Cassandra’s Revenge Ch. 03

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Mike nodded his head before leaving the bedroom and heading back downstairs to see how Pat and Don were doing. He found the two men almost collapsed on his wraparound, leather sofa with their boxer shorts on and a beer in their hands.

Don gave him a slight wink and raised his bottle in mock salute. “How’d it go?”

“All I can say,” Mike answered as he continued past them towards the kitchen, “is that you’re a lucky man.”

“That’s what Ashley keeps telling me,” Don said with a chuckle that Pat and Mike both joined.

“I’m gonna’ check on Chris quick. You guys catch your breath because I think those three aren’t even close to being done with us yet.”

“Sounds good,” Pat said before taking a swig of his beer and reclining a little further.

Mike grabbed a beer for himself out of the fridge and then went down the hall. He knocked once on the door at the end and heard Chris’s, “Yeah,” in response. Mike opened the door to find his buddy sitting in his usual spot, almost enshrined in an expensive, high-backed, leather desk chair. In front of him was a massive L-shaped desk covered in electronics. A 62″ plasma screen TV/monitor dominated the center of the desk’s ‘elbow’ with two slightly smaller monitors positioned on either side.

Mike could hear the hum of three powerful computers and could see the curved plastic of Chris’s headphones peeking above the back of his chair. Chris’s right hand was inside a peculiar looking device that was strapped to the armrest and Mike knew that a wireless keyboard was almost definitely sitting on a custom made support above his lap.

Chris paused the game he was currently playing before spinning his chair around to see who was coming to pester him. When he saw that it was Mike, he pulled his headphones down around his neck and spun his chair back to face his desk with a casual, if not altogether friendly, “what’s up?”

It wasn’t like he was a mean guy, but Chris had had a rough life. His parents were both killed in military service when he was young and after deciding to honor them by joining up himself, he had suffered a serious injury mere months after going into active service.

On a routine recon mission in Iraq, a bad communications relay had caused his platoon to be out of position with their own armor support and a wrong turn had caused him to have his foot literally run over by one of his own tanks.

His left foot had been severely crushed and the ligaments and tendons in his ankle had been torn beyond recovery. After multiple surgeries, he regained the use of his foot, but it would never be the same as it was and the damage would continue to deteriorate causing an increase of the pain he was already in. In short, his military career was over, and he would never have the ability to do the things that used to be ordinary activities.

The worst of it was that aside from the bad foot, the rest of his body was in completely perfect working order. Sitting in his chair, he felt like the accident had never happened, but he knew that he would never be able to fully enjoy the life he had grown so fond of ever again. Now, he spent most of his days in that very chair, trying to take pleasure in the very few things that were left to enjoy.

Bitterness had replaced most of the once good-humored man who had had the best years of his life stripped from him by a stupid mistake. Mike had immediately agreed to put him up after his medical discharge and had even designed and helped pay for the addition to the house where Chris now resided. Chris’s military benefits helped pay for most of it and slowed him to purchase all the furnishings in his room, including the expensive computer gear. The rest covered his ongoing medical expenses

“Just wanted to check on you and let you know what’s going on,” Mike said as he walked over to stand beside Chris’s expensive chair. “You want a beer?”

“Sure, nice boxers,” Chris replied as he went back to playing his game.

Mike grabbed one from the mini-fridge that was set into the far end of the desk and brought it over. “Yeah, funny story, Cassie is here and…”

“Hilarious,” Chris interrupted with a quick glance and a smirk.

“Right. Anyway, she came over here to ask everyone to have sex with her,” Mike blurted.

Chris almost spit the mouthful of beer he had just taken all over his desk. He struggled to swallow and then coughed as it burned the back of his throat and threatened to come out his nose. “She, hmm, she what?” He managed.

“You heard me buddy. Seems Kaiden finally crossed the line one too many times and she wanted to get back at him big time. We were all upstairs for the last hour and a half screwing her brains out on camera.”

“Well, hooray for you,” Chris said in his best sarcastic tone. “Why the hell are you telling me?”

“Because she wants to fuck you too,” Mike answered quickly.

Chris almost spit out another mouthful of beer.

“She insisted on it, actually,” Mike added while trying not to laugh.

“Really?” Chris asked. casino siteleri “Why?”

“Because we’re all friends. I know you might not think so all the time, but everyone here likes you. None of us would have agreed to do this unless you were included as well.”

