Charlie’s Summer Cabin Ch. 03

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Welcome to the next chapter. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for the emails from the first two (take a quick read of them if you haven’t yet). I look forward to receiving any comments you care to give.

Eventually we got some energy back. Ryan and I got up and walked down to the lake. By this time of the summer, the water was warm enough to swim in. We jogged into the water, letting it wash away the evidence of our passion. We had slipped back into that comfortable place in our friendship. We were comfortable with each other and just being around each other. We swam for a bit, then, feeling refreshed and ready for something to eat, decided to head back.

We walked to the hot tub carrying our clothes, letting the mountain air and sun dry us after our swim. The girls didn’t seem to have moved much. They were clearly having a very satisfying day of sun worship. We called out to them as we got closer. They sat up and smiled at us, full of knowing.

We sat down with them on the deck and chatted for a few minutes while we had a little something to eat. As the conversation ebbed and flowed around me, I stopped talking and just listened. Ryan, who had seemed timid at the beginning of the summer, was opening up more. Watching Eva and Jenn interact, it was obvious now that Jenn was the dominant in their relationship. I wondered why I hadn’t noticed it when they first arrived, but it hadn’t ever really occurred to me. They were clearly in love with each other, but it was clear they were also in love with Ryan and me.

I was glad we were spending the summer together. Each of us, I think, were more comfortable with ourselves than we ever had been. I know I was. At the beginning of the summer, I could never have imagined sitting naked by the hot tub with three other people, totally at ease with myself and the situation. I loved each of my cabin mates differently, but completely. And I think they felt the same.

The conversation continued for some time. Eventually, I slipped into the warm water of the hot tub and floated to the far side to watch them interact. I sunk down deep into the water until it was just under my nose and hovered in the clear mineral water, my body just barely touching the bench.

Eventually, the conversation died down naturally. Eva had looked at me from time to time as they were talking and now decided to join me. She glided through the water and settled effortlessly on the bench next to me. Neither of us spoke. She took my hand under the water and we sat there for a good long time.

Finally, the sun began to sink and it was time to get ready for dinner. We gathered up all our stuff and headed back up to the cabin. I made sure I was bringing up the rear. I will never forget that walk up the hill, watching the naked backside of each of my friends. Eva’s long, strong legs and firm ass flexing in the late afternoon sun. Next to her, petite and powerful Jenn, comfortable in her own skin and proud of her sensual body. Finally, Ryan. His strong back and legs made me just a little dizzy. The way his strong ass cheeks moved as he strode up the hill made me want him all over again.

Dinner that night was a continuation of the easy conversation that had been going on all day. We talked about our hopes for the future and the small glories of our pasts. Sometimes I look back on that summer and wonder how it was that we found so much to talk about, but somehow we did. Somehow the words just came out, and when someone didn’t have something to say, surely someone else did.

After dinner, it was Eva’s turn to clean up. I stayed in the kitchen to help while Ryan and Jenn took a bottle of wine to the front porch to watch the last bits of the day fade away.

Eva started washing the dishes, leaning over the sink and getting suds up to her elbows. As she put each dish in the drying rack, I would lean in close, brushing her ever so gently, then settle back against the opposite counter and watch her from behind while slowly drying the dishes. She could see my reflection in the window over the sink. She knew I was watching her.

Neither of us spoke, but there was electricity in the air. We could feel it each time I brushed against her. She put the last of the dishes in the rack and started rinsing her hands. I put down the towel and moved in behind her, burying my face in her neck and wrapping my arms around her.

She pressed into me, tilting her head back and to the side, fully exposing her neck to my kisses. I slipped a hand up under her t-shirt, loving the feeling of the soft skin. I slowly worked my palm up to cup her breasts which were hanging free under her shirt.

“I’m going to take you right here in the kitchen.” I whispered in her ear.

“I know.” She spoke with calmness and confidence, but there was the undertone in her voice which told me that not only was it ok, but that she wanted it.

I continued to nuzzle her neck and ear while reaching down and slipping her out of her shorts. She wasn’t casino oyna wearing any panties either; she knew, or at least had hoped, things would end up this way.

She reached behind herself and began rubbing my cock vigorously through my shorts. The intensity of our breathing increased. We were both getting very hot very fast.

