Before and After a Visit to the Pub

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I love it that when I’m on my knees, looking up at him, I’m the perfect height to suck his cock. I close my eyes and I can touch his cock piercing with the tip of my tongue. It’s just there, exactly where it needs to be. I don’t have to go higher or lower. I love it too when I’m on my knees, on the edge of the bed; he’s the perfect height to grab me and pull me back onto his cock.

We’re going out tonight. I’m sitting on my bed. I’m just stretching over and back to get my bag, when his forearm comes around my waist and he pulls me half onto my knees on the bed. I smile to myself.

“On your knees, woman.”

I’m compliant – I usually am, because I love what’s coming. I’m wearing hold ups and he knows it, but he runs his hand up the back of my thigh to check for the lace band. I can feel the air on my bare skin as he pulls up my skirt and hooks his finger around my knickers to pull them to one side. He reaches underneath me and strokes my clit gently, just once, just to see if I’m wet. With one hand, he unzips his fly and frees his cock and with the other, he’s grabbing my hip to hold me still. I’m face-down, I can’t see anything, but suddenly I feel the head of his cock push against my arse. Just the head. That feeling – he’s hard and big, and I want him inside me, all the way. I push back, but get a gentle slap on the arse to stop me. Then it’s a cold, slippery feeling and the tip of the hard plug pushed inside. This time it’s not withdrawn.

“Breathe out.”

I adore this position – knees apart, arse in the air, vulnerable. Because I can’t see anything, other senses are heightened and my clit is throbbing. I reach down to stroke it, but another slap canlı bahis and

“Let’s go.”

So now, after the pub, after an hour wriggling and the slippery lube and the feeling of fullness, an hour when I really really wanted him to rub his hand against my clit under the table but he wouldn’t, we walk back to his.

He flicks on the light, then changes his mind. It’s dusk. In his street, there are neighbours opposite who are often in the garden. He stands with his back to the window and unbuckles his belt a bit. He unzips his fly, but won’t let his trousers fall to the ground. I can see his cock hard against the fabric of his underwear.

“Suck it.”

He grabs my skirt as I go to kneel in front of him, exposing my hold ups. I’d like this to be side-on – I’d like the people across the road to see me on my knees for this blowjob, swallowing his cock, and I’d like them to see that what he wants, he gets, and I love it.

I suck his cock almost every day and I’m surprised that none of his neighbours look at us with embarrassed smiles when we walk past. He’s not as much of an exhibitionist as me, but I remember the time on the settee when he put down the phone after ordering pizza, and with the other hand undid his fly.

“But the pizza…”

I was still kneeling on the floor between his legs with his cock in my mouth when the bell rang. Glass panes in the door, too.

Tonight, I sink to my knees (perfect height) and with the tip of my tongue, catch his piercing to make him gasp. I snake my hands around his arse. If anyone IS watching, I want them to know he’s getting a blowjob, even if they can’t see his swollen cock in my mouth. I love the bahis siteleri feeling – he’s so big and I can’t swallow it all. I look up at him, and he looks down at me, takes handfuls of my hair and nudges his cock forward.

“A little bit more. Good girl.”

I am a good girl. My favourite thing is to please him. His fists are entangled in my hair and I have nowhere to go. He doesn’t want it to be obvious to people walking past, but he withdraws his cock slowly and thrusts it into my mouth, again and again. I love it when he takes control and I have to take it and he comes in my mouth and I swallow.

But it’s not going to be like that tonight. He can show much more restraint than I can, and he stops. Holding my hands, he helps me to my feet and before I have properly got my balance, he falls onto the bed, taking me with him. This being half-pinned under him is delicious. It’s also delicious being half-undressed. Sometimes I need to be naked, but other times, like now, I feel so wanton, having my bra straps pulled down and the edge of my bra, so my boobs spill over the top and my nipples are exposed. His tongue is licking my nipple and his hand pulls my knickers over my hip, and then I’m wriggling to get out of them, because I know what’s coming, and I can’t wait.

I close my eyes, and I can feel the contrast between my hold up-covered thighs and the naked part above them. He’s between my legs and I can hardly stand the wait. The feeling of his tongue the first time he touches my clit is so pleasurable, so gorgeous, so intense, I want to scream. He runs his hand over my legs and onto the back of my thigh, and pushes my knees up so the plug is exposed.

“Turn bahis şirketleri over.”

He wraps his forearm around me and scoops me towards him to the edge of the bed. All fours, face buried in the duvet, arse in the air. I can’t see, but I know how it looks. He’s standing behind me, one hand on his rock-hard cock. I push my arse higher and feel the slip and bump of the plug as he removes it. All that time in the pub, waiting, was leading up to this. The plug is nothing compared to his cock – the girth, the fact that if the butt plug makes me feel naughty and even owned, somehow, his cock magnifies that times ten.

I reach down and touch my clit with my finger, as his hand grabs my hip to hold me steady. I feel the head of his cock against my arse and I can’t help it, I have to push back onto it. He puts a stop to that; I’m not the one in charge. There’s a moment when it’s tight, when he feels too big, but he’s slowly insistent and then I’m full.

He wouldn’t care if anyone saw us now. It’s almost dark in the bedroom, but the curtains are still open. We’re side-on – if it were daylight, those neighbours across the road in the garden would see him standing at the foot of the bed, grabbing my hips and fucking me. Slowly at first, as he loves the sight of the hold ups and my naked arse, the head and shaft of his cock as it disappears into me, and then as he withdraws it almost fully so the head is nearly pulled out. And then again. Each thrust pushes me into the bed and with each thrust my nipples graze the sheet and I can feel his balls smack against me. I want to touch my clit but I’ll lose my balance.

Those neighbours would see all this, and how much I need it. They’d see me curving my back to push my arse higher, opening my thighs wider to give him better access and my only thought the pleasure as my fingers finally slip over my clit and he pushes deep and comes inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32