Chrissy Introduces Cheryl To Incest

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Chrissy knocked on the door, then waited for Cheryl to answer it. Eventually, Cheryl did exactly that and when she saw that it was Chrissy, threw it wide to take her friend into a big hug. Then, dragging her quickly inside, locked her lips about Chrissy’s and gave her the kiss that she had been looking forwards to. Ever since the day at Chrissy’s when she had been awakened to the pleasures of sex, Cheryl had been hard pressed to get enough of it.

She didn’t know any guys other than???’s boyfriend Alex and so she had been solely reliant on self pleasure and what she could get from Chrissy. Today, she had managed to get Chrissy to come over whilst her parents had gone out to visit relatives. She had been horny as hell all morning and had even resorted to the candle that she had been getting friendly with lately. But now that Chrissy was here, she was determined to get some sweet, loving attention on her pussy. Especially because Chrissy had promised to shave her pussy for her just like her sister had for her.

Chrissy looked her friend up and down, taking in her short black skirt and tight, hot pink t-shirt that showed her breasts off perfectly.

“mmm, I love it when you dress up like that. Just because its sooo much fun to take it all off you” laughed Chrissy, her hands sliding up under Cheryl’s skirt to caress her butt. Finding nothing immediately covering her butt cheeks, her hands explored further, finding that Cheryl was wearing a thong. Cheryl moved under the seduction of her friend’s bare hand on her flesh.

“ooo, new underwear too, I see”.

“I went shopping last week and decided that you might enjoy it, so I bought some new stuff,” replied Cheryl.

“Well sweety, why don’t you take me to the bedroom so that I can get a better look at it then.”

“Of course!” replied Cheryl, “after all, I don’t think we can have you wandering about my house in jeans and a t-shirt, no matter how tight they are. I love the way that they hug your butt, but I think I would prefer to be the one that is hugging your butt.”

“Well it sure works for me,” said Chrissy, following her she was led her to the bedroom by the hand.

The two girls collapsed onto the bed together in each other’s arms. Their hands gently caressed the bodies laid out beside them and their tongues sought sweet release within each other’s mouths.

Cheryl peeled Chrissy’s top from her, revealing a nice satin bra which she gently ran her fingers over, ensuring that she managed to rub her friend’s nipple, exciting and stiffening it. She lent over and gently nibbled the nipple through the cloth of the bra as her hands worked their way around behind her to release the clasp. Once freed, her tongue worked its way across the flesh of her friend’s pert breast to find the nipple for real. She drew it into her mouth, sucking hard, flicking her tongue across the tip of it, working it back and forth. Her hand caressed Chrissy’s stomach, sliding gently back and forth, exploring the smooth skin.

Her hand worked its way lower and moved over Chrissy’s mound, caressing the bare smooth skin. She adjusted her position so that her tongue could duplicate the recent path that her hand had taken. She traced her way down to the mound where she ran her tongue in circles all over it.

“I really think that its time that you did this for me, you know. I want to be bald. I want you to shave me,” said Cheryl, lifting her head to gaze down upon her friend’s glowing face.

“ok, let’s do it now then,” replied Chrissy. Clapping, Cheryl jumped up off the bed and hauled her friend up behind her, leading her to the bathroom. Chrissy removed her jeans and tossed them on the bed and Cheryl threw off her clothes on the way, scattering them behind her as they made their way to the bathroom.

She grabbed a pair of scissors, a razor and some shaving cream and then laid herself down on the floor after spreading a towel beneath her. Chrissy knelt down beside her, clad in only her panties and took the scissors from her. She started snipping away the hair, reducing it beyond its neatly trimmed length to something that would be able to be removed with a razor. Cheryl laid back, enjoying having her friend pay such attention to her pubes, especially when she started working on the hair of her lips because she manipulated them with her fingers as she found safe positions in which to use the scissors.

Having removed everything that she could with the scissors, Chrissy took up a flannel, wet it and wiped the excess hair away and made sure that her friend was nice and damp. Then she took the shaving cream and applied it liberally to Cheryl’s pussy and mound. She made sure that her finger slid along the lips, parting them, teasing her, almost caressing her clit, but not quite. Cheryl squirmed on the towel beneath her, getting hungrier for release the longer that it went on.