“OK, but what exactly am I supposed to do?”

“Well, as far as I know,” Mike said with a grin, “the only thing that doesn’t work is your foot. So, unless she wants you to fuck her with that, I’m confident you’ll figure something out.”

Chris smiled wider than Mike could remember seeing him smile in a very long time. “You better not be pulling a fast one on me or I swear to god…” A knock at the door cut off whatever threat he had been about to make.

“Come in,” Mike answered before Chris had a chance to say anything else.

The door opened and Cassie walked in. She was still stark naked and carrying the camera in one hand. Chris turned his chair to see who it was and almost hit his keyboard with the bottom of his jaw as it dropped.

“Hi!” Cassie said as if nothing at all was out of the ordinary.

“H-hi,” Chris managed to reply.

Mike grabbed the back of Chris’s chair and leaned in close to his friend’s ear. “I think you will just have to take my word on it.”

“I guess so,” Chris said in astonishment.

“Well, then,” Mike said as he stood back up, “I think I’ll leave you two alone for a bit.”

“You don’t want to join us?” Cassie asked with mock hurt in her voice.

“I need to recover some more,” he replied. “Why don’t you wear him out for a while?” Mike suggested as he moved towards the door and gestured back at Chris with his thumb.

“If you insist,” Cassie said with a giggle as she began to stalk her way over to where Chris was sitting in frozen awe.

“You kids have fun,” Mike chided as he waved over his shoulder before closing the door behind him.

“Yeah,” Chris answered even though his friend had already left. His eyes were roaming all over the naked woman that was moving seductively towards him. His smile this time was even wider than the one Mike had just witnessed, “fun.”

“Is this OK?” Cassie asked.

“As long as you don’t need me to stand for any length of time.”

Cassie just smiled as she crawled onto Chris’s lap and sat with her knees on either side of his legs. “Mmmm, I don’t think that will be a problem, you?”

“Um, no…no I think I’ll be fine.”

Cassie wiggled her ass a little and felt Chris’s cock hardening through the fabric of his pajama pants. The friction against her tender pussy and sensitive clit caused her to shudder just a bit. “I think it will be a little better than ‘fine.’

Chris just nodded before he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her into a kiss that took both of their breaths away. When they broke apart, Cassie held up a finger to stop Chris from moving ahead with whatever he was thinking about doing, which was a lot, and turned the camera back on.

After checking to make sure it was recording, she held it up so that the lens was facing her and gave it a big smile. “Hi Kaiden,” she said as cheerful as ever. “For act two of my little production, I’ve enlisted the help of an American soldier who fought bravely for his country. I’ve always been a strong believer in giving back to our veterans. So without further ado…”

Cassie spun the camera back around and focused on Chris’s face. It was clear that he wasn’t really paying attention to it as she clearly captured his eyes roaming over her naked body as he explored the curves of her back and thighs with his hands.

“Say hi, Chris,” Cassie told him.

Chris looked up at the camera and said, “Hi Chris,” in perfect deadpan.

Cassie laughed as he went back to ignoring the camera and leaned in to suck on her tits instead. She lifted the camera up and pointed it at the action as best as she could, hoping that she was capturing his eager mouth devouring her perky nipples. She let him continue for a little while, sighing and moaning softly as much out of her own enjoyment as for the camera’s.

When Chris finally came up for air, she surprised him by dropping the camera in his lap as she scooted back out of the chair. She was careful to avoid his bad foot as she knelt in front of him on the soft carpet. Chris spread his legs as far as he could and leaned back in the chair while he worked on getting the hang of the camera. Then, he got a better idea and wondered why it hadn’t come to him sooner.

“Cassie, wait!” he said and almost laughed at her confused reaction. “Trust me,” he added simply before spinning his chair back to his desk and opening a program on one of his smaller monitors. Cassie stood up to look over his shoulder and was astonished when his 62″ screen switched to a display of six different views of the room they were in. Each box on the screen was from a different camera. It looked like there was one in each corner and two more set in the middle of the longer walls on opposite sides.

“I had these canlı casino put in about a month ago ’cause I was thinking about doing a live webcast but I never actually went through with it,” he explained.

