlene clean around her asshole, inside her thighs and the backs of her legs, and around the sides of her outer pussy lips. He cleaned Darlene slowly with some kind of soft lotion. He used his right hand to open her pussy enough to look up inside and then wipe them with the same lotion before putting her feet back down on the bed. Darlene winced two or three times as the lotion burned her raw skin, but the fingers sliding the length of her pussy, and slowly probing into her suddenly was very distracting. She realized she was holding her breath waiting for the finger to touch her pussy lips again.

Darlene was laying on the large king size bed totally naked and completely exposed to a man she did not even know. Whatever he chose to do to her body; he could do. For some reason, it did not seem wrong to Darlene. It didn’t feel “bad” bad to her like her mother had always fire branded into her brain. He was touching her where absolutely no man had ever “seen daylight”. Every touch was gentle, warm, and careful. Darlene wasn’t sure what to think when he slid his fingers into her pussy and opened it up but it felt different and it certainly felt good. She knew she wasn’t supposed to think that but it did. This was her uncle, or at least according to him he was. He was “indirect family” as her mother was so fond of saying to her about distant relatives. His fingertips spreading the lotion gave her a moment of holding her breath – his touch was damn sure a lot more entertaining than her own fingers had ever been on the few times she tried to play with herself.

“Darlene, I’m going to pick you up and take you into the bathroom,” said Gerre. “You haven’t been in a tub or a shower for at least 3 weeks. I’ve been doing sponge and wash cloth baths for you in the bed.”

“Okay, said Darlene weakly, “can I just sit and soak for a while… that would really feel so good.”

“Sure, honey,” said Gerre, “whatever you feel like you want to do. I’ll see if I can put some lunch together that you can stomach.”

As Gerre picked her up, he put her arm around his neck, and then headed back down the same hallway he had just carried her to the vanity bathroom and back. This position put her breasts right to his chest as he walked toward the bathing room. Darlene could easily feel every the ripples in the muscles of his chest and arms as he carried her. If nothing else, she thought, he is canlı casino in damn good condition for someone his age, whatever that happened to be. She felt her nipples getting hard as small brown berries while rubbing on his skin.

He sat her on the commode and propped her up against the sink again while he ran the bath. This was the first good look she had at him, and she was not disappointed to think this was her uncle. He had to be about 6-2 or 6-3, and every inch of him was made up of well defined muscles. His back, his arms, and even his forearms showed that he was in superb shape. Darlene had no idea how old he was; her mother rarely mentioned him or even acknowledged his existence. He was wearing what looked to be military style pants; they were all kinds of different color patterns so she figured they were camouflage. She had only heard about them.

Gerre turned around and put his hands out to his niece to take a hold. He carefully helped her stand up; then he backed up as he helped her walk toward the huge antique claw foot tub. Darlene was sore, and she hurt, but it felt good to move her legs. She didn’t even care that she was naked; getting in that tub was the most inviting thing on her mind. Gerre got her feet into the tub and then helped her to sit down. She almost cried when the water touched her raw asshole and her skin, but it leveled off and she could tolerate it after a few minutes. She settled in to the bath water; it felt so good to relax and just soak. Her uncle had put some type of special soap in the water just before he left the bathroom; it made her skin feel soft and silky. There was a handle and a rail on the side of the tub she could hold on to while she relaxed. Darlene slowly rubbed the large bath sponge over her body and just lounged in that wonderful feeling.

Darlene didn’t remember falling asleep but her uncle gently awakened her and then helped her out of the cooling bath water. He helped her over to the commode where he wrapped her in a huge terry cloth robe before turning her around and leaning her back to put her head in the sink to wash her hair. “God, I wonder what he doesn’t know how to do?” thought Darlene as her uncle expertly washed and dried her hair. She had been in several hair salons with her mother but nothing could compare to his touch and his skill. It just felt so good to have her hair and her body clean. Her uncle rapidly impressed her with his quiet, subtle ways. She was going to find out why no one in the family ever talked about him; it had to be something pretty big. Or something pretty nasty; either way she was going to find out.

Darlene let her uncle carry her back to the bedroom where he placed her in a huge sofa chair while he cleaned the bed and changed the linens. She was again amazed at how quietly, yet swiftly did everything there was to do. The bed was totally stripped clean; new sheets and new pillow covers were in place in about 5 minutes. If nothing else, he was efficient and effective in every step.

“Do you want to sit there for a while and relax”, Gerre asked her, “or lay back down?”

“I think I’ll stay up for a little while”, Darlene replied, “I like the feeling of having some control again.”

“I can appreciate that feeling” said her uncle, “but let’s not overdue it. You still have to be careful of the light with your eyes, and I will need to put the lotion on the places on your body where you are raw from the irritation and blisters.”

“Ok,” said Darlene, “how about I stay here in this chair and listen to the radio until I fall asleep?” Her uncle agreed; he put the radio on a local rock station that Darlene seemed to like and shut the door behind him as he left. She could hear him on the telephone as she settled into the sofa chair and just relaxed. It felt so good to be awake, be aware, and be able to feel like she was better. About an hour went by when Gerre came in to wake Darlene and move her onto the bed. She did not care this time when her uncle removed the robe before laying her on the bed again. She liked him and it felt unique to know she was actually naked, totally naked, in front of a man.

