Cathy’s Sick Desire Ch. 03

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For first time readers of this story, BE WARNED, it’s nasty. If you can’t handle a sick twisted woman in heat, then find something more vanilla.


As they walked out the back door of the restaurant, Cathy asked Harry, “Where are we off to now?”

He guided Cathy to her car, by placing his hand on her ass and answered her, “Oh I think I’ll let it be a surprise, cunt.”

She knew that she looked like hell, so she said, “I look terrible, Harry. If you don’t want me to embarrass you, then we better stop somewhere so I can clean up a bit.”

As he shoved her into the car, he told her, “No need for that, bitch. You’re going to fit right in. Now shut up and trust me, we don’t have far to go.”

When he put the car in gear, he asked Cathy, “How many times have you cum today?”

She hadn’t had time to give it any thought, but it was several times, that was for sure. “I think maybe six or seven, certainly more than I’ve ever had before. Now that I think about it, it’s amazing. I never would have believed that any woman could have that many orgasms, and certainly not me.”

Harry smiled and, in a matter of fact tone, said, “Only a true slut could do that. Before the night is over, you’ll more than double that number.”

At first she thought he was joking, yet he had spoken it so believably that she began to fear what it would take for her to go that far. Then she worried about what kind of condition she would be in, after experiencing so many climaxes.

Cathy had been so deep in thought she didn’t realize that Harry had pulled into the back of another business. He told her to get out, and she asked, “What’s this place?”

He chuckled and told her, “Just show a little patience and you’ll see for yourself.”

They entered through a back door, which evidently was Harry’s mode of egress to several establishments in this area. As she walked down a long, dimly lit hall, she became even more fearful. At the end, he pushed through a curtain and she found herself standing in an adult toy store. Actually, that was too kind of a term for the sleazy, smelly store.

There was a smuttiness about it that turned her stomach. As she looked around, she saw all sorts of sex toys, from handcuffs to full-sized inflated dolls, with open mouths and pussys, just waiting for those who couldn’t afford a cheap hooker to use for their sexual release. Some of the shelves hadn’t been dusted since Clinton was president, and the floor was filthy. This was definitely Harry’s kind of place.

Harry grabbed her hand and pulled her to the front of the store saying, “There’s somebody you gotta meet.”

As they approached the front counter, she was aware of a few men in the store, looking over adult books, all of which had a kinky picture on the cover. Two guys were checking out the nipple clamps and whips, but they all stopped and stared at Cathy, as she was reluctantly dragged up front and presented to the clerk.

Harry started out, “Hey Jimmie, I want you to meet Cathy. She’s one of my cunts,” he said no more.

The middle aged man was short and skinny, somewhat like Harry’s two buddies, Tom and Nick. He was completely bald, his face looked like it had been stabbed a few hundred times, with an ice pick, he was missing a few teeth and part of one ear was gone. This was not the man one brought home to meet mother.

Jimmie looked her over, before saying, “Damn Harry, she looks like she’s been fucking all night. This ain’t some hooker you picked up is it?”

Harry seemed insulted by the man’s comment. “Hell no, she ain’t no prostitute. She’s just a whore who needs a lot of action. I saw your safe sign, so I thought I’d bring her by and see what kind of thrills we could dig up for the cunt.”

Jimmie looked back at Cathy and asked, “What’s that huge stain on her blouse?”

She was being talked about, as though she wasn’t there, as though she was just a thing, not a human being. She was mortified at his question, as the truth of it was even more humiliating.

Harry gazed at the front of her blouse and said, “I ain’t sure what that is, but she did spend some time alone with Wanda.” To Cathy he commanded, “OK cunt, tell us what the hell happened to your shirt.”

She was desperate to avoid revealing the vulgar fact of her performance on her knees between the oafish woman’s fat thighs. Yet she knew that Harry wasn’t about to pass up a chance for her to debase herself. She took a breath and gave the short brief version. “I was performing oral sex on her and she squirted this on me.”

Harry cast her a disgusted look. “Come on cunt, you can do better than that. Give us some details, cunt.”