Cassie spun his chair back around to face her and nodded her approval before kneeling back down on the floor. Chris still had the camera, but now he wasn’t concerned about catching everything. He knew he could just splice in the close-ups that he would personally record with the footage from the other cameras that his computer was capturing.

Once Cassie’s hand found its way through the fly of his pajama pants and underwear, Chris wasn’t concerned about anything at all. She quickly found his half-erect cock and gave it a gentle squeeze before pulling it out. A moment later and Chris was having a hard time even keeping the camera in his hands as Cassie began to blow him with amazing skill. His dick rapidly swelled to a slightly above average size of seven inches. It wasn’t as big as any of the other cocks Cassie had already experienced, but it was special in its own way. The head was as big as her fist! Once fully engorged, Cassie was finding it harder to fit in her mouth than any of the others. It was like trying to swallow a plum whole.

Chris kept filming as Cass worked mightily to keep his huge phallus from scraping against her teeth by opening her mouth as wide as it could possibly stretch. It had been such a long time since he had received a blow job, not to mention the fact that he had been convinced that he might not ever get one again, that he didn’t even mind when her teeth hit despite her effort. The other downside of not being sexually active in quite some time was that his stamina in that department was pretty limited. Cassie had only been at it for a handful of minutes when he started to feel the telltale signs of an impending orgasm.

When he was certain that there was no holding it back, he carefully let go of the camera with his right hand and grabbed the back of Cass’s head. “I’m gonna cum,” he announced with a groan.

“Mmmhmm,” was Cassie’s only reply as she went down on him even farther.

Chris groaned again, louder this time, as he pushed Cassie’s head down more as his cum boiled up his shaft. He could feel it race past her tightly stretched lips and over her tongue before exploding like a shotgun blast against her tonsils. Cassie’s squeal of delight turned into a gurgle as hot, sticky jizz flooded the back of her throat. The vibrations kept Chris going over and over and he pumped more semen into her belly than any of the other men had in a single climax previously.

It went on so long that Cassie eventually began to squirm and pull her head back against the pressure Chris was still exerting with his free hand. Fortunately, he was still coherent enough to realize that she was gagging and let her up. He was surprised when she only withdrew far enough to catch a breath as his cock still continued to fill her mouth with spunk. When it finally stopped, Cassie pulled her lips off of him with a wet smack and held her mouth open to show the camera just how much cum she hadn’t even swallowed yet.

Chris zoomed in with amazement at her, and partially at himself, when he realized the pool of jizz was almost more than she could hold. Cassie actually had to tilt her head back slightly to prevent any of his warm seed from drooling over the edge of her bottom lip. Once she seemed satisfied that Chris had captured the image fully, she carefully closed her mouth and took three big gulps in order to get it all down. Once she was certain, she opened her mouth again to show Chris and the camera that it was in fact gone.

“God damn, that was amazing!” Chris exclaimed.

“And delicious,” Cassie answered with a giggle and a lick of her lips. “Kaiden couldn’t cum that much in a month.” Cassie smiled and then went back to sucking on Chris’s wilting member.

Chris sucked in his breath noisily as his sensitive prick was trapped in her mouth again. He could feel her sucking the rest of his cum out of the shaft and lapping it up with the tip of her tongue. He could have sat there like that all day, but as soon as his cock was hard again, Cassie stopped sucking it and stood up. Chris just followed her movements with the camera as she licked the fingers of her right hand and turned around.

Cassie bent at the waist and rubbed her swollen pussy with her spit covered hand while giving Chris an incredible view of her exposed asshole. She turned to look over her shoulder and watched him watching her masturbate for a few seconds before she took a step backwards and reached farther down between her legs. She managed to find his erect dick on the first try and quickly aimed it at her aching cunt. Cassie sat down slowly until the enormous head of Chris’s cock bumped into crotch. She rubbed it back and forth between her pussy lips to make sure he was lubed up before attempting to wedge it inside her tight hole.

Chris groaned in unison with her as she sat down a little kaçak casino more. The pressure against her twat increased dramatically as his fat head refused to go in. Cassie let out the breath she had been holding and wiggled her hips slightly until she was certain he was aimed directly at the middle of her opening before she sat down even harder.

“Fuuuuck!” Chris cried as the pressure threatened to snap his dick like a dry tree branch a moment before his phallus popped inside Cassie and continued on in one motion. In the span of a second, his cock had gone from refusing to enter her vagina to being completely enveloped in its tight recesses. Cassie’s firm buttocks were resting firmly on his thighs and she let out an animalistic groan as she collapsed back towards his chest, nearly hitting the back of her head on the camera before he managed to lift it up out of the way.

