Bottoms Up Yet Again

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Supper was more than worth the wait. It was fantastic. I didn’t even think that most Southerners ate bratwurst, but it seemed that I was guilty of some stereotypes there, as Mary and Lowell had cooked one mean dinner. They were clearly a team in many ways, though I could tell that of the two, Mary was very much in charge. This made sense, in fact, as her submissive nature was balanced by some more dominant traits, since she wasn’t a Bottom. I could also tell while everyone present had high sex drives, Mary’s was considerably higher than Lowell’s. It was a good thing that she had help, since there was no way that he could have ever satisfied her entirely on his own. One could tell that Lowell knew this and didn’t mind at all. If circumstances had been different, Mary might have topped them all instead, but she wanted to submit as well as dominate.

I also wondered if perhaps, given some of her actions, Belle had something of a switch persona to her as well. I decided that I could use both of those women to assist me in guiding the household on a new path. Mama, while meaning well, had struck me as sometimes rather capricious with some of her rules. While I might make some mistakes in leading the household, I hoped to avoid at least some of the same, while maintaining the same basic loving discipline and dominance in the family as before. From the looks of my various new kith and kin, I had started out very well indeed.

Still, clearly, there was a natural hierarchy in this family, and if I followed it properly, they would be prepared for the danger of my possible passing as well. I had come to a decision, and it would no doubt have repercussions for the family in the very near future. It was time to announce it, and I trusted to my dumb luck that they would continue to submit to my will. If so, this plan could very well keep them from falling apart, as witnessed by women who knew better smoking, of course.

“Boys and girls, I have decided a few other things, at least for now, on a trial basis, to make sure that it works, of course. I have noticed that, and do not take offense to this, Belle, but while you might be all Bottom, you are not a pure sub. You have some initiative in things like the toplessness, proving your leadership in such matters where others simply went along with the rules, of course. Therefore, I believe that you are a switch and could assist me in managing this household. I do not wish to micromanage this family, but rather to entrust power to those who can aid me in keeping order here. I do want to know why you were smoking while pregnant,” I demanded to know.

“Sorry, Master, I had quit, but like all of us, I took Mama’s death kind of hard and it has been a comfort. There is something that You should know. Mama wrote out her will and a special message to all of us, but especially to her successor as head of the family. She didn’t know who that might be, but I think that she had a foreboding about something, because she wrote this rather recently, shortly before her death. Would you care to read it?” Belle offered while getting me another cold beer.

“Sure, thank you, Belle,” I smiled with pleasure.

“Here it is, Master,” she slipped me the letter, addressed in her mother’s handwriting to the entire group.

Dear, Beloved Bottom Family, and the Top Who shall take my place,

First of all, let me say just how proud and happy I am to be your Mistress, wife, and mother. You have all been wonderful sports about everything, incredibly loyal, obedient, and all that. Sometimes, I have been a bit unreasonable at times, far more than even a Mistress has the right to be. I sometimes wonder if I pushed some of you into acting a purely submissive role because of my own assumptions. Then again, I have been mostly right about you…mostly. I have tried to be good to you, provide you with loving, caring domination such as you need, but I have also been petty and selfish at times, not considering your needs enough.

Sure, a Mistress’s desires and needs come first, but a good Mistress should love, care for, reward, and give back at times. I have done those things, it is true, but sometimes, I feel that I have not always done so adequately, have not always fully shown my appreciation and understanding of just what a gift your willing surrender to me really means, the trust that you placed in me to lead, dominate, discipline, control, and reward you. For this, and any other mistakes that I have made when losing perspective, I do apologize and ask your forgiveness.

I also pray that you will continue to trust and love the next Top, be they man or woman. I may at times have seemed to uphold too much of an attitude that suggested that I automatically believe that Woman is superior to man in all cases. Well, neither is superior to each other, nor all women dominant by nature. Some are Domme, some are sub, and some like Mary, are switches. There, I said it. I know that Mary is a switch. I can tell that much, and this made it sometimes more exciting, but also more threatening as well. I might have been a casino siteleri little too harsh at times on Mary to reinforce that she was just as much my slave as the rest of you. For that, Mary, I offer you a particular apology and I hope that you will accept it.