Chrissy took up the razor and started to work at removing the stubble that the scissors had left casino oyna behind, starting with smooth, confident strokes over her mound, becoming ever more cautious as she worked closer to her labia.

Dave arrived home, curious as to whose car was out the front. He knew that he had seen it around but couldn’t remember who was driving it. He headed into the living room, expecting to find who ever it was in there with his sister, but there was no noise and when he looked in, there was no-one in there.

He headed upstairs to get a book from his room and was startled as he made his way towards his door to see clothing scattered about the floor. Then he heard some noise coming from the bathroom. Intrigued, he quietly approached, wondering what on earth might be going on. After all, the clothing in the hall was all clearly female and he simply couldn’t imagine why it would be there.

He got to the door of the bathroom and surprised to find that it was ajar. But he was stunned when he peeked in and saw a body that he thought must be his sister laid out on the floor with some chick dressed in only a pair of white panties working her pussy with a razor! The girl doing the shaving had her back to him and also blocked his sister’s face from view. He moved past the door and back a bit so that there was no chance that if his sister looked up that she would be staring him in the face.

His cock had instantly hardened and he massaged it through his pants as he continued to watch the other girl slowly denude his sister’s pussy of hair. He watched as he stroked and then decided that he needed better access to wank and unzipped his jeans to free his prick. He stood, slowly stroking it back and forth as the girl took a flannel and started to wipe off Cheryl’s pussy. He heard her tell Cheryl to quickly get up and clean it because she wanted to eat it. The voice clicked and he realised it was Chrissy, the little sister of his friend’s girfriend.

Alex had told him that Shelly had shaved her pussy for him and that he had also seen her little sister Chrissy topless in the pool. He had dismissed the claims of seeing the younger sister topless as none of the guys at school had ever managed to get anywhere with her. Seeing her here with his sister, he thought that he my have solved that mystery if nothing else. He ducked out the way as his sister stood. He heard a tap run, then stop. Then he heard the two girls talking about how good it was to have a bald pussy, his sister obviously touching herself from the descriptions she was giving Chrissy. He was stroking his cock furiously as he imagined his sister’s thin little fingers rubbing her own bald pussy.

“Come on, get those wet panties off so that I can eat you too,” Cheryl said to Chrissy as she laid back down on the towel after washing off her now bare pussy. She was so wet from being shaved and really wanted to get off straight away.

Chrissy stood and peeled her panties off, dropping them to the floor. Then she stepped over the top of her friend’s head, looking down between her legs and slowly lowering herself, dancing teasingly as she moved her hips around, giving Cheryl glimpses of her pussy as she got closer and closer to her face. Then she squatted down, a foot either side of her friend’s head, her pussy not far from her face. She reached down and tweaked Cheryl’s nipples, pulling and rolling them. Cheryl’s hands landed themselves on Chrissy’s hips and she pulled her head up to get her tongue within reach of the gorgeous pussy before her. She licked along the lips, parting them and probing at her.

Chrissy gave up teasing now that her pussy was on fire from the tongue work her friend had started. She knelt down and leaned forwards to access the freshly shaved pussy that she had prepared. She licked all about it, eyeing off the trail of juices that was slowly seeping from between the lips, savouring the moment when she would swirl her tongue in it. At the same time, she ground her own pussy against the face of her friend who was licking wildly at her clit.

Dave took another look. The talking had stopped and he couldn’t stand it any longer. He peeked around the corner to see Chrissy’s head buried between his sister’s spread legs, her butt grinding against his sister’s face. He gripped his cock in his hand and stroked it back and forth, loving the show that was going on in front of him.

Chrissy stopped licking her friend for a moment and worked her pussy with her fingers instead, rubbing at her clit, sliding in and out. As she did so, she looked up and was confronted by the sight of Dave standing there, cock in hand, pre-cum beading on the tip. He too was frozen, caught in the glance of the girl before him.

Chrissy recovered first and simply winked at him, licking her lips and continuing to stroke Cheryl’s pussy, who continued on obliviously sucking, licking and biting at Chrissy’s pussy and clit.

Dave couldn’t believe it. Here he was with his cock in his hand and he’d canlı casino just been sprung perving on his sister and her friend and all she had done was wink at him! Slowly, encouraged by the look on Chrissy’s face, he began working his cock again.

