Beth Gets a Lesson Ch. 02

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Professor Scott dropped off Beth at her residence hall. Beth walked up to her dormitory room on the second floor. When Beth walked into her dorm room, she saw her roommate, Brittany and Brittany’s boyfriend Jack in bed under the covers. It was obvious that they were naked and had already had sex. “Hi Beth” said Brittany. “Hi Beth” repeated Jack. “Hi guys” Beth answered.

“Where have you been?” Brittany asked Beth. “Just out” Beth wanted to give no indication of her tryst with the professor. “Out where?” Brittany pressed.

“I was at the library working on my paper, and I also had calc to work on” Jack got up from the bed, holding a sheet in front of him. He went into the bathroom to put his clothes on. Brittany was not so inhibited. She stood up, still naked, and slowly got dressed. As usual, Brittany seemed to be putting her body on display for Beth. Beth turned away.

“We’re going to get some ice cream, Beth, wanna come?” Beth was not interested in tagging along with Brittany and Jack. “No thanks, I’m tired. I just want to go to sleep.” Brittany and Jack left the room, arm and arm, and giggling.

Beth was tired from having sex with David, and had a headache from all the beer she drank. She changed into shorts and a tee shirt and went to sleep.

The next morning, Beth heard Brittany’s cell phone alarm beeping. She knew Brittany had an early class that day. Beth heard Brittany go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. By the time Brittany got out of the shower, Beth was waking up. She woke up thinking about last night with David.

“Hey” Brittany came out of the bathroom, naked and drying off with a towel. “Hey” answered Beth, still lying in bed. “So who were you out fucking with last night?” asked Brittany. “What?” Beth was taken aback by the question.

“I know you got fucked last night. I could tell by looking at you. I didn’t want to say anything in front of Jack. So who was it?” Beth wasn’t going to tell Brittany that she had sex with her professor. She promised David she wouldn’t tell anyone. She knew David could lose his job over it. “Nobody you know.”

Brittany was completely naked and putting on her makeup. “Come on. What’s the big deal? I fucked, you fucked. Who was it?” Beth wanted to say as little as possible. “Somebody from off campus.”

Still naked, Brittany started to make her bed. She positioned herself so that her bare ass was facing Beth. “OK, you don’t want to tell me. I just don’t know why.” Beth playfully slapped Brittany’s ass. “Get your ass out of my face.”

“Hey” said Brittany. “I just thought you would like the view.” Brittany started to get dressed. For the first time, Beth noticed what a great body Brittany had. She was tall and slender. Her tits were not huge, but seemed just the right size. Like Beth, Brittany had played sports in high school-basketball, track and softball. She had long, sturdy legs and muscular arms. A shamrock tattoo in honor of Brittany’s Irish heritage adorned her right hip. “Gotta go Beth. See you later.”

Beth didn’t know whether it was thinking about David, or looking at Brittany’s athletic body, but she was feeling horny. Now she knew why Brittany liked being naked all the time. Brittany had a great body and liked to show it. Beth didn’t have to get out of bed yet, so she started playing with herself.

Beth had a psychology class and a long chemistry lab that day. After the chem lab, she stayed at the lab to finish her lab report. Then she went to the library to continue working on her term paper. It wasn’t going too well. The Google searches turned up all the wrong information. She couldn’t seem to find exactly what she was looking for.

Throughout the day, Beth kept thinking about last night with David. She wondered where it would lead. The sex was really good, so she wanted to go back for more. But she didn’t want to be just David’s fuck buddy. On the other hand, she didn’t want to have a boyfriend who was almost twice her age. Beth wasn’t even sure if David would still be interested in her. If the school found out about her and David, he could lose his job. Anyway, she was drunk and basically threw herself at him. But she loved the way he ate her pussy and hit the right spot on her.

Beth also found herself thinking about Brittany. She tried to picture Brittany being with a guy and having an orgasm. Why was she thinking about that?