Her uncle took the oil and was about to put it on her left shoulder when Darlene asked him, “Uncle Gerre, which is better, to put that stuff on the sore spots, or all over?”

“Well,” Gerre said, “it’s actually better if I were to put it on you like massage oil. Its’ a similar texture and that would be a lot better for you. I could make this an official 19th birthday present since you were too sick to know when it happened last week.”

“Then please do that,” said Darlene, “I’ve never had a real massage.” She was going to see just how far he would go now that she was reasonably awake. It felt good to have him touch her, it was sift, and it was, it was …. Damn good was all that she could think about. He cared what he did, not like the boys at school she had dated on rare instances.

Gerre rolled Darlene over on to her stomach and started putting the oils on her back and shoulders. She was right –it felt marvelous. No, better than marvelous, exquisite. His hands followed the contours kaçak casino of every muscle, her back, right down to her tail bone. The oils warmed her skin and his hands warmed the muscles even more. When he got down to her hips and ass, Gerre told her where he was going to out his hands. She could not believe she was letting someone actually spread her butt cheeks, see her asshole, and feel good about them massaging every part of her. Even when Gerre put the oil right on her rectum and rubbed around the muscle ring, she felt fine. She nodded off in a light sleep when her uncle was down to her legs and feet.

“Darlene, I’m going to roll you over now honey,” said Gerre, “and start on your front. Is there any place you do not want me to touch?”

“No,” said Darlene, “you have done so much, seen so much, while I was sick that it makes no difference now. Whatever you think is right just do it.”

Gerre looked at his niece as he warmed the oils on the night stand. She had lost some weight in the 4 weeks she had been sick but she was still a very nice looking girl. He started with a light touch across her forehead and face which made her smile some more and close her eyes. As he moved down to her neck, he smoothed the oils across her shoulders and upper arms. Once he was done there, he moved her arms above her head and put her hands behind the pillow so she would have something to hold on to. Doing this put her in a position where her breasts were completely opened up and clear for him to touch as he wanted. Very slowly so as to not startle her, Gerre rubbed the oils on both her breasts and began to slowly rub and massage each one. They were placed up center-high on her small chest, and being about a 34C they looked large on her frame. He knew that his somewhat naive niece was going to get turned on and get excited by his efforts. That was fine – he might even take her all the way to an orgasm before he was done but he did not want to waste her strength.

Gerre was right, Darlene began to breathe differently and more deeply as he massaged and manipulated her breasts. The pinkish nipples were now standing up like hard red berries; he made it a point to gently roll each of them between his thumbs and forefingers. He worked up and down her sides to the points of her hips and back up to her breasts. He stayed above her belly button but worked around the swells of each breast like a man who knows what women love to have done. Darlene’s eyes were closed but the small smile on his face gave him piles of input to gone on.

On the other side of that smile Darlene’s mind was doing 900 to nothing. Nothing she had ever tried to do for her own self came into the same universe as what her uncle’s hands were doing to her now. Her nipples were on fire; every touch made her that much closer to something happening. What she had no clue but it had to be good. Every time he rolled or tugged ever so gently on them, she would lift her chest and push it into his hands. He was so, so gentle in touching, but it was driving her up a wall damn quick. She could feel herself getting wet between her legs. That had hardly even happened so she wasn’t sure what that meant. Darlene just did not want him to stop what he was doing.

Then, it dawned on Darlene that his hands were gradually moving lower and lower on her stomach. He was getting closer to that place between her legs that her mom told her to never touch. It was nasty for any girl to play with herself “down there”. That’s what she had been grilled with since the first time her mother caught her looking at herself with a mirror at age five. He would never really touch me there, would he? He was working all around her hips and sides, slowly drawing circles with his hands around her belly button and lower stomach. But it seemed like he was always stopping just where her pubic hair began. Darlene decided to just let herself relax and enjoy; he had seen everything and he had cleaned her up plenty so what was the big deal, anyway.

Gerre was carefully watching his niece’s face as he worked around her hips and lower stomach. He saw moods cross over her face and he finally saw a new smile settle in place along with her closed eyes. He knew she was wondering/thinking if he was going to touch her crotch and if she did or did not want it to happen. She did not know that he could see how wet she was between her legs. Her own body was telling her thoughts to him, but he had to see that smile before he would commit himself.

As Gerre watched her face and saw the smile come into place, he began to work down her thighs and back up the outsides of her legs, but never quite up to her crotch. He had Darlene’s legs apart so he could see that her clit was sticking out from under its usual sheath like a small dark pink pencil nub. He had seen it that it way a dozen or more times in the past month. He had figured out his niece was highly responsive to touching because, unknown to her, she had had maybe 4-5 small orgasms while her uncle has been giving her bed baths in the past month. It did not take much for her clit to start swelling and stick out like a sore thumb. He was purposefully staying away from it until he was ready to send her flying. Every time he had touched her pussy or gotten near her clit while she was really out of it, she had almost gone into a automatic humping of his hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32