“Holy shit!” Cassie cried. “I felt that stretching me all the way in, baby!”

“Yeah?” Chris asked with a husky whisper.

“Mmm, yeah! Does your fat cock head feel good in my tight pussy?”

“Oh, fuck yeah! It feels great!”

“Mmm, good, ’cause I’m gonna fuck your brains out with it,” Cassie announced. With a little bit of effort, she managed to stand back up until she felt the bottom of Chris’s bulbous head threatening to pop back out of her. Then she sat back down and cried out in ecstasy as she felt it stretching its way back into her. A few more attempts, and she gained confidence in the distance she could travel without risking it slipping out. With a firm grip on the armrests of Chris’s chair, Cassie started to bounce up and down faster and faster.

Within thirty seconds, both of them were grunting and groaning with pure lust. They alternated several times with the position of their legs over the next few minutes. First, Cassie had her legs held close together with Chris’s spread wide. Next, they switched so that hers were straddling his. Then, he put his behind hers as she leaned as far forward as she could and he got an amazing shot of his shaft disappearing and reappearing beneath the round globes of her ass.

After a few more minutes, Cassie managed to get her feet up on the edge of the chair and used her arms to lift her up and down. Chris began to raise his hips up off the chair to meet her at the bottom of each stroke, completely ignoring the twinges of pain it was causing his foot. Their breathing was getting heavier with every passing moment and Cassie had started in with the uncontrollable dirty talk again.

“Oh, fuck me Chris! God yes, your fat cock feels so fucking good. Oh fuck it’s gonna’ make me cum! Shit! I’m cumming! Can you feel it baby?”

“Fuck yeah, you’re gripping my big dick soooo hard!”

“Ohhh, fuck! Are you gonna’ cum soon baby?” Cassie screamed.

“Pretty soon, Cass. Where do want it?” Chris managed to answer.

“Oh fuck, baby! The same place everyone else did. Deep in my tight little cunt!”

“Ohhh fuck!” Chris cried in shock. He didn’t even care that he was just finding out he was getting sloppy fourths at this point. His mind suddenly refused to focus on anything other than pumping this sexy woman’s pussy full of his cream. Just thinking about it caused what little time he might have held out vanish in the span of a heartbeat. “Then I’m gonna’ cum Cassie!” he yelled.

“Fuck yeah, Chris! Fill me up like the other guys did! I need it so badly. I can’t get enough! I wanna’ get knocked up today! I’m gonna fuck all of you until I’m sure you all have put a baby in me.” Cassie felt Chris’s cock respond to her dirty talk with spectacular results.

“Fuck Cassie, here it comes!” He shouted.

“Yessss! Oh it’s getting even bigger! I can…uhhhhh…ohhhh, fuuuuck! It’s sooo hot! Oh, there’s sooo much too! You’re filling me up, baby! Fill me up all the way! Shit, I’m gonna’ cum hard! Ohhhhhh…fuuuuuuuuck!!! Fuck me! Cum in me! Knock me up! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Shit! Fuck! Fuuuuuuuck!!!” Cassie’s words trailed off into a guttural moan like something from the prehistoric era. The enormous head of Chris’s cock was wedged so tightly inside her that it was actually keeping all of his cum bottled up and the pressure against her womb was like nothing Cassie had ever experienced in her life.

As for Chris, he had simply closed his eyes as tightly as possible while he focused on the effect of that same pressure on his own genitals. He didn’t even realize that he still had the camera locked in a death grip with his left hand and Cassie’s right hip in an even tighter grasp with his right hand. The smooth flesh of her back was crushed against his chest. He could feel his sweat mixing with hers through the fabric of his T-shirt. They stayed locked in that pose for what seemed like an hour when it was actually less than a minute.

When they both finally felt capable of moving again, Cassie just settled more comfortably into his lap and began to grind her hips in slow, small circles. She giggled every time it elicited a soft groan from behind her and she shivered whenever his breath cooled the sweat on her upper back and neck. Then, it was her turn to moan as Chris set the camera down on the desk so he could reach out and firmly cup her tits while he showered the back of her neck with wet kisses.

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