Around six that evening, she met up with her friends Megan, Kate and Sarah at the food court. The four had met last year at casino siteleri freshmen orientation and had been friends ever since. Sarah had blonde hair, blue eyes and cherry-red lips. Kate was half Asian and half Italian, and had silky black hair and deep, dark eyes. Megan was not quite as attractive as the others. She was short, slightly overweight, and looked plain in comparison to her friends. Despite her less than perfect appearance, and sometimes surly demeanor, however, Megan seemed to have no trouble in attracting guys. They all picked up Chinese food and sat down together.

As usual, the conversation was about boyfriends. Kate was making a familiar rant. “All Stephen wants to do is play video games. Honestly, how many times can you fight the same war or steal the same car. I think he would play those stupid games all day long if he could.”

Beth tried to put a positive spin on Kate’s complaint. “It’s better than playing with his dick all day.” Kate was unmoved. “He does that too.”

Sarah had her own complaint. “Jim wants me to give him blowjobs all the time, but when I want him to eat me, he gets all grossed out.” Megan also chimed in. “I’m not going to blow Nicky any more, he always comes in my mouth and I gag on it.”

Beth looked at her calculus text book and thought about David again. Sarah noticed Beth’s book and said, “I really hate that calc shit. You have Scott for that too, right?” Sure, said Beth. Kate asked, “How are you doing with it, are you passing?” Sarah jumped in ahead of Beth. “It’ll be a miracle if I pass. What are you getting?” Beth tried to sound matter-of-fact. “B minus.”

“B minus in Scott’s class,” said Sarah, almost in disbelief. “What did you do, give him a blowjob?” Beth got a worried look on her face, as if she was scared that someone would find out about her and Professor Scott.

Megan saved Sarah from having to answer. “You know, Sarah, you’re always talking about blowjobs, you must really like to give them.”

Sarah was offended. “Fuck you Meg. You probably suck more dick than I do.” Megan was ready to do battle. “No way. When you were going out with Bobby, you used to brag about how big his dick was.”

“I didn’t say I was sucking it,” Sarah responded. “How else would you know unless you were sucking it?” asked Megan.

Then Kate joined in. “Meg, you told us you started giving blowjobs when you were twelve.” Megan was now on defense. “I only did it once when I was twelve. After that, I didn’t do it again until I was fifteen.”

Sarah picked up an eggroll and started shoving it in and out of her mouth, like she was giving a blowjob. All of them laughed hysterically.

After they ate, all of Beth’s friends had homework to do, studying for exams, and term papers to write. Walking back to her dorm room, Beth was wishing she had a boyfriend to complain about too. Her other friends had boyfriends, and so did Brittany.

Beth had boyfriends before, but the relationships didn’t seem to last. Was she boring? Or were they just immature boys who had limited attention spans. She missed having a boyfriend. It wasn’t only the friendship and the physical closeness, but having a boyfriend also let everyone know that at least one guy found you attractive.

The last boyfriend she had was Tom, who was a business major. He just got bored with the relationship. Before Tom, there was Brad. Brad was majoring in getting drunk and partying. Beth broke up with him because he was only interested in sex and keg parties. The longest relationship Beth ever had was with Larry, for six months during senior year in high school. She actually fantasized about getting married to Larry. The fantasies ended when Larry dumped her for a younger girl.

Maybe it was her body. Was she really unattractive? Beth decided to take a good look at her body. When she got back to her dorm room, she took off all her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. She turned her back to the mirror and turned her head so she could see her ass. As far as she could tell, her ass looked fine. Turning around to face the mirror, she looked at her tits. She lifted them from the bottom, trying to imagine having a push-up bra. Beth knew her tits were big enough. Most guys she had been with liked touching and licking them.

The part of her body Beth didn’t really like was her stomach. It wasn’t big, but it stuck out. She decided she needed to start exercising and eating better.

The sound of the door opening caught Beth by surprise. canlı casino She had forgotten that Brittany would be back soon. Brittany saw Beth standing naked in front of the mirror and approached her. “What are you doing?”

