Christy Ch. 08

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Chapter 8: Lilith Rising

“What’s do you think is happening in there?” Tina asked looking down the hall toward her parent’s room. She and Christy retreated to her room after they confronted Mom about her past dalliance in porno. They were trying to figure out how someone so free spirited could have turned into such a prude. No one anticipated the revelation that Gramps had played sex games with both Mom and Christy. They were still sitting around in shock.

“Dunno,” Christy said absently. “Talking, I guess. You know how Dad tries to get us to talk out our problems. He’s got 15 years of garbage to talk out of Mom.”

“How are you? I mean, that stuff about Gramps?” Tina asked.

“I feel kinda weird,” Christy murmured. “I’d really pretty much forgotten about it. I don’t remember it as being some big dirty secret. Gramps did tell me not to tell anyone about our special game. I dunno.”

“If you were molested, how come I turned out to be the slut?” Tina asked.

Christy couldn’t help but laugh at that. “After all I’ve done, you think I’m not a slut?”

“You didn’t blow the football team in High School, didja?” Tina taunted.

“What?” Christy exclaimed. “You didn’t!”

“Not the whole team,” Tina admitted. “Just the big geeky linemen who didn’t have dates. You know how the guys sneak out to the practice shed to smoke reefer?”

“Yeah,” Christy replied.

“Well, Megan Cho dared me to go out there and blow all the loser jocks.” Tina smirked. “All I needed was a little prodding.”

“Slut!” Christy shot back giggling. “What else haven’t you told me about?”

Tina leaned forward with a wicked grin on her face, “Well, there’s the dare I put Megan up to…”

Tina left the sentence hanging. Dad just came out of the bedroom. He looked exhausted. He came down the hall and joined his daughters in Tina’s room. Sitting on the foot of Tina’s bed, he signed and said, “Well, if I didn’t hate your Granny before, I do now. You already know that she laid a guilt trip on Mom about her Dad dying of shame. I don’t know how she did it, but she really did a number on her. She’s been wrapped up in the cocoon of guilt all these years. If she’s only told me what her Mom had said…”

“How is she?” Christy asked.

“I’d say she’s in shock,” Dad said. “Us seeing the porno is nothing. Her Mom built up this saintly image of her Father that was complete bullshit. I’ve been in there telling her about her Dad’s attic full of porn. He used to take me up there to see his “stamp collection” then show me some Blacks on Blonds loop. He used to brag about his mistresses in other cities and tell me where to find the best tail when traveling. I told your Mom that if the old goat did have a heart attack watching one of her loops, it was because he was beating off too hard.”

“What’s she doing in there?” Tina asked.

“Mostly crying,” Dad said. “There’s nothing more I can do right now.”

Dad got up and slowly walked casino oyna downstairs. Christy and Tina looked at each other. “What now?” Tina asked.

“I’ll go in and talk to her,” Christy said. “Or maybe just listen. I’m not sure what to do. This is all so weird.”

Christy walked down the hall to her parent’s room while Tina scampered off after Dad. She slowly pushed the door open and looked in. Mom was lying on the bed looking disheveled. Her hair was down and messed up. Christy was surprised by how long it was. She could barely remember a time when Mom hadn’t worn her hair up. She’s just sort of assumed that it was cut short. Her tresses were long and came down to the middle of her back, long and raven black. Why should this surprise Christy so?

Christy sat on the bed next to her Mother. She listened to her raspy breathing and knew that she could break down in tears again any moment. Christy felt pretty close to tears too. She reached out and touched Mom’s shoulder and asked, “How you holding up?”

Mom snorted a mirthless laugh, “None too well. I feel like such a fool.”

Christy stroked her Mother’s hair. She didn’t know what to say. What do you say to someone who’s been living a lie for over a decade? Finally, she broke the silence saying, “You know, Grans always did strike me as a control freak.”

Mom didn’t answer. She just sighed and looked pitiful. Christy wrapped her arms around her and pulled her close. She stroked her mother’s hair and kissed her forehead. As strange as it seemed, the woman who had been all fire and brimstone, who had truly scared Christy and made her adolescence an ordeal, now felt more like a frightened child. Christy rocked her back and forth muttering meaningless, ‘there there’s” in her ear. There wasn’t anything to say.

Instinctively, Christy ran her hand up and down her mother’s back. A light massage always made her feel better. A light massage often turned her on. She ran her hand up and down her mother’s back, muttered sweet nothings and kissed at the tears that still flowed down her cheeks. How many years had she held those tears back?

Going on emotional autopilot, Christy continued to caress and kiss her mother. Without really intending to, the kisses became bolder. Christy kissed her mother’s eyelids and got a little sob choked giggle when she kissed the tip of her nose. When she kissed her mother on the lips, it sent an electrical charge through her system. “This is so wrong!” Christy thought. Her mind screamed STOP, but her tongue had found its way past Mom’s lips and was exploring her mouth. More surprising, Mom wasn’t resisting!

Christy felt Mom’s tongue slide around hers tentatively. Christy withdrew her tongue and Mom’s followed. Christy sucked Mom’s tongue as if it were a cock, flicking at the tip and sliding back and forth. She was holding Mom tighter now, feeling her breasts mashed against her breasts. Her hands were sliding everywhere, feeling the familiar body canlı casino in a new way for the first time. Christy slid her hand up the back of her Mom’s shirt to feel skin on skin. She felt something that made her break off!