Cathy looked down at the floor, and then began the explanation of everything, just as it happened. “Wanda stripped naked and sat on the toilet. After she pissed and shit, she had me crawl to her and lick beneath her hairy armpits. They were all stinky and covered with sweat. She had me clean under her saggy old casino oyna tits, which had their own special flavor.” Cathy was becoming aroused, as she related the vile scene she participated in, with depraved woman.

“Then she shoved my face into her filthy crotch and told me to lick her asshole. I did and I loved it.” She was really getting worked up now. “I could taste the fresh crap on her ass, but I cleaned it up really good. She moved my head to her crotch and said for me to eat some pussy. Wanda’s cunt was as nasty as the rest of her. I licked and sucked, stuck my tongue way up into her pussy, and when she was close to cumming, I sucked on her fat clit. That’s when she unloaded a huge blast of cunt juice all over my blouse, and it was strong and musky flavored. Then I couldn’t help myself, I came too.”

By then, Jimmie had pulled out his cock and was stroking it. It seems that her more detailed story had brought forth his need for satisfaction. Harry looked at her, as though asking a question, but he didn’t say a word; he just looked back at Jimmie. She understood Harry’s intent for her.

Cathy walked around the counter and went to her knees, and then asked Jimmie, “Rather than whacking off, wouldn’t you prefer to ram that cock down my throat and fuck my face?”

He grunted and placed a hand behind her head, guiding her lips to his throbbing prick. She accepted his shaft, as it slid over her tongue and she closed her warm mouth around its girth. Jimmie moaned and began pushing in and out, as she sucked and massaged his cock with her lips. “Suck it hard, you fucking slut. This ain’t gonna take long.”

The ruthless abuse of her face was intoxicating to her and Cathy felt her pussy rapidly moisten. But before she could really get into it, Jimmie blew his fuse early, filling her mouth with a small load of cum, which she easily swallowed. He groaned and laughed at the same time, as pulled her mouth down to his balls one last thrust.

Harry yawned, as though bored and said, “Be sure to let everyone know where she’ll be.” Now what the hell did that mean, she wondered.

As Jimmie tucked his limp prick back into his trousers, he said, “OK Harry, take her to the rear and be sure to get her into booth thirteen.” She had no idea what he was talking about, but didn’t object, as Harry pulled her along toward the back of the store.

They passed through a dirty old curtain and she found herself going down a row of doors, each one numbered. As Cathy walked with Harry, she heard the sounds of porn movies and realized that this was one of those seedy places where men went to view short scenes of dirty films. Although she had never told anyone, she had been curious for a long time about these places. Well, she thought, here’s my chance.

At door number thirteen, they stopped and Harry took a key out of his pocket. That made her notice the other doors didn’t have locks on them, only this one. As he turned the key, he looked at her and said, “You’re going to love this. It’s just the right kind of new fun for you to expand your horizons.” His vulgar laugh sent a shudder down her spine, yet it also sent a tingle to her loins.

Once inside, it took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the dim red light in the low ceiling. As her vision improved, she saw a large screen TV, behind a Plexiglas shield. It had stains on the bottom portion and Cathy knew that men had masturbated here and left their seed flowing down the screen cover. It was the most sleazy, nasty little room she had ever seen, and she knew that she was going to get off on whatever happened to her in this wretched environment.

There was a built in bench to sit on across from the TV. He sat down and told her, “Get your clothes off, cunt. It’s show time.”

Quickly removing her filthy blouse and skirt and handing them to Harry, she stood before him nude save for her high heels. Harry began smiling, while starring at her. She had no idea what he was waiting for and was rather hoping that he would start a sex tape, so that she could see a few nasty scenes before he used her.

Harry never said a word. After two minutes, he smiled and pointed to the wall on her left. For a brief moment, she didn’t know what she was supposed to see, but then her eyes found the object of his aim. There, protruding through a hole in the wall was an erect penis. Harry stood, folded her clothes and placed them on the dirty floor in front of the hole.

“There you go, cunt. You’ve got a nice soft pad for your knees and a nice hard cock to suck.”

Cathy was aware of such places. There were called glory holes, but she had thought that they were for gays. It was a reminder of her abysmal ignorance regarding these matters, as she sunk to her knees and got her first close up of a wall with a cock growing out of it.

The owner of the deflating prick was apparently white and of average size. Through the wall he said, “Come on bitch, suck it. Quit fucking around, you damned whore.”