Brittany eyed Beth from top to bottom, making Beth a little nervous. Nothing, she answered. Brittany had her cornered. “Looking at yourself? I don’t blame you. You have a great body.”

“It’s not that great” answered Beth. “Sure it is. You have a cute ass” said Brittany, looking in back of Beth.

“I’m getting fat” complained Beth. “You’re not getting fat” said Brittany, backing away. “You have a nice shape and curves. You know, guys don’t like girls that are real skinny and look anorexic.”

Beth liked the attention her body was getting from Brittany. But as soon as Brittany backed away, Beth grabbed her robe and put it on. It was a white, satin robe, short enough to barely cover her ass and crotch. She left the robe a little open at the top, just enough to show some cleavage.

“So who was your mystery man from last night?” asked Brittany. Beth was not going to tell Brittany that she had sex with her professor. “I told you, it’s nobody you would know”

“Still keeping it a secret, Beth? What if I tell you one of my secrets?” Brittany got down on her knees and reached under her bed. She pulled out a plain cardboard box. Take a look at this, she said, opening the box. Beth couldn’t believe her eyes when Brittany showed her what was in the box.

“Have you ever seen one of these?” Brittany was holding a large, strap-on dildo. “What the fuck is that?” asked Beth in disbelief.

“It’s a strap-on.” Brittany was almost giddy holding it. The dildo looked just like a penis. It was about nine inches long, with a large head at the end. The penis had an upward curve. “A couple of girls on my basketball team in high school had these. We used to fuck each other with them.”

Beth was amazed. “You fucked somebody with that?”

“Fucked and been fucked with it” said Brittany, with pride. “It was fun and we didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant.”

“You’re shitting me, Brit.” Beth had seen a strap-on dildo once in a porno movie, but she had never seen a real one.

“No shit, Beth. I’ll show you how it goes on.” Brittany then took her shorts and underwear off. The strap-on had a band that fit around her waist, and straps that went around each of her hips, that snapped together in the back. Brittany now stood in front of Beth, with the strap-on pointing straight at her. With her long arms and long legs, Brittany looked like an athletic man with a big dick. “Touch it Beth. Go ahead, it won’t bite you.”

Beth was hesitant, but curious. She reached out and stroked it gently. The dildo was smooth and rubbery, like a dick covered by a condom. Beth asked why it was curved. Brittany told her it curved up to reach the G-spot. “I’ve never seen a dick as big as this” marveled Beth. “Of course you haven’t” said Brittany. “No guy has a nine inch dick, unless he is a porno star or something.”

Beth kept stroking it. Brittany looked great with it, not only because of her body, but also because of her piercing blue eyes and flowing dark hair. The base of the dildo was pushing on Brittany’s clit, getting her excited. Beth could see that Brittany was getting aroused, and pushed a little harder. Then Beth opened her robe and brushed the head of the dildo on her pussy. Brittany could see more of Beth’s tits. She pulled back the robe enough to see her nipple, which was hard and pointed. The looked at each other for a moment, then their lips came together for a kiss, their tongues touching slightly.

Brittany put her hands on Beth’s shoulders. “Do you want me to fuck you with it?” Beth hesitated. “I don’t know. I never did anything with a girl before.” That was a lie. When Beth was in high school, she once went to a party and got really drunk. She went to sleep over at a girlfriend’s house after the party. The girls got in bed and hugged. They started kissing and fondling each other. Within a few minutes, they had their fingers in each other’s pussy. After bringing each other to orgasm, they went to sleep. But when they woke up the next morning, they regretted what they had done. Beth and her friend avoided each other for weeks afterward.

This time, Beth was not drunk, and she was enjoying the moment. “OK. Let’s do it.” Brittany peeled of Beth’s robe, and it fell to the floor. With Brittany running her thumbs on Beth’s nipples, they kaçak casino kissed again. Beth laid down on her bed, waiting for Brittany.

Brittany reached into a drawer in her night table and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. “You’re going to need some lube for this.” After putting some lube on two fingers, Brittany began spreading the lube around Beth’s pussy. Beth took some deep breaths, She ran her hands up and down Brittany’s arms, feeling her tight muscles.