Speaking of which, Mary, I want you to know that if something should happen to me, you could probably take the reins of the family, but I trust that you understand why I recommend that you support an outsider instead, assist him, as it were. You are a switch, not a pure Domme, so to take complete control would be as bad of a denial of your nature as I have regrettably fostered by repressing your attempts to assist me at times. I have been guilty of not delegating enough, of not trusting enough that you and Belle, yes, you Belle, are both switches and capable of helping me and my successor lead this family.

If something should happen to me, take good care of this family, from Daddy down to Shannon. Help each other and the new Top in guiding this household. Daddy can’t do this. You know that. He is far too submissive by nature. Don’t pick a Top who will mistreat or humiliate him, either. I have done far too much of that myself, though was no intention of mine. I just lost perspective at times, my dears. It can happen, even to a loving, caring Mistress like me. I have generally been good to him, but not good enough in some ways, especially since he worked while I stayed at home and played domestic goddess, getting far more action than him. Not that he had to get the same play that I did, being my slave as well as my husband, but more that it was at least partly due to me being home with you guys while he was at work, so he was sacrificing play for work, something that I respect and admire in him.

If nothing happens to me, then I will try soon to act on my new resolve to be a little sweeter, not as sadistic, while still very much a loving and firm Mistress that you all need and crave. I will probably work toward easing some of the Sunday rules in particular. While I am, in spite of my unconventional and sinful ways, very much a proper Southern, Christian lady, this doesn’t mean that I should be unforgiving of you guys having a little more fun on Sundays and such. If something happens to me, I hope that the new Top will relax such rules, particularly for Daddy, who is likely to be in a state of grief and no condition to serve well for a while.

Speaking of which, Melvin, my sweet husband and slave…my dear, hard-working, loyal cuckold…yeah, that’s funny, isn’t it, given how much of a stud you can be at times… I know that you have been longsuffering in the face of some of my capricious and at times cruel conduct. I have misused my power over you at times for something as petty as anger and amusement. Now both have their place, but I have taken them too far at times. Still, try and understand, particularly in the case of the planned transvestite gang-bang that I had arranged, which was one of the few times that you ever defied me, I was furious at least somewhat because I wanted to watch you get more of the pleasure and attention that you deserved.

I thought that it would be fun for you to get to play the slut, the hot wife, for a change. To see what kind of pleasure that you have given me…and to reward and thank you, especially by offering you a sort of delight that only a man with a prostate can experience. I know that I pegged you, but this was going to be different. I know that no other man had fucked your ass before, so you were a bit shocked and dismayed by this idea, perhaps considered it an excessive humiliation, which my recent conduct and my reaction to what I considered your insulting refusal must have only reinforced.

But my dear, sweet slut slave, that was never my intention. I only wanted you to feel the pleasure that I feel, as a special reward that would also bring me voyeuristic pleasure and also please the team. I was deeply hurt by your refusal and your misunderstanding of my intentions, and so I reacted too harshly. Please forgive me for that as I forgive you for your defiance. I wanted to take you out of your comfort zone, and I hope that you will submit to it in the future, give it another chance. Trust your Mistress and wife…you will be rewarded beyond your wildest fantasies, my love.

I am proud that I never did anything truly bad to you, though. No savage beatings. No chastity. Orgasm and masturbation control at times, of course. That’s just a reminder of my power, though at times I think that I overdid it, such as when you watched me with Pastor Jones. Of course, the real reason for that wasn’t just my power, you know. I loved seeing you put so much seed inside Mary. I loved knowing that you would knock her up, sooner or later, if you kept it up. I was always so proud to see that, but try and understand that this purpose was defeated if you came earlier, since I wanted that build-up of extra cum from your balls ready for Mary’s cunt.

In fact, once Mary was safely pregnant, I planned for Belle to be next, followed canlı casino by Sally, Kelly, and eventually Shannon. Yes, now you know the truth about my plans for you, my sweet hubby. I could never do the chastity thing with you. It’s such a waste of perfectly good cock, balls, and cum.