She canlı casino extended her fingers to his shaft and massaged it back to its full length. She told him, “Just you hang on buddy, I’m going to suck every bit of cum from your balls and swallow every damn drop of it.” His vulgar, demanding command had triggered her own vile need to debase herself.

Cathy teased the head of his manhood, with her tongue, and then licked the underside of his helmet, eliciting a deep moan from the other side of the wall. He drew his prick back a little and tried to drive it into her mouth, banging the wall with his torso, as he did. She placed her lips around the head of his cock and slowly glided down the length of it, until her nose touched the wall. She swallowed a few times, which further stroked the underside of his pulsing cock.

It took only three minutes for the man to begin cursing and groaning, as he dumped a rather substantial load into her mouth. “Drink it, you dirty old whore.”

She swallowed every bit of it and after she let his limp prick slide from her lips she told him, “I’m a dirty whore, but I’m not old.”

Harry loudly said, “NEXT!” He pointed to the opposite wall, where another male shaft came through a larger hole, allowing his cock and balls to be available for her services.

This guy’s dick was a bit larger and much thicker. She quickly shifted to that wall, taking her folded clothes with her and placing them on the dirty tile floor. They didn’t provide much comfort, but were just soft enough to kneel on; and that’s all she needed to let her focus on the nasty pleasure of strange cocks shooting off in her mouth.

She started out by licking his balls and was pleasantly rewarded with the taste of musky sweat. The guy wasn’t a talker, which disappointed her. She enjoyed the derisive insults that were hurled at her, as she gave her mouth to dirty men. Cathy realized that she was submitting her lips, tongue and throat, not to him, but to her own vulgar lust. In a way, she was using him just as much as he was using her.

When the man’s scrotum was pristine, she moved to the base of his shaft and began the cleansing process, slowly working her way up to the top of his long prick. Once she reached the head, she saw the tell tale signs of his pre-cum and hungrily licked it off, and then drove her mouth down the length of his cock, The man’s loud moan, wasn’t as good as him calling her a whore, but it was acceptable praise for her rapidly growing talent at sucking cock.

His moans came more quickly, as she slid her sucking lips up and down his hard prick. She knew he was close, so she fondled his sensitive testicles and gave them a little squeeze when he began to cum. She was rewarded with a rather large burst of slimy goo, some of which she could not contain, as it ran down her chin and onto her breasts.

The vile scene from this play, in which Cathy acted the filthy slut on her knees, was a powerful image in her mind. So, it was with a slight brush of her fingers upon her throbbing clit that she exploded through another mind bending orgasm. As her climax concluded, she used her other hand to smear the remains of the man’s cum around on her face. She felt so completely vile and dirty. She reveled in the sheer depravity of her act.

When she looked at Harry, he merely pointed back to the other wall and said, “Suck.” Another erect penis was looking at her, with the one big eye already leaking man juice from the tip of its angry head.

She didn’t think to bring her clothes to pad her knees this time. She crawled on all fours, like a bitch in heat, anxious to give her services to the next dog with a stiff cock.

With her fist wrapped around this one, she began to slobber all around the head of it, taking pleasure in the loud, lewd sounds she made in the process. “Oh you hot fucking slut. Don’t tease me, you nasty bitch, just suck and swallow.”

She was glad to accommodate him, driving her mouth down the length of his cock, until she hit the wall, and then gagging herself, as his manhood stroked her tonsils. She did this several times and she knew from his filthy epithets that he was close. The man loosed a loud cry and delivered forth a deluge of filthy cum. She pulled away, after the first burst of jizz filled her sucking maw, allowing the rest of his seed to expend itself on her face. Cathy had risen to a level of lustful decadence which she had never experienced. She luxuriated in the beautiful vileness of her act and shuddered with renewed pleasure, as the stranger’s cum dripped from her face and decorated her breasts.

She looked at Harry and he softly told her, “Now my sweet little piece of shit, you’re really beginning to understand the power of your own sick lust. Enjoy yourself for a while. I have to have a chat with Jimmie.”

As he left, she heard him lock the door. That frightened her, but only for a brief moment. Cathy realized that she was safer with it securely locked. kaçak casino She turned to the opposite wall and saw another hard penis waiting for her. This one was very large and very black. Her stomach knotted and growled with the knowledge that her first black cock was about to invade her mouth and gag her with its enormous length. She attacked it with gusto. She came hard way before he did, but he didn’t care, as long as she got him off.

Cathy lost all track of time and space. She went back and forth, from one wall to the other, sucking and endless supply of cocks. She had no idea how many men had used her mouth. Just that phrase, in her mind, caused her pussy to quiver. She also didn’t know how many times she had cum tonight. If she counted her house, the restaurant and here, it must be near a dozen. She wondered if that was some kind of world record.

It took her a few minutes to realize that there were no more wonderful cocks for her to suck. The walls were empty and she felt disappointment at the thought that she could actually have enjoyed a few extra blasts of protein rich liquid from nasty, horny men.

The key in the door lock drew her attention. Harry walked in and told her, “Pick up your clothes and follow me, but don’t wipe off your face or tits.”

Cathy hadn’t even thought of what she must look like, with perhaps dozens of men’s creamy fluid drenching her body, she had to look like a real sicko slut. She closed her eyes and tried to envision what others might see and was sorely tempted to diddle her clit one more time, as her mind responded to the mental image with another surge of passion. But she managed to keep her hands off of her pussy, as Harry seemed to be in a hurry. So she grabbed her filthy clothes and followed him out of her new favorite room.

They went to the end of the dark passageway and through an unmarked door. Cathy found herself standing before eight men in various stages of undress. Some had their pants down to their ankles, some had removed their pants and a few just had their dicks poking out through their zippers. All of them were fondling their cocks.

Harry smacked her hard on the ass and ordered her to, “Get on your knees, slut. It’s still feeding time at the zoo.”

Cathy knew what was expected of her. Indeed, she thrilled at the prospect of seeing the whole body of the man she was sucking. And performing before a group of men who were waiting to plunge their cocks past her sore lips raised her lust back to the high level it had been just a short time ago. She hoped that she would be fucked as well; preferably at the same time she was giving a blow job. It had been a secret desire of hers for a long time.

Cathy didn’t disappoint them and neither was she disappointed. The nearest man grabbed her hair and pulled her face to his crotch saying, “Come on, you fucking whore, eat cock.” He didn’t wait for a response from her; he slapped her hard, causing her to yelp. When she did, he thrust his stiff prick into her mouth and didn’t stop pushing it into her mouth, until it hit the back of her throat.

It was a bit more brutal than she was ready for, but she knew that in a few brief moments she would love it. To her delight, another guy knelt behind her and began smacking her ass. She knew then that he intended to plow her sopping wet pussy and she wiggled her butt, as best she could, to entice him to use her hungry hole. Without warning, he plunged his cock into her. He marveled at the fact that his prick went completely in, telling the others, “Hey fellas, this bitch is so fucking turned on that my dick didn’t feel no resistance at all. What a nasty slut.”

Cathy wanted to thank him for the compliment, but with a stiff cock plundering her sucking maw it was out of the question. The man in her pussy wouldn’t cum for a minute or so, but she had no control of her body now. She came hard as she reveled in the totally obscene picture she must have made for the others. Over and over, she thought to herself, ‘I’m a slut, I’m a slut, I’m a slut.’

The men used her aching throat and pussy, dumping load upon load into her mouth and cunt. She was vaguely aware that some men, having used her once already, were jerking off and shooting their reduced loads on her back and in her hair, although much of it landed on the filthy floor.

Cathy came…oh yes, she came…several more times. She had a fleeting wonder if she could qualify for the Guinness Book of Records. Her depravity had reached such a level that it washed all decency from her being. She knew that she could never go back to being the insipid little wall flower that she had been for her entire life. A new Cathy was born in this room and she was a filthy cock loving piece of shit whore. Furthermore, she didn’t want to go back; not after the extreme pleasures she had discovered this evening.

The endless line of cocks had reached an end; yet Cathy, on all fours, swayed back and forth in a trance like state, expecting more penises to ravage her mouth and cunt. Finally Harry’s voice brought her back. “You stupid fucking whore, you wasted some of the guys jizz. Now put your face down to the floor and lick it all up, while I fuck your ass.”

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