“What’s that on your back?” Christy asked with real concern in her voice. Something didn’t feel right. The skin she felt should have been smooth, but it wasn’t.

“Nothing,” Mom said trying to compose herself. “It’s nothing.”

“No Mom,” Christy said angrily trying to pull up the back of Mom’s shirt. “Something’s not right.” Mom squirmed trying to get away from her, but Christy was quicker and pulled the shirt up to reveal thick welts covering her mother’s back. Not only were there angry fresh welts, but Christy could see faded bruises and even some faint scarring. “What the hell is all this?” Christy demanded pulling the shirt up over Mom’s head.

Mom huddled on the bed looking like a whipped puppy now; the whipped part being quite literal. Christy had been around the S some were scabbed where blood had been drawn. “Who the hell beat you, Mom?”

“It wasn’t a beating,” Mom said barely audibly. “It was an exorcism. Mom took me to the Reverend to have the evil cast out.”

“The Reverend beat you?” Christy said astonished. “Why? How long?”

“The Reverend said I had demons in me. He said they made me kill my Daddy. He cast them out, but they kept coming back.”

“What?” Christy blurted.

“Every few months the Reverend would see the demons getting strong in me. He’d take me to the rectory and tie me to a cross. Then he’s pray over me while he drove out the evil.”

“What did he use to drive out the evil?” Christy asked incredulously.

“Sometimes a belt, sometimes a switch, sometimes a strap.” Mom said. “This time was a switch, I think. I couldn’t see through the blindfold.”

“Why? Why did you let him do that?

“He said it was for my own good,” she whispered.

Christy’s mind was reeling. This was more of a shock than Mom doing porno. The turn to a prude almost made sense, but this? The tyrannical Mom who was such a holy roller was really some perverted minister’s slave!

“Is that all he did? Christy asked the anger rising in her voice. “Is that all the Reverend did to you? Was there ever anything else to these exorcisms?”

“He called it experiencing God’s love,” Mom said meekly.

“You were fucking the Reverend!” Christy hissed. “You fucking cunt. All this time you’ve been giving us hell about wearing make up and slutty clothes. All this time you’ve been making Dad beg. All this time you were fucking some goddamned Reverend!”

Mom was crying again now. She was utterly humiliated because she knew it was true. She’d denied it to herself for years, but she couldn’t anymore. The Reverend and her Mother had used her guilt to turn her into a sex slave. She cowered, feeling the withering glare of her daughter on her battered back.

“It’s over bitch,” kaçak casino she heard Christy snarl. “You’re not going to be the Rev’s sex toy anymore. You’ve got a lot of amends to make here, you fucking slut.”

Mom just nodded her head. “She’s right.” she thought. “The Reverend owns me though,” she said aloud.

“Bullshit!” Christy snapped. “The Reverend stole you. If anyone owns your sorry ass, it’s Daddy.” Mom just sat nodding her head, which pissed Christy off more. “Goddamn it,” she thought, “I’ll show her what it means to be a slave.”

“Get over here, bitch,” Christy sneered. “You’re going to serve this family like you should have been doing all these years. Get on your knees.”

Mom slid over and knelt in front of her daughter. She looked up at her angry face and knew that she had to do whatever was demanded of her.

“Lick this, you miserable cunt,” Christy spat shoving her Mother’s face into her crotch. To her amazement, Mom went to work licking her pussy. Somehow, Christy hadn’t believed she would do it. The domineering parent was her bitch? Christy rocked back on her heals savoring the feeling of Mom’s tongue on her clit. She felt her cunt oozing juices all over her mother’s face. She felt the tongue probing deeply inside her. “You’re a good little cunt licker, aren’t you?” Christy heard herself say.

“How far can I push this,” Christy though. “Let’s find out.”

Christy pushed her mother’s head back and looked down at her. Her face was slick with pussy juices. What surprised her more was the radiant smile on mom’s face. Christy couldn’t remember seeing her look this happy, ever.

“You’re doing a fair job, slut,” Christy said. “But I want you to take care of the other side now.” Christy turned around and spread her ass cheeks. An electric jolt shot up her spine as she felt mom’s tongue plunge deep into her asshole. Christy slowly rocked back and forth enjoying being tongue fucked. She closed her eyes and arched her back letting the sensations flow through her. She gasped slightly when she felt fingers slide up her pussy, but it felt so good. Mom was frantically tonguing her asshole. Fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit with her thumb. Christy shuddered as the sensations roiled through her body. It was inevitable. It swept over Christy faster and harder than she expected. She was shuddering as her muscled clamped down on fingers and tongue. The orgasm surged and shorted out neurons. Christy felt her knees buckle as she came. She fell sideways, landing on the bed with her body still twitching. The afterglow felt like being high on the finest hash.

Christy lay on the bed for almost five minutes before she opened her eyes. She smiled savoring the intensity of the orgasm. When she looked over, she saw mom still on her knees, her face covered in pussy juice and a few flecks of brown.

Christy sat up still feeling woozy. “You know your place now, don’t you,” she asked mom.

“Yes mistress,” she replied.

“Very well,” Christy said. “No more Reverend for you. We can take care of your demons here. I want you to wash your face and then go downstairs and fuck daddy’s brains out. Do anything and everything he wants.

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