I spun her around and took her in my arms. Her hands raced to my shorts and just like that, my cock was free. We kissed hard. Our mouths locked desperately on each other, probing deeply with our tongues. I reached down to her pussy and began rubbing it very quickly, pressing hard. She was already wet and my hand slid back and forth with ease, coaxing more out of her. She gasped as I slipped a finger in all the way to the hilt. My cock was throbbed in anticipation.

Things were moving fast. Our hands raced over each other, scratching and pulling. Our hearts pounded and we gasped for air.

Though it had only been a few moments since we started, we couldn’t wait anymore. We both wanted each other right now. I turned her back around, pushed her up against the counter and thrust my cock deep into her. Her rapid breathing suddenly stopped as she was impaled. A deep groan escaped her.

For a moment, we froze in that position. Her ass pressed against my hips, my cock buried deep inside her almost-virgin pussy, her back arched. I had one hand on her hips, pulling her towards me, another on her perky breast, lovingly smashing it.

And then we fucked. Hard.

Her ass pounded back against me and I thrust into her with all the energy I could gather. It was fast, animalistic sex. Both of us began to sweat with the exertion. Eva reached down between her legs and began to work her clit with lustful determination.

My focus shifted to my cock. It felt huge inside her. Despite all the sex I’d had over the summer, my balls still felt full of cum, ready to fill Eva up. I tried to prolong it, to make it last, but the intensity of the motion, the power of her body thrusting itself on to mine, was too much. She had fingered herself nearly to the brink when my hips suddenly locked and my cock pumped inside her. The force of my orgasm was surprising. I could feel my semen racing through my cock and erupting into Eva.

The sudden stop and pulsating of my cock was enough to toss Eva over the side into her own powerful orgasm and she pressed hard against me, wanting me to fill her completely with my cock and semen. Our bodies froze in strong contractions as we lost control. We clung to each other, not wanting it to end, as our bodies hitched and flexed the last of our climax out of each other.

Slowly, our muscles relaxed. Eva stood up straight and leaned back into me, her breasts poking out proudly under her damp shirt. She reached down between her legs where my cock was still slowly sliding in and out of her. She gently stroked my balls and the base of my cock until it finally slid out. When it did, she wrapped her hand around my cock, slippery with my cum and hers, and stroked it back and forth. She coaxed the last bits of semen out of me and continued rubbing.

She turned us both around and motioned me up onto the counter with my legs spread wide.

“I want to see what we taste like together.” She continued stroking my cock which was still glistening and took it into her mouth. It was a heavenly blowjob. My cock still tingled from the force of our sex, but hung heavily while it gathered strength for the next round. She tickled me with her tongue as she licked me clean. Finally, I stopped her.

“My turn.” I said, and sliding off the counter, I led her to my bed where I put the same time and effort into cleaning her pussy as she had my cock.

When we were finally both clean, we decided it was time to get dirty all over again. We did not sleep at all that night.


As high summer turned slowly into late summer, my small harem continued to evolve. By this time, not a day went by where there wasn’t some sort of sexual activity around the cabin. It didn’t surprise me to step out on the porch and see Eva and Jenn laying together on the porch or down by the hot tub, exploring each other time and again. On several occasions, the girls watched with rapt attention as Ryan and I made love. We all gave up on any sort of self-modesty, sometimes walking around completely naked, even when doing routine things like cooking or reading.

Truth be told, we were all fixated on one another and felt a sense of togetherness and completeness that we hadn’t found down in the world. We also didn’t find ourselves struggling with any sort of moral complexity or self-doubt about our various couplings or groupings. The whole situation was very natural and comfortable, which is surprising, really. It could never have happened if we hadn’t spent most of the summer isolated from the rest of the world.

The days were still long and many afternoons it was either hot or sometimes the clouds would build and we would get a brief downpour. The nights canlı casino were cooling just a bit, but still plenty warm. For reasons that I never quite understood, we still made some kind of show of pairing off each night. Sometimes it would be me and Ryan, sometimes one or both of the girls with me. There wasn’t any real strategy to it; that’s just how it worked out. But I wanted us to all be together and, if possible, I wanted us to all have sex at the same time. I certainly didn’t want Ryan to be left out because of his sexuality.

