Camille and Brandy

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Camille and I met several months ago at a party given by a mutual friend. We’re both widowed, in our early 60s, financially secure, and physically healthy. We hit it off well and enjoy each other’s company. Sex is still on the minds of people in their sixties, although it is not as frequently the all consuming passion it is for younger people. Thus, Camille and I enjoy each other in bed as well.

I was at her house early one evening when we decided to have a roll in the hay before dinner. As foreplay, we used her large, walk-in shower to clean up, play with the shower wand (it stimulates her clit and tickles my balls), and fondle each other’s naked bodies.

While we were drying off Camille reached down, grabbled my dick, and said, “Keep that big boy hard, lover, because Mama wants to fuck.” Just as she said that, a voice at the door to the bathroom yelled, “Mother, what are you doing?” I turned to see a woman who looked to be about 35. She was tall, maybe six feet, and had red hair. She was wearing a white bikini that left little to the imagination. Her nipples were clearly visible through the shear top and the bottom revealed a prominent camel toe. I knew Camille had a daughter I had not met and I assumed this was she. It appeared she had been availing herself of Camille’s pool.

Needless to say, I was pretty embarrassed. Not only was I naked with an erection, I was fondling her mother’s tits. I dropped the towel in the confusion, so I moved behind Camille in an attempt at modesty. Camille looked at her daughter and said, “In answer to your question, it’s none of your business what I’m doing. Now, go away.”

“You’re acting like an old fool,” Brandy replied.

“I’m acting like an adult,” Camille said. “I’m entitled to a life and if I want to entertain a man, I will. By the way, Lynn, this is Brandy. Brandy, this is Lynn. Now, go away so we can be alone.”

Brandy just stood there for a few seconds and then said, “You’re going to fuck him, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Camille said, “I’m going to fuck him. Now go away and stay away until we’ve had time to screw.” Abruptly, Brandy turned and left. As she did, I noticed the bottom of her bikini was a thong that revealed two perfectly round, firm ass cheeks.

It took some doing to get me back in the mood, but Camille has talent. She loves to talk dirty and will do whatever is necessary to get me hard. In bed she talks about twat, cunt, pussy, dick, and cock. When she gives me a blowjob, she swallows and she loves for me to masturbate and cum on her face. She grinds her pussy into my face when I eat her and screams when she comes. She also likes to be spanked, wear garter belts and stockings, and sometimes be blindfolded. Camille taught me to lick chocolate sauce off her tits, drink champagne from her navel, and get a strawberry out of her pussy with my tongue. When we finish a bottle of wine, she likes to put on an amateur porn show for me and see how far up her pussy she can fuck the neck of the bottle. The woman is awesome!

Camille is also very attractive. She is 5’10” tall with short strawberry blonde hair canlı bahis and freckles. Her breasts are 36 DD hangers that slide up and down my chest when she’s riding me on top. She also likes to have me titty fuck her and give her a pearl necklace, shooting cum all over her neck. While she keeps herself in good shape, time has widened her ass a little, but I like a broad bottom.

A few days later, Camille and I were out to dinner when she told me that Brandy had come by and apologized for the other night. Brandy ended a bad marriage and to compensate for loneliness after the divorce, concentrated on her work. She had not dated in a couple of years and felt sexually frustrated. Camille then hit me with a request. As a way to help Brandy, would it be OK if she watched us? Although this was an exciting possibility, I hesitated and asked how it would work. Camille said that Brandy would probably just get naked and masturbate, but that she might also want to join in. This way, Brandy could work off some sexual tension. I had never watched anyone else have live sex and to my knowledge no one had ever watched me. Finally, I agreed because I really care about Camille and because my dick grew rock hard imagining Brandy rubbing her clit while her mother and I fucked.

Camille called the next Saturday and asked me to come over and “relieve the tension in her pussy.” More than glad to help I took off for her house. When I walked in, Brandy and Camille were sitting in the living room drinking white wine and watching a porn flick. It appeared to be a gangbang movie with one woman taking on five guys. A gangbang is Camille’s fantasy. She told me she had always thought it exciting to imagine a group of naked men lined up with hardons wanting to fuck her. In her fantasy, she lies on a bed in a sexual bliss and takes them in her pussy one behind the other as their cum fills her twat. She fucks 20 guys and licks every dick after he pulls out.

When the ladies saw me, they poured me a glass of wine and told me to sit and watch with them. Porn flicks, no matter how poorly done, get me hard. Camille and Brandy were obviously turned on as well. Each rubbed between her legs as she watched the movie. As soon as it ended, Camille stood; pulled the sundress she was wearing over her head and revealed only thigh high black stockings under it. Normally, she had a landing strip of pubic hair, but today she was completely shaven.

“Come on, Lynn” she said, “let’s go fuck.”

I didn’t need a second invitation and we headed for the bedroom. I looked back at Brandy and saw her down her wine and follow us. I was getting undressed when Brandy entered the room, and I hesitated.

“I’ve seen you naked, Lynn,” she said, “and you’re about to see me naked.” She stepped out of her jeans and pulled off her t-shirt revealing gorgeous natural tits with just a little sag. Brandy was a real redhead with curly orange pubic hair and she was very muscular. As I mentioned, she is six feet tall and has thighs like tree trunks — shapely and strong without any hint of fat. I guessed she could fuck you to death.

Brandy bahis siteleri added, “You and Mama go for it. I’m just going to rub my pussy for a while.”

