Beth in Waiting…

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Beth stood on the driveway waving as the car turned the corner. Ron was taking her mother to the airport.

This was not the first time her mother’s employer insisted she attend seminars out of state. Beth was accustomed to this as she was growing up. She and her Dad would enjoy spending time just the two of them. Cooking, sharing the chores, dining out and catching a few movies. They knew within a week she would be home again and things would get back to normal.

By the time Beth was fifteen, things had changed a lot. Her Dad had set his eyes on a younger woman. She and her mother were still in the family home. Her mother waited a year before she started dating after the divorce. Within a year she had married Ron.

Ron and Beth were like so many stepfathers and stepdaughters. It took time for their relationship to become civil. Ron was NOT her father and she vowed she would never feel that ‘his’ presence in her father’s home was needed. As time passed she began to understand. She started to realize he was a good man. He made her mother happy. Her dad had started over, so should they.

Beth was eighteen and slowly getting over a three-year relationship. She had lost her virginity to Chad. He had shown her how to use her body to please him. She knew that if she got nothing else from the relationship, at least she left with that. She had been without sex for two months now, and could tell she was getting that horny feeling.

Beth hurried upstairs knowing she would have the house to herself for at least two hours. She had decided as soon as the house was empty, she would start up the porn on the television and get her vibrator in hand.

Beth slid her panties off and climbed to the center of her bed. Strategically, she placed the pillows under her ass. She had her position and her technique in mind as she fast forwarded the CD and placed the tip of her toy to her hard pink nipple.

She watched as very well endowed man was slamming the redhead on the screen. The lady’s tits were bouncing. She was begging the man to fill her with his hot seed as she pulled and twisted her nipples. Beth could hear the man grunting and filling the redheads aching pussy. She could also hear his balls slapping at her wet ass.

Beth could see this in her mind as she closed her eyes; she had watched this same clip many times. As she slid her toy inside her wet pussy, the redhead on the screen began to yell, “YES! YES! OH God!”

Beth was startled as her half closed door begin to open as she heard Ron start to apologize, ” Oh Beth! I am so sorry! I had no idea you…”

Beth managed to cut the vibrator off but she left it inside her. She fought to stop her hips from bucking but the redhead on the screen did not stop at all. Beth’s mind was racing. She noticed as Ron apologized again, his eyes were on the screen as the man began to explode into the redheads’ pussy.

“I am sorry Beth, I just saw the door open, wanted to know if you felt like Chinese tonight.” His voice cracking some as he spoke, and trying to make light of what had just happened he said, ” That old guy on the screen needs to take it easy on that young lady.” With that said, he left the doorway, closing her door.

Beth had to try and help with the awkwardness of what just happened so she replied loudly, ” Yes to the Chinese and maybe he was teaching her something!”

Beth then casino oyna pulled a pillow over her face as she lay with the vibrator still snug in her tight pussy. Trying to pretend what had just happened didn’t happen.

She tossed the pillow aside, and picked up the remote to the disc player.

Just then, she realized that the couple on the screen was a younger female/older man. He was nice looking for his fifty plus years, dark hair with a little gray, mustache, piercing blue eyes like Ron’s. The redhead had to be at least early twenties, shoulder length hair, green eyes, and full rounded tits with pink nipple and areolas like Beth’s.

Her body tensed as she began to pull the vibrator from her unsatisfied pussy.

She jumped in the shower and tried to forget about the rush she felt at the thought of Ron catching her.

Ron made it to the liquor cabinet, fixed himself a stiff drink and also tried to forget something. He tried to forget the fact that seeing his stepdaughter like he just did was the reason his cock was completely hard.

The rest of the evening was as planned. They had Chinese delivered. Watched some TV as they ate. Then Beth stretched out on a lounger in the back yard listening to the sounds of the night for awhile.

Later, as Beth made her way back through the kitchen, she noticed that Ron had already left the den.

At the top of the stairs she not only noticed that his bedroom door was half open, she heard a familiar sound. She had heard that same low throated sound that afternoon from the man on the flick. As she stepped closer to his door she realized she had walked in on him as he had on her earlier. Ron was laying at the foot of the bed in his sleep pants and shirtless. His feet were on the floor and he was propped up on his elbows. His concealed cock had the front of his sleep pants completely tented. Just as the sight of her earlier aroused Ron, Beth felt her body start to stir at the sight of him.

Beth knew she had a choice to make. She could either pass the room as if she had not noticed him or she could do what her body wanted to do – seduce him. Just as she made the decision to turn around and go back downstairs, Ron asked, “Are we going to pass this up again Beth?”

Ron knew she was there in the hallway.

Beth stepped to the door; her eyes fixed on his tented sleep pants. Beth knew that Ron was well endowed. She had heard her mother form time to time as Ron pounded her in a heated fucking. She would catch herself wondering if she was half the woman her mother was or was Ron just so big. It just dawned on Beth, Ron may have been looking at her and wondering the same thing.

Beth reached for the drawstring on her shorts as she stepped into the bedroom. She pulled at it, then slipping her thumbs into the waistband and slipping them down as she walked to the bed. She reached for the hem of tank top and peeled it over her upper body and head, dropping it to the floor.

Ron stayed as he was, at the foot of the bed. He felt it as Beth got on it, then he laid back.