Chrissy nodded as Dave started working on his shaft again, then indicated that she wanted him to come closer. She could see the pre-cum oozing ever so slowly from the slit of his cock and desperately wanted to take it into her mouth.

Dave slowly and carefully moved into the bathroom, not wanting his sister to know what was going on because that would surely break this amazing spell. He avoided her legs and knelt down until his cock was before Chrissy, who lowered her head over his cock, taking it deep into her mouth before sucking slowly back up the length, licking the tip and cleaning it of pre-cum. Her fingers still worked her friend who squirmed and wriggled as she edged nearer to orgasm.

Chrissy started sucking up and down the length of Dave’s cock whilst grinding against her friend’s mouth. It was too much for her and she broke over the crest, her orgasm tearing through her body.

Cheryl sucked and licked at her juices and then moved to slide from beneath her friend. As she did so, she caught the first glimpse of her brother, kneeling between her legs in front of her friend, his stiff cock straight out before him.

“Fuck! What the hell is going on?” she cried out, surprised as hell to see him there.

“He was perving on us and wanking, so I got him to come in so I could suck him,” Chrissy replied calmly, taking his cock into her mouth again as Cheryl watched. Dave didn’t know what to do, he was more than reluctant to leave. His cock was in this gorgeous young girl’s mouth and he could see his sister’s bare pussy beneath her friend. He knew it was wrong, but he sorely wanted to slide inside that wonderfully bald pussy.

Cheryl wriggled out and grabbed a towel, wrapping herself in it. Chrissy stopped sucking on Dave’s cock to speak.

“Oh come on Cheryl, its just a cock. Don’t think of him as your brother, think of it as a nice chance to suck on a gorgeous prick. You know you loved it last time and its not everyday you get to do it.”

Dave was stunned to realise that his sister had sucked on a cock, even more so that Cheryl was here suggesting that she too have a go at him.

“But he’s my brother!” said Cheryl. “even if it does look good, I can’t get past that.”

“Sure you can, just close your eyes and take it in your mouth … like this …” said Chrissy, demonstrating for her friend. Making sure it was seductive, slowly sucking back on the engorged shaft, trapping the head before letting it ‘pop’ from her mouth. “Come on, you haven’t even had an orgasm yet and I know how badly you must want that right now. I’ll suck him off with you like we did to Alex and then you suck him off and I’ll eat you to an orgasm? How’s that for a deal.”

Dave simply knelt motionless, listening to the debate even more stunned as information came out. The cock his sister had sucked was his mates? And Chrissy had been there too? Holy shit, these two were regular little whores and he would never have even guessed had he not walked in on them.

The debate seemed to be over though, because suddenly he found his sister before him, her eyes closed and mouth open and Chrissy had taken his cock in her hand and was guiding it into Cheryl’s mouth. As she clamped down on it and started to suck, she moaned with pleasure, loving the feel of the smooth skin over his erect shaft as it glided against her tongue.

Then Chrissy pulled him from Cheryl’s mouth and sucked on him herself. The girls took turns, their hands tugging at his balls or their mouths licking and sucking at them as one or the other worked on his nice big cock.

“I want to cum now, eat me Chrissy,” Cheryl stated, lying down on her back, “And I want to taste your cum Dave,” she told her brother, not caring any longer, just wanting to feel that big cock empty its load into her mouth.

Dave stood and undressed, looking at the gorgeous form of his sister on the floor, her pussy bare, her nipples erect. He had noticed that his sister was looking better and better and some of the clothes she wore certainly let him know about her breasts, but the reality was gorgeous. He couldn’t have hoped for more!

Chrissy had moved between Cheryl’s legs and was lavishing attention on her pussy, licking at it, causing Cheryl to writhe on the ground. He knelt down and leaned over her so that he could stick his cock into her mouth. She reached up between his legs with one hand to grasp and tug on his balls as he slid his cock between his lips. She let him thrust at her mouth and seemed to like it when he pushed at her.

Cheryl was in heaven, a stiff cock in her mouth, fucking it as her friend worked her clit towards the intense pleasure of orgasm. She found herself writhing from the pleasure, wanting it all kaçak casino whilst it was almost too much for her to take. She could sense her brother tensing as he kept trying to push deeper into her mouth. She used the hand on her balls to restrict his movement to where it was comfortable, sucking and licking as the head thrust towards the back of her throat. He stilled and she readied herself to swallow.