And to the Top who shall replace me, as You will see in the will that I have written down, which Top is chosen for the family will inherit most of the estate. Oh, I’ve left plenty for the Bottoms to live on, especially if they turn out to no longer wish to be Bottoms, but most of it I have left for You. I trust that they will choose wisely and that they will pick a strong, but caring, gentle, but firm Dom or Domme, Master or Mistress, to rule.

It doesn’t matter if You are black, white, Christian, Jew, male, or female, straight or bisexual. I assume that a purely gay man would have no interest in this situation, which I think a reasonable assumption, since there is an expectation that You would want to breed the women a lot. Lesbians could be tricky, too, since a pure lesbian might not be able to properly reward the menfolk and carry their seed for them. This is not homophobia. It is just realism. Perhaps at times, however, a gay or lesbian person can be brought in to play. I have occasionally fucked some dominant women (and men), and sometimes vanilla types and switches for good measure.

I thank You, whomever You are, for taking over from me and picking up where I left off, bringing happiness and pleasure to this family and bliss to Yourself as well. You have no idea what kind of good You will do for them with Your firm hand and loving dominance. You have no idea how much they will need You once I am gone…but You will…trust me, if I love You for this from the grave, they will do so in life, and they will make You the happiest man or woman alive. They’re the best Bottoms I could have ever asked for, and all they need is firm and gentle guidance, domination, and control, done with love. Make them feel safe and loved and You will have their hearts. Believe me about this. I have tried and mostly succeeded in this, except for a few notable blunders. They need this and You need this, too. It will work for You, as it does for them.

Oh, and to Fanny and Autumn, my oldest two daughters, I love and adore you. I am proud of you. I regret everything that I ever did to make you feel unwanted, disowned, resented, etc. I understand if you don’t wish to ever return to the family home to live, but can you please visit? You will get your share of the family estate, too. I just want to hug my two black sheep and let them know that you are welcome back home whenever you wish. I do not wish for you to submit if that is not what you wish. I understand why you legally changed your name from Bottom to Ellis, like me, and I am honored by this. Forgive me for pushing things on you that you didn’t much care to do.

You are wonderful daughters and we are all very happy for you. Fanny, congratulations on getting married. Sorry that I was so stubborn and missed the wedding. I know that I let your father give you away, but at the time, I was just so upset over cross words that we shared that I screwed things up by failing to show up on your special day. That was the worst decision that I have ever made and it will haunt me to my dying day. Autumn, equal congratulations on your first promotion. You will make a fine sailor and someday Chief of the Boat, I just know it. I will try to be a better and more supportive mother in the future.

To my sister-in-law, Patricia…yes, yes, I know, you’re Patty. Patty Bottom. You’re a beautiful woman. I don’t know if you are truly dominant, submissive, neither, or a switch, but I know that you are a beautiful woman, caring, loving, and good enough to give your daughter a home with me, to trust me with her while you spent time under those absurd mandatory minimum laws. I know that you didn’t intend to be locked away for so long. Who would have thought that such a small amount of marijuana would earn you such a lengthy sentence in federal prison? Well, those laws suck ass and I hope that you get free while I still live, so I can welcome you back to the family with open arms.

We’ll find a place for you somewhere, or if I’m not around anymore, the rest of your family will. Be assured that you are always welcome, even if you opt out of the traditional activities. You belong here and I regret if I ever pushed you away from your brother, me, and our children. You have lost so much, especially with Salvatore abandoning Kelly and you when you needed him most, just to run back to Italy with his tail between his legs and escape his responsibilities. I hope that he learns someday just how badly he screwed up. Don’t fear. We’ve taken good care of your sweet Kelly, just as you asked us to do.

Anyway, thank all of you for what you have done, including the fine menfolk who have been such good sports over things like the CFNM thing in swimming and otherwise. Rest assured that if I live, I will relax some of the most drastic kaçak casino rules in some ways, and Lowell, I have a special duty for you. Whenever Mary fucks your father from now on, you are to fuck me. I think that I should make you fuck me twice for a while as much given how more action Daddy has gotten out of her than you have gotten out of me. I have not cared much about that and I do not have to do so, but you’ve been such a good trooper and taken it for the team, as it were, so I want to reward and thank you for what you’ve given us by bringing your girlfriend into the family and even helping set free her inner slut so we can all enjoy her better, as she has come to enjoy it.