With that, Camille pulled me to the bed and put her right nipple in my mouth. As I sucked her tit, she played with my balls and out of the corner of my eye I could see Brandy sliding a finger in and out of her pussy. I was about as turned on as I could get — or so I thought.

Brandy moved to the bed and said, “Mama, let me fuck him, please. I haven’t had a dick in my cunt in two years. Please, Mama. He can cum in you, but he can get me off. Please!”

Camille, said, “Sure, honey, you go ahead and fuck him. He can last that long and I think he’ll like that young twat of yours on his cock.”

I rolled on my back and Brandy straddled me and lowered herself onto me. Her wetness helped my dick slip right in. She began to ride me and, since she is taller than I am, her tits glided across my face. Camille rubbed Brandy’s ass and encouraged her to have a great orgasm. “That’s it, baby,” Camille said. “Fuck him until you explode. Use that hard cock. Spread your juices all over his cock and I’ll lick them up before I ride him.”

“I such a slut, Mama,” Brandy cried out. “I’m just such a fucking slut.”

“It’s OK, baby,” Camille said. “We’re both whores, honey. We just love cock too much.”

After just a minute or two, Brandy’s nipples became hard and she began to shudder. “O, God,” she screamed, “I’m going to cum! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck — god this feels so good.”

“That’s it, baby,” Camille said, “Scream while you fuck him. Act like the little slut you are.”

Brandy finally relaxed and let all her weight fall on me, squeezing my dick with her pussy. “Thanks, Lynn,” she whispered in my ear. “That was great. It came too fast because it’s been so long, but I really needed that.”

Returning the compliment, I said, “You’re a great piece of ass.” She rolled off and gave me a long, tongue filled kiss.

True to her word, Camille moved down and began to lick Brandy’s juices off my dick. I warned her to be careful or I would cum too soon. She was gentle, however, and then really shocked me. When she pulled up from my dick, she rolled over and kissed Brandy full on the mouth. Breaking the kiss, she said, “Lynn tastes good, doesn’t he, baby?”

Brandy licked her lips and answered, “Oh, Mama, he does taste good. I can’t wait to taste his cum.” I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I soon to found out.

Camille rolled on top of me and slid my hard dick into what was, even for her, an extremely wet pussy. She began to rock back and forth, cowgirl style, with those big tits brushing my chest. Looking into my eyes she smiled and said to Brandy, “Baby, you know what I like — give it to me.”

I watched as Brandy reached under the bed and came up with a ping-pong paddle I didn’t know was there. Camille liked to be spanked and even spanked me some, but it was always with our hands. Brandy positioned herself next to Camille and I heard a loud ‘slap.’ “Oh, that’s it, sweetheart. Spank bahis şirketleri me. Your mama’s been a bad little bitch. She’s a fucking whore and she lives for a big dick up her cunt — spank her hard.” Brandy did just that — slapping each cheek again and again with the paddle. Camille began to moan, looked at me again and said, “God, I love to fuck you.” She started to cum. “Yes, yes, yes. Fuck, I’m, cumming. Spank me! Fuck me! Aghhhhh!” With her eyes closed, she fell forward on my chest, breathing hard and continuing to grind her shaved groin on my dick.

“Your ass is really red, Mama,” Brandy said.

“I hope so. I love having a red ass. Sometimes I get up the next morning and see those pink butt cheeks and get a wet pussy all over again.” Turning to me she said, “Lynn, honey, I want you to shoot your cum up my cunt.”

I rolled her over, keeping my dick in her and began to pump. When I was about to cum, I knew it was going to be one hell of an orgasm. Finally, my dick started to contract and I felt myself squirting cum in her tunnel. I had been right. This was one huge explosion. I waited until I was completely empty and then I rolled off.

Camille was lying on her back, her legs still spread, when Brandy moved up between them and put her face in her mother’s pussy. Camille moaned with pleasure as Brandy licked and slurped my cum from her mother’s cunt. “That’s it, sugar, drink Lynn’s cum from my pussy. Taste that love juice. Eat me, baby. Eat me.”

After a minute or so, Brandy raised her head to reveal cum and pussy juice on her face and in her mouth. She came straight to me and gave me a long kiss, moving cum and pussy juice around with her tongue. It might be the most erotic moment of my life. I had tasted my own cum before. My deceased wife would kiss me after she gave me a blowjob and I liked that, but this was something else and I was turned on again.

Then Brandy kissed her mother and Camille kissed me — sharing cum and pussy juice all around. At 64, after an afternoon of sex, I was still hard. Brandy said, “Lynn, I still need cock. Can I ride your hardon for a while? My pussy still itches for a dick.”

I agreed, of course, so Brandy sat on top of me and rode my cock to another orgasm. This time it was so intense she cried. I didn’t cum again, but I enjoyed those tits in my face.

After a nap, we ordered pizza and ate it naked in bed. Brandy went to the door when the delivery boy came, wearing a T-shirt, no bra, and black thong panties. She took the pizza and told him to come in while she got her purse. She had left the purse on the floor so she would have to bend over to retrieve it, giving the pizza boy a full view of her gorgeous ass. She walked back with her tits swaying under the flimsy T-shirt, paid him and gave him a tip. He said, “Thank you,” but never looked at the money. At his age, he probably beat off in the delivery vehicle before he left the driveway.

Our Saturday orgies became a regular thing. We fucked, we spanked, and I became of big fan of creampies. As time went on, we talked dirtier and acted nastier. It was the high point of the week. Eventually, Brandy met a man her age and they developed what turned out to be a long-term relationship. After she dated him for several months, Brandy introduced him to our orgies, and that is a story all its own.

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