On all fours, Beth began to crawl to the foot of the bed. Strategically placing her hands to his sides, she passed her sweet young breast over his face as if for his inspection. He quickly turned his face so that his lips would graze over her right nipple. He felt Beth pause a second at his touch. She then continued down his body. canlı casino Beth could smell the precum that had already oozed from his cock and dampened his sleep pants. She stopped when her face was directly over the head of his cock. Opening her mouth wide, she lowered her face placing her lips at the head still covered by the fabric. Her pussy ached as she realized how thick the head was, causing her to adjust her mouth. Beth felt Ron begin to kiss her inner thigh. She felt his mustache teasing at her skin. She tasted his precum soaked sleep pants as she took him inside her mouth.

Ron reached to his hips and began pushing his sleep pants down. Beth assisted him by stretching the waist out over his stiff cock that she now had wrapped her hand around. Ron filled his lungs with air as he felt her touch him. Any thoughts that this was not supposed to be happening were no where in his mind. The only thing he was thinking of was to fill this young woman with his raging cock and show her how she should be pleased.

Beth began to lick at the purple, mushroomed head that was before her. As she licked and teased the opening Ron moved his head for a better view of sweet trimmed pussy. Her labia were barely noticeable as it peeked from her slit. He lightly traced it with his fingertip as she took the head of his cock in her warm wet mouth. He could tell her mouth was full so he tried hard not to push it in more.

Beth felt him touching her labia. She wanted Ron inside her. More than in her mouth. She pushed against his thick finger and felt her labia surround it. Ron felt her velvety walls pull his finger in. Beth began to rock meeting every thrust he made with his finger. As she rocked, she bobbed her mouth up and down on his cock. He met her by thrusting his hips up to meet her.

Beth swallowed his precum as she milked him.

The sounds that Ron was hearing from her were driving him mad. He had to taste her. As he grabbed her hips, he pushed her forward a little and then pulled her pussy back to him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her to his face. His tongue darted inside her quickly, tasting her juices.

Ron could feel the tightening of his balls. He knew that he wanted top empty himself inside her tight pussy the first time. He held her in place and rolled over, this placing her head at the end of the bed. He pulled his cock from her sweet mouth and turned as she was.

As he spread her thighs moving between them, Beth raised her head and for the first time saw his thick cock standing straight up. She had never seen a cock so hard. The veins were actually pulsing with excitement. Precum had begun to trickle down the head and shaft again. Beth watched as his strong hand began to stroke his meat.

Bet outstretched her arms and grabbed the comforter on the bed, filling her hands with it. Ron looked at the thin slit before him. Placing fingers of his right hand on both sides of it, he opened her. He knew there was going to be a lot of stretching for him to be able to get inside her.

Beth’s concern was evident. Chad was the only one that she had ever been with. He knew he would have to be careful.

He was already thinking about next time.

“I will be easy,” Ron told her. ” You just relax.”

He placed the head of his cock to the top of her slit. He squeezed just below the head making the precum ooze out on her. Then kaçak casino he touched the spongy head to her and began to smear the precum up and down her. He could feel her contract her muscles as he passed the head over her. As he placed it to her opening, his middle finger touched her clit. Little circular motions on her clit were his plan to help her relax and allow him in. As he began to rub, he pushed lightly. As Beth became more focused on her aching clit, her pussy began to give in to his push. At one point it was like her pussy was crushing him and then like suction, his head was past the tightest part. Keeping still, allowing her to adjust, and then he felt her push to him. Her body was asking for more.

Ron started out with slow easy strokes. Beth had spread her legs as far as possible as he sunk a small portion of his nine inch cock into her. He smiled down at her as she played with her nipples. She even smiled back. She loved the fullness she felt with him in her. She thought he was buried in her since for the first time she felt pressure even at her little asshole.

Ron asked in a calm voice, ” You feel ok baby? You comfortable?”

Beth replied with a smile, “Yes, I have heard you fucking my mother and it made me wonder if I would be able to take you easier or if you were just so big. I guess I know now.”

Ron reached for her hips and pulled her to him a little then reached for her left hand. As he guided her hand to between them and to his cock, he told her, ” feel how much you have to go.” He placed her hand at his cock and surprise; he was only halfway in.

Ron felt her body tense around his thick cock. He moved side to side a few times then reached for her legs, bringing them against his chest them over to his right shoulder. As he held her legs against him, he began to push his cock inside her. He would stop when she would groan. This continued as she gripped the comforter and then her began to fuck her fast and hard. A rhythm started with his thrust, the sound of his balls slapping her pussy and her groan. Ron watched as her tits bounced as he pounded into her.

Beth felt as if her was pulling her insides out with every withdrawal. At times his tight balls would slap her wet pussy, at times they would slap her tight asshole. The stinging sensation she was feeling at her opening passed. She watched his face. The look was one of determination and pleasure. With his cock in as deep as he could get it, he held her legs together and rolled her to her right hip. He bent her knees and brought them to her chest. As she laid in the fetal position he fucked her fast. The natural curve of his cock and the position she was in gave him easy access to stimulate her ‘g spot. Beth felt the sensation so deep inside her. She knew what was about to happen and so did Ron. Beth’s cervix seem to expand as she felt the first wave of her orgasm hit. She felt as if he had expanded in girth and then he began to explode inside her. With each jet of hot cum he pushed his cock back against her ‘g spot.’

Beth rode the waves of a continuous orgasm as long as his cock stayed where it was.

He stayed in her and allowed her to feel his cock go soft.

As he pulled his limp cock from her, it felt as if it was coming from her stomach.

Beth smiled to herself as she listened to him in the shower. Three things kept swirling through her mind as she basked in her afterglow. She was able to handle him better than her mother, he was larger than she had imagined and if he decided to look for a younger woman as her Dad had … maybe he would stay there and let her be the one.

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