I decided to broach the subject with Ryan one night as we sat on the porch watching the sun go down behind a distant thunderstorm.

“Ryan, there’s something I want to try, but I need to know if it’s something you would be comfortable with.”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“I’d like us to share the girls. I mean, I’d like us to both fuck one of them at the same time. I’d like to feel you as you are fucking them.”

He didn’t say anything for a moment, just looked at me. “Sure, ok, I guess. Their butts probably aren’t that different from yours, I suppose.” He paused. “But I’ll only do them in the ass. I can’t do straight sex, Charlie. Not even for you.” He smiled a little as he said it.

The conversation was a little surreal. Two months ago, I was barely capable of even thinking about what I was suggesting, but now, it wasn’t even hard to say. We talked about it a little more and then asked the girls when they came out on the porch to help us finish off the wine.

Jenn went all giddy as soon as we brought it up. She insisted on going first and I think I caught just a hint of disappointment in Eva’s face that she would have to watch the first round. Nevertheless, they were both eager to get started, so we cut our time on the porch short and headed inside to get ready. The other three went upstairs to get changed and I went into the small master bathroom. I changed into some loose fitting pajama pants with nothing on underneath. I didn’t bother even putting a t-shirt on anymore most nights, and certainly not tonight.

As I was brushing my teeth, Jenn came in. She was wearing an unbuttoned silk top and a pair of boy shorts made with a loose mesh. She was so sexy in her sleepwear.

“Hi, Charlie.”

I grunted at her with my mouth full of toothpaste.

She stood behind me, running her hand lightly up and down my backside, watching me as I rinsed my mouth and stood up.

She turned me around and I slipped my hands under her silk top and around her back, pulling her in close. I half-sat on the counter so we were face to face. She came in close, making me spread my legs wide.

She looked me straight in the eye. “I like your thinking. You sure Ryan is ok with it?”

“Yeah. He’s perfectly ok with it. And I brought it up because I feel like Ryan isn’t getting the same amount of attention as the rest of us.”

She smiled a little at me. “He doesn’t want attention from Eva and me. He wants attention from you.”

“I know he does. And I’m happy to give him everything he wants. But this is something I want and he’s fine with it.”

She kissed me on the chin. “I thought so. Just making sure.” She smiled wickedly at me. “I’m fine with it, too.”

I buried my lips in her neck, kissing her hard as I moved my arms up her back, pulling her top wide open, exposing her firm breasts. I took one in my hand and began to stroke and pull at it, twisting her nipple slightly. She sucked in her breath and pressed into me.

“Fuck, Charlie, you’re going to get me all riled up before we even get to the party.”

“Is that a problem?”

She didn’t reply, just leaned against me more, encouraging me to continue, but we stopped when Eva appeared in the doorway.

Eva was also ready for the night. My eyes opened wide with pleasant shock. She was wearing a very tight, very see-through, black camisole top that ended just below her navel. The way it hugged her lithe form but left nothing to the imagination was stunning.

Below that, she had on the tiniest of thong panties. They didn’t look like they could stand up to much physical effort and would probably have to go. I would later find out I was wrong about their durability.

Jenn turned around to face Eva, her silky top still hanging low off her shoulders and her nipples standing up in excitement.

“Showoff.” Jenn said, jokingly.

Eva walked over to us and, without saying a word, wrapped Jenn up in a passionate embrace and began kissing her. It was clear that temperatures were already high tonight. Jenn pressed back into me, her mesh shorts rubbing my cock hard through the thin fabric of my pajama bottoms.

The girls continued their kissing and groping and I moved my hand down the front of Jenn’s shorts, pausing just a moment to enjoy the smooth tight skin of her pubis. She was already warming up down there and I slid my hand lower, slightly parting her lips with my fingers. I slipped a finger into her slightly, feeling the moisture beginning to build. kaçak casino My passions were quickly overtaking what little rational thought I had left.

With some difficulty, I withdrew my hand and gently steered the girls out of the bathroom.

As the girls lay down on the bed, Ryan came into the room. He was wearing a snug pair of black boxer briefs that nicely revealed his shape while pretending to cover it. He came over next to me and slipped an arm low around my waist.

We watched the girls in silence for a few minutes. They were clearly putting a show on for us in the flickering firelight. They lay on their backs, legs spread, while they kissed and nuzzled at each other, their fingers dancing lightly over their bodies, tickling and touching sensitive skin.

Jenn lost her loose top quickly, but her mesh panties stayed on, leaving just enough hidden to raise the excitement levels. Eva’s tight top and thong stayed on, too. Watching her firm body flex and move under the sheer fabric was almost more than I could take. Her nipples pressed against the gossamer fabric. Eva worked her hand under her thong and began stroking at her pussy. Jenn’s hand joined Eva’s and they pressed and rubbed together.

I moved behind Ryan, much as he had done to me the first night we were all together, and began lightly nuzzling his neck while my hands worked their way slowly down his firm stomach to the smooth skin under the waistband of his briefs. I pressed into him from behind as I hooked my thumbs over the waistband and continued pushing down.

As his underwear fell to the floor, I took his cock in my hand and began slowly stroking it, feeling his erection growing under my touch.

“I want you to enjoy this,” I whispered in his ear.

Ryan relaxed into the sound of my voice. I led him over to the bed, the girls watching our approach. They sat up together and reached for him as we got close. As one, they grabbed at his cock and moved it towards their hungry mouths. Ryan had his eyes closed, savoring the feel of their lips and tongue on his hardness.

My own cock was hard. I quickly dropped my bottoms to the floor and began pressing my cock between his cheeks, sliding it up and down, once again enjoying being with Ryan.

By unspoken consent, Jenn and I slowly backed away, letting Eva focus on Ryan’s cock for a minute by herself. I climbed onto the bed as Jenn moved to the center. She lay back as I settled on top of her, kissing and nuzzling all over her warm, aroused body.

Eva continued sucking Ryan deep into her mouth, focusing her attention on his impressive cock while I slowly slid down Jenn. I hovered over her panties for a moment, amazed at the meshed material that was so revealing and concealing at the same time. They rode seductively low on her hips, but it was time for her to be uncovered.

I pressed hard at the waistband with my tongue, and with my hands, began sliding them slowly down, my tongue following them lower and lower until I was licking at her clitoris. Her pussy was swollen and wet, ready for more. I quickly pulled her panties the rest of the way off and spread her legs wide, exposing her hungry pussy to my mouth. My tongue danced around her labia, flicking and pushing and probing, penetrating her, raising her excitement level more each time. Then I moved lower, rolling her hips up and getting a clear shot at her tight little anus, puckered hard but ready for attention.

I moved my mouth freely around her ass, applying plenty of saliva and probing with first one finger, then two. Jenn moaned in pleasure as I pushed deeper into her, foreshadowing the penetration to come.

Ryan and Eva reluctantly broke their contact and Ryan laid on his back, his cock fully engorged and ready for Jenn’s tight ass. I knew the pleasure they were both about to feel, having been on both ends of what was about to happen.

I grabbed Ryan’s cock, pointing it straight up while Jenn straddled up over him. Ryan’s cock was slick with Eva’s spit and his own precum. Eva grabbed Jenn by the hips and glided her down onto his cock.

I watched in fascination as her anus struggled for a moment to resist the entry. Then she relaxed and pressed down a little and the tip of his cock disappeared into her. She slid slowly down, quivering as her ass expanded to take him in. And then she was fully down, her ass cheeks pressed against his balls and hips. She stopped for a moment and I moved in, aroused by this new sight.

I began licking with great enthusiasm at Ryan’s balls and Jenn’s pussy, her juices now running freely. I was a little surprised when Eva moved in behind me and began playing with my cock, making it even harder than it already was. They began to grind a little and then Jenn beckoned me. She was ready to be penetrated again, to feel two cocks in her.

I moved in close, kneeling between my lover’s legs. I slid in easily, her pussy anxious for attention. In that sudden moment, when our bodies first connected, the three of us became one. I felt the familiarity of Jenn’s vagina clutching at my cock, welcoming me into her, but underneath that, the added feeling of Ryan’s cock moving around in her ass. It was as if I was fucking them both at the same time.

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