“How does that feel baby?” Brittany asked softly. Nice answered Beth, trying to relax. Brittany was fingering her just enough to get her wet, but was careful not to stimulate her enough to give her an orgasm. She wanted that to wait.

Now Beth was really wet. Clutching Brittany’s arm, Beth was breathing heavier. Brittany was also getting excited watching Beth. “You ready babe?” Beth nodded. Brittany got on top of her and put the dildo inside. “Owww” cried Beth. It hurt at first. Not only was it longer than any dick Beth had ever seen, it was wider. Beth was not used to something spreading her out that much.

“Relax baby, just relax.” Brittany sounded just like a guy. She tried to be as gentle as possible, slowly moving he dildo in and out until Beth was comfortable. Propping herself up with one hand, Brittany caressed Beth’s face. She ran her fingers down to Beth’s breasts, and circled around her nipples. “Ok now?” Beth answered it was OK.

“So do you like it?” Brittany asked. “Yeah, it feels great” said Beth. They kissed like lovers. Beth imagined she was with a man. When she had her eyes closed, it was really hard to tell the difference.

With Beth now more comfortable, Brittany started to push faster. She also moved it in a circular motion, allowing the tip of the dildo to brush Beth’s clit. Because the dildo curved up, it seemed to reach the back of her clit. Beth never really felt it that way before.

With Brittany’s tall frame over her, Beth ran her hands up and down Brittany’s strong body. She never imagined a female with such tight muscles. Running her hands up Brittany’s thighs, she felt Brittany’s ass. Even her ass had tight muscles.

She brushed her fingernails on Brittany’s hips and ass. Then she ran her nails along her spine. This gave Brittany goose bumps. Beth continued lightly touching her with her nails. Brittany started to push faster and harder.

The dildo was going up and down on Beth’s clit. It was seeming to hit the right spot, like David did. This seemed better because the thrusts were longer. Because the dildo was longer and wider, it seemed to reach more places than other dicks. She was gushing with passion, and starting to get that warm feeling in her body, like she did before orgasm.

Beth ran her feet along Brittany’s thighs. She brought her hands in front of Brittany and started feeling her tits. When she gently squeezed Brittany’s nipples, Beth heard her make a slight moan. Beth knew Brittany was pushing harder because the base of the dildo was pushing against her clit. Beth squeezed the nipples harder, making Brittany push still faster and harder.

Now Beth was starting to come. She let out short moans at first, trying to hold back. When the orgasm was so intense that she couldn’t hold back any more, she moaned longer and louder. With her feet around Brittany’s ass, she released Brittany’s nipples and grabbed the back of her head. Pulling her head towards her, she gave Brittany a deep French kiss.

Brittany started to pull out. “No, I want more” Beth begged. She held her legs tightly around Brittany, not letting her go. Brittany kept pumping, moaning along with Beth. After Beth had a second orgasm, Brittany knew she could stop.

Pulling out of Beth, she quickly unstrapped the dildo and tossed it on the floor. Grabbing Beth’s hand, she said “Now you have to finish me off.” Brittany shoved Beth’s fingers inside her pussy. Beth knew what to do. She fingered Brittany just like she did when she masturbated. “Faster baby” pleaded Brittany. Beth fingered her faster and harder. Finally, Brittany came. Once again, they kissed passionately.

It was now time to calm down. The girls lay together in the spoon position, Beth in back of Brittany. Beth felt protected with Brittany’s strong arms around her. “So are we gay now?” asked Beth. “I don’t think so” said Brittany. “We both like dick too much.”

“Don’t get used to this. I still have a boyfriend, you know. And you still have your mystery man.” Brittany kissed Beth’s shoulder. “Yeah, I know” answered Beth.

Beth had a feeling of complete sexual satisfaction. She was no longer anxious about her body, her professor, or not having a boyfriend. Tomorrow, she would have Professor Scott’s Calculus class. She couldn’t wait.

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