I trust that you will still marry her as planned, of course, and claim all of her spawn as your own, regardless of actual paternity. In fact, your father and I have agreed that you should be permitted to knock me up. How does that sound to you, son? That’s a decent reward for cooperating and being so willing to share Mary so much. You’ve really been most helpful and understanding about that. Of course, you’ve had your other partners, too, but I admit that I’ve turned Mary into such a slut, and it wouldn’t have been possible if you had been a traditional, jealous boyfriend, unwilling to share. You’ve made me very proud with your patience and even enthusiastic celebration of your girlfriend’s sexual freedom.

Oh, and Kelly, don’t forget, that while Patty is still your mother, Daddy and I think of you as ours, too. Mark, Martin, I am so happy for both of you and glad that you have embraced your true sexuality and the natural result of what I could see was clearly more than just bromance. Mark, you’re like another son to me. I know that I was pushy, but I had a mother’s intuition about both of you, and I was right, wasn’t it? Don’t worry, I’m never going to try to turn you gay. You’re not gay. You’re bi. I know the difference. It was just too cute, the two of you guys, and I just had to move Mark in, let you two fully realize your mutual attraction. When you and he first did it…and I got to command you during it…and when you both fucked me the first time, I came so hard that I think that you both felt it…

Oh, and Sally, my dear sweet, Sally, I have a special task ahead of you. I want you to work on finding a Dom or Domme for the family. That’s your job. You’re so damn seductive, you could get anyone to bed you, but the key is to find a dominant man or woman who can take over the family. Whomever it is, you can have dibs on marrying him or her. It’s your reward for being the recruiter and a job well done.

Shannon, I am so proud of you for coming of age and choosing to embrace your heritage. I shouldn’t have pushed you so hard, however. If you ever decide that you’re not really a Bottom, just tell me, your father, or one of the others. You can be freed from the family rules if you ever opt out, just as the others can. This is not meant to be compulsory. No one is to be kept against their will, though I naturally hope to keep you in the nest.

I do feel guilty over helping deceive people at times, such as Mrs. Jones and Mr. Vogel, but I have made amends to them for that, and I plan to work out a new hospitality system that automatically includes couples, as well as other ways of bringing joy to both spouses. I do not feel guilty about making Pastor Jones raise Daddy’s brat. As many times as he has probably come close to seeding me, he has no place judging your father for doing that to his wife. Especially since Pastor Jones was at least a part-time sub of mine and he had displeased me, so it was a fit lesson to him not to disrespect your father.

Yes, that was what angered me, you know. He had insulted your father, called him a sissy, a pansy, a wimp, taunted him, and etc. Well, the punishment fit the crime. He had to let a better man breed his wife and I had come to realize by then that Daddy was a far better man than Pastor Jones. Yes, if you’re reading this, Melvin, that’s what I really think of you. You’re a wonderful, amazing man, even a better Christian than Pastor Jones.

Anyway, my beloved family, your Mama loves and appreciates you all and hopes to see things get even better for us all. I plan to make better use of Mary and Belle to assist me, but remember that I do not play favorites. They are just more of switches than submissives compared to the rest of you. We love you all, naturally. Oh, and, yes, Daddy will be happy to submit to both ladies. He has already made that plain to me, haven’t you, Melvin?

Love, hugs, kisses, and smacks to your bottoms,

Donna “Mama” Ellis

“Wow, she really treasured all of your guys. Even appreciated me, whom she never met. And I dare say that you completed your mission for the family that Mama gave you, Sally. Don’t worry, I have gained a deep respect for her that I possess as much before, courtesy of this letter. She was a caring and loving wife and mother for sure, though not in a way that society at large would ever understand. She was a lot nicer to you guys and your father than my wife was to me, even though my wife never did some of those kinky things that wouldn’t really appeal to me. Trust me, indifference is far crueler than any sadistic act that most Dommes could never dream of doing to a man,” I commented.

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