She did so, sucking and swallowing rapidly as he emptied a huge load into her mouth. She couldn’t contain it all and dribbled some. Dave knelt back, his erection waning, amazed and loving the sight of his naked sister with some of her cum dribbling down her cheek, her face flushed and a girl working her pussy over as well.

Suddenly she arched her back and cried out as her pleasure peaked. Chrissy climbed up over her and then quickly licked at the cum that dribbled down Cheryl’s cheek.

Dave was surprised yet again, having least expected that! The two girls kissed deeply, sharing his cum and that of Cheryl which had been all over Chrissy’s chin and lips.

Chrissy looked up from their kiss and said, “Come into the bedroom and fuck me Dave. I want that cock in my pussy.” And with that, she stood up and left. Dave followed, determined to live out this to its fullest, desperately afraid that he might wake up and discover it all a dream.

Chrissy laid herself out on the bed and spread her legs. Dave didn’t waste any time, climbing on the bed with her, his cock, erect again in anticipation, positioned to enter and impale her. Chrissy reached out to his hips and pulled him towards her, using one hand to guide his cock inside. He slowly pushed deep into the silky wet pussy, Chrissy thrusting herself against it, welcoming the feeling of his cock spreading her wide.

Cheryl followed them into the room and watched as her brother impaled her friend with his big cock. She moved closer and reached out to fondle her brother’s nuts as he fucked Chrissy. He moaned when he realised what was happening. Cheryl then moved around to joining them on the bed, lying beside her friend so that she could kiss her and play with her breasts, watching again as the cock disappeared inside her pussy.

Dave rapidly thrust in and out of Chrissy’s pussy, loving the feeling of it on his shaft, the way it gripped at it as he pulled out. He watched his sister kiss the girl that he was fucking, watched her play with the erect nipples sticking out from the tiny breasts. His sister sucked on Chrissy’s nipples, then moved lower, licking at her tummy. She reached down as Dave pulled back and then pulled his cock free of her friend’s pussy. Looking up at her brother she sucked his cock into her mouth, cleaning it of Chrissy’s juices. She moaned with delight before guiding him back inside the pussy in front of him.

Chrissy could feel Dave building towards orgasm and thrust herself at him, wanting to feel the cum as it sprayed from his dick inside her.

“Cum in me Dave, let me feel it inside me, its safe,” she pleaded with him.

She squealed with delight as he did just that, exploding within her, his sister sucking on her nipples at the same time.

As Dave collapsed onto the bed, Cheryl decided to take advantage and moved between her friend’s legs, laying out on her tummy to eat her brother’s cum from her friend’s pussy. Chrissy loved it and started talking dirty to her, “Eat your brother’s cum from me Chez, taste his seed and my juice eat it all out of my you dirty whore!”

Dave found himself becoming erect yet again as this carried on. He still couldn’t believe the whole thing was happening.

“Fuck your sister Dave,” said Chrissy, catching him off guard yet again. “Fuck her as she eats your cum from me. Stick that big prick of yours in her nice bald pussy.”

He hesitated. It was one thing to have her blow him, but to fuck her? Should he do it? He knew he shouldn’t, but he really wanted to. Then Cheryl looked at him from where she was eating Chrissy.

“Please? Fuck me.” Cheryl simply said before going back to eating her friend out.

Dave didn’t need a second invitation, he moved around behind his sister, pulling her towards the end of the bed so that he could stand and support her legs while he fucked her.

Chrissy moved down the bed so that Cheryl could keep eating her.

Cheryl waited, barely contained as she sought that moment when her brother’s cock parted her. Her earlier fears forgotten, she wanted nothing more than to feel him inside her. She gasped out loud as she felt the head of his cock part her and push deep inside. He was bigger than Alex and she felt stretched, but loved it as she was filled with the warm hardness of his cock. He thrust in and out and she rocked herself in time with his rhythm, loving it.

Dave was surprised to push inside his sister without resistance. He expected her to be a virgin. It made him wonder whether Alex and taken that from her as well as having her suck his cock. It didn’t worry him now. All he could think about was the fact that he was buried to the hilt inside his little sister’s pussy. A pussy he had seen shaved bare by another chick